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Legalize Pot? An Aura Reading Perspective

Seeking a balanced perspective on pot, using skills of energetic literacy

Seeking a balanced perspective on pot, using skills of aura reading

Aura reading can add clarity to your understanding about pot (a.k.a. weed, grass, marijuana, cannabis). What does marijuana do to consciousness? Aura reading is a great way to research what isn’t obvious… but important… about the impact of pot.

How do you respond, as demands to legalize pot become increasingly insistent? Politically, I can see arguments pro and con.

But before you can read anything I might say on this topic, do check out Comment 60 below — just came in, bringing quite a point of view.

At this point, I’m leaning toward letting people do to themselves what they like, allowing valuable prison cells to be populated instead by those who are socially dangerous. As long as pot smokers don’t inflict their fumes on others, why should their personal choice be anyone else’s business?

Keep in mind however, today’s tales of train conductors smashing their vehicles while chatting on cellphone (which happened recently here in the D.C. subways) are nothing compared to what we may find with pot legalized. What will happen with people who feel they must be distracted at all costs, when they can legally swap the electronic lovey for dilated pupils?

But the really important part of the story not being discussed is what pot actually does to a person on the level of auras. Bring on aura reading for consumer clarity!

  • Today I read in the Washington Post about someone who uses marijuana to ease her asthma.
  • In other reporting, via NPR, I’ve heard that, in one city, medical marijuana outlets outnumber the Starbucks.

With all respect, there are other ways to ease severe pain and asthma. Hypnosis, for instance, has a great track record for helping people to use the power of the subconscious mind to ease pain.

I do fear that bringing in the approval of doctors adds to the idea that pot is just an innocuous substance, probably no worse than alcohol or drugs.

And surely one way to pick a pothead out of a crowd is to ask this simple question: “Do you think that regular tobacco cigarettes are more dangerous than smoking reefers?”

In the throes of a pot addiction, a formerly sensible person can turn sanctimonious purist. “I don’t sully myself with coffee or cigarettes.” To me, that shows a person has no clue about the level of auras and what pot does, beyond the surface value of life.

As an aura reader, I can add perspective. Share this post with anyone you know who suffers from the myth that pot is a mildly amusing, non-addictive, “healthy” way to relax.

Aura Reading Perspective on Pot

Some consequences happen to everyone, right from the very first puff. Long-term consequences are more personal. Think of the fault lines of a personality exposed to shaking and quaking high on the Richter Scale.

Here I want to summarize the universal dynamic I’ve found, reading auras of people on pot. Mostly this has happened in sessions of RES Energy READING where my client has me read the aura of a spouse with a pot addiction. I’ve been able to read in detail what happens to many chakra databanks now, also compare how that loved one has changed.

That research is heartbreaking every time. Because here is the common denominator:

Usually as human beings, we identify with earth life. We feel a part of life here, and our perception shows us the spectrum of human experience: Sight, sound, taste, etc.

We treat people and experiences as “real.” This helps us to be effective in our life, to treat loved ones as though they matter, and to evolve spiritually.

Vibrational Perspective, from Aura Reading, on Pot

Pot gives a person access to perception at a mid-range astral level. What is this vibrational level?

  1. This higher vibration is available to angels, spirit guides, ancestors, etc.
  2. It is available for perception in life to people like you and me, without any pot whatsoever, by doing techniques of Aura Reading and Skilled Empath Merge.
  3. It is available for inner perception through quality techniques of meditation, contemplation, etc.

Giving the system an artificial, chemical boost into this level will make a person feel high. However:

The chemical pathways used to create the artificial high puts deposits into the system at the level of auras, what I call “STUFF.” That will persist unless removed purposely. It won’t just wear off over time. And this STUFF deadens perception of life when someone comes back to the regular human level.

Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® is one way to do it.

In Kundalini Yoga, there are specific techniques that must be practiced for long periods of time in order to start removing the STUFF from marijuana use.

When you do meditation or aura reading, you expand your consciousness in a way that contributes to long-term spiritual evolution. With energetic literacy, you can expand your perception in life at will. Safely. With no side effects except for greater compassion.

By contrast, pot or other drugs will slow down spiritual evolution.

