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Aura-level emotional health compared to Emotional Intelligence

Rose Rosetree and student

Continuing our conversations about the importance of emotional self-awareness, Blog-Buddy Holly also asked:

Some people don’t value emotions. What are the consequences to this? I’m just wondering, as I was never taught/told/modeled that emotions were to be heeded in any way (and certainly never discussed).

Emotional healing, aura healing, and Enlightenment


You Blog-Buddies ask the best questions. This recent one burst right out from its comment box, demanding a post of its very own. Holly began by asking this:

Rose, is it your opinion that a person cannot progress to Enlightenment without full awareness of his/her own emotions?

I notice that you read the emotional self awareness databank on people often, so it must be important. Why do you think this skill is so important?

Can you cut the cord to your ego?

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Back in the 1980’s, I was working with a new student who happened to be a Franciscan nun, Sister Gladys. As we spoke, her face took on a look of shame. She told me, “I have a terrible secret.”

Taking care to look un-horrified, I leaned in to hear what she had to say

Even before developing energetic literacy, I considered myself a pretty good judge of character. Sister Gladys reminded me of an angel. What could be her terrible secret?

Can you cut your cord of attachment to God?


Yes, for heaven’s sake.

Of course, you have a cord of attachment to God. This is an ongoing relationship, more-or-less vivid since you first became aware of the concept of God.

Like any important relationship, you have a spiritual tie which cannot be removed and is completely separate from any cord of attachment.

Writer profile contest open through April 6


Just in time for spring, “Deeper Perception Made Practical” has received an upgrade.

Like a springtime gardener, I’m on the lookout for bugs. So please let me know if you find anything annoying or not quite right.

Today might be a great day to plant a seedling, too. COMMENT away with your nominee for Writer Contest. Which favorite or interesting author comes to mind?

New ways to protect yourself as a healer


Could you be an empath and, unknowingly, pick up STUFF from every client you help?

Sure, that’s about as much fun as eating roasted nails.

At an upcoming lecture-demonstration in Northern Virginia, I’ll discuss new ways to protect yourself as a healer.

Health Reform Passage, Aura Reading

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Sweet! America’s first step toward a national health care policy, allowing us to join all the other industrialized nations in the world today. Which aura to read in celebration?

Shall I ply my tools of energetic literacy on every single Republican in the House of Representatives? Because, you just know, it had to have been such a proud moment for each of them, saying “No” to the millions of uninsured throughout America.

Aw, I’d rather read Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

What is SEXY? Aura reading to the rescue.


Sexiness, especially how sexy you, personally, feel — that’s negotiable, right? Energetic literacy can make a huge difference to your sexual performance, enjoyment, even your sexual self-image.

Most of us living now, as I’ll explain, we might benefit from a bit of rescuing.

How sexual self-confidence shows in your aura

Does she or doesn’t she? Have much sexual self-confidence, I mean. You regular readers

"U" is for Undisguised Admiration

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Sue Grafton, creator of the Kinsey Millhone series, just keeps getting better and better. I’ve read them all so far, starting with “A” is for Alibi. Having recently finished “U” is for Undertow, I’m a bigger fan than ever.

More lifelike than life, without being surreal, this extremely intricate story was a compelling read from start to end. What totally enthralled me, as a longtime fan, was that this book contained the author’s true-to-the-bone insights about what it means to write.

Divorced and hiding it


Got divorce in your past? How about shame in your present?

And how much of this goop shows in your aura?

Today, we begin with a Guest Post from Blog-Buddy David: