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Trans-Generational Cords of Attachment


Have you ever heard of Trans-Generational Cords of Attachment? A very smart energy healer-in-training, Lauren, asked me this:

I’m writing to you because I have what is called a “trans-generational” cord of attachment. I did buy your book, and I’m in the middle of studying it.

When I tried to look on the web for anyone or any information about such cords, I could find NOTHING… nothing other than people referring to them as “generational curses”. An energy practitioner/psychic/intuitive I work with has seen this cord and it would not give her permission to remove it. It was something that I would have to work on removing. It was angry she was even discussing it in front of our class that day she found it.

The concept of Trans-Generational Cords of Attachment

First I want to congratulate Lauren on finding a very creative name for STUFF stuck in her aura. As people learn more about Energy Spirituality, it is natural to find things and name them and ask questions accordingly.

The perspective I bring is based on working professionally in this emerging field for 40 years, working specifically with Cords of Attachment since 1986, and also working with related skill sets that are, I think, very important for answering this question.

From my perspective, it is not possible to have a Trans-Generational Cord of Attachment. This is not to negate the perceptions of Lauren or her teacher, which I’ll get to later.

One of the basics of Energy Spirituality is to understand what a cord of attachment is. And what it isn’t.

When you have an important relationship to someone you personally meet, such as a parent or grandparent, you do get a cord of attachment, along with a spiritual tie. Unless it is cut properly, you will have that cord of attachment until the end of your life. Then it will be completely gone. Period.

It is impossible to have a cord of attachment to people you have never, personally, met. It is impossible to have a cord of attachment that extends to more than one person.

The skill set behind thinking of a “Trans-Generational Cord of Attachment”

Let’s return to the incident Lauren mentioned. This “Trans-Generational Cords of Attachment” was found by someone with the skills of being an energy practitioner, a psychic, and an intuitive.

How do energy healers and bodyworkers relate to cords of attachment?

Just yesterday I did a session with “Gladys,” a client who had received a lot of help from energy healers. One of the things done repeatedly for her was brushing away the cords of attachment to her brother.

Personally, I put this technique in the category of “nice try.” Gladys had a very huge, very horrible cord of attachment to her brother. During her session, we removed it permanently, using a systematic way that brought about emotional and spiritual healing (you know, 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®).

Just because someone has superb skill clairvoyantly or otherwise is really excellent at describing astral-level debris does not mean that the person really understands how to remove it.

Frankly, I was quite struck by the part of Lauren’s original email where she wrote, “An energy practitioner/psychic/intuitive I work with has seen this cord and it would not give her permission to remove it… It was angry she was even discussing it in front of our class that day she found it.”

A skilled healer does not generally get into situations of having an ailment be angry at her. Can you imagine going to a dentist for help with a cavity and having the dentist say, “Oh, sorry. This tooth is getting really angry with me. It feels insulted that I mentioned there was a cavity. I can’t help you, unfortunately. That cavity is way too powerful.”

Psychic perspective on Trans-Generational Cords of Attachment

Psychics and intuitives can have great skills at doing readings. How impressive, to go into great detail about how the Trans-Generational Cord of Attachment looked to Lauren and the psychic!

In this blog I have omitted many long paragraphs of description that Lauren emailed to me along with her original question. A paranormal blog would be more the place for that, because many people are utterly fascinated by anything in the astral. For them, the more detail, the better.

Personally, I believe that it is a complete waste of time to go around describing and theorizing about STUFF you notice in somebody’s aura — your own or somebody else’s. My policy when in session with clients, is very clear about this ethically:

Sure I read auras in depth and detail. Sure, I could probably find lots of STUFF to tell you about. But during our sessions I will not tell you about any STUFF in your aura unless I am reasonably sure I can facilitate healing all or part of that STUFF before the session is done.

Otherwise, what is gained from the perspective of healing? Describing a problem does not cause it to heal. Or, to be more specific…

The problem with describing a Trans-Generational Cord of Attachment

A description from a psychic is not a healing. A reading from anyone is not a healing. Clairvoyant perception from anybody does not bring about healing.

All or any of this could be meaningful. Inspirational! Beautiful!

Healing at the level of auras is different from a temporary idea, a great mood, or being intellectually intrigued. Healing means changing something that is wrong or removing a problem.

And although brushing off a cord of attachment could bring about very short-term healing, I favor permanent healing of STUFF. Don’t you?