Aura Reading Shows More. (What You Wouldn’t Hear in a Pot Infomercial)

Sadly, long-term pot use causes the smoker to feel superior, developing primary loyalty to other potheads. Allegiance is moving to the astral level, rather than the human level. And this isn’t merely a philosophical problem but an neuro-physiological and aura-level problem.

When you have a human body, you have no membership card to live only at the astral level. Pot creates detachment of perception, like a slow poison.

Depending on the smoker, patterns of STUFF will develop that bring on problems like impotence. Doing RES Energy READING with one client, Gladys, I found that her husband Joe now found it “too much work” to get an erection. He’d rather fantisize about sex while high.

Gladys confirmed that her husband had indeed become impotent.

We could have 20 posts here, each devoted to a different human problem caused by the shift-in-allegiance that happens from smoking pot. If you know a pothead, you don’t need to read those posts. You live the tragedy.

Problems for Empaths Who Live with Potheads

Even non-empaths have heard the term “contact high.” When you are an empath, and not yet skilled, there will be frequent Unskilled Empath Merges where you move in and out of other people’s auras with your consciousness.

At this blog you’ll learn in detail how STUFF from others can enter your aura before you are skilled. And how I can definitely teach you how to use your consciousness to become a fully skilled empath. That makes life better in so many ways!

Otherwise, here is the bottom line: Even if you had no other motivation for becoming a skilled empath, you would be wise to become one if you live with a pothead. Otherwise you will be taking on many pothead problems, even without lighting up.

And whether or not marijuana ever becomes legal, with the way empath gifts work, the transfer of STUFF to your aura will be inevitable… until you get really good skills of Empath Empowerment®.

Don’t let somebody else’s choice to evolve (slowly) become contagious for you!


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  1. 101
    Dominque Cedrone says:

    Right after looking through your entry “Deeper Perception Made Practical: Legalize pot? An Aura Reading perspective,” I definitely resolved to bookmark it on Reddit.

    This is superb information to talk about to some classmates and friends

  2. 102
    Meleni says:

    Hi Rose,

    Does eating hemp seeds have the same effect of depositing stuff in auras as its cousin marijuana? I hope not because hemp seeds are yummy!

  3. 103

    MELENI, I have not researched this.

    Here’s a practical guideline. If you eat something because it is yummy, that is different from taking in a substance because it makes you feel high (in a trippy way).

  4. 104
    Meleni says:

    so true… thanks! 🙂

  5. 105
    Jordan says:

    I recently read the aura of someone who was on potent, but legal, body building supplements.

    The effects on his aura, including his emotions but especially his connection to his physical body, were absolutely awful, awful, devastating.

    Without fear mongering, I urge anyone taking body building or weight loss supplements that significantly change the way you feel inside to reconsider, or at least consider having some aura research done to understand the consequences.

    If you have a child who is into sports or fitness, please know what they are taking. And please know that just because they are legal does not mean they are safe!!!

    Your body is not something to be beat into submission. This is one of the really sad Earth School experiments.

  6. 106

    JORDAN, this is really important. Thank you so much.

  7. 107
    Grace S. says:

    Jordan, I’d be curious to know more about what you read about how their body connection transformed.

    Personally, in that vein, I wonder about ADD/ADHD medications. Just because it is legal and highly effective, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other routes to wellness, or that there aren’t deep consequences to our consciousness and relationship to our bodies through speed (also used as weight loss supplements, which is why your comment triggered this response in my mind).

    It’s very complicated, and in no way do I mean to disrespect parents who chose the medication route – it’s nothing but a miracle in terms of the transformation to the child and their relationship and integration with the life around them.

    What would help to mitigate the side effects of speed in the short-term and long-term? Perhaps that’s the pertinent question.

    Or is a matter of weighing out the consequences, pros & cons, as with all other pharmaceutical mental health prescriptions.

    Rose, what’s your take on this? I’m asking as a general question, I know that you could evaluate in detail on any phone appointment.

    You’ve mentioned an interest in training people in Energy Spirituality in assessing prescription matches/effectiveness, could this also work to mitigate side-effects?

  8. 108
    Jordan says:

    Grace S., the way this particular individual was affected by whatever he was taking was extreme. From my notes: “‘Connection to His Physical Body’ databank at the Root Chakra – His body feels like a suit to him, like meat, absolutely tortured, limp, lifeless. He would kick his own body if he had the energy.”

