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Why Frank Schaeffer is Right — Aura Readings to Follow


Watching the Rachel Maddow show recently, my jaw dropped. Then I practically drooled. Out of relief. Finally someone was saying the (Fundamentalist Christian) Emperor has no clothes.

Actually, that hot bod he brags about constantly is looking pretty darned saggy.

Or, to put it in the word of a great spiritual, “Everybody talkin’ ’bout Heaven ain’t goin’ there.”

The guest, Frank Schaeffer was commenting on a recent survey where 35% of conservative Republicans either believe that President Obama is the Anti-Christ or “aren’t sure.” Maddow mentioned another survey, as well: 60% of McCain voters in New Jersey do not think Obama is an American citizen.

Here’s a link to the transcript of the show and a YouTube version of the interview.


Schaeffer’s articulate, cleansing words include these:

The mainstream not just media but culture doesn’t sufficiently take stock of the fact that within our culture we have a sub-culture, which is literally a fifth column of insanity, that is bred from birth through home-school, Christian school, evangelical college, whatever, to reject facts as a matter of faith….

When we talk about the Left Behind series of books that I talk about in my book Crazy for God, what we’re really talking about is a group of people who are resentful because they know they’ve been left behind by modernity, by science, by education, by art, by literature.

The rest of us our getting on with our lives; these people are standing on a hilltop waiting for the end. And this is a dangerous group of people to have as neighbors and they’re our national neighbors and this is the source of all these insanities that we see leveled at the president.

One way or another they go back to this little evangelical subculture… it’s a disaster.

Maddow: … How do you work to move people off of that position? It doesn’t seem like facts are relevant in trying to move people away from these beliefs.

Schaeffer: You don’t work to move them off this position. You move past them.

Look, a village cannot reorganize village life to suit the village idiot. It’s as simple as that, and we have to understand: we have a village idiot in this country. It’s called fundamentalist Christianity.

And, until we move past these people, and let me add as a former life-long Republican, until the Republican leadership has the guts to stand up and say it would be better not to have a Republican party than to have a party that caters to the village idiot, uh, there’s gonna be no end in sight.


Enter Aura Reading. The purpose of Aura Reading is to find truth about people. This kind of truth can’t hide under religious or political or other ideology.

It’s an equal-opportunity truth. It can’t be faked. And you need not belong to any religion, organized or “disorganized,” if you want to read auras in depth and detail. You simply need literacy of a certain kind. (See the LINKS section at the end of this post.)

One reason why I wish that every intelligent, curious person on earth would become an Aura Reader is that Fundamentalist Christians wouldn’t be able to get away with the kind of hypocrisy, showmanship, even (in my view) a kind of spiritual terrorism.


Every aura contains loads of information. Different parts of an aura contain different types of information. The part of an aura around the forehead, sometimes called the “Third Eye,”  contains 50 chakra databanks that pertain to spiritual experience.

Every alleged religious or spiritual authority really deserves to receive an Aura Reading that includes some of these databanks.

If you’ve ever seen my novel for empaths, An Empath Among the Righteous, you know how I satrized the religious “Right.”

The simplest way to put what I’ve found over the years is this:

The size of the cross is inversely proportional to the amount of religious connection.


In support of Frank Schaeffer, Rachel Maddow, and all Americans who have managed to avoid the cult known as “Fundamentalist Christianity,” I plan a series of Aura Reading posts over the next week or so.

Next I will explain more background on the types of problem that is typical for members of this particular cult, observations made over the decades.

And then I aim to do Aura Reading on three Republican politicians.

One I feel I just must do is Virginia politican Robert McDonnell.  But the other two are up for grabs.


You’re invited to name the Fundamentalist spokesperson of your choice. Explain your choice. That’s what COMMENTS are for.

I’ll choose the two entries that seem most compelling.

That simple.

Not that the Aura Readings will be simple, necessarily. Each person is unique. Even when I go hypocrisy hunting, I’ll find some talents.

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  1. 1
    pyn says:

    Excellent idea, Rose. I’d be most interested in a look at those who have founded and shaped a major religious following, such as Joseph Smith, Jr. who created Mormonism. I think a look at his aura would be quite interesting in terms of what you are trying to do here.

    Another thought that sprung out at me immediately was David Ike. I know he’s not from the religious right, but like the religous right he is espousing an ideology and claiming it is “Truth” and from a divine source.

    I think this would be a good one to include, as demagoguery in the name of spirituality comes in all forms. Man just loves to espouse his ideals onto society and claim it is from God!

  2. 2
    pyn says:

    Usually for the sake of their own glory or to garner power over others. Rarely, I suspect, do they BELIEVE the ideals they tout…

  3. 3
    Colleen says:

    Dear Rose,

    What a post! What a great idea. I grew up in a Fundamentalist Christian atmosphere. Although I can look back now with…relief that I’m not in that atmosphere, it certainly spurred me on to say, “There must be more than this.”

    I bucked it inwardly all the way. Have you ever done a reading of Rush Limbaugh? What about Glenn Beck? Although they are not politicians, they seem to be current spokesmen for the political right and peddle fear.

