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Attachment Cord Cutting Requests. What will help you more

Attachment Cord Cutting Requests. Why avoid asking for a cord cutting session? Gain clarity through inside info about cutting cords of attachment.

What will help you more than asking for “a cord cutting”? What would be smarter to ask for instead?

First of All, About Attachment Cord Cutting

This is an emerging skill in the Age of Awakening. Sometimes known as “A Cord-Cutting.” Many clients think they are showing their smarts as consumers by requesting a “Cord-Cutting Session.”

Meaning, a personal consultation where, as the Healing Centerpiece, I use 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.

If you’ve been thinking this way, you’re right about some things:

  1. Energy Spirituality sessions for Energy HEALING can help you a lot.
  2. As a client, you do have the right to input during your session.
  3. What if cutting a cord of attachment is appropriate for a Healing Centerpiece? (In my opinion, as the Energy Spirituality Practitioner who’s facilitating your session.) Then that removing that cord of attachment is likely to help you a lot.

Why Avoid Requests for Attachment Cord Cutting?

Let’s add a more in-depth knowledge than you may have at this point:

  1. Do you have any idea how many different Healing Centerpieces are available? Energy Spirituality Sessions can help you in so many different ways. Just check out all the rest of Energy Spirituality (Scroll down to the pink tabs and see all the Healing Centerpieces besides cord-cutting.)
  2. As a client, you have the right to bring input in terms of a growth area that matters. Something about emotional growth and spiritual awakening. Like, what’s important to you in your personal life. Is it a particular relationship? Or moving forward in your career? That’s your important contribution.
  3. Also, together we’ll develop an intention for your session.
  4. How about the Healing Centerpiece for your session? As the facilitator, I choose that. Based on what I find out about you during a Skilled Empath Merge. (Something I’ll do early on in your session.)
  5. Yes, sometimes I will select cutting a cord of attachment as the Healing Centerpiece. Because, in my opinion as an Energy Spirituality professional, that’s the best choice for you. In that case, I’ll invite YOU to name a possible cordee.

See? You win. As my client, you always win. Just know the nature of the game that we’re playing.

This is not a game like going to an Energy Healing Delicatessen. Then ordering a salami sandwich. Or a cord-cutting.

Incidentally, by now you can have Energy Spirituality Healing Sessions either with me. Or with an Energy Spirituality expert I’ve trained.

Smart Consumers Question Those Who OFFER Attachment Cord Cutting

Avoid anybody who offers sessions where you can choose:

  • A “Cord-cutting session”
  • Or “Removing my energetic cords.”

Why? Indirectly, that person is telling you, “Maybe I don’t know about other forms of energy healing that could be far more important for you. For sure, I don’t have standards.”

Beware “experts” who run a kind of Energy Healing Delicatessen.

Back when I facilitated Energy Spirituality sessions in Japan, clients told me such stories. Like Gladys-san. After she got a manicure, the manicurist asked, “And would you like me to cut all your energy cords?”

You know, like giving Gladys-san a lollipop!

Why Avoid those Who Promise You Attachment Cord Cutting

Never Having Read Your Aura. Or Done a Skilled Empath Merge

Suppose that you’ve heard about cutting cords of attachment. You’re excited. So you google “cut cords of attachment” and get about a gazillion hits. What then?

Obviously, Energy Spirituality Experts aren’t the only folks who offer this service. So how do you choose?

Beware the healer who promises you a “Cord Cutting Session.” Why?

Cutting a cord of attachment is major surgery to your aura. No Rosetree Energy Spirituality practitioner will ever promise to do this for you.

You can easily find practitioners online who promise “Cord-cutting sessions.”

To me, this seems very much like advertising shoes for sale. Only oops!

Facilitating major surgery to someone’s aura — cutting a cord of attachment! This is actually different from buying shoes. Don’t you think?

Personally, I care very much about educating and empowering consumers like you.

Concerning Quality Control

You can learn the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment® from one of my books, Cut Cords of Attachment with for Self-Healing. Avoid free advice on the internet for cord-cutting. In this regard, you get what you pay for.

When it comes to people who offer cord-cutting sessions, that’s a concern. As you’ve read.

