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Soul Thrill Aura Research

Soul Thrill Aura Research

Soul Thrill® Aura Research — What is this and how can it help you?

Soul Thrill® Aura Research is one of the most popular types of session I offer. Yet this kind of aura reading can be really hard to describe. Soul Thrill® Aura Research, quickly defined?

It’s a practical kind of Aura Reading Research to help you make choices.

Detailed guidance comes from your own aura. Specifically, your chakra databanks. (These are important parts of your aura that anybody can read with solid skills of energetic literacy. Learn more about chakra databanks here.)

Okay, Ready for a Bit More Detail?

Soul Thrill® Aura Research is one kind of personal session of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

As a client, you prepare just a bit in advance. (More on that to come later in this article.)

Basically you decide which choices you’re curious about. I do the rest. Using specialized RES skills to access information directly from your own aura. Like your often-neglected chakra databank for “Soul Thrill”!

Ultimately, Soul Thrill® Aura Research helps you to make more informed choices. Guided by your own subconscious mind and the astral energies of your own energy field. Guided, especially, by your own soul.

What’s the Point?

Soul Thrill® Aura Research Helps You Make Better Choices

Maybe you’re wondering, “Does my soul care about my little hobbies?”

Here’s the answer: Hugely! Any choice you make in life affects your entire aura. Either helping you to express your soul or not.

And if you’ve been reading this blog much, you know that your aura contains extremely detailed information. It sure ain’t just colors. Ha, as if!

Instead, you have hundreds of chakra databanks. How do they respond to one type of exercise rather than another? Or one type of creative activity rather than another? Find out.

Your soul’s preferences don’t have to seem mysterious. And, I promise you, reading the Akashic Records or psychic readings for major soul guidance… they simply can’t deliver practical info like the kind you get from Soul Thrill Aura Reading.

Where you learn about specific, human-type things you can do for yourself every day of your life. Evolving faster spiritually because you’re fulfilling your purpose.

Doesn’t it make sense that fulfilling your unique soul in this lifetime… ought to help you a lot towards fulfilling your spiritual purpose?

Soul Thrill® Aura Research Works Best

On Which Kind of Choices?

In just one session of Soul Thrill® Aura Research, you can research a great variety of choices. Best to come prepared to ask about more than one type of choice in a session. Mostly, my clients ask about research items like these:

  1. Career. You name one type of career at a time.
  2. Hobby. Maybe you ask about whittling. Spinning straw into gold. Joke! Ask about different activities you might actually do! Like golf, needlepoint.
  3. Types of Exercise.  Zumba classes at a particular gym might be great for you. Or swimming at a neighborhood pool.
  4. Creative activities. Just 10 minutes of singing could do wonders for you. Only maybe you’d get better results from writing a book. Each research item brings its own results.
  5. Consultants to hire, such as names of doctors, teachers, roofers or (in the session I did between starting today’s blog post and now) obstetricians. For this sort of research, on the day of your appointment, please email a headshot of each person. I’ve saved clients a bundle by clueing them into practitioners without integrity or with substance problems, etc.
  6. Implications of staying with a partner, vs. separating, vs. divorcing. Again, on the day of your appointment, please email a photo of each person.
  7. Places to live: Cities, particular apartments and even roommates
  8. Comparing the impact for you of Love Interest A with Love Interest B. Yes, for this too, on the day of your appointment, please email a photo of each person.
  9. Courses or majors at college, or which programs to apply to
  10. Name Alignment® Research– which is its own specialty within Soul Thrill® Aura Research. 🙂

How to Prepare for Your Session of Soul Thrill® Aura Research

In advance of your appointment, make a list of “Research Items.”

You’re actively involved here, got that? Don’t expect me to make this list for you. You’re the world’s expert on your human life!

So make a list of 10-30 specific choices. Maybe we won’t get to them all. Once we get rolling into the research, you’ll be glad to have many options to choose from. Most likely, you’ll also start to have fun.

Sure, you can improvise more choices as we talk, but give yourself the benefit of preparing a list.

Soul Thrill® Aura Research will be about your choices. To learn more, check out Part Two of this little series of posts. Any questions or comments for now?

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  1. 1
    lisa says:

    HI Rose!

