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"What if I’m not fulfilling my purpose?"


It’s a very familiar worry for so many smart people. We know it isn’t enough to slog through one day after another. So we wonder, “What if I’m not fulfilling my purpose.”

What can we do about this fear?

Recently a conversation with my client Gladys reminded me that there is a third solution to this problem — one I have never written about anywhere before — and that could bring the biggest healing of all. 

But all these solutions are important for you to be aware of. If you’ve ever felt tormented in this particular way, join the very large club.

And then keep reading.

Aura Reading Solution #1

Usually my strongest recommendation is a session of RES Energy HEALING. We can find out if there is a problem of imbalance, for instance caused by Spiritual Addiction. Then we can start correcting that imbalance.

Why do I put this solution first? As of 2010, I have worked in the mind-body-spirit field for 40 years. I have had an awful lot of clients during that time who had a burning, huge, driving question deep inside them: “Tell me my purpose.”

In every single case, guess what? That client was well and truly stuck in life.

Doesn’t it make sense that, if all other avenues to fulfillment seem blocked, you might figure your best bet is to forget the whole thing about what your life means to you. Maybe, supposedly, there is some higher purpose for all the frustration. If you only find out that answer, that will magically solve everything.

With all respect to those who believe this, from my perspective, a reading is not a healing. It’s lovely to be inspired with a sense of purpose. But that won’t remove various forms of STUFF that clog up an aura.

Some of the most miraculous results in lives of my clients began with a frustrated client who kept asking me, “Tell me my purpose.” And one or more sessions later, that client had way less STUFF, way more enjoyment of life, and less frantic intensity about finding The Answer.

And some of those clients used to skip from one psychic to another, getting reading after reading to supply The Answer.

The practical point to take away here is that, next time you start worrying about your purpose, stop right where you are and take stock.

  • What has just happened to you?
  • Has something frustrated you?
  • What caused you to move away from the good ol’ present into some hypothetical future?

Whether you do the problem solving on your own, or you seek professional help, that immediate moment can help you with real-life healing. One more question you might want to ask yourself is this:

What is going on in my life, right now, that makes it seem so important that I fulfill my purpose?

Aura Reading Solution #2

Do Aura Reading Research. I call it Soul Thrill® Aura Research.

This is where you forget about second guessing “What I am supposed to do” and make a list of what actually interests you as a human being. You list career ideas, hobbies, types of exercises, even different eating styles.

Then we sit together in session, prepare a very detailed set of research items (List #1) that matter to you about life choices, such as spiritual connection, soul thrill, earning money, emotional stability, sex drive. I read the related chakra databanks and give a quick assessment.

Afterwards we turn to your list and we find out how each research choice morphs your aura. I’m teaching an easy-to-do variation on this technique on my workshop, Goal Setting with the Aura Reading Advantage, Jan. 9, and I’m also available for phone sessions dedicated to this, by appointment.

However you do your own research, consider doing it. Fulfilling your purpose isn’t just one quick answer. There are many different choices about your lifestyle that can add up to fulfillment.

And making those good choices isn’t just settling, either. It could be called “wisdom.”

Solution #3. Empath Empowerment

When Gladys spoke with me, it became obvious that her STUFF about “Finding my purpose” didn’t even belong to her.

Unskilled empaths often have the problem of taking on STUFF that doesn’t belong to them. Very often you might be picking up on somebody else’s angst.

Any one of these empath gifts that could trigger this:

  • Spiritual Oneness
  • Emotional Oneness
  • Emotional Intuition
  • Intellectual Empath ability
  • Physical Oneness
  • Physical Intuition

Yet more reason to become a Skilled Empath. Otherwise you could be translating a seemingly unrelated fear from somebody else into your own terms, including your belief system.

You might walk across the street from Joe, who at that time is suffering from one of these fears:

  • Might I be such an awful sinner that I am going to Hell?
  • Could I lose my job soon?
  • Do I need to start ordering Viagra?

And if no worries like this were lively for you, but the whole Life Purpose thing was, guess how you would process that STUFF after it landed inside of your aura?


The more clarity you have in your aura, the more self-awareness with energy literacy, the less STUFF, the better you will be prepared for life. Not just future life. Not just biggest-and-bestest life. Your life right now!

Incidentally, that photo up top of this post is the cover for the latest foreign edition of my how-to book for empaths, Empowered by Empathy. Editorial Sirio, in Spain, has just released it, and my author’s copies arrived just at the start of this new year, new decade.

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  1. 1
    Jordan says:

    I can definitely attest to the fact that Rose can help you with this! I’m sure that in the past finding my elusive “purpose” was something I thought about and fretted over, but reading this blog post now, I realize how it is a worry that just doesn’t make sense to me anymore. It just doesn’t matter!