  4. 4
    Dana says:

    I nominate Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of the TLC reality television series “18 Kids and Counting”. (And I heard she’s pregnant again). I have only seen this show once, but immediately when I saw the mother Michelle talking, I recognized her aura. I had seen many auras like hers of Mormon women when I lived in Utah. Immediately my alarm when off when I saw her. So I investigated. I didn’t judge at first. I just wondered, “Hmmm, why do they have 18 children? Why is my inner alarm going off when I look at her?”

    And I found my answer just by researching. You can find their answer to why they are having so many children on their website (see answer to question 2):

    Or you can read an illuminating article about their Quiverfull religion/ “movement”:

    The people I was watching the TV show with weren’t alarmed at all. They said, “But they are so nice. They seem so normal.” But I was flipping out saying, “It’s so SCARY what they BELIEVE! You have to understand what these people believe.” The scariest part to me is what Rose said: that these radical beliefs are not being acknowledged as crazy and some of these groups are being allowed to be a driving force in our society.

  5. 5

    OOOH! I love when you dive into things this way! I’ve wondered about that Westboro Baptist group who attends the funerals of fallen soldiers and generally make things hellish for people at a time of loss. Fred Phelps is the leader of that cult and I’d be interested in seeing what’s behind his mask.

    Selfishly speaking, I’d love a peek inside Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh but that seems like a scary proposition (even worse than Fred Phelps?? I wonder.).

  6. 6
    Suzanne Schroedl says:

    excellent post Rose and I’m looking forward to this series of posts. I was hoping that it would include an aura reading of Rachel Maddow 🙂

  7. 7
    Bonnie says:

    I was thrilled to see a picture of Rachel Maddow on your blog. She handles her information with intelligence and a touch of humor I love.

    Unfortunately, Joseph Smith Jr. left behind no photographs that can be positively identified as him. The pictures and paintings depicting him have been heavily idealized.

    Although not a politician, I would like a peek at Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck, in that order. Do these men believe what they are publicly saying, (perhaps true of Beck) or exploiting the fears and ignorance of others knowingly?

    My father is a huge Limbaugh fan. My own guess is that Dad would rather be a furious victim that admit the world view he believed in as a young man is seriously flawed.

    (I don’t blame you if you would rather not have a closer look at these scary clowns.)

    Mitt Romney interests me as well; and Rupert Murdoch who owns Fox News (- a business, or means to an end?)

  8. 8
    pre says:

    How about Joel Osteen? He puts himself out there and has quite a following.

    Also, I do believe there are authentic photos of Joseph Smith Jr. Try google images. It’s there. Although, yes there are quite a few painted portraits of him as well.

    But I do recall Rose doing a reading on Shakespeaer based on a painted portrait?

    So there should be less of a problem with this guy, and I did find at least two actual photos of this man on google images.

  9. 9

    EVERYONE who has been writing in with suggestions, thank you!

    PRE, the reading of Shakespeare was, of course, a Face Reading.

    Auras are not encoded in paintings.

    And, of course, the only reason I was interested in reading a portrait is that the photos back in that day were just so…. nonexistent.

  10. 10
    lisa v. says:

    Hi Rose,
    I am curious about Joel Osteen. I have read a little of his writings… My impression of him is a “self-help” guru who happens to be a devout Christian, not sure if he is born again or how fundamentalist his beliefs are but I would be curious what an aura reading would reveal about his personal integrity and whether he has tolerance/respect for other religious views, also if he possesses a sincere sense of humility…

  11. 11
    Lisa W. says:

    I nominate Michele Bachmann as one of the Republican politicians and James Dobson (Focus on the Family Action) as a Fundamentalist spokesperson.

  12. 12

    THANKS everyone! These are great nominations for our Read the Righties Contest. Keep them coming!

  13. 13
    Lisa W. says:

    Here is another nomination for the Fundamentalist spokeperson reading:

    Loren Cunningham

    He is a leader of the “Reclaim 7 Mountains of Culture” movement that is putting fundamentalists into power in government, media, business, education, religion, arts & entertainment and family–in order to control the United States:

    “those who lead this mountain [business] influence what controls our culture.”

    Read more at:

  14. 14
    january says:

    I second a look at Joel Osteen. He has a tremendous following and an influence in the political realm, even though he himself is not a politician. Actually, I was thinking I’ve read enough about politicians here! I considered censoring the thought, but I don’t feel a look at the Republican religious right’s 3rd eye will reveal anything we don’t already know. Politicians dictating a specific “right” way of life for society and passing policies, laws based on that PLUS a look at their aura for integrity? Of course, it will be the same thing..nothing knew. Who pushes a religious agenda onto the masses and has a glorious, authentic, spirituality full of integrity? Sorry, but another politician, ick!

  15. 15
    Lisa W. says:

    Another idea is Rupert Murdoch. Although he’s not an elected official, as owner of 37% or 39% of the United States media (including FOX network), he is extremely influential. For example, he is believed to have sponsored Sarah Palin to speak in Hong Kong at an investors forum, then published related articles in the Wall Street Journal, etc. Did you know he owns the WSJ now? Palin’s “opinion editorials” have appeared in his papers. Murdoch’s publishing company Harper, is publishing Palin’s book.

    Here is a link to Wiki’s list of his assets. The breadth of his ownership of communication vehicles is scary!

    MySpace, Photobucket, etc.

  16. 16

    Blog-Buddies, I haven’t forgotten this promise to read a total of three, which means one more to come.

    Tomorrow, I’m hoping!

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