  9. 109
    Jordan says:

    I don’t usually read articles or online comments about drugs (it’s unpleasant for me, especially because of the ‘contact high’ I can get from just thinking about drug use or about certain people, due to yet-to-be-healed STUFF).

    The current drug culture is really, awfully, dangerously ignorant. I recently read a comment where someone earnestly called marijuana a ‘miracle drug’ that cures all ills, including social anxiety, any insecurities, etc. I know that opinion (or hope) is fairly common.

    I just read a comment where someone classified LSD and marijuana along with CAFFEINE in level of harmfulness. Then, of course, someone came along with the opinion that caffeine is actually *more* harmful than LSD or marijuana. (The whole chorus of the internet seems to agree with these people… or the dissenters are silent, because how do argue with that?)

    I also recently read the aura of an old friend who was addicted to marijuana when I knew him (still is, I think)… the confusion and STUFF inside him is heartbreaking.

    Drug use is pervasive and ridiculously damaging. If Earth is evolving it can’t really go on like this. I’m willing to do my part, Universe! (And only my part! lol)

    I have no idea how it’s all going to play out, but it’s going to be fascinating. I’m sure legalization will have some interesting effects.

  10. 110

    JORDAN, thank you so much for adding to this thread.

    Agreeing with legalization of marijuana — with so many positive political and financial implications — this quite separate from considering how “Safe” pot is.

    It is quite legal to commit suicide, too.

    I couldn’t agree with you more about how dreadful, seriously dreadful, the consequences are aurically from smoking pot.

    Yet one more reason why I urge all you Blog-Buddies to become aura readers. Exercise your natural gifts for energetic literacy. And tell your friends that it’s smart to become a wise consumer, whether choosing New Age services or healing tools or meditation paths.

    In our lifetimes, I believe, we will find the enough people develop Stage Three Energetic Literacy for this to become a routine component of being a savvy consumer.

  11. 111
    Jordan says:

    I totally agree. I’m all for legalization.

  12. 112
    David says:

    Interesting article. I live in an area where pot is illegal but common. At one time, it was mostly produced by users and “hippies”. Nowadays, its mostly produced by dangerous gangs. If they find someone else growing it, they’ll torch the place. Turf wars produce the greatest violence. There are also considerable issues with pesticides, etc.

    Most users however, ignore this and continue with the old nonsense about it being non-addictive and safe, yet support serious crime in their neighborhoods. It’s like cigarettes used to be cool and adult – some serious re-education is needed.

    As people are using it already, it would be better treated as a drug than a crime. But I found the article very interesting. I’ve known people who struggled to get off pot. And on long meditation retreats, former recreational drug users had the slowest progress and poorest experiences.

    As you mention, Rose, there are way better ways to relax and enjoy life than living in a cloud.

  13. 113
    David says:

    Great point, Amanda. I’ve seen all kinds of bizarre ideas that associate drugs and spiritual practice. That the Vedas were by yogis on hallucinogens, that soma is a drug, and so forth. Even saw a thick academic text that had determined soma was a hallucinogenic mushroom.

    Given that the body produces soma, that’s such a bad understanding. From others I’ve known, hallucinogens distort subtle perception. So even though you may have woo-woo “spiritual experiences”, they’re distorted and create a barrier to future ones.

    A nasty recent trend is ayahuasca retreats, branded spiritual. A local “conscious” promoter i know is now promoting a trip with multiple rounds. One of those ‘I want to go so if you come and pay, you’ll pay my way’ trips. I’ll be stupid and drag you in too. We can all mess with our energetics. Sheesh!

  14. 114
    Amanda says:

    Hi David,

    I’ve seen ayahuasca retreats promoted too: the idea of projectile vomiting has somehow never appealed to me. 🙂

    I’m reminded of a Terry Pratchett quote – ‘It seemed to Lu-Tze that people had decided that wisdom can only be found a long way off.’

    (As a result, and being a yellow-robed monk from the mountains, he left his monastery and went into the city, where he found wisdom in sayings such as ‘It won’t get better if you pick at it.’)



  15. 115

    AMANDA and DAVID, thank you so much for your recent contributions on this so-timely topic. I just wrote my quarterly article for Pathways Magazine on this topic have plenty I want to put into future posts.

