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Aura Reading Brittany Murphy, Dying Young in Pursuit of Fame

Aura reading Brittany Murphy, never as big a star as she wanted to be

Aura reading Brittany Murphy, never as big a star as she wanted to be

The C-list actress died young. At the time of her death last Sunday, the Hollywood casualty was just 32. This aura reading of Brittany Murphy aims to shed light on a problem faced by of countless celebrity wannabes:

What happens to performers who chase after a dream for which they lack charisma?

Why do they keep trying, even when life keeps telling them “No”?

Spiritually, what price do performers pay for ceaseless striving?

To put it bluntly, what happens when an aspiring movie star lacks star power? (And can’t accept it.)

Everyone deserves to dream. No question there.

If someone like Brittany Murphy wants to act, it’s hardly a rare ambition these days. Every aspiring star has the right to pursue that dream.

Only I wish she had managed to get an aura reading along the way. As you may know, Blog-Buddies, lifelong gifts of the soul show in aura reading. If only Brittany Murphy had done the sort of aura reading research that I am going to do here!

Maybe she might have chosen a different path and be living now.

Brittany Murphy Devoted Her Life to the Fame Dance

I’m not criticizing Brittany Murphy’s choice. Every soul has the right to pursue any dream.

And it’s my belief that, spiritually, every soul will learn. Regardless of the outcome.

Only isn’t it sad? Untold millions of people right now are doing the Brittany Murphy-style fame dance.

Fame dance: That’s when one’s whole life is given over to pursuing and desiring fame and wealth.

Don’t you see that fame dance a lot these days? And the price that people will pay. Because fame is the most addictive drug on the planet.

And so, like Brittany Murphy, countless celebrity seekers get hooked on that fame dance. Whether acting or singing or playing guitar, becoming a top model or, if all else fails, celebrity like the small change that Tareq and Michaele Saladhi recently collected — being famous just for being famous.

The fame dance can become a life purpose. Yet it doesn’t have to be. Our desires are negotiable.

Brittany Murphy Sacrificed Her Life to the Fame Dance

For many people, it’s common sense. Don’t quit your day job until that part-time gig turns serious.

Or, for those who just must go Hollywood, there still can be an exit plan.

Ringo Starr had already become rich and famous when he was asked in an interview about his exit plan. After the whole Beatles thing blew over, what did the drummer plan to do?

Ringo’s thoughtful answer? He planned to become a hairdresser.

Before I celebrate Brittany Murphy’s short life with today’s aura reading, let’s note her achievements.

Highlights of Brittany Murphy’s Career

Evidently Brittany Murphy had no exit plan. When she went into cardiac arrest at home, her fame dance had slowed to a halt. Here are the highlights of her career:

  • Born in 1977, in her late teens Brittany Murphy actively sought stardom. She moved to Los Angeles.
  • It worked, at first. Brittany Murphy won roles in big movies: “Clueless” and “Drop Dead Gorgeous,” plus “Girl, Interrupted.”
  • A career highlight was playing Eminem’s love interest in the 2002 movie “8 Mile.” (Not an English major’s dream, for sure! We would have held out until we could be cast in a more high-class film like “Eight Miles.”)
  • The descending career arc began. Two movies flopped in a row, including “Uptown Girls.” For that one, Brittany Murphy played Dakota Fanning’s babysitter.
  • Voice work gave Brittany the chance to portray the empty-headed Luanne Platter in the cartoon series “King of the Hill.”
  • Earlier this December, Brittany Murphy was fired from the movie set of “The Caller.”
  • According to The Washington Post, “In recent years, Murphy worked mostly in low-budget movies, while her emaciated appearance sparked concerns about her health.”

Aura Reading Brings Compassion to Brittany Murphy’s Brief Fame Dance

Brittany Murphy did all that she could. She was, or became, blonde.

Definitely she became anorexic. You’ll see it in photos of the aspiring star. Brittany Murphy achieved the familiar female star body that is seldom found in nature: Stick arms and legs, plus a very large chest.

Such a body takes work, probably a combo of surgery and enormous determination.

One reason to do aura reading is to be able to sort out if there is real performance talent. I’m going to do that now.

