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Aura Reading Glenn Beck

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TV superstar of the Republican base, becoming more influential even than Rush Limbaugh… why here we have a picture of the fascinating Glenn Beck!

Why does he get all those ratings, anyway?

And does he really believe what he says?

Colleen asked eloquently for me to choose him for one of our three readings of political fundamentalists, a.k.a. “village idiots,” as part of our Read the Righties Contest.

In the next section, I’ll summarize the method being used. Skip it, if you already know these things. Even better, stop now and do your own Aura Reading of Mr. Beck. Click on this Aura Reading Link to open his photo up in a fresh window.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Meet me up later as I go though my part, and add your own observations as COMMENT. Aura Reading is not a science. Everyone does not get the same results. Each of us has unique insights, so please do add yours to our conversation here.


Aura Reading means exploring one chakra databank at a time from the human energy field. Auras are energy bodies around the physical body, full of information. Using my method of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®, you can use the gifts that God gave you for reading auras in depth and detail.

Detail is really a huge potential with reading auras. Think of this: As you may know already, the information in auras is especially concentrated in areas that correspond to parts of the human body, a.k.a. “Major chakras.”

Well, did you know that every major chakra contains 50 “Chakra databanks”? True. (I think the first time this discovery found itself in print, in English, was my how-to book on Cut Cords of Attachment. Then I wrote about it in more detail in Read People Deeper.)

Minor chakras contain databanks as well. Each chakra databank features two distinctive types of information:

  • A gift of your soul, something you do beautifully without even trying. These gifts are as individual as fingerprints.
  • STUFF. That is my cute, unintimidating technical term for stored-up blockage. You could also call it emotional and spiritual debris held within an aura.

The really important thing to understand about STUFF is that it can always, always, always be healed. Except that won’’t happen with mere RES Energy READING. Healing requires techniques of Energy Spirituality, techniques designed to make a difference in the fine components of an aura, techniques like Cutting Cords of Attachment, that bring permanent healing.

Incidentally, I can definitely teach you to read auras in depth and detail. Now, on to the fun!

Aura Reading “The Beckster”

Hey, I don’t know what cute names Glenn Beck gives himself, never having seen his show. But I’ve heard that his claim to fame is “surprising discoveries.” Presumably these are surprising discoveries about a vast left-wing conspiracy.

Well, this just in. Aura Reading can help us make some surprising discoveries of our own.

Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

“Survival of the fittest” is the name of the game that Glenn plays. And it is a game, not a grim exercise is survival.

Glenn loves a good con. He appreciates those who are sneaky and resourceful. In fact, he relates to life as a competition won by con artists. Gaming and strategy aren’t mere hobbies for Glenn. They’re the subtext of everyday life.

STUFF in this part of his aura isn’t a factor for Beck, not unless you count the huge amount of pride.

I don’t count this as STUFF in his case. If one of us had an ego this size, Blog-Buddies, we might consider it a problem. But he sure doesn’t. Beck’s big ego is his own pride and joy, and it certainly helps him to compete in that big game of survival.

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Awareness

Glenn does well with Emotional Intelligence. Internally, he makes contact with a large range of emotions — frankly, larger than I expected from his fake smile.

Face Reading Interlude

You may know that the kind of smile Glenn Beck shows here is technically known as a “fake smile” because his lips don’t part, his eyes don’t glow, the area around his eyes doesn’t crinkle.

I wanted to be fair to the famous Mr. Beck and find a photo without a fake smile, but after several pages on Google Images I gave up.

Hey, a fake smile works for him. The talent that shows in such a smile is for charming people. The potential challenge is that the smile wearer isn’t giving at all, isn’t opening up from the inside.

And Mr. Beck definitely has an inside to him. He just doesn’t want to share it openly. (BTW, there’s a whole section on different smile structures and how to interpret them, with illustrations, in Read People Deeper.)

Two other points about Glenn Beck’s smile. And, remember, you’ll see it more clearly if you open up this larger version of our head shot.

  1. His cheeks lift up. That means that Glenn is pretty advanced in his ability to do a fake smile. He’s about halfway there to doing a full Madoff (Bernie Madoff did the most extreme and convincing fake smile I’ve seen yet, as some of you Blog-Buddies may remember from the April 2009 issue of my zine.)

To do a Glenn-style fake smile isn’t easy. Try it on in front of a mirror. First curve your lips into a social smile of glamourous fakeness. Then take it up a notch, literally. (Trying this myself, I have to psych myself up with encouragement like, “I’m so gawrsh darned cute and loveable, pretendily.”)