Also note if people claim to have been trained with me when they are not official Apprentices or Practitioners.

And if you find lavish use of quotes taken directly from one of my books… At some “expert’s” website… With or without acknowledging that the source is one of my copyrighted books… you might take that as useful info about that healer’s integrity.

In Conclusion, Please, No More Attachment Cord-Cutting Requests

Otherwise, t your questions of all kinds are welcome here at this post and elsewhere at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” I answer all relevant questions of general interest.

In addition, please know that:

  • If you make an appointment for a personal session with me, hello! You can contact a real-live human being to discuss your concerns. Even before committing to an appointment.
  • For quickest response, email my Appointment Manager, Mitch Weber. He works full time to do a quality job of scheduling appointments, answering questions, etc.
  • Click here for contact info.

Below, ask your questions about cutting cords of attachment. Let’s shed more light on this powerful healing modality!

Post updated September 12, 2019

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  1. 501

    If you’re not sure about the wording of the intention, fear not. Because we will talk. We will communicate.

    A session will unfold, depending upon what I find going on in your aura during the Skilled Empath Merge or aura reading that is done AFTER our agreeing on your intention for the session.

  2. 502

    Could be, the appropriate Healing Centerpiece for your session would be having me facilitate cutting the cord of attachment between you and your husband.

    Or it could be something different.

    How do I choose?

    Not by taking requests. (I’d apologize but, really, it would not be in your interest to take requests for a Healing Centerpiece.)

    I choose based on the type(s) of STUFF that are the biggest deal in your aura at the time, particularly as relevant to your intention.

  3. 503

    To give you an idea about the different types of STUFF identified in this energy spirituality, check out this blog post:

  4. 504

    It’s tricky for newbies sometimes, I know. If you read my website, different skill sets are listed.

    This is not meant to read like a menu in a restaurant, where you order up your fave.

    I’m in that tricky pioneer’s position of having to educate clients about what on earth is done in the field of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

  5. 505

    Be grateful, I’d say, that you don’t have to become a specialist in this field in order to benefit from a simple 55-minute session.

    Just bring yourself. (Don’t even need to tote along your husband 😉 )

    Bring an intention.

    And let me know, also if, in general, you are interested in a session of:

    * Energy Spirituality HEALING
    * Energy Spirituality READING
    * Personal Mentoring

    Then leave it to me and the process of co-creating with skills. And look for results related to that intention for your session.

  6. 506

    Historical note: When I began to offer sessions in 1986, it was long before the planet shifted vibrationally into the Age of Aquarius.

    It has always been valuable for my clients to look for results in human ways — rather than “Having a certain technique done.”
    or “Energy ideas, like ‘Fix my Root Chakra'”

    Now, since The Shift into The Age of Aquarius, it is more important than ever to have just about everything in your life be about human vibrational frequencies, not astral or energetic experiences.

    So unless you’re facilitating a session, or doing self-healing, relax and enjoy being the very human client… moving forward on your sacred and unique path of personal development.

  7. 507
    Enajite says:

    I need to cut the cord of attachment from multiple people in my life, including someone who may or may not be my future partner. I am an empath and am in a crisis of feeling too much vibrational energy. What is the price of the sessions?

  8. 508

    Thank you for asking, ENAJITE. Please read carefully the part of my website about sessions:

    As in receiving professional services from someone in any field where you have not formally trained, it would help you to bring an intention. Just one intention. Not a list of a many problems that you expect to be solved all at once.

    It sounds from your question here that you might have made up your mind about what I would do to help you, one session at a time.

    Well, with all respect, don’t be so sure which techniques of Energy Spirituality are really the most important for helping you at this time. Until I’m in session with you and have gone through setting an intention, then doing a Skilled Empath Merge, I don’t know yet. Why would you?

    Just bring your intention and allow me to help you the best I can. 🙂

  9. 509

    Also important: I do not do sessions for new clients who are in a crisis.

    Nor do the professionals I train in Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

    Find a way to get through the crisis before you contact me for an appointment, because I do not have the skills (or training or credentials) of a mental health professional,

  10. 510
    Enajite says:

    The crisis is not mental the crisis is trying to process vibrational energy. Sorry, that I did not use the appropriate wording. I think this service would be helpful, which is why I am trying to seek it out. I will be in touch for aura transformation and regression therapy sessions.

  11. 511

    Here is another resource for your continuing education about cutting cords of attachment, this blog post and the comments that follow the main post:

  12. 512

    Have you ever considered cutting cords of attachment as a form of energetic life insurance?

    Check out this post for details and discussion:

  13. 513
    Shelly says:

    I have a question about cord cutting. I have had one heck of a bad love relationship that went on for a few years before my husband.

    It was a very very bad relationship. He was an alcoholic and very verbally abusive to me.

  14. 514
    Shelly says:

    He is no longer in my life, but I would LOVE to have a cord cutting session for that past relationship.

    However I’ve been told not to ask for a cord cutting session.

    So how do I appropriately go about asking to have that done? Thank you for your help please.

  15. 515

    You’re welcome, SHELLY. Golly, you inspired quite a thorough response.

    Check it out, everyone:

  16. 516
    Heidi says:

    I am now dealing with depression from a 17 year abusive relationship with a narcissist ex boyfriend. I am starting therapy and are not on anti-depressants, but wanted to know if cutting the cords to this individual would help me in getting over the pain and damage he has caused.

    Thank you,

  17. 517

    HEIDI, thank you for asking. This is your first comment here at the blog, right?

    Since you are starting to work with a psychotherapist, it would be important for you to ask your therapist whether it would be appropriate to have a session with me (or another expert I have trained in this field).

    Usually the therapist is comfortable with this. Still, it’s better not to assume, because you and your therapist will have an important relationship.

    Incidentally, a person can be on psychoactive medication and still be my client. Just so long as it is understood that I am not a mental health professional. And we do ask new clients to inform us if this type of medication is being prescribed.

  18. 518

    Do I think that a session of Rosetree Energy Spirituality could help you? Probably.

    Occasionally when I work with a new client, when I do the Skilled Empath Merge and talk to the client early on in the session, I can tell that the client has problems that require the services of a mental health professional.

    In that case, I let the client know, end the session and give a refund.

    This seldom happens.

  19. 519

    So I do encourage you to set up a session (phoners are just as effective as sessions in person).

    Do be clear, though, that when I choose a Healing Centerpiece to help you, it may not necessarily be cutting the cord of attachment to your ex-boyfriend. There might be a stronger priority, which is why it’s smart to go to someone thoroughly trained in this field, rather than someone who offers “Cord cutting sessions.”

    You can learn a little more about how to get the best results from a session from this recent post:

    Again, HEIDI, thanks for reaching out.

  20. 520

    Ready for some inside info on cutting cords of attachment?

    Here is a blog post for you: What Is The Yuckiness Index?

  21. 521

    This blog post can help you to appreciate where cutting cords of attachment fits in with reading auras with Stage Three Energetic Literacy:

  22. 522

    Today, Blog-Buddies, I posted an article about how cutting cords of attachment can help you to love your neighbor.


  23. 523

    Have you ever worried that cords of attachment were frightening, or have you felt pressure to remove them?

    Today a fascinating exchange about that went live at the blog. To read it, just click onto the main post: Stick with those Energy Spirituality Sessions. A Guest Post by Lilian Then Comments #43-71. Knowledge flows here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

  24. 524

    Today’s blog post comes from a session where my client never would have thought about cutting a cord of attachment to this particular person, a lawyer who was consulted only briefly.
    But this Healing Centerpiece for the session flowed naturally from the client’s intention. Read about the surprising cord items here.

    And then, if you would, think about the logical consequences that client could expect.

  25. 525

    Especially see Comments 15-18 at that post, Blog-Buddies.

    You’re so sophisticated, gaining a depth knowledge of what energy spirituality can be. Few people know yet that there’s more to it than cutting cords of attachment.

    If you’ve been reading the main article here and the many comments, this reflects well on your interest in learning about what is true, not simply some easy cliches circulated on the Internet.

    On behalf of all energy spirituality experts who are bringing this new field into the world, THANK YOU.

  26. 526

    Confusions about “Cord Cutting Sessions” have only grown since humanity moved into The Age of Awakening.

