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Pre-Incarnation Planning Meetings


Pre-Incarnation Planning Meetings. What happened to you before you began this lifetime. Most likely you made a Life Contract. Learn more here.

It’s snowing again, here in suburban D.C. But not before my client Gladys stopped by for a couple of hours of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®. Today we got to do one of my favorite types of session, revisiting her Planning Meeting before this lifetime.

You had one, too, you know. Whether or not you consciously remember it, or ever have done a session of other versions of regression therapy. Or hypnosis. Or had a psychic reading. Or an akashic record reading. With anyone ever.

Introducing the Idea of Pre-Incarnation Planning Meetings

Regardless of whether you know, or care, a smidge about energetic literacy, there has been an official Planning Meeting. About. Your. Purpose. In. This. Lifetime.

Certain themes come up in this type of regression — not every time with every client. But often enough for me to have pieced together a very common story about planning to incarnate as you may have, since you are living now.

In case you’re curious, here are some of the details I have found to this pattern. They are put together here as a generalization, because it may prove helpful. But please know that this isn’t necessarily YOUR story. For thousands of us, though, it is.

So if this picture strikes a chord within you, enjoy the resonance, the harmonics, the extra bit of musical soundtrack to your life right now.

More about What Happens During Pre-Incarnation Planning Meetings

Before a human lifetime, you’re not wearing a human body, you kidding? Instead, you’re in your trusty, comfortable body of light. Indestructible, colorful, shimmery, fitting just fine… with no need for dieting… ever.

You’re with a trusted leader of your personal Planning Meeting. It could be a Divine Being with whom you’ve always felt a close relationship in this lifetime, like Jesus, Kwan Yin, or Archangel Michael. Or it could simply be with a trusted energy presence of appropriate stature, someone qualified to lead this kind of meeting for you.

Along with you are other souls, maybe a dozen, maybe hundreds. They are present to bring encouragement as you commit to this new adventure. Some of the “folks” assembled there volunteer to incarnate and become part of your upcoming lifetime.

Pre-Incarnation Planning Meetings Include a Life Contract

Every Planning Meeting includes a Life Contract. This covers main events of your lifetime up to the age of 21 — or in some cases, 28. Other events can be included also, such as a person to marry or marry-and-divorce, a soul to birth as a child, a major life crisis such as an illness, some other major obstacle to overcome.

A definite death date will be established, counted in life breaths. Several optional Early Exit opportunities will be tucked into the plan as well, just in case you want the equivalent of a “Get out of jail free” card.

What matters will be how you respond to all those planned incidents: The good, the bad, and the ugly. Your free will matters a lot here at Earth School.

Depending on your choices, your values, your degree of grace under pressure — that sets in motion new karma, new actions by you and others. Think of a path branching out, one turn after another. The route you take will be up to you.

That’s why I believe so strongly in free will. Take that opportunity to make something great of your life. Whatever else happens, you can chalk up to determinism.

Free Will Matters. Not Just Life Contracts

Truth is, if you don’t believe in free will, you can live out that Life Contract just fine. Only it won’t be nearly as interesting or growthful, waiting to find out what you are “supposed” to do.

Most of us do come to earth to evolve, although some mainly come to enjoy. In Gladys’ session, she noticed one person from her life now who planned to incarnate around the same time. Most of the souls who were getting ready to incarnate around this time were, like her, hardworking and very serious about making Earth a better place. By contrast, “Lindsey” was coming to earth mainly to enjoy.

When we talked, post-hypnosis, Gladys said dryly, “How ironic that Lindsey mainly came to enjoy. From what I can tell, that’s exactly what she hasn’t been able to do recently.” Oh well…

Back at Pre-Incarnation Planning Meetings

Planning what?

Besides tying up her loose ends, overcoming obstacles that have slammed her lifetime after lifetime, Gladys might be part of a collective project. Like The Awakening Project that I described in several chapters of my memoir.

Many highly evolved souls are coming back to earth around the same time. All of them are going to do this kind of wake-up, choosing rather difficult childhoods etc. to make the waking-up rather more interesting. This pacemaking, this collective rhythm of awakening, can get earth unstuck, she is told.

Are these very evolved ones the only type of soul going to be incarnating during this time?

With these Planning Meetings, It’s Complicated

After I pose this question, Gladys practically laughs out loud. No, she explains, as if this part should be obvious. A whole lot of souls are incarnating to play a very different role. They are just the opposite. Instead of welcoming change, and doing all they can to evolve spiritually, they are coming to dig in their heels and aim for the lowest common denominator.

That’s part of the game, Gladys says. It’s needed so that the fast-moving group of souls get to do push-back.

Push-back, what’s that? On a polarity planet, some souls need others to react against, just to get them motivated.

So, thank you very much Sarah Palin! That’s what I think.

What I ask Gladys is: “Do you have any other questions to ask about during this Planning Meeting?”

Gladys does, an excellent question.

What about Failure?

Gladys has been through plenty of lifetimes that were vile. Others have been merely disappointing. Still others great.

Given the various hideosities that have been visited upon Gladys in this lifetime…

I nearly cheer to hear Gladys ask this question:

Kwan Yin, you know there have been many lifetimes where I went in with great plans, but they never materialized. Just how likely is it that I — that this whole group of souls — will succeed?

Success is certain, Kwan Yin tells Gladys.

Funny, I’ve been feeling that way, also. How about you?

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  1. 1
    Ann says:

    Another great post, Rose!

    As I feel the half century mark in my life approaching, this Friday, I do, more and more feel that success is certain. I’m still wondering a bit about the “hmm…how am I going to get from here to there?”…but I do feel a huge sense of shift even since our last session.

    (I must add here that I’m writing this as Bode Miller is speaking about his great run down the hill!)

    What you’ve described in this post is a view of life I first embraced a few years ago and it makes perfect sense to me on so many levels. It helps so much to see life in this way, especially during those times of pushback. And it’s infinitely more fun to view life in this way! Then it becomes more like a game and an adventure.

  2. 2

    ANN, happy birthday Y*O*U K*I*D!

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