How healing happens when STUFF in an aura is emotional or spiritual in nature

For healing, technical skill sets are needed, such as:

  • 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®
  • Spiritually Sparkling® Skills (Effectively moving out astral debris such as ghosts and psychic coercion and, yes, curses.)
  • Techniques for removing frozen blocks of energy stuck in somebody’s aura.

Lauren has been making a good start by reading my how-to about how to cut cords of attachment, Cut Cords of Attachment. 

She sounds to me like a talented beginner. I’ve recently read a fascinating book by the King of Intelligence, Howard Gardner, Five Minds for the Future. He describes five intellectual styles that are needed now, at this time in history, “minds” that can be developed. They include making a synthesis of knowledge from various fields and creativity for understanding things in new ways and proposing solutions to problems.

Lauren has shown promise there, but the first of the skills might be important for her to cultivate as well. It is called “discipline” by Gardner. He points out that, to be professional in a field, a person needs deep knowledge of that field of study, cultivated over many years with expert help, in order to gain a degree of mastery.

What we have today, regarding cords of attachment, is a very small number of people with knowledge of the healing discipline required, Emotional and Spiritual Healing at the level of auras. Mostly we have a growing number of newly enthusiastic people who are just getting started.

I have developed a Personal Mentoring Program and offer other mentoring services as well to help share what I know in greater depth than could ever come from a blog — or any conversation online whatsoever. Personal coaching is an important next step for someone like Lauren.

It’s important to find someone who does own the discipline you care to learn. Otherwise, I’d recommend that you take a short cut and schedule a personal session of healing with such a person.

So here’s what I think was going on with that “Trans-Generational Cords of Attachment”

I can’t be certain unless I am actually in session with Lauren. But based solely on what she described, it sounds to me like some frozen blocks of energy at the level of auras. Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® is the skill set I would use to facilitate healing.

And, as someone who has worked in the field of Regression and Hypnosis for over two decades, I can state this categorically: Trying to describe frozen blocks of STUFF that you carry is not a method for healing. If anything, it can exacerbate matters.

One last thought about Trans-Generational Cords of Attachment

If you’ve read this far without just scrolling, you know that, technically (from my perspective at least) there is no such thing as a trans-generational cord of attachment. Yet you still may find the idea compelling.

You might be fascinated by the notion of patterns that have linked you to your ancestors and want to know how to heal those patterns. Did you know there is a school of family therapy dedicated to this kind of work?

Start your research into Bowen-style therapy here. Or you might seek a referral to a therapist who has been trained in this modality, and a great place to start that would be The Bowen Center.

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  1. 1
    Lauren says:

    Hello again Rose!

    ‘Tis I, the one who inquired of this question.

    Thanks for your blog, that was very interesting! I realized after reading it, I may have not conveyed some things properly…subsequently I’m not feeling as “smart” as you make me out to be in the blog.. lol
    In any regard, how you answered it based on how you got the info from me, is still useful in conveying all that you said, so I don’t think you should change it.

    There were 2 people who gave me info.

    It was me who named this “situation” a Trans-generational cord, not a practitioner.

    After Reader 1 told me about some Trans-generational stuff in my family and suggested that cord work would help free up some creative energy, I put the two together and assumed it to be a “trans-generational cord”.

    Reader 2 can see things energetically. I brought up this subject in a class. Whatever way she was seeing it, I can’t verify if it was in my auric field. She said by the way it was vibrating it was angry for discussing it. Later she told me in emails she referred to it as an energy that only I can, and will end. (That makes sense, and I’m up to the task!)

    Because this involves me ending some generational “pattern” (as told by Reader 1), and perhaps involves an agreement I made before this life, I found your reference to BOWEN healing VERY helpful.. I went to the website and already, things are making ALOT more sense! It’s truly helping me piece together the mystery…

    In any event, I just felt stupid for about a minute and wanted to clarify those things, although I’m sure it wasn’t necessary to, I still appreciate your attention to my question and delicate way in which you answered.




  2. 2

    LAUREN, and wasn’t it brilliant of you to find that name? Even if trans-generational cords of attachment don’t exist. The intent to learn was really shining through in your original email.

    You might, or might not, be amazed at how many inquiries I receive. Time just doesn’t permit me to respond to all of them, so I choose from those where it seems to me that the questioner had a strong intent to learn something…and asked in a respectful way. That would be you!

    I appreciate you, too.

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