    For more about this, see comments at one of the first blog posts about my how-to book “THE NEW STRONG: Stop Fixing Yourself and Actually Accelerate Your Personal Growth.”

    And here’s where to preview “THE NEW STRONG.”

  27. 527

    In this blog post you can read cord items from a session where the cordee was secretly addicted to crystal meth.
    Comments from Blog-Buddies are insightful!

  28. 528
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Do not cut your cords of attachment to Donald Trump or other people like Trump, people who are in extreme spiritual addiction.

    Please, consider yourself warned.

    Book a session with an Energy Spirituality expert. Otherwise do nothing. That’s smarter.

  29. 529
    Rose Rosetree says:

    This topic came up this morning in some comments at 7 Tips to Stay Safe Energetically. See Comments 21 – 29.

  30. 530
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Abortion can be an excellent choice. As the Founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), I strongly support a woman’s right to choose.

    You can read here about “Abortion, from the Perspective of RES.” And, yes, cutting cords of attachment can really help to support a woman’s wise choice.

  31. 531
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Blog-Buddies, Energy Spirituality HEALING Skills can bring powerful support to a person’s desire to stop taking drugs.

    Here’s a link to an article that describes cutting a cord of attachment for someone who wished to say goodbye forever to cocaine.

  32. 532
    Rose Rosetree says:

    A guest post followed, with “Joe”‘s insights as someone who has been cocaine-free for years:
    Cocaine Cord Gone. A Guest Post from Joe

  33. 533
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Finally, the icing on the cake of the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®, the Logical Consequences — or results — that Joe could expect, due to having that cord of attachment removed:

    No Cocaine Allowed. Part 2.

  34. 534
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Helpful comments at this other blog post add clarity to the central point of the mail post and comments here.


  35. 535

    Our first discussion in 2018 of cutting cords of attachment? Check out Comments 4-9 over at a post of special interest to empaths.

  36. 536

    Mostly, though, I’m excited to share some new information. Part of the blog redesign that recently went live.

    Do you think that “cutting cords of attachment” summarizes all the way I can help you? What if you’re not sure?

    Definitely, I’d recommend reading this brand new article with some of the different ways that I help clients during sessions of Energy Spirituality HEALING.

  37. 537

    Yet another reason to not request a “cord-cutting session”? Today a generous Blog-Buddy, ANGIE, took the time to report her results with cutting cords of attachment. Commenting at a post I hadn’t thought about in years.

    But it’s all about a variation on cutting cords of attachment that is taught only at a professional level. And sometimes this specialty is way more appropriate than the regular method of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®. Details here.

  38. 538

    Here’s a lively exchange about Cutting Cords of Attachment. Over at this blog post, check out Comments #25-38.

    If you have further questions about that, please raise them by commenting there… rather than at this post. Thanks in advance.

  39. 539

    In response from some additional questions, this may help it’s true that for my first few years of doing energy spirituality sessions, my most popular Healing Centerpiece was cutting cords of attachment. Even then, I used other skill sets too.

  40. 540

    So it’s as if you met me (and Energy Spirituality) like when I was a five-year-old. And you miss that little girl.

    I like to think that I’ve evolved a lot and have grown a lot professionally, such as the 10 trademarks I’ve earned by now for innovations within energy spirituality. Related to Comment #540, I’ve never “padded” my sessions or withheld what I assessed was the best way to help my clients.

  41. 541

    However, I’ve had some clients — and you may be one, or you might choose NOT to be one — who formed your own idea of my work. In which case (both then and, especially, now) you have very little knowledge of what Energy Spirituality is. And no clue at all about what it has become: a unique, innovative system with a loyal client base worldwide and regular interest expressed by new clients.

    None of us lives in the past, from the early years of RES. You don’t have to either.

  42. 542
    Freddie says:

    Recently I’ve been diagnosed with OCD. Could you cut my cord of attachment to this?

  43. 543

    Freddie, congratulations on your diagnosis. Although nobody I’ve met has ever enjoyed being given a mental health label, a diagnosis from a caring professional can be the start of a better life.

  44. 544

    However, let’s be clear. One does not get a cord of attachment to an illness — whether psychiatric or other.

    Each of your cords of attachment… is to a human being. More details here.

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