    After each session, and especially after seeing Rose for regression therapy, I feel more and more like my soul is expressing itself purely. It’s a feeling that’s hard to describe but I promise, it’s amazing!! When you uncover yourself and find things that thrill you, there’s no need to worry about a specific purpose because you know each day is being created by the “real” you.

  2. 2
    Anita says:

    I have always found this conversation about purpose to be both fascinating and mystifying.

    When people refer to purpose, I’m not sure if they mean their life’s work, their life’s relationship (sometimes referred to as “soul mate”), or their life’s expression.

    Since we all have so many different roles in life – at work, at home, with friends, as a child, as a parent, etc. – it seems we have different purposes to serve in each role.

    Life seems more of a tapestry, perhaps with all of us serving many different purposes in different settings for different people. And the purpose work can serve in our lives may be very different than the purpose recreation and hobbies serve.

  3. 3
    Jordan says:

    Anita, it just sounds to me like you’re having the kind of thoughts about “purpose” that an “unstuck” person would have. (Thoughts that make sense! 🙂 )

    I think when someone doesn’t feel like they’re doing what they “should be” doing with their lives, but have no idea how to change it, the idea of finding one true purpose to give them direction is very appealing… and very tempting to cling to.

  4. 4
    Danielle says:

    Hi, I just stumbled across your website and don’t know exactly where to put this. I live far away, so I don’t think I’d be able to attend any workshops. I just need an explanation I guess?

    For a long time now, I think I’ve been able to anticipate problems. It makes me feel a little crazy. It’s usually (as far as I know) an anticipation of something bad happening to someone close to me I love–like family or close friends. I remember one event about 10 years ago, when I was in the car with my sister driving on the highway. I suddenly got this sense that she needed to move to the other lane, so I told quickly told her, she thought I was overreacting, but just as she transferred lanes, there was a large deer in the lane we were driving in before just standing there and we wouldn’t have seen it because it was so dark. I thought that may have been a coincidence.

    Then, more recently, a large bottle I’d purchased with a friend fell in my kitchen and I could sense something was wrong with her, that she was somehow in distress or pain, but I didn’t know how. Very shortly thereafter her mom suddenly died of cancer–without any kind of notice. She wasn’t sick before.

    Then, just a few days ago, I suddenly woke up at about 6am (I never wake up then. not a morning person!) but I knew something was wrong. It turned out my sister needed me to take her to the ER. She had emergency surgery that afternoon.

    I don’t understand any of this! If you could help me figure out what this is I’d greatly appreciate it. Am I in some way “gifted”? Is this a good thing? How can I help people when I sense bad things? I just don’t know how to deal with any of this.

    Also, I’m very prone to bringing in narcissists into my life–both romantically and with friends. I saw an earlier post on empaths and enabling and I can definitely relate.

    I just don’t know what to do with any of this! I feel like if I told my friends this stuff they’d think I was crazy, but I KNOW I can sense something I just don’t understand it I guess. Any help or advice you could give me I’d really appreciate. take care.

  5. 5


    Clearly you were just stumbling around here, because if you look much at this blog or my main website,, you will find quite quickly that I do not teach psychic developent.

    From your question, that is really what you need. I recommend you find a teacher in that field.

    Please, do your talent that much justice.

    It may not apply to you, but I have found many folks on the Internet who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing unfashionable clothes or getting a cheap haircut. But when it comes to psychic development — or spiritual and emotional healing, or aura healing, which ARE my specialties — those same people are content to stumble.

    Or better yet, to request some quick, casual advice, no matter how good it might or might not be. Anything will do, so long as it is free.

    A wise person will be willing to invest time and care in aspects of life that are, seemingly, hidden… yet couldn’t be more important.

  6. 6
    Danielle says:

    Hi again, So you would call me psychic? Can a person be both an empath and a psychic?

    When I was reading some of your entries about empaths, I could really relate.

    I don’t know exactly how to explain it, but when I can tell something bad is happening/about to happen, I really feel it. I can’t always predict things. It ebbs and flows but sometimes I just have this overwhelming sense about something–usually danger-related that hasn’t happened yet.

    I’m reaching out on the internet not because I’m ashamed, but because I don’t even know what this is that I’m experiencing–I hadn’t even considered that I might be psychic–and I do not know where to go for guidance in my town.

  7. 7

    DANIELLE, being an empath is a completely separate thing from being a psychic. They are not related, nor are they mutually exclusive.

    This is not a blog about psychic development or paranormal interests, nor is my role here to advise people about whether or not they are psychics or empaths, nor is this blog a support group where folks come to discuss their troubling experiences in life and I provide counselling.