Other factors, of course, can contribute to success, such as pure luck. Yet you’ll find that most performers who do really well do have charisma. And that charisma is strong enough to show at the level of auras.

My related term, using energetic literacy, is “Auric Modeling.”

Auric Modeling and Screen Chemistry

Auric Modeling means something that every human being does. If you’re alive, you have an aura, an energy field. It is full of information. And this kind of information can’t be faked.

Can some parts of a person’s aura change? Definitely.

Are there some parts that can’t? Yes, indeed. What cannot be changed? Innate performance talent, a.k.a. “charisma.”

Singing, dancing, and all forms of performance, require technical skill. Brittany Murphy may have developed plenty of that. I only saw her act once, in “Clueless.” Probably she wasn’t terrible. Or I would have remembered that.

Acting that part, Brittany had to be able to learn her lines, do the blocking, get her voice right, make her lines sound believable — and I don’t mean to suggest for a moment that she failed to gain a skill set, and a difficult one at that. But no effort could give her charisma.

And charisma matters so much for the arts that, out of all types of work and careers, only performers are said to have, or not have, “screen chemistry.” That’s as close to mainstream as any form of aura reading is yet.

Why do actors need screen chemistry? Because otherwise their performances don’t stick. They’re instantly forgettable.

If you have zero sparkle and verve, you might make a fine accountant. You could even become a good teacher, albeit a dull one. But for an actor or artist or writer, sorry. No charisma and automatically your job prospects shrink.

That’s why I wish Brittany Murphy had gotten some good, detailed feedback about her aura, such as she is being given here, posthumously and with all respect. Just today I read in the Washington Post that when she died alone, her home was well stocked with prescription meds for depression and anxiety, plus even more meds for physical pain.

Aspiring actors, keep reading today’s cautionary tale.

Top 10 Aura Reading Databanks for Performance Talent

For our research, I’ll use a photo of Brittany Murphy in full-fledged star mode, late in her career. She’s pushing it.

Oh, it’s so touching. Clearly she’s trying so hard to make us love her.

If you’d like to join me at reading this, find the photo of your choice and use one of the Photo Reading techniques from Read People Deeper .

1. Aura Reading Brittany Murphy’s Databank at the Root Chakra: Presence as a Performer

1 inch. What makes this chakra databank so teensy for Brittany Murphy? Seems like a combination of STUFF and underuse of personal resources.

Blander than tofu, this starlet has no discernable personality. One problem is that she has little sense of self, apart from how she physically looks.

Deeper down, sure, there’s a gift of her soul. Every chakra databank contains a gift. Brittany Murphy’s is a complete willingness to please the audience.

To find this, I had to do the equivalent of squinting.

  • If her aura had not had so much STUFF (whether through sessions of energy spirituality or through some other modality that was effective for her)…
  • If Brittany Murphy had worked just one fifth as hard at getting to know herself as a person, compared to all the effort she put forth on flab-fighting, couture, etc….

Any of that would have made a big difference, too.

Regardless, I don’t think she would have had significant performance talent. It’s called “God-given” for a reason. Everyone has very real talents. They’re just not necessarily for success at the fame dance.

2. Aura Reading Brittany Murphy’s Databank at the Root Chakra: Personality PROJECTED as a Performer

1/8 inch. By the time of this photo, Brittany Murphy has stopped trying to project anything.

The quality of this chakra databank suggests a certain kind of confusion. Namely, Brittany Murphy has become confused about the difference between how a person physically looks and who that person is.

By casting aside her interest in inner life, Ms. Murphy may have competed to become the thinnest actress on the set. But she stopped portraying much else.

3. Aura Reading Brittany Murphy’s Databank at the Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra: Making Money

1 inch. Here is yet more proof that, by pursuing her dream of “Famous Actress,” Brittany Murphy had made a very extreme choice. One was not supported well financially.

Of course, at the time of this photo, Brittany Murphy’s aura may have been different from other times in her career. Still, reading her aura in this relatively recent picture, I find a lot of fear in this chakra databank.

Would this part of her aura reading have shown up differently if Brittany Murphy had chosen a different line of work? Definitely.

Everybody has some good money-making choices. It’s personal, what is more lucrative than other choicees.

In my experience, this is researchable. Through a specialized kind of aura reading. If soul thrill is ignored — and/or STUFF is blocking prosperity — finances will suffer.

4. Aura Reading Brittany Murphy’s Databank at the Root Chakra: Physical Strength

Why did I choose this chakra databank for today’s aura reading? It’s linked to performance talent! Besides, this chakra databank is where this aura reader looks these days for potential problems with substances.

1/2 inch. Although prescribed meds and recreational chemicals could have been a factor, what was the biggest problem I found in Brittany Murphy’s aura?

A body that screams, “Feed me.”

Pursuing The Anorexic Ideal? That’s part of the price women pay for an acting career today, isn’t it?

5. Aura Reading Brittany Murphy’s Databank at the Belly Chakra: Sex Appeal as a Performer

1/8 inch. Some performers can flaunt sexiness even if it’s quite unimportant to them personally. (See my Aura Reading Research on Brad Pitt .)

Brittany Murphy did not have talent for that, unfortunately. The tiny bit of sexual connection that shows is, frankly, sad. I mean “sad” as an emotion.

The star may have been confused by the popular myth that, supposedly, sexiness means matching the Anorexic Ideal: The larger the implants, the skinnier the rest, the blonder the hair, the more desirable a woman will (supposedly) be.

None of this equates to real life sexiness, enjoyment or sexual desire; being available to give or receive love. Perhaps this is something that Brittany Murphy learned the hard way, as so many other fame seekers have done.

6. Aura Reading Brittany Murphy’s Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra: Self-Confidence as a Performer

1/8 inch. No significant confidence was left by the time of this photograph.

Despite other strengths she could have pursued, Brittany Murphy lacked charisma as a performer. So it’s not surprising that, after years in the business, she lacked confidence. What the sweet young thing worked at hard at was what she could do something about: Physical appearance.

Possibly Brittany Murphy worked really hard on her acting, as well. I’m not familiar enough with her history to tell. And this chakra databank wouldn’t have revealed the sheer amount of time spent working on her acting. Nother more or less.

What can I tell you? Based on familiarity with many, many people’s auras, there really is good news. Everybody has ways of being talented in life.

Especially if those personal, authentic talents are augmented by learning technique, working hard, etc., a person can gain confidence at doing that kind of work.

However, what did well-meaning Brittany Murphy do? She threw her life at a career with a requirement at the level of auric modeling — plus beating the odds for the fame dance. And that talent requirement couldn’t be met.

Hard work and determination can’t make up for that.

If you want to become a dentist, you’re going to need some built-in coordination circuits for doing fine work. Any such talent can be greatly refined. Most human beings might lack that talent in the first place. Blog-Buddies, yet one more reason why you are not, probably, a dentist!

Performing without charisma — in nearly all cases that can turn into a nightmare. By December of this year, Brittany Murphy was so heavily invested in a failing career. By the time when her heart gave out, what else was she going to do with her life?

And speaking of heart…

7. Aura Reading Brittany Murphy’s Databank at the Heart Chakra: Emotional Range as a Performer

2 inches. Consider this chakra databank Brittany Murphy’s great triumph. She worked really, really hard to put emotion into her roles.

Think what that must have been like, playing a vacuous Texan cartoon figure. Or the babysitter to a much more popular, younger star. Just as blonde.

Frustration and other STUFF at this chakra databank are understandable. I greatly admire that this databank became as large as it did. Especially given the lack, for Brittany Murphy’s, of innate acting charisma.

8. Aura Reading Brittany Murphy’s Databank at the Throat Chakra: Communication as a Performer

This is a make-or-break chakra databank for any performer. If you’ve got great chops as a communicator, it makes up for just about everything. (Think of wobbly-voiced, off-pitch Broadway chanteuse Ethel Merman.)

1 inch. Brittany Murphy has overcome a great deal of shyness. And she has used discipline to communicate as a performer.

That courage is simply gorgeous.

Otherwise, though, I notice nothing significant. Charisma of any kind aurically for performance? Nope. In this chakra databank, as with others, performance charisma is conspicuously absent.

9. Aura Reading Brittany Murphy’s Databank at the Third Eye Chakra: Adjusting to Human Life

1/8 inch.

Find that surprising? Sigh!

Under the circumstances, how could this databank be doing well?

Brittany Murphy’s career has hit a point of no return and not such a high point at that. Yet she lives in a fantasy world where anything is possible.

10. Aura Reading Brittany Murphy’s Databank at the High Heart Chakra: Soul Thrill

Research here answers the question, “Does this individual do things each day that makes him or her truly happy, deep down?”

Soul thrill activities don’t have to be grand or glorious. For Rose Rosetree, one great choice is polishing silver.

The question here is whether Brittany Murphy did enough soul thrill activities to make her life feel worthwhile. (Pursuing that fame dance included, obviously.)

1/8 inch. Her Soul Thrill chakra databank flatlines. In this respect, the late actress is not unusual.

Life isn’t just about “Follow your dream.” Each of us is loaded with activities, sports, hobbies, choices of all kinds, big and small, that thrill the soul. The trick is to find out what they are. Otherwise we pay a terrible price.


Brittany Murphy was brave. She worked hard. She showed discipline and dedication. The tragedy was, she didn’t have charisma in a field that demands it.

Every soul learns from every lifetime, so this difficult life has surely been valuable for her, long-run.

Also, let’s give credit where credit is due. Hers was a story of modest success. Many an aspiring Brittany Murphy never made it into a single movie, low budget or otherwise.

Seems to me, Brittany Murphy did what she came to do. Only her learning may have had more to do with a major life lesson than with achieving the type of success she demanded.

Brittany Murphy learned the hard way that drive isn’t enough. And a yearning to succeed at a particular kind of work means just that. Not having talent. Nor a realistic chance at success.

My advice? Forget “Do what you love, the money will follow.” Instead, pursue what you love and remember to do frequent reality checks. Adapt your choices accordingly.

Honoring you, Brittany Murphy, for what you have taught us all by your cautionary tale!

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  1. 1
    Anita says:

    A timely choice to do an aura reading of Brittany Murphy and an excellent aura reading. Not only have you given me many ideas of databanks to research on myself and others in our next session, I have learned a great deal from this post (and not just about Ms. Murphy). I admire her courage. I am also reminded, yet again, that we can all live our lives doing activities, especially related to work and career, that thrill our souls – and bring happiness to ourselves and others in the process.

  2. 2
    Lisa W. says:

    Very interesting. Thanks for doing this reading and posting it.

  3. 3

    I found this interesting also on Brittany Murphy, and a sad waste. I recently also read that she was a singer and wondered if perhaps she may have found something more fulfilling in a singing career as opposed to acting.

  4. 4

    Thanks, LISA W. and ELAINE. Elaine, if Brittany had been my client, given the lack of performance charisma I would NOT have recommended any career that required it. Which would include singing.

    Make sense? Singing, other art forms, aren’t just about technical skill. The really successful careers in performing ALL require charisma.

    That’s why my research has led me to conclude, anyway.

  5. 5
    kyra says:

    Interesting that you say she lacked charisma. I always enjoyed her in movies.

    She had a cute, adorable spunkiness and could display an emotional fragility that was endearing. In this way she reminds me quite a bit of the appeal of actress Meg Ryan.

    I don’t know if this has anything to do with acting ability, but it certainly lends itself to a certain intrinsic quality that, if it isn’t charisma, is something a lot like it.

    Perhaps you could expand on what you mean by charisma. Anyway, I like your article and blog very much. Just a little surprised by this one thing.

    Was your reading based on just the one photo of her at that specific moment in time?

  6. 6

    KYRA, good to hear from you. And thanks!

    Such good questions deserve a separate comment for each.

    To start with the simpler one, yes, the aura reading research was based entirely on the photo with the red background. That’s how aura reading research is done.

    Every photo is taken at a certain time and place. It captures all the hundreds of chakra databank belonging to that person at that time.

    Similarly, if I were to do aura reading research about you 10 years ago, having a big fight with your sweetheart, I could pull out of your own aura the complete hologram of your aura at that particular time and read any chakra databanks there.

    In addition, I could pull out the complete set of chakra databanks of your sweetheart at that same conversation.

    Or I could read you today. Or read your interaction with your sweetheart today. All the connection we would need would be talking together on the phone. Just this week, I have done aura reading research for clients in Virginia, Arizona, California, Australia, India, Mexico, etc.

    This “reading one aura at one time” factor matters because auras can change so much. While the gifts of the soul stay, like fingerprints, the other components like amount and kind of STUFF are very variable.

    Make sense?

  7. 7

    KYRA, there can be many reasons for enjoying Brittany in movies! She had so many fans.

    In the reading, I think I touched on the technical skills needed to be a movie actress, and her looks alone could have won her many a fan.

    Clearly I need to clarify what I meant by “charisma.” This involves having a big, juicy presence that is appealing to people BEYOND those other factors.

    Some stars, like Meg Ryan, have been able to “open” movies, guaranteeing a large box office, just because there is something about them that makes millions of people want to watch them.

    Other stars might be just as appealing to you or me, yet they lack that degree of oomph.

    Personally, I love theater. When my son was in middle school and high school, I would always go to their plays and watch with great enjoyment. Usually tears would roll down my cheeks. In every play I would find some actors who were absolutely adorable, whether it was that kind of vulnerability you mentioned or simply giving 150% or just their being themselves, in all their individuality, beaming it out on a stage.

    Acting in plays like that, you could fill up the hall with your energy and win a whole lot of fans. But that wouldn’t be based on major charisma, some auric factors that would make the performer stand out energetically.

    Aura reading research helps you to get a sense of proportion in that way. I hope you will learn to do that for yourself. I would love to teach you, if you want to learn. (Simplest recommendation is READ PEOPLE DEEPER, which you can view at .)

    Until then, I’m happy to supply those blog reports as my schedule permits. So keep reading.

  8. 8

    “DOROTHY” wrote, speaking of charisma:

    “I’m not really into celebrities (or their kids), but every time I see a picture of this little girl, she is doing something really adorable – and she makes me smile or laugh out loud every time.

    “She is just one of the most exuberant kids out there. I’m not going to attach other funny pic’s I’ve seen of her – and they are just as funny and sweet as this one – but she is such a happy-looking person. I am always inspired to see a picture of her!”

    And here is a link, Blog-Buddies. Those of you who do aura reading research, check out the charisma on both dad and daughter:

    [Link No Longer Available]

  9. 9
    rose says:

    If someone were to cut their chords of attachment, might that not result in a healthier “sparkle” or liveliness projected onscreen?

    I believe I’m an empath and I really want to become an actress, but I’m not sure if I’m, cut out for it. I can be really shy and withdrawn sometimes, but I keep hoping if I just cut my chords of attachment, my inner charisma will shine. I’m only 17 and don’t have the money to pay you, but could you please just do a quick look-over readin to tell me if it’s worth trying to audition for a college drama program? I’ve bought 2 of your books already! 🙂

  10. 10

    ROSE, thanks for writing. I hope that one of the books you have is “Cut Cords of Attachment.” It can teach you how to do this skill.

    Just go step by step and do the exercises and you should do just fine. Of course having less STUFF in your aura will help you to do everything better!

    Do avoid the trap that many 17-year olds, and older folks, fall into. Never ask someone to just peek into your aura or give you a quick reading.

    Think about it. That shows a certain disrespect, either for yourself, for the practitioner, or for that type of work. Or all three. Would you ask a surgeon to give you just a quickie operation? And, if so, what would you be expecting?

    You can learn to read auras for yourself, and develop superb technique, just from “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.” Or, sure, check out a Thrill Your Soul reading from me. Save up or ask for a personal session for a birthday gift or save up for it and have a proper session by appointment, as described at my website,

  11. 11
    yet another Brittany says:

    I just wanted to add my two cents two years later about charisma.. I think the reason Brittany was such a brilliant actress was because she was playing characters who wouldn’t have been “real” had they been played by an actress with charisma. She was dowdy and uncharismatic in Clueless (perfect for her role). Later, she played attractive, wasteaway girls like in Spun and Girl Interrupted. Her longingness to please is deeply intertwined in those character’s own.

    So, in another words, she was brilliant as a performer when playing the part of a person who would not and should not have had charisma. Everyone has a place 🙂

  12. 12

    Your cents are very valuable, Not Just Another Brittany.

    What a perceptive, compassionate perspective. Just golden.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

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