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Sense of Self with Energetic Literacy


Oh, how it rocked your world, even if you no longer remember.

When you began to have true literacy with regular old words on a page or a street sign, golly! As an adult, if you’re lucky, you’ll have a close encounter of the adorable kind with someone who is newly literate.

The kid will be reading constantly, picking out letters or words. Yelling and wiggling with glee! For that short, thrilling era, the kid’s sense of self is all about literacy.

What happens with developing energetic literacy?

The energetic kind of literacy is a big deal, too. Even if we’re not at the puppy-like, wiggly stage in life. (I just have a hunch that most of you Blog-Buddies are over seven years of age.)

Every major discovery in life has impact on a person’s sense of self. With energetic literacy, this can be tricky at any age.

Energetic literacy starts with an awareness of energy, any kind of energy — be it spiritual light or seeing flashes of light or noticing (like Blog-Buddy Suzanne) that you can have clairaudience and hear inner truth and that real-life clairaudience need be nothing like being Joan of Arc hearing voices.

At the beginning of energetic literacy, there is delight. For many people James Redfield’s The Celestine Prophecy opened up that beginner stage awareness of energy.

Many people who are interested in aura reading are stuck right at that beginner stage and don’t realize they could move forward into true energetic literacy. Instead they say things like:

  • I feel the energy
  • The energy is good
  • Good vibrations
  • I get/ I pick up/ I feel from the energy that….

Then they think they can read auras or know all they need to know about energetic literacy.

Alas, this counts as “nice try.” It’s akin to a kindergartener who picks up a picture book and “reads” it. Of course most of us go through that stage on the way to regular literacy, only we don’t usually stop there. Society is too thoroughly soaked in literacy for us to think we have the whole skill set.

For instance, the street sign on your corner isn’t just “cute,” as with kindergarten literacy. It reads “Brainy-head Street” or whatever. With regular literacy, you don’t take a good guess.

Full energetic literacy means that you have access to detailed information. You can read auras in depth and detail. You can do it whenever you like. You use the gifts that God gave you, plus skill sets.

Why bother? You can use that energetic literacy to learn the truth about people, improve self-knowledge, facilitate depth healing, be a smarter consumer when hiring a healer to help supplement your own efforts. You can read auras when you watch TV or see movies or screen dates on the internet or check out photos of anyone.

Energetic literacy isn’t an obsession, any more than regular literacy. It’s a skill set you use for short periods of time, as needed. And the rest of the time you do other things. No more an “always” thing than brushing your teeth all day long!

With full and balanced energetic literacy, you have a sense of self through all the activities of the day. You don’t become overly identified with this kind of reading, any more than tooth brushing or reading words on a screen.

A Gutenberg-style shift into energetic literacy

If you look back over the last millennium — so tempting to do now, right? Literacy picked up steam with the Gutenberg bibles and, later, the first crude printing of broadsheets and, later, newspapers and, soon, mere centuries later, schoolchildren like us were all given the chance to learn reading.

In this third millennium, I believe that we’re going to have a similarly near-universal energetic literacy to supplement the other kind. Only catch…

It hasn’t happened yet. Also….

You, Blog-Buddies, are among the leaders with this new kind of literacy, like it or not.

So you may have few role models yet for developing energetic literacy in a healthy way.

Reasons to become energetically literate

Oh, there are so many benefits to being able to read the who-you-be about anyone you like. Can you remember your path of development, motivation, discoveries? COMMENT below, because these are important historical documents of interest.

In future generations, this will seem amazing. By then, parents will teach their babies the first understandings and energetic literacy skills will be taught to everyone. That means full energetic literacy, not just the picturebook kindergarten version.

For me, you can follow the progression of interests in the history of my trademarked systems:

  1. Face Reading Secrets(R), energetic holograms of the soul slowed-down into physical form.
  2. Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R), with 100+ techniques for energetic literacy, practical applications galore
  3. 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R), using energetic literacy to facilitate permanent healing, the removal of STUFF
  4. Empath Empowerment(R), where energetic literacy helped me to understand the subtle dynamics of Unskilled Empath Merge and what to do about it.

Discovered through energetic literacy, becoming a skilled empath

It’s no accident that the first system for developing skilled empaths in book form, Empowered by Empathy, was developed by someone with energetic literacy. In Become the Most Important Person in the Room, I used energetic literacy even more to make it relatively easy to use consciousness to strengthen the sense of self in ways the empaths  need.

Regaining a full, human sense of self is the essence of becoming a skilled empath. And, as Blog Buddy Suzanne commented recently, sometimes it’s time to start the process again, yes!

You can go through the techniques in either of these books, upgrade your sense of self enormously. Then, if you feel that your gifts as an empath aren’t yet turned OFF effortlessly in everyday life (including when you’re with troubled people), please, congratulate yourself on how far you have come. And go farther.

Go back to either book and do the techniques again, in sequence. Read the concepts, which will make more sense as you develop a more integrated version of your human self. That’s a higher degree of learning, built into each how-to book.

Keep cycling through, developing the skill set called Empath Empowerment — or becoming a skilled empath. At each level of development, you will strengthen your personal, human sense of self.

Energetic literacy can confirm that, if you wish. So can your surface-level experience of being YOU.

Overwhelmed by energy? That’s a choice.

The degree of your skill, or talent, does not have to be proportional to your degree of overwhelm. Today, many newbies are either showing off or suffering or moving into a state I have called “Spiritual Hypochondria” elsewhere at this blog.

For example, Blog-Buddy Gladys wrote:

“I have had very strong physical feelings of the cords for the last 10 years. I know when my boss is angry, anxious or insecure even when he is hundreds of miles away.”

It’s hard to know exactly what is going on here without having Gladys be my client in a personal session. By doing a Skilled Empath Merge, then detailed readings of some of her most relevant chakra databanks, I could find out the inner energetic experience underlying the words. And then I could facilitate helping her. Energetic literacy plus skill sets for healing to the rescue!

Here, just commenting on the level of concepts, I can share this. Something is wrong.

Having strong “physical” feelings from cords of attachment means something is off-kilter. Gladys may well be stuck in a confused state where, whatever her degree of energetic literacy, she has lost a balanced, healthy sense of self. Instead, she is identified with energies in life. She might even be going through the stage I call “Spiritual Addiction.”

Certainly, with a balanced sense of self and full energetic literacy, Gladys would never “feel” cords. Cords of attachment affect human life, and can be expressed in human terms, such as feeling powerless at handling conflict or having loads of emotional ups and downs.

There is no earthly reason to go around feeling cords of attachment. If you suspect a cord of attachment may be a problem, either use a quality method to cut the cord for yourself or have a session with a healing professional who has that skill set.

As for feeling what is going on with your boss, or anyone else — that’s a definite problem as well. And, with all respect to Gladys, the cause might not be a cord of attachment at all. There could be psychological projection or other psychological problems, all healable. There could be problems related to being an unskilled empath and doing frequent Unskilled Empath Merges.

A popular line of thinking, these days, is to go a step further and blame the boss for being an energy vampire, psychic vampire, narcissist. One could think in terms of emotional blackmail or psychic attack. And, in my experience as a healer, all of these are extremely, extremely rare. Instead, the problem is usually related to the complainer’s sense of self, which has become weak or out of balance.

Certainly, it’s important to regain a full and stable sense of self. Gladys also wrote this:

“There is an energy in my solar plexus that makes me feel like someone has invaded my private meditation. I often begin to shake or shudder.”

If over-identifying with energy gets to the point where you are physically shaking or shuddering, the problem is severe. Run, don’t walk (or fly), to the nearest psychotherapist or practitioner of Energy Spirituality or other respected healer.

Ann Landers famously wrote, “Nobody can take advantage of you without your permission.” That includes having the energetic side of life take over the rest of your personality or your physical body. As you move into a strong sense of self, plus having full energetic literacy, the very real problems courageously described by Gladys simply will not happen.

