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The riddle of spiritual evolution


Don’t let the winter slog fool you. Patches of used-up snow by the roadside can discourage a fast grower like you. Plenty of dispiriting evidence is available of slow growth and obstacles — all the push-against factors praised in our last blog post.

Meanwhile, there are bright spots — like, for me, the gorgeous new cover of Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras. As you may have noticed, this new edition is in Russian.

And speaking of interesting parts of the world, I just read the most astounding update in Newsweek about a place I never had heard of. Let’s turn this into a riddle…

Can you guess the name of this mystery city?

How recently the city didn’t even exist: 30 years

How many residents it has now: 9 million

What largish American city has the same number of residence: New York

What did buildings in this city used to be made of: Tar paper

How does this city now rank internationally as a port: #4

And, as Newsweek reporter Gregg Easterbrook notes, that port volume is busier than Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA, combined.

And the answer………..

Shenzhen, China.

But you knew that, right?

Okay, in case that name escaped you, let’s continue the riddling.

How much faster YOU are evolving now compared to 30 years ago: 7 times

Maybe you can’t quanitify it precisely. I only guesstimated. But I can tell you this. In 1980, I had already served as a spiritual teacher for 10 years. All these decades, I have worked with people like you (not to mention my own humble attempts at spiritual evolution).

The difference is just dazzling. Anybody who manages to survive on earth today, anybody who can think and talk and read and write and love and feel and act with some decency toward other people… which includes you… that person is WAY more spiritually awake now, compared to humans in our last millennium.

How much more powerful is your contact with other people, thanks to social networking: Minus 90%

Oops. Of course, my figure is an approximation. The multiple could be way smaller. But it only applies to the conversations you have through technology alone, especially the quick catch-up kind.

When I gauge power, technology has many uses but spiritual evolution isn’t yet one of them. Many of you swear by Facebook and Linked-in, texting and Twittering. I’m not a fan. It comes from my experiences doing aura reading research for clients, and a finding — or not-finding — that may surprise you.

Often, my client will ask me to do research on another person, such as a parent or lover or ex. This might follow having me cut a cord of attachment. My client wants to know a bit more along the lines of “What the heck was he thinking?”

Or, at least, there can be questions like, “What was going on with that cordee, anyway? What was happening with his power or sexuality or emotional self-awareness? How did he really feel about me? Was there lying or what?”

Helping my clients, I have learned how easy it is to reach into that client’s aura and pull out imprints that amount to holograms. Your aura stores the full information about everyone you have ever known, with every single chakra databank clearly readable — both gifts of the soul and STUFF.

Only here’s the catch. In order for you to store aura-level information about another person, that contact must be face-to-face or voice-to-voice. So, despite all the warm, fuzzy feelings, the fun facts, and the oh-so-yummy gossip available through social networking… regardless of the number who “friend” you…  there’s no auric trace at all. Which means no significant spiritual evolution.

From an evolutionary perspective, those social contacts are about as meaningful as confetti unless supplemented by face-to-face or voice-to-voice. Still, no worries, considering…

How much more powerful is your direct contact with other people, compared to 30 years ago: 9 times

Auric modeling is the name I give it. Every time you make direct contact with another person, something important happens on the level of aura reading. It’s as though everybody gets naked and sits together in a bathtub, exchanging information.

What goes on in everyone’s chakra databanks? What are the gifts? Where is the STUFF? How has each person been evolving, and what has been especially memorable?

Exchanging that information, through auric modeling, we have amazing conversations energetically. We learn about ways to be.

That helps inspire us to evolve faster, helps us learn from how others have grown. We learn directly, one presence at a time.

It’s a big deal, sharing the presence of somebody else. And as each of us evolves faster and faster, THIS faster pace becomes the new rhythm.

Through auric modeling, we are entraining and keeping pace with our dear ones.

Is auric modeling as obvious as a text message?

When you have energetic literacy, sure. Otherwise, you’ll miss out.

And energetic literacy means the full deal, like being able to read these words. Many beginners do a sweet version, what I call “Kindergarten literacy.” The person notices energy, feels it or sees it or loves it or measures it through coincidences. That’s a start, much like a preschooler “reading” a book by reading the pictures.

