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Meryl Streep, Aura Reading of Oscar Nominee #5 of 10

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In “Julie and Julia,” Meryl Streep portrays cookbook author Julia Child, whose years in France with her husband inspire her to study the art of French cooking.

I’ve read her aura so many times, and it’s always a pleasure to do Chakra Change Research on her. Moreover, this is a nominated movie I actually saw.

So captivating was it, for me, that I never stopped to read anyone’s aura. Instead I wanted to wallow in every yummy illusion. Bring on those energetic literacy skills right now!

Energetic literacy research as film criticism — the background

Yes, I have an annual custom of comparing auras of top-nominated actors with their auras in roles; it’s a way to show that deeper perception can be practical.

Use this Energy Spirituality Aura READING link to learn more about my method of using energetic literacy. And you’ll find a lead-in to this year’s sequence of research on Academy Award nominees at this Aura Reading Film Critique blog post.

Read along with me, using a photo of Meryl as herself and a photo of Meryl as Julia. Or, if you simply saw the movie, comment away, please.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

  • As Meryl: Enlightenment can progress. Meryl is living proof. For years, she has had solid bliss, a sense of self that won’t quit, zero STUFF (any this aura reader could locate, anyway). Only now she is in a more glorious world, animated more clearly by God in all those cute and ingenious disguises.

You skilled empaths who are reading this, give yourself a great big cosmic kiss by using a technique for Skilled Empath Merge. Omigawrsh!

  • As Julia: The character has a heart-centered, though unsentimental, way of enjoying the beauty of life. The sweetness! I’m not going to compare this portrayal to the real Julia Child, except to say that it’s clear from the get-go that Streep decided to invent a character, not duplicate the original. Julia Child, though kindly, has none of this sweetness and light.
  • Chakra Change Points: 1 is given, of course. Portrayed here, the character has a totally different way of relating to people, to life, even to food. I’m willing to bet you that when Meryl tasted food, while acting as Julia, every morsel tasted better than normal. Sweeter!

And for a person with advanced Enlightenment, with soma production moving ahead gloriously and every breath imbued with a cosmic sweetness, how adorable to create a character without That but, instead, a rare but very human sweetness.

Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Appeal

  • As Meryl: You could think of it as a terrible side of Enlightenment, I suppose. But sex isn’t terribly exciting to someone with Streep’s present level of consciousness. Especially with this developing version, technically known as “God Consciousness,” one step above “Cosmic Consciousness,” tsk, tsk.

Enjoying sex isn’t the problem. It’s contrast. Streep’s waking hours are one lifegasm after another.

  • As Julia: The character lives in a delightful, slightly flirty, state. Romance and artistry are part of her everyday experience. So she yearns for these qualities, yet knows she has them, too. You know, like having your brioche and eating it. 😉
  • Chakra Change Point: 1, of course. The Julia character is like a completely different nervous system functioning within the same body.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Using Power

  • As Meryl: No challenge is too big. And, no matter the outcome, Ms. Streep lives in a state of huge bliss, perpetual wonderment, and the special kind of resourcefulness of those who have transcended ego travails.
  • As Julia: This is a very capable person who works hard, shows courage, yet has a hidden vulnerability. This character needs that doting husband, Paul, to keep her in balance.
  • Chakra Change Point: Can you guess? Ooh, la la, it’s a 1.

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Awareness

  • As Meryl: Picture an ocean of compassion. Imagine surfing on that, where you can’t get thrown off the surfboard. Maybe throw in a chorus of “Good Vibrations.” You get the picture — Streep is totally connected to every human emotion, yet supported by bliss.
  • As Julia: Emotions are central to this character. She’s acutely, though not excessively, aware of her emotional reactions to everyone, everything, every bite of her life.
  • Chakra Change Point? But of course, 1 at the very minimum.

Throat Chakra Databank for Communication Charisma

  • As Meryl: The actress is doing something new now. Charisma is constant, but now she is energetically entraining her viewers to laugh and glow right along with her. If movies could bring Enlightenment along with a contact high, you could simply hire Ms. Streep to move you There.

Since that can’t be done, it’s still awfully good for a person to be in the presence of this glorious, hilarious auric modeling.

  • As Julia: What an interesting artistic choice! This version of Ms. Child is unexpectedly shy. In general, she’s an extremely private person, friendly and big- hearted but greatly needing her privacy.
  • Chakra Change Point: 1 it is.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

  • As Meryl: Every day is a hide-and-seek with the Divine. Perception is turning more glorious as she grows more comfortable with the kind of consciousness where life has no limits but only limitless possibilities.
  • As Julia: Devotion is this character’s spiritual path. The sweetness found elsewhere has a somewhat greater concentration. This is a simple person who is growing through love and service.
  • Chakra Change Point: 1 indeed.


Full 6 Chakra Change Points — That’s not surprising, coming from Meryl Streep. What fascinates me is the contrast between the perfect voice, the perfect mannerisms, and then this wholly original version of the great French chef.

To copy so well, then to exercise artistic originality within that choice — not hard for an artist with such illuminated consciousness, now turned glorious.

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  1. 1
    Suzanne Schroedl says:

    I thought this movie was a treat, at least the sections that Meryl Streep was in. I too suspected that her “Julia” was much sweeter than the actual Julia. It was an interesting contrast in the film between the sections with the young Julie and those with Julia. Not that “Julie” did a bad job…but Julia was simply in a whole different energetic league…

  2. 2
    Brenda says:

    In an interview, Meryl Streep said that she played Julie’s idea of Julia not the actual Julia. Makes sense in looking at the real Julia vs. Meryl’s Julia. The movie was great. It inspired me to make a chocolate cream pie! It was yummy!!

  3. 3
    Colleen says:

    I agree with Suzanne. I saw this movie in Milwaukee, while on assignment. I loved it and bought it for a friend. Such a glorious movie and so nice to be in Ms. Streep’s energy!

  4. 4
    Dana says:

    I haven’t seen Meryl in “Julie and Julia,” but I did see her this winter in “It’s Complicated.” I thought her performance was hilarious, moving, and very real. I didn’t want to leave the theater!

  5. 5
    Ellen says:

    The contrast between “Julie and Julia” and “It’s Complicated” is so great – Sometime… I would love to see your comparison there, too.

    Meryl can move one anywhere… is true.

  6. 6
    Anita says:

    Meryl Streep is divine! Glad she got nominated, if only so that she could be included in this year’s aura readings!

  7. 7
    Suzanne Schroedl says:

    interesting Brenda, about what Meryl Streep said in her interview. No wonder! And yes, hopefully she will be in the Oscar nominations for years to come.

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