    It’s just a matter of juggling.

    Still, I’m fascinated that both of you had been thinking of pot/grass/weed/cannabis etc. when it has been so very much on my mind.

    Adding the Terry Pratchett quote, AMANDA? Just made the conversation better and better. 🙂

  16. 116
    Andrea says:

    I think that people underplay how dangerous marijuana is. Here is a link to a new study entitled “Marijuana Use In Adolescence May Cause Permanent Brain Abnormalities.”

  17. 117
    Beth says:

    David, I’m one of those people that fell for the “spiritual teachings” promoting and glorifying marajuana use. A lot of people that I hung out with back in the day did too, it’s a huge influence, sadly enough.

    I have to say that what kept me using all those years was its function of numbing my emotional pain (and physical, migraines and digestive problems for years).

    A girlfriend recently asked me what I thought I would have been like if I hadn’t been a user. My reply, without hesitation was “suicidal.” LOTS of pain.

    And if it wasn’t weed, it would of been something else. Now I feel like it was just part of my Life Contract to gain the strength to face addiction head on in this life.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Rose’s work has been nothing but miraculous with turning all of that around 🙂

  18. 118

    BETH, thank you so much. And let’s note that you have had a very small number of sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality to turn all that around.

    The how-to books have helped you to do maintenance and keep on growing fast…

    while on a budget.

    If I might put you on the spot here, about the financial aspect, would you feel comfortable sharing about that? (Note, I’m asking in public rather than email, because this whole conversation is an improv.)

    Many lurkers at this blog might think that sessions with me are a new kind of psychotherapy where you would be locked into years worth of weekly sessions. So not true!

    How expensive has it been for you, turning all of that around? How much money have you spent, even, compared to all those bags of marijuana?

  19. 119
    Beth says:

    That is hilarious (to compare it to bags of weed!)!

    I think after the first 3 sessions I was off to a fresh start with a taste of sanity. Yeah, no, this is not like having to sign up for 2 years of weekly sessions!!!

    So $150/each = $450….

    — Blog-Buddies, I was so moved by BETH’s response that I created a new post to present it. Find the answer to my spontaneous (pretty daring) challenge at today’s new post, How much does Rosetree Energy Spirituality cost, compared to weed?:

  20. 120
    Beth says:

    David – ain’t that the truth.

  21. 121
    David says:

    Thanks for sharing that, Beth. Yes, we all have our roads and hurdles to travel. And one persons poison is another’s miracle.

    I know one person who woke on a trip. But it took her a long time to become clear. So while it’s not a route I’d recommend, one never knows where life will lead us. At one point in my life, it was part of my job to burn large quantities of pot. Life can be very curious but we learn (hopefully) not to judge so quickly by these experiences.

  22. 122
    David says:

    especially ourselves…

  23. 123

    To learn more about what pot does to a person energetically, check out “The problem with pot, from the perspective of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.”

    Here’s your link:

  24. 124

    Part two of this article might also be considered must reading, if you wish to be informed about the pro’s and con’s of cannabis.

    See, “The Problem with Pot, Part Two.”

    The link is:

  25. 125

    Continuing the ongoing learning about marijuana that all of us are having in society, this post may be of interest:

    Answering your latest questions about marijuana

  26. 126
    Juan says:

    Wow.. I had so much respect for this site until this article came about. You are so ignorant on the subject of cannabis that it is truly embarrassing.

    Cannabis has been known to open the chakras but all the other nonsense you’ve been spewing here is just that, nonsense. Cannabis contains around 114 different cannabinoids withing the plant, or more specifically, within the trichomes of the female flower. Now aside from all these compounds there are many more called terpenoids that give cannabis its aromatic properties. These chemicals work together in what many scientists such as Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Emeritus Professor of Harvard have called, The Entourage Effect. These compounds check and balance each other. The amount of cannabis you woulf need to consume to die are 1,500 lbs in under 15 minutes. All the myths about gynecomastia, sexual impotence, psychosis, schizophrenia, and even the gateway drug theory has been debunked. Now I realize that this is 2015 now so I advice that you revise this joke of an article and update it.