    I am a little confused about the following, could you clarify? You wrote:

    “So I recommend a session of Aura Reading Research to help you permanently move STUFF out of your aura.”

    With Aura reading research how do you remove related STUFF that you find during the reading?? I know cutting a cord of attachment removes STUFF, but if I don’t cut a cord during a “Thrill Your Soul” reading, how does STUFF get removed?

    BLOG BUDDIES, I have done some Thrill Your Soul research with Rose, and have found it to be validating and inspiring. I did some research regarding job choices and was able to make decisions with more clarity and confidence as a result of my session with Rose. I highly recommend it!

  2. 2

    LISA, thanks for your testimonial.

    And nice catch about my typo in the original blog post. I have gone back and corrected it. [Using that English major’s favorite, “fancy brackets”] You are absolutely right.

    I meant to suggest a session of RES Energy HEALING, where a cord of attachment could be cut, or there could be some other type of healing, such as removal of astral debris of various kinds, such as psychic coercion.

    Many healing techniques are available but, yes, in most cases the priority is to cut a cord of attachment.

  3. 3
    Suzanne Schroedl says:

    I have done thrill your soul research with Rose and have found it very helpful in making decisions about possible activities.

    At this point in my life, I have time mostly for work and so I want the few things that I do purely for fun to really be fun and lift my energy.

    I’m somebody who can spend three hours looking at a booklet of possible classes/events and end up not signing up for anything because there are too many possible good choices. Then I default to spending all of my free time reading or on the internet.

    Doing research with Rose really helped me to make specific choices about activities but also it tuned me in to paying attention in general to how different activities affect my energy–and how important it is to have activities in my life that stimulate different parts of me (physical vitality, emotions, spiritual, intellectual etc.)

    I now pay attention when I do things to whether they thrill my soul or not and when I plan my budget, I now budget in activities whose purpose is thrilling my soul because it is clear to me now that those activities are worth it! Having even one fun activity a week can change your energy the whole rest of the week…

    Of course, sessions with Rose top the list of soul-thrilling activities 🙂

  4. 4
  5. 5
    Rose Rosetree says:

    A mere eight years later, I’ve written a Part Two to this article:

    “Surprising Soul Thrill Aura Research (TM)”

  6. 6
    Gillian says:

    Suzanne (I think you are now called Julie?), I love your comment here.

    I am just being nosey, but I would love to hear what are those activities that thrill your soul.

    I get a real kick out of hearing about what makes other people tick, and just hearing about it often inspires me to do more of the same.

    But it is none of my business really! So ignore this comment if you wish 🙂

  7. 7
    Emily T says:

    Hi Gillian, I know your question is directed to Kylie but I couldn’t resist chiming in!

    Right now for me soul thrill activities include making and eating a whole load of ice cream LOL, my weekly ceramics evening class, learning RES skills, and researching graphic design.

    Some activities I hope to take up in the future (and have already researched with Sandra) are horse riding, piano lessons and ballet!

  8. 8
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Hi, EMILY T. I’m so glad that you’ve jumped in.

    Perhaps you or RES Practitioner SANDRA HAERING or others might be interested in answering the following question.

    Here’s this great list from you, EMILY, about new activities that interest you. But let’s face it…

  9. 9
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Even before moving into Enlightenment, you were a person with exceptional curiosity and desire to learn, a real Post-Post-Modern explorer.

    Admit it, one way or another you’d be exploring plenty. Including without the benefit of Soul Thrill [TM] Aura Research.

    So what’s the difference between being an inveterate learner versus following up on choices that thrill your soul?

  10. 10
    Gillian says:

    Great question, Rose, and Emily, I love your comment! (am particularly tickled by the thought of eating a ton of ice cream as a soul thrill activity ha ha!)

  11. 11
    Sandra says:

    Gillian, there are always new soul thrill activities on the horizon.

    Currently, I am savoring my very own homemade chai latte. I love experimenting with the spices to get my own unique favorite.

  12. 12
    Sandra says:

    Other activities that currently thrill my soul: painting furniture, planting vegetable plants and watching their progress, hiking in beautiful spots, and being an RES practitioner!

  13. 13
    Gillian says:

    Thank you, Sandra! I don’t know why but I just love to hear what other people do to thrill their souls!

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