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“My little Hideki.” That’s what my mother-in-law, a proud Yankees fan, has called the ballplayer for years.

Yes, I suppose you could say that Rhoda has been crushing on him. I can only hope that, when I’m well into my 80’s, I’ll find someone so cool for crushing.

“Little Hideki,” of course, stands 6 feet, 2 inches tall. And I couldn’t wait to call Rhoda from Japan to congratulate her on his big win, because people have been talking about it here just like folks in my home town, New York City. Most Valuable Player for the World Series in 2009, wow!

It’s one thing for him to have won a comparable honor in Japan, as he did nine years ago. But this time Hideki Matsui — or, as people here would call him, Matsui Hideki-san — he has become the first Japanese-born player to win the coveted American title.

Face Reading that Fascinating Yankee

I’m going to make use of a brilliant trio of photos taken by Brian Smith. You can see his photo set of Hideki Matsui here.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

And, of course, you can learn more about my system of Face Reading Secrets® from my book, The Power of Face Reading. In this system, each item of Face Reading Data goes with a talent, also with a potential challenge.

By way of disclaimer, I must admit to you, Blog-Buddies, and also to Mom-in-Law Rhoda, that I never have seen the great Yankee play. The only times I watch baseball are when my husband Mitch literally takes me out to the ballgame. Every year, for the last decade or so, we have watched minor league ball, played by the Frederick Keys. (Usually we’ll go on a night when they offer fireworks as well. I do enjoy watching the fireworks, and folks at the park, as much as the game.)

So I’m really quite ignorant about baseball. And, as is usual when I do celebrity Face Readings and Aura Readings, my knowledge is about the skill set being used, not the person being read.

Face Reading Data: Priority Area III is Extra-Long

Every adult’s face has three lengths that are compared for reading Priority Areas

  • Area I: forehead to top of eyebrows,
  • Area II: top of eyebrows to bottom of nose, and
  • Area III: bottom of nose to chin.

With Hideki, Area III is by far the longest. You can see this easily in the photo at the top of this post.

Talent: Exceptional street smarts,  the ability to pay close attention to his immediate surroundings. It’s “Be here now” to the max.

Potential Challenge: Being overly literal and unimaginative? That challenge is unlikely to arise for Hideki, given something we will be reading later on his eyebrows.

Face Reading Data: Macho Knob

This is a raised area at the bottom of the chin, made of muscle. It shows most clearly in the trio of photos, the middle one.

Talent: Being able to muster forcefulness, even temper or rage.

Potential Challenge: Bullying? Yes, it can go with this face data. For now, the only bullying seen by fans might be done to Hideki’s baseballs! Bullying done with a baseball bat. 🙂

(I do aim to do an Aura Reading of Hideki later this week, where I’ll be checking for STUFF around anger. Still, the various potential challenges noted in Face Reading Secrets can always be overcome.)

Face Reading Data: Underscored Macho Knob

Sometimes, when Hideki is playing he scrunches up his face in concentration. And it produces a most unusual outline right around three sides of his Macho Knob. I’ve never seen this on anyone else. You can find it at this photo link for Face Readers, at the Yankees Official Website. (Okay, it’s really a baseball website. Where are all those Face Reading and Aura Reading websites, anyway?)

Talent: The degree of determination that Hideki can muster is almost frightening. Have you ever wondered how a will of iron would look if it were visible in the form of face reading data? This is it. You can almost smell the iron and feel it sizzle.

Potential Challenge: Total commitment, might it turn terrifyingly ruthless? (Personally, I’m glad I’m not Matsui’s opponent, that’s for sure.)

Face Reading Data: Innovation Patches on Eyebrows

To see this (and the rest of the Face Reading data in this article) properly, you really will need that large-sized version of Mr. Smith’s photos. All three show Hideki’s eyebrows clearly. They’re full and fascinating in many ways. Here I want you to notice that, on each eyebrow, near his nose, there is an exceptionally dense, dark part of that eyebrow. In my system, that is called an “Innovation Patch.”

Talent: Talent within his profession for doing the truly innovative choice. This is a combination of intellect, heart and soul. So another ballplayer, presented with the same pitch, or other game-playing situation, wouldn’t think of addressing it in such a creative way.

To see close up exactly the choices that Hideki made, hitting his two home runs in that famous World Series Game, I suppose you would need a combo of slow-motion photo and x-ray vision at the level of his muscles. And it wouldn’t hurt to also empathically move inside his body and feel how his eyes and hands and arms sensed the ball coming and adjusted with every necessary micro-movement in order to make the most unusual and effective choice available. Bam!

