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Open Your Heart with Energetic Literacy

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As the month of Valentines moves toward completion, let’s consider what it could mean to open your heart up more. Searching for love and fulfillment, you’re sure to hear plenty of appeals to tried-and-true (okay, maybe tried-and-failed, but traditional) methods like these:

  • Seek your soul mate
  • Indulge yourself or a lover with seductive clothing, candlelight, and various versions of “the food of love.”
  • Send a Valentine, whether by card or Tweet or other electronic friending methods

Strategies like these could be satisfying, romantic, even get you “lucky.” More dubious is whether or not any of them could actually make a permanent change for opening up anyone’s heart. What could do that?

You may know I’m into aura reading as a way to make life better in permanent ways. And not just any old aura reading but what I have recently begun to call “energetic literacy.”

To me, energetic literacy nicely sums up all the things we’ve been doing together – you and me and the rest of our Blog-Buddies. Reading life deeper, I’ve come to appreciate, isn’t just a matter of degree. It could be considered a different form of literacy. And it’s a kind of literacy that really can permanently open your heart.

Energetic literacy in historical perspective

One way to view history is to think big, think eras. If you think “Gutenberg Era” you might match that up with the second half of the second millennium. But really it took a whole thousand years. From 1000 – 1500 AD, it’s not as though most people were reading words. But the intelligentsia was, and so were the people they hired to help them make sense of scrolls, manuscripts, codexes, etc.

Back in the day, you and I might even have been some of those hardworking monks, laboring to write words, working as hard in that way as James Cameron’s animators for “Avatar” have worked in their high-tech way. (On TV interview, I heard Sigourney Weaver tell David Letterman how for every 1 minute of actor time, Cameron’s technicians spent 48 hours to layer in all the visual effects.)

All those pioneers of verbal literacy set the world stage for printed bibles and then printed books of other kinds and eventually full-blown Gutenberg-style, read-printed-word literacy. This became a major evolutionary achievement up through Y2K.

Universal literacy hadn’t been reached by then, but most of humanity had the opportunity. You and I certainly did. It’s pretty unthinkable how limited life would be if we couldn’t read.

Think of your spiritual life, your religion, your psychological growth, the unfolding of your heart in any context at all. Hasn’t regular literacy played a big part?

New literacy in the new millennium

Here we are with a squeaky new millennium, just about 10 years old now. And increasingly people are becoming interested in a different kind of reading. Whether you choose any of these, you’re exploring energetic literacy:

  • Body language (explored at depth, not just a few surface-level gimmicks)
  • Face reading (not expression reading but true physiognomy, reading character from the face)
  • Aura reading (not “seeing the colours” and giving them set meanings but reading the human energy field in depth and detail)
  • Skilled Empath Merge (best undertaken, of course, when you are skilled as an empath, not merely talented)
  • Holistic healing methods, like acupuncture, Energy Medicine, E.F.T., pranic healing, yoga

Whenever you develop skill at any of these, you are using a very different kind of reading from book-or-screen reading. You are reading the flow of energy.

Can you remember when you started doing this consciously? For me, it dated from 1968 and a psychology course at Brandeis called “Non-verbal communication.”

Many of us are used to thinking of reading energy as a cute little adjunct to better communication or an interesting hobby. Bosh! It’s basic literacy, friends. And it’s a survival skill for this new millennium.

Energetic literacy can help you tell if food is irradiated without your knowledge. (A Japanese friend told me last fall, “Take any grapefruit from the supermarket. Leave it around somewhere on a dish in your home. You could keep it out for months. It won’t spoil. Ask yourself why.”) That matters because putting non-alive food in your body is a lot like asking it to digest a black hole. (Read more about this in Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.)

Energetic literacy is indispensible for voting. Or any time that you wish to compare the hyped-up image of a celebrity with who does that person actually be?

In the world of holistic healing, energetic literacy can protect you from spiritual addiction, energy hypochondria. In my perspective as a healer, the rise of energetic literacy will end the current trend of blaming “energy vampires” and “psychic attack” — convenient terms for blaming that are almost never relevant to a person’s real problems at the level of auras.

(For example, helping clients since 1986, I have found no more than 12 instances where there was anything resembling psychic attack, and only TWO of those cases was any official, intentional attack being sent. But I’ve stopped counting how many hundreds of new clients and folks on the Net are “positive” that their problems are due to psychic attack.)

Energetic literacy is vital to your self-knowledge, your relationships, your health, your consumer smarts, your interpersonal power, your financial success.

With me so far? Now here comes the controversial part. The important choice before you. And the key to truly opening up your heart.

Kindergarten energetic literacy vs. the real thing

James Redfield caused a sensation, back in the old millennium, with his bestselling The Celestine Prophecy. He helped millions of people enter the kind of energetic literacy that I call the kindergarten level.

All of us have to go there, nothing wrong with it… so long as we don’t confuse kindergarten with graduate school.

Kindergarten-level energetic literacy is where we start to notice energy. We may see it or feel it or vibe it or seek it or adore it. We “read” someone’s aura from a photo by getting information. We’re not sure exactly how we get it or what it means. Sometimes we get it and sometimes we don’t.

This is like having a kindergartner who becomes proud of reading. And he does. Only what he’s reading is a picture book.

With kindergarten-level energetic literacy, there’s no difference between these letters:

b p q d

All of them are lollipops, right?

Only after you learn regular reading-skills does it become important to see the difference between them.

True energetic literacy requires learning the equivalent of phonics, real reading skills that take more than a few minutes to figure out. If you have studied any of the skill sets I teach, or studied with any teacher of energetic literacy, you know it takes some time. Not forever. But still an amount of time, not just a quickie answer somewhere on the Internet.

But energetic literacy is a life skill. So once you’ve got it, you have it for life. You enjoy all the benefits mentioned earlier, so important given the gazillion choices open to everyone in the third millennium. Besides all those benefits, discernment, voluntary simplicity — hey, even psychological survival — can depend on using your God-given gifts for energetic literacy.

How energetic literacy can open your heart

Unless you have access to energetic literacy, all those feelings of love and compassion are based on YOUR experience, inside the box of yourself, reading people as best you can.

In Become the Most Important Person in the Room there’s some discussion about what it means to live as a person who is deep, in contrast to choosing to live “wide” (sometimes also known as “shallow”).

You’re reading here because you’re one of the deepies. And you know that every time you really open up your heart, there’s greater flow of these:

  • Unconditional love
  • Accuracy at understanding people
  • Increase of discernment
  • Greater self-knowledge and emotional stability
  • Better ability to help others
  • Connection to your Highest Power

So do it. Do it during Valentine’s Month. Or happily ever after.

Use your energetic literacy to read yourself deeper or read that sweetheart or read anyone you like.

Relationships come and go. But every bit of your precious learning will be cumulative.

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    Catrien Ross says:

    Rose, – Energetic Literacy – what a wonderful, descriptive, perceptive, enticing, erudite term.

    I look forward to reading your deeper perception insights on your new way of defining your very special aura readings.

    Spring is stirring in the mountains here in Japan – blossoming joy. Much love to you from the foot of Mount Fuji – please stop by whenever you have a moment

    — Catrien Ross.

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