Full energetic literacy doesn’t require a specialized gift. Just basic learning — how to read auras in depth and detail. Or how to safely do a skilled empath merge. Or, even how to do depth assessment of body language. Or reading the face, especially using photos to assess how faces change over time (and a full 90% of your own personal face data may have done just that, physically and meaningfully changed over the past 30 years).

Of course, you can develop fabulous skills of energetic literacy. And once you have those skills, literacy can be easy.

Otherwise your aura communicates with the auras of others, via auric modeling. The fascinating conversations go on beneath that texting, Twittering, shimmering, port-city surface of everyday life.

Most of you Blog-Buddies have been doing that. So you have all the more reason to celebrate yourself.

Yes, you are doing just great. You are doing far better, in consciousness and evolution, than most people around you know yet.

So stop to celebrate today. Solve your own riddles. Read the details. And let your spiritual leadership continue. Yes, you can be among the first to notice the amazing, soul-thrilling growth that happens every single precious day here at Earth School.

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  1. 1
    Ann says:

    Thanks for this post, Rose…and for your birthday greetings!

    I can relate to what you said about the speed of spiritual evolution. My own evolution has made my head spin!

    I also appreciate what you said about social networking. I recently turned off both my Twitter and Facebook accounts and I feel much better. The contact is so superficial and I kept feeling as if all these people were lurking energetically in some room, waiting for me. I’d agreed to these various invitations from people and then found myself being talked “at” and receiving way too much information about things I didn’t want to know about. I found the whole thing very discombobulating. I much prefer face-to-face contact.

  2. 2
    Ann says:


    I’m wondering if you’d consider doing aura readings of Tiger Woods during his apology and/or Shaun White, the Olympic snowboard champ. I sure do love the spirits of those snowboarders. And it would be fascinating to see where Tiger was during his public apology in terms of verbal integrity.

  3. 3

    You’ve got it, Angelpie.

  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    An old friend just emailed me to see how I was doing. Well, I shouldn’t say that. She didn’t care how I was doing. She just wanted to know what I was doing. But then she confessed at the end of the email that she really just wants me to sign up for Facebook so that she can “spy on me in my photos.” Ha! That is exactly why I am not signing up for Facebook. I don’t want “friends” like that.

    I have felt that since Facebook started and this post validated for me what I have felt about the auric superficiality of so-called “friending.”

  5. 5
    Suzanne Schroedl says:

    I am a huge fan of Facebook and think that like most technology it is a tool and the experience you have with it depends on how you use it and what you bring to it. I have found that social networking through Facebook enhances my face to face relationships.

    1) It makes it easier to establish friendships with people you have just met. For example: you meet somebody at a Christmas party who you liked and hope to see more of. We become facebook friends. I learn that she is having an art exhibit on Friday and I go to it. We become real friends.

    2) Facebook makes it easier to know which of your friends are having a hard time and might appreciate a phone call. It has lead to me calling friends more often.

    3)finding out new things about old friends/family. Wow–my aunt supports gay marriage–who knew? So and so belongs to this really cool volunteer organization, maybe I will check it out. Hey this friend likes to play scrabble, I’ll ask her if she wants to play.

    4) staying connected to family/friends far away–watching videos of a new baby for example.

    5) being able to instantly disseminate news that you want everyone to know but do not necessarily want to tell everyone. Like, today I lost my job.

    6) finding out who of your many acquaintances is free on a particular night to go to an event

    7) having your life enriched by the many smart, spiritual, funny, and interesting things that friends post.

    8) finding out about local events and keeping up with your favorite local independent businesses.

    It is true that many people use Facebook superficially and some people overuse it. But, for me I have found that it has lead to deeper and more active involvement with friends rather than to having more virtual friends.

    That’s my two cents 🙂

  6. 6

    SUZANNE, these are such great observations. You know, you’re right! And when those virtual friends turn real, in face-to-face or voice-to-voice, you have such a great opportunity to get the aura traces as well!

    Saddened to hear that your silly employer(s) made that choice. May you find a much, much better job (in every way) soon.

  7. 7
    Suzanne Schroedl says:

    Oops I meant for that to be just an example–although actually it is true I lost a new job a week ago. I am considering it a good thing. I did not really want the job anyway, though I felt I shouldn’t turn it down. Funny how these things work!

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