Potential Challenge: Frustrated if his work forced him to do the same thing every time?

Face Reading Data: Ultra-Long Canine Teeth

So this extra tooth length is how the Yankee super-hitter looks like Presidents Obama and Reagan. Except both of these politicians has had an ultra-long canine tooth on the right side only. Hideki’s is on his left for sure. And it appears to me from Photo #3 by Mr. Smith that it’s on the right side as well, only I’m not as sure about that. Photo link, Blog-Buddies? Let me know if you do find a fine photo with a good view of that right canine tooth!

Talent: It’s the ultimate facial sign of invincibility. If winning is humanly possible, the owner of such a canine tooth WILL win. Don’t doubt it.

Potential Challenge: Often the person with one or two ultra-long canine teeth will APPEAR to be cool and super-easygoing. In which case, could that be confusing to fans? They may wonder, “Doesn’t he really care?” (But the thing to do with such an individual is just keep watching. Watch for that invincible move, that slight graceful bit of oomph that wins.)

Face Reading Data: Punctuation Mark at the Start of the Left Eyebrow

In order to see this face data, you’ll really have to see Hideki up close and personal. And not airbrushed, as he appears to  be in the photograph at the top of this post. You’ll see it in all three Mr. Smith’s fab photos, however: A great big mole that looks as though it has been with Hideki for a very long time.

If he had been a typical American celebrity, he would have been off to the dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon to have it removed. Instead, Mr. Matsui had the wisdom to keep the face that God gave him (and all the corresponding talents inside, as part of the sacred spiritual alphabet of physiognomy).

Talent: Extra oomph to the previously-mentioned innovation talent. Yes, there’s powerful inner alignment for Hideki to use every bit of his resourcefulness, and summon the talent quickly, right in the moment.

Potential Challenge: Not liking how the mole looks on his face?

And isn’t that often the problem when a face has marks, wrinkles, etc.? If you’re at all curious about such things, one of my three face reading books will be especially helpful: Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup: How You Can Find Meaning in Your Evolving Face. (It isn’t just about wrinkles, of course, but about how faces change over time, including moles, pimples, warts, etc.)


What an original, fierce, creative, strong-willed man! Rumor has it that Hideki Matsui is pretty coordinated, too. 😉

Yes, I do aim to read his aura later this week. Meanwhile, let me know what you face reading Blog-Buddies notice about Little Hideki. Even if you’re not a face reader yet, you’re welcome to comment, of course. Gee, many of you may have even seen him play that amazing world series game!

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  1. 1
    Michelle says:

    [Link No Longer Available]

    His right canine tooth does not look as sharp as his left canine tooth. Above is a nice photo of him showing all his teeth 🙂

    I have also noticed that he has deep powerline dimples on his left side of his face when he smiles, (it can be seen on Mr Smith’s photo’s) which means that he can be very charming in a good way… would you agree Rose?


  2. 2
    Dana says:

    That’s interesting about his macho knob. I just realized that a certain coach I used to have had one of those, and he totally had that forcefulness as a competitor.

    I also noticed Matsui’s large earlobes. I immediately notice baseball players’ large earlobes when I happen to watch baseball. It’s like a large earlobe parade.

    I think I’m so fascinated by huge earlobes because I have relatively small ones, and my challenge is definitely noticing physical stuff. For example, yesterday someone asked me, “Can you believe that that big, red car has been in the same spot in our parking lot for five months?”

    I said, “No it hasn’t. It has moved around, right?”

    “Actually, no…” he said, “It has definitely been sitting in that one parking spot for five months. I have noticed it everyday.”

    I had taken note of the car of course in general (I had tried very hard not to hit it and come pretty close), but I just didn’t register it’s unvarying location. I wonder what Matsui would have noticed about that parking lot… I could, however, tell you a great deal of emotional information about the people who take smoke breaks outside the building.

  3. 3

    MICHELLE, very astute. You are coming along nicely as a Face Reader. And thanks so much for supplying that link.

  4. 4

    Baseball, as a large earlobe parade — does Face Reading change one’s life or what?

    DANA, you are so delightful.

    Not hitting the car is, of course, is also a significant triumph.
    and the contents of the smoke breaks always a meaningful sport. 😉

    Hope the strange chat about “Aura Reading” has resolved itself. I might find that part of work life truly frightening.

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