    Yes, you’re smart to reach out over the Internet rather than limiting your resources by thinking your next teacher must be located in your town.

  8. 8
    Olivia says:

    It’s possible that you’ve answered this question on your site already, but I going to confess that I’m reading on a tiny smartphone screen and am not getting everything, but what is the science behind the experience of being an empath or a psychic?

    I hesitate to ask because I know it’s probably old hat to you, but my high school barely taught American History much less about the flow of the unseen world.

    Or if there is already a sort of primer, it seems like both Danielle and I would greatly appreciate being pointed in the right direction. Thanks so much.

  9. 9

    OLIVIA, I want to be very, very clear about this. I do not consider myself a psychic. My work is in the field of Deeper Perception, hence the name of this blog. My specialties in Deeper Perception are the categories are those you will see on the left side of the screen.

    Although I have many friends who are psychics, and there are many professional psychics I admire, nothing I personally do is about being a psychic. So any discussion of that, science behind it, etc. really is another website.

    Try Google!

  10. 10

    About the science behind empath skills, OLIVIA, you need to know that you are corresponding with the first person to write a book about empaths in the English language.

    That was “Empowered by Empathy.” About a decade later, I followed it up with an even more practical book, “Become the Most Important Person in the Room.”

    In my work, I am not a research scientist, no more than I am a psychic. Empath Empowerment® is an emerging field.

    Isn’t it enough that I’m continuing to pioneer understandings and techniques in this field, helping clients in personal sessions, personal mentoring, and workshops here and abroad? (Plus having a similar role with 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®, Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®, and Face Reading Secrets®.)

    There is no chemistry lab here, tucked into a closet. No particle accelerator next to the kitchen…. Have mercy!

    Those of you Blog-Buddies who do research studies about my specialties, or read about them in professional journals, please do add COMMENTS here about your findings.

    Meanwhile, I am very involved in HELPING empaths, rather than researching them. Last weekend, for instance, I graduated a class where participants went from unskilled empath to skilled empath. Every single student was really successful.

    Huge healings happened along the way, as a kind of side effect of re-aligning and not being drained by doing unskilled empath merges.

    For instance, one participant had spent years coping with long-term stomach upset, tightness and tension held in the abdominal area. She found it left completely. And, of course, she became a skilled empath.

  11. 11

    For OLIVIA or anyone just poking around on a small screen or without much time, here are some resources:

    1. This blog has a large HELP section, with loads of articles in the left column.

    2. There is also an enormous website, with hours of articles you can read on Empath Empowerment alone. So check out

    3. This blog has an array of CATEGORIES on the left column. You can click on any of the topic areas below and find links to many previous blog posts.

    4. The single best resource and, therefore, the best use of your time really is BECOME THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE ROOM, a book that was developed to be a workshop between covers, super-easy to use and not taking much time, but carefully and systematically designed based on a decade of teaching Empath Empowerment.

    This is not a huge textbook, just a good quality paperback with a cover price of $14.95.

    Hope all this helps, OLIVIA.

  12. 12
    Angela says:

    HI Rose,

    I just read your post and it hit home, hard. As I began my “spiritual journey” I started reading many subjects in the metaphysical/new age world. I began to take courses, workshops and buying large quantities of books and cd’s learning about the different aspects of metaphysics.

    Each phase of development or interest happening in their own time and at different stages. The one that kept gnawing at me was the reference about “purpose”.

    Having a purpose and discovering what it is. This has created so much angst for me in my life. I worry all the time that I am not “fulfilling” my purpose. Why can’t I find my purpose? What is wrong with me? So on and so forth.

    I began to read a lot about this subject, trying to figure out what my purpose is. I’ve wasted so much time, energy and money on finding out what I came here to do, either as an expression or as a career/job direction.

    When anxiety hits about my financial state this storm of worry begins and I look for the one person (intuitive, psychic, counselor), book, course, that will help me figure it out and put me on the right path.

    It finally dawned on me sometime ago that I am listening to the ideals, beliefs of others and not listening to my own self. I’m following and trying to recreate what worked for them.

    I’ve read so much in the self-help and New Age section that I’ve lost who I am, feel stuck and unable to make any movement forward.

    I have finally noticed this is a cycle that keeps rotating. I feel as if I am in a black void and can’t make out where the light is to start taking steps forward.

    Reading this post has helped to realize that maybe I have to much going on energetically within my aura. I’ve attached to much of outside influences and I need to clear them out.

    By clearing what is clogging my aura I will free myself, learn to listen to my own inner wisdom and be happy where I am now.

    I’ve already started clearing my space by donating much of the books, cd’s I have to my local library. Now I need to start clearing out my aura!!

    Thank you Rose, for the post, it struck a cord.


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