Once you squish your cheeks upward, the way Glenn does here, notice how doing this makes you feel. (Personally, it makes me want to reach for a mouthwash, or maybe a shower.)

2. There’s an extreme mouth pull over to the left side of Glenn’s face. You Face Readers may know that this signals a form of dishonesty where the subtext goes, “I have my own private agenda for the things I’m saying. Those of us in the “in crowd” know exactly what I mean.”

The most famous smiler like this in recent American political life was, of course, President George Bush.

To see this kind of asymmetry, cover up one side of the face and then the other, using blank paper. You’ll see how much more mouth shows on his left (your right).

Again, this is a kind of facial movement that you can mimic on your own, especially with the aid of a mirror. Try on this expression and say something like, “I have my own private agenda for the things I’m saying. Those of us in the “in crowd” know exactly what I mean.” Notice how you feel.

(If you like, complete the experiment by adding some contrast. Move your mouth back to center — something I fervently hope you can do — and say the same words. Notice how you feel then.) Incidentally, to see a detailed Face Reading related to this, check out an earlier blog post about President Bush.

 The big surprise, emotionally

Just to finish up with that heart chakra databank, yes, back at our Aura Reading of Beck,  I was struck by how easily Glenn Beck’s feelings are hurt.

He’s scarcely a Highly Sensitive Person. Clearly he isn’t an empath. Yet Glenn does have a very great sensitivity to getting his feelings hurt.

Related to this, I find a very prominent thought form sequence, a story that Glenn Beck tells himself. It’s related to a Facade Body that he projects as a broadcaster. The gist goes like this:

“I’m a misunderstood, under-appreciated, hard-working patriot who is fighting a difficult cause against a difficult foe. I’m trying to save my country, yet the wicked people in the majority do not understand me. They’re trying to hurt me every way they can. And they do make me suffer, but I’ll never let on. Because secret pain and bravery are part of my noble service to my country.”

Throat Chakra Databank Databank for Verbal Integrity as a Broadcaster

Glenn is on such a high, when he performs, that he scarcely notices considerations like “truth.” He’s inspired.

When performing, Glenn taps into a huge momentum of life force energy expressing as “the desire to destroy The Enemy.” He surrenders to this consciousness in the way that any inspired person would feel a rush of delight and surrender.

Frankly, I can identify in a way (but with one very large exception). Before I write my blog, or any public writing, or teaching, or media interview, I ask God to co-create with me. After setting an intention, I get into the flow and feel the bliss of being part of that energy, like surfing a huge wave.

Just in case you’re wondering what sinster kind of intention animates me, this is the one I’ve been in love with for approximately 38 years: To help everyone on earth become enlightened.

Note, this does not mean “enlightened according to Rose’s definition.” Instead, the goal is for each person to find the fulfillment of his or her spiritual path, his or her highest ideal, in his or her own chosen way.

Apart from the fact that I’m riding a different vibration of energy than Glenn Beck does, here is the big difference I find (and you Aura Readers can compare our throat chakras to check the truth of this out):

Rose Rosetree has a big thing about telling the truth to the best of her ability. Whereas Glenn doesn’t care about this at all. He’s an “end justifies the means” kind of guy.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Power Integrity as a Broadcaster

Glenn’s assumptions here run deep, sounding their own clarion call (at least to this clairaudient Aura Reader):

  • I will give the people what they want to hear.
  • I know how to motivate them and play on their fears.
  • Doing this will help me win.
  • The people are stupid anyway.
  • The more power I have, the better it will be for them.

Acting in accordance with these assumptions, Glenn does a really excellent job of consistency. His confidence is just superb.

High Heart Chakra Databank for Guiding Moral Principle

Everyone’’s aura includes a Guiding Moral Principle. This can evolve over a lifetime. Here’’s what I find in famous Glenn Beck at the time of this photograph:

I am closely identified with the struggle of Good against Evil. I will do anything to win.

The interesting thing, of course, about framing life in this way, is that there must always be an enemy. And the Law of Attraction will get involved, not necessarily in a pleasant way.

Moving into Soul Age from this Aura Reading databank, I’d call Glenn about 5,000 years old. He’s not a young soul at all, but a very ancient being who is having a fascinating lifetime.

Like me, and I hope you, he is having the time of his life. That’s a full engagement in living, regardless of belief system.

As long as each of us has a role to play in life, for our personal human learning as well as serving the world, we may as well play it with gusto.


So, to answer the question posed at the start of today’s post, does Glenn Beck believe what he’s saying? My Aura Reading suggests that Glenn believes in the story he tells himself, a story lodged at multiple layers of his own aura.

Otherwise, he gets on a roll when he performs, riding the energy frequencies that support the story he tells himself.

These are energies that crave destruction of opposition and the shaping of America’s conscience into One Truth, One Supreme Belief that gets rid of annoying, messy, individual points of view or connection to any “so-called” experience of sacredness that is not Old Time Fundamentalist religion.

It’s a very ancient human craving. At times, it has given rise to fascism. Yet that craving persists. It’s a drive for utopia, a way of living that’s perfect for everyone. There’s just one catch. If Glenn Beck and his cohorts have their way, it’s going to be a Glenn-style perfection, no other options allowed.

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  1. 1
    Suzanne Schroedl says:

    Hi Rose,

    I can not even make myself look at his picture fully. It gives me the heebie jeebies, like looking at a photo of Bush. Before I knew about aura reading, I didn’t understand why there were some people on the news that I felt immediately impelled to turn the channel, block my ears and cover my eyes as soon as I saw their image. Other people seem able to watch and listen without feeling as if they were being physically tortured. I wonder whether becoming a skilled empath will change that visceral kind of reaction…


  2. 2
    Bonnie says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Yes, when I look at his picture, I can see how charming he is. Frankly, he looks a lot like my brother, a nice person and a fundamentalist Mormon.

    As an ex-Mormon myself, I can tell you that he absolutely believes if everyone in the world followed the teachings from Salt Lake City, Utah, the world would be better place. Well, a better place for white, straight males that are just fine with authoritarian hierarchy.

    If you saw him hem-n-haw for three minutes when Katie Couric asked him what he meant by “white culture” he meant “Mormonism”.

    Now before I get flamed, let me be clear that my brother is a NICE PERSON and most members do their BEST to be good citizens, according to their understanding.

    Actually, this Mormon “utopia” did exist under (the religious tyranny of) Brigham Young.

    (Edit this post as you feel fit, Rose.)

  3. 3
    Alex Porter says:

    Before I begin, some background story:
    My aunt enjoys proudly sharing her tea party ideals with friends and family over facebook. These friends and family (including myself) often would rather not be involved. I feeling ready for a battle of sorts began to challenge this information. It went on for months, neither side progressing, but both citing more and more research. The affair eventually ended with other relatives taking my side and my aunt blocking me from her pages. I regret this affair, and I think a simple ‘no politics’ would have sufficed from my end, but h the thrill of the chase. One topic that came up was Glenn Beck. She wholeheartedly promotes him as a role model for all American citizens. Which leads me to now.

    It’s late at night. I page through the channels, and being curious, I decide to watch Glenn in action. He’s clever and intelligent certainly, his arguments are mostly well reasoned (albeit laden with non specific pronouns). But I had a strange feeling, and thought of Auras off hand.

    I can sense energies to some degree, but have difficulties translating them into quantifiable statements. I found Glenn to be slippery and difficult to grasp. He’s soft, but in a custard sort of way. And yellow, dark yellow, like flan. He’s on a very high horse preaching to the masses, and he would have it no other way. He likes to be liked, plain and simple, and if it feels good, do it. He is indulgent in his own way. His ego is well fed. And he is most certainly having the time of his life. 🙂 He has all of the sensitivities and beauty that one would expect of a human being, but rather than sharing and expressing them, he transmutes them into a form that can be satiated by his self satisfaction. All in all, he is very similar to flan (or my impression of it).

    Thank you for your wonderful resource!

  4. 4

    Flan, ALEX 😉

    Talk about wonderful!

    Thanks for the share. Please do remember that energetic literacy is a skill set that you can learn. It’s common for people to start off with ideas like “I can sense energy to some degree.”

    You just need a teacher who can teach you step by step.

  5. 5

    BONNIE, I wouldn’t change a word of your wonderful comment. Did you ever read “Leaving the Saints” by Martha Beck?

    I would recommend it to any ex-Mormon,also to anyone who has been involved in a cult. And some of the very nicest people in the world do get ensnared in cults for a while. They are hardly labeled, right?

  6. 6

    SUZANNE, sorry I didn’t respond earlier to your comment. Sometimes there is so much going on… the ignoring isn’t about the comment itself. All you Blog-Buddies know that, right?

    In response to your question, a skilled empath may ALWAYS dislike some people, find them squirm-inducing, etc. The big difference is that as a skilled empath, you are not taking STUFF from that person into your auric field.

    Also, as you become progressively clearer energetically, it can be more obvious to you if you have a strong reaction to someone due to a cord of attachment. And then you can use your skill set for permanently cutting cords of attachment to free yourself up.

    (I certainly had a horrid one to George W. Even with that gone, and even with skills as an empath, I still find him one of the least favorite people I would ever see on the news, etc.)

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