    Many people, including myself have safely used this plant to treat anything from Alzheimers, intractable epilepsy, treatment resistant PTSD, cancer, chronic nausea, diabetes, fatigue, obesity, autoimmune diseases. If you have any doubts, I invite you to read up on the subject because this information has been around since the 70’s in research out of Israel, where they’ve had a successful medical cannabis program for over 30 years.

    Children (toddlers) are dying from intractable epilepsy all around the country, a veteran commits suicide every 19 minutes in this country from PTSD and this can all be prevented with cannabis. Cannabis has been shown to actively kill cancer cells and prevent the spread of the HIV virus within the person infected and it is being done so more effectively than chemo and antiviral drugs commonly prescribed.

    PTSD and Alzheimers disease have no useful treatments and yet cannabis is the only thing to alleviate the syptioms of PTSD, which I can tell you are debilitating. Alzheimer’s Disease is a disease that currently has no cure or treatment whatsoever, people just degrade away. Cannabis is the only MEDICINE that will stop the progression, or atrophy of the brain.

    Now I would like to address the word “marijuana.” Marijuana is a word originating from the 1930’s when Harry J. Anslinger saw that Mexican and Black migrant workers were smoking the plant. Now at the time cannabis was used widely and was legally available in pharmacies and apothecaries in the form of tinctures and the American public did not smoke it. Anslinger used the term Marijuana as a racist slang towards the Mexican migrant workers and used it to bypass the medical community to make it illegal. I as a Mexican-American am offended by this word.

    If you are against cannabis then you are also against the oldest system within your own body. The endocannabinoid system is a homeostatic regulator that maintains balance throughout every cell in our bodies. We have specialized receptors, the CB1 and CB2 receptors, all around the brain and body that can only be activated by the compounds inside the body. This means that from a scientific view, cannabis and humans were made for each other. The cannabis plant also happens to be older than humanity itself, meaning that cannabis has been part of our culture long before George Washington was born. Actually it’s use as a medicine can be traced back to 4,000 BC.

    If you need good sources of information then simply go to,,, watch the CNN documentaries WEED 1-3 by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, watch Clearing The Smoke: The Science of Cannabis, A NORML Life. The information is out there, look for it and don’t encourage ignorance. In my eyes you just lost credibility on everything you’re writing about.

  27. 127
    susan says:

    Dear Juan, your commentary is very informative and interesting. I really appreciate it. Because you are clearly knowledgeable, it would be helpful if you would acknowledge the real challenges people have when cannabis use impairs relationships with poor communication, decreased motivation, and poor thinking etc. Is street cannabis the same as the cannabis used for medicinal purposes like those you mentioned? Because from my experience, I would not want people driving when using the street version.

  28. 128
    Juan says:

    I did not address those “challenges” because they don’t exist. They’re myths. Now medical cannabis and street cannabis are the exact same plant, the only difference is in how it is grown and how well it is taken care of. Medical cannabis is grown organically and most often without pests, mold, or pesticides. Street cannabis is grown without much concern for the user.

    Now as far as stoned driving goes: Of course it is never a good idea to get behind the wheel while impaired but cannabis use did not lead to a significant rise in probability of a driver getting in an accident after using cannabis.

    Decreased motivation: I, as a PTSD sufferer from childhood trauma can tell you that cannabis does not kill my motivation, if anything it will take away all that ails me. From my depression, my recurring flashbacks, the panic attacks, the irritability, the suicidal thoughts. I can be more of a normal person with cannabis than without it. I was prescribed every type of psychiatric drug out there, from antipsychotics, anxyolitics, antiepileptics, mood stabilizers, antidepressants. None of those medications eased my pain.So cannabis does not take my motivation away, it gives it back. I realize that is just me so let me explain the cannabis plant and it’s varieties. Cannabis is a the plant but there are many types and they all produce different effects. There are Indicas that come from India and the Middle East, Sativas come from around the equator, and finally there are hybrids. Indicas are usually sedating while sativas are energizing and hybrids have a little of both depending on the cannabinoid and terpene profile that I mentioned before. So not all cannabis is going to sedate you.

    Now it is true that cannabis can mess with your concentration and short term memory among other things but what a lot of people dont realize is that we start to develop a tolerance once the user is using daily, this over time decreases those negative effects as you become more familiar with the plant.

    I like how you bring up the “problems in relationships due to poor communication” Actually cannabis use has been studied among couples and what we have come to find out is something that the cannabis community has known forever. “Couples who smoke together stay together.” That is because apart from being happy these people have less anxiety when it comes to talking openly with their partner. Before I started using cannabis I would bottle everything up, part of the reason I have PTSD, and I feel that after smoking I can openly talk about what ails me or whatever is on my mind.

    I can provide a quick breakdown of why this plant is illegal and why we have been lied to or you may watch a very interesting new documentary called The Culture High. This documentary will answer any questions you may have about the politics behind it and even a little of the scientific side of it.

  29. 129

    JUAN, I have just allowed this latest in your series of unsolicited essays about pot. That’s it.

    You’re welcome to start your own blog supporting your views. For someone who initially claimed to have “so much respect for this site,” you sure have had a lot to say here on your pet topic and no other comments on anything else discussed here.

    Bye for now.

  30. 130
    Shari says:

    My personal opinion. I feel what everyone is saying about POT, is due the person smoking it is in a lower vibration place to begin with and uses the substance as an escape for their emotional wounds. But in my opinion if you are emotionally healthy, and smoke pot occasionally, this will not affect you vibrational level.

  31. 131

    SHARI, opinions are definitely allowed here at this blog.

    What might you not realize however? This isn’t just a blog about opinions. This blog furthers communication about energetic literacy, which makes it possible for people to learn the energetic and subconscious consequences of smoking marijuana.

  32. 132

    Generalities about “Vibrational level” belong to conversations informed by Stage One Energetic Literacy.

    That’s a fine beginning, but notoriously inaccurate, which is why you might wish to develop more energetic literacy skills. You could, of course.

    I am one source for teaching those skills that result in far more practical aura reading.

  33. 133
    Cat says:

    Thanks for this.

    All I have is my experience so far that I would like to share.

    I have been a cannabis user for a long time. At some point, about two years ago, it started to turn on me creating a lot of anxiety and paranoia.

    So I quit for 14 months.

  34. 134
    Cat says:

    I made the bad decision not far into my quit to move to a place with not enough sunlight for me.

    As a result, I sank into a very severe depression that last 8 months (even into part of summer).

  35. 135
    Cat says:

    I had a lot of stress with a narcissistic family member during this time and needing to move yet again.

    The whole thing broke me down and I was constantly uptight, in spite of my yoga practice.

  36. 136
    Cat says:

    When I returned to Colorado, I started up again, but not to the rate I was before. Still, my life, my energy, and my mental health started to deteriorate in a different way.

    I am now quit again, back to my yoga practice and doing Tsa Lung meditation, which is helping my chakras and subtle body again.

  37. 137
    Cat says:

    What I learned from all this is that even though I was very depressed and probably still going through PAWS, plus the fact that I have always had issues with depression, I still felt clearer and more productive in some ways than when on cannabis.

  38. 138
    Cat says:

    I was around people who did not do it and are on a spiritual path and were not flakes who caused me a lot of problems with their own messed up energy.

    When I got back to Colorado, all my old associations who use cannabis on a regular basis really showed themselves to be more unstable than I realized a while ago.

  39. 139
    Cat says:

    This started causing me a lot of problems. I could not separate out what was mine from their issues.

    Now that I live in a place with more sun and have the Tsa Lung practice going, I get to find out what it’s like to be off cannabis and see if mental health improves and my life gets better.

  40. 140
    Cat says:

    Even if it does not in some ways, what I know is tha cannabis is not for me and makes things worse in a really weird and dark force kind of a way.

    I’d rather deal with straight depression than all the ups and downs of weed.

  41. 141
    Cat says:

    I just felt more in control of my every day life, my house was cleaner, and I didn’t dwell as much on other people and their issues.

    But I definitely, most definitely agree wtih what you say about this astral plane. I could totally feel it and it was not good.

  42. 142
    Cat says:

    I am in a high vibration place that really challenges people – at the base of some strong mountains and I have to be more grounded to deal with the energy here.

    Cannabis was bringing into my life a lot of dark shadow stuff from others around me and the whole contrast of not doing it for 14 months and having nicer people in my life and then doing it and having angry, messed up controling and flakey people in my life was a real wake-up call.

  43. 143

    CAT, thank you so much for sharing. Wishing you success as you move forward in your human life.

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