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  1. 1
    Ann says:

    I enjoyed this post, Rose. I so appreciate the skills I’ve developed in energetic literacy! Sure saves time and effort and makes life so much easier.

    I recently finished a class in Non-Violent Communication, also known as Compassionate Communication. I’ve been studying this method of communication, developed by Marshall Rosenberg, for a couple of years now and am excited to say how well it meshes with what I’ve learned from you about becoming a skilled empath. I’ve had to develop a sense of self over the past several years because I was so out of balance in this way for a long time.

    NVC is a method of communicating based on the notion that we all as humans walking on earth share basic, universal needs. When we approach connecting with self and others with this in mind, there’s a greater possibility of true connection.

    NVC has many benefits; it helps non-empaths to learn to be empathic, for one. For an empath becoming skilled, it can be and has been for me a wonderful way to strengthen my sense of self by focussing on the self-connection aspect, namely learning to identify my needs and then learn more successful strategies for getting them met. I could write loads about this process, but suffice it to say that it’s a wonderful way to become more grounded in one’s own human life and to rebalance that out-of-kilter focus of the unskilled empath on everyone else’s needs. I find that NVC reinforces the skills I’ve learned from you regarding the shifts in consciousness needed to become the most important person in the room. As I write, I just had the insight that what I’ve been able to do is translate what I’d related to as just waves of energy into my needs.

    This process has been empowering because the entire focus then shifts away from the labeling, blaming and judging of others. I’m now able to safely, from a more detached distance, take a guess at what the other person’s needs are that drive whatever the behavior is that’s challenging. Instead of being pulled into the old focus on other and trying to meet their needs at the expense of my own, I’m much more skilled at identifying my needs and making the necessary requests to get them met. I find that the unskilled empath energy that used to fly around and basically get me into trouble is now channeled in a much better, more effective way.

  2. 2

    ANN, that is great! Can you recommend a website or book or other resource related to Marshall Rosenberg and NVC? It would be very appropriate to add a link here.

    In any case, well done. 🙂

  3. 3
    Ann says:


    Here is a brief description of NVC from the Center for Nonviolent Communication website:

    “Simply put, Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a way of relating to ourselves and others, moment to moment, free of past reactions. By learning to identify your needs and express them powerfully, as well as to bring understanding to the needs of others, you can stay connected to what is alive in you and create a life that is more fulfilling.”

    I’ve reflected on recent blog posts and my recently completed class, along with a new NVC book I’m reading called “Practical Spirituality.”

    For those empaths who’ve found themselves floating up near the land of spiritual addiction, NVC is a great way to connect the upper and lower chakras and bring it all down to earth. The beauty of NVC as a tool is that on one level, it can be used as a way to resolve tough situations without resorting to stopping at labeling others, and yet at its deepest level, it’s actually a spiritual practice. One is practicing developing a consciousness of connecting with what’s alive in oneself and what’s alive in others — and this is Spirit, Divine Energy, whatever name you choose to call it. And it’s most definitely *not* just about being some wishy-washy version of “nice.” It’s really very empowering to learn effective ways of connecting and making requests to get your needs met.

    Marshall Rosenberg is a fascinating person (a while back I suggested him for an aura read); he not only developed this system of communication, but has taken it around the world to the toughest conflicts in the world (Israel, Rwanda, Bosnia, etc.)to bring understanding and resolution. My recent teacher teaches inmates at San Quentin. I find this type of work to be very moving, a humble way to make a profound impact on the world.

    I encourage blog buddy empaths struggling with becoming the most important person in the room to check it out.

  4. 4
    Suzanne Schroedl says:

    In the intentional community where I lived for two years we had a few workshops on NVC (given by someone who had taken workshops with Marshall) and found it really helpful in improving our community’s communication. It did not always work–sometimes people would use the language of NVC but without having a true desire to understand and connect. But I did see many facilitated talks where NVC truly helped people who were completely angry at each other to communicate their needs/grievances and come to a much better place in their relationship.

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