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Cord Removal, Ghost Removal


“I always thought she