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Can you cut a cord of attachment to past lives?


The question came in from a smart and curious reader, “Jasmine.” If you believe in past lives, you may have wondered the same thing: What happens to all your cords of attachment to the people you have known before?

And if you cut a cord of attachment to “Joe,” whom you know in this lifetime, what about all the times you have known him as Jane or Jake or Josephine or Jeremiah or Jingles? Could you be very efficient and just cut ’em all at one time?

So exciting, that paranormal potential

I wonder how many of you Blog-Buddies are like Jasmine, so excited you can hardly stand it. You’ve been learning about cords of attachment and also reincarnation and chakras and mediumship and angels and and paranormal everything.

It can feel like worlds upon worlds upon worlds.

And as those worlds start opening up, you learn about healing, too. Oboy! Past-Life Regression and energy healing and cutting cords of attachment, Reiki and E.F.T. and so many gazillion healing techniques at the level of energy.

Jasmine is jumping in like a polka dancer, so full of enthusiasm.

As part of that excitement, she wants to do mix-and-match healing. Why not be smart about things? Since you have cords of attachment to people, and you have known them before, why not be systematic and get them all cut at one time?

Enter energetic literacy

But yes, smart consumers need to bring energetic literacy to the paranormal polka dance. “Energetic literacy” means doing detailed reading about what exists on the level of auras, of angels, of deep human secrets. Aura reading is one method, skilled empath merge another. Beginners often like to use face reading (physiognomy), because it’s so easy.

There are so many levels for deeper perception, and every one of them brings a person past the kindergarten level where all that is noticed is “energy.”

So let’s settle down, dancers. What is a cord of attachment, anyway? As I explain in the how-to “Cut Cords of Attachment,” you get only one cord of attachment per person per lifetime. Usually it stays with you permanently, for the rest of your life.

Either it is properly cut or it isn’t. If cut, you will never have another one to that particular cordee for the rest of your life. (Any rumors you’ve heard about re-cording are like those rumors about Mark Twain’s death, greatly exaggerated.)

Regardless of whether a cord has been cut or not, at the end of that lifetime, your cord of attachment dissolves, along with the rest of your physical body. You’re free, in a rather delightful way (except that the physical death part isn’t quite so much fun). But the forever part of you continues on to your next adventure.

In the words of my beloved mentor for regression therapy, Dr. Coletta Long, “You’ll always be in some body somewhere.”

Past lives, viewed with energetic literacy

When you incarnate here at earth school, that is a unique set of events. Sure, during that lifetime, you’ll most likely encounter people you have known in other lives.

Just last week, I did a first-time session of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® with a new client, “Jackie.” This intrepid spiritual warrior did fabulously well. Right before ending this session of healing, I had her play one of my favorite regression games, “Look into the eyes and see if you recognize.”

While in the midst of experiencing a past life, we can be invited to look into the eyes and the energy of any one person at a time. In this way, even a first-time client can clearly tell if that person is also somebody in her/his current lifetime.

A week later, I can still hear Jackie’s delighted voice shout, “It’s Bob!”

So, yes, we do have relationships with souls that include lifetimes in addition to this one.

What energy links do we have to these past-life relationships, if not cords of attachment?

By now the truth should be clear — even flashy and colorful within your mind, like a polka costume. It is ridiculous to think of cutting a cord of attachment to someone in previous lifetimes. Because every one of your cords of attachment is dissolved at the end of a lifetime.

Still, there is that itchy feeling. Isn’t there something? Yes, indeed.

When we go through any lifetime, this one or past ones, unresolved traumas create a kind of stuck energy at the level of auras. Following up on Dr. Coletta Long’s work, I use her term “frozen blocks of energy.”

As part of my own discoveries with Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® and Energy Spirituality, I’ve discovered that STUFF can always be healed.

  • Frozen blocks from different lifetimes are one kind of STUFF.
  • Cords of attachment are another kind of STUFF.

Each type of healing requires a specialized skill set, the help of a professional practitioner. Then the release becomes as easy as doing a bouncy dance with a great polka partner.

Watch out for this last confusion

Just one other point strikes me, in response to Jasmine’s important question. What if you have a psychic reading? What if you’re told about your cord of attachment to Joe and you’re also told about various past-life problems with him. Doesn’t that fix up your STUFF?

Sorry! A reading is not a healing.

Knowing that something happened to you can bring relief to your conscious emotions and set your mind at ease. I’m not knocking that.

STUFF, however, is not a problem that can be healed at the level of thinking or anything else done only at the level of your conscious mind.

Using energetic literacy to describe your STUFF won’t remove that STUFF. Energetic literacy is helpful for a practioner who aims to faciliate moving STUFF out and has the skill sets to do that.

It’s like the difference between having a really talented artist describe the appearance of your ruptured appendix versus having a surgeon who doesn’t just find it but has the ability to safely take it out of your body.

Any questions about all this, Blog-Buddies? And anyone up for a polka?

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  1. 1
    Suzanne Schroedl says:

    Interesting blog, Rose–thanks, that clears up questions I had about the difference between cords and frozen blocks.

  2. 2
    julie murphy says:

    Hi, im not sure I understand this. I went for a healing a year ago due to a relationship I had been in and I could not for the life of me get past it or get him out off my head. I was told that I was married to this man in a past life but it was not a good marriage and he did not treat me well and basically he was reliving it but at the stage he was at it was going to take him a very very long time to get and probably still wont get it in the next life or even the one after that. I was then told the chord could not be cut as it was past life. Confused??

  3. 3
    Rose Rosetree says:

    JULIE MURPHY, let’s see. You’re commenting on my blog for the first time. Good. Welcome!

    You’re asking me to comment on an experience you had with somebody not trained in my field — Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)?

    Not so good. If you want to find out what RES can do, book a session with me or another RES expert.

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