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Do Aura Reading Movie Reviews

aura reading movie reviews

You can just read my aura reading movie reviews. Or you can learn how to DO them yourself. Your choice!

Aura reading movie reviews? I do them. Other Blog-Buddies have done them. Just use your skills of Stage Three Energetic Literacy and go! Here’s how.

Just 10 days before the Academy Awards. You know what that means, here at the Land of Energetic Literacy. I have an annual custom of comparing auras of top-nominated actors with their auras in roles; it’s a way to show that deeper perception can be practical. 10 actors in 10 days. In 2010. Wow!

And the purpose of this blog post is to teach you a way that you can also do a version of Aura Reading Movie Reviews.

Why Do Aura Reading Movie Reviews?

Anyone nominated for this honor has technical skills at a very high level. The voice, the walk, the imagination, the apparent spontaneity while in role — not easy to do.

But what happens at the level of energetic literacy? Can someone change so deep, there’s a palpable alteration at the most personal place?

And here, of course, we’re talking chakra databanks.

Most actors, even the most accomplished ones, can’t get too many changes in place. But some can.

My First Aura Reading Movie Review Was Published in This Newspaper

For this very Age of Awakening type of film criticism, I must thank Paige Wiser, an intrepid reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper. This became the first American newspaper to carry such an article, back in 2007.

“Fluff” was the feature supplement of the paper, for which I did 33 depth interviews with aura reading and face reading and even the occasional skilled empath merge. Eventually, I believe, Fluff was phased out.

Then I began blogging. And, guess what?

Here’s a Hack for Doing Your Own Aura Reading Movie Reviews

Until you can do aura readings through a dedicated technique for Stage Three Energetic Literacy, try this shortcut.

It’s a hack, where you use a variation on Stage One Energetic Literacy. Everyone living now, in The Age of Awakening, can do that.

  1. Every article with an Aura Reading Movie Review shows two photographs always. One that of the actor, just being the celeb. The ACTOR photo.
  2. Paired with that, I show actor while performing in the nominated role. The PERFORMANCE photo.
  3. Look into the actor’s eyes, in the ACTOR photo.
  4. Then look at that actor’s eyes again, in the PERFORMANCE photo.
  5. Only after you’ve done your own version of energetic literacy research… turn to my aura reading movie review.
  6. Have fun!
  7. And don’t be surprised if you can taste the flavor pretty strongly.

Admittedly you’ll receive about 10% of the clarity from doing bona fide Stage Three Energetic Literacy, but it really can be fun. And it’s a start.

Or do the more sophisticated version of Aura Reading Movie Reviews

Many of you Blog-Buddies are way more advanced with energetic literacy.

So use techniques like those in Read People Deeper to find your insights.

Long live Aura Reading Movie Reviews in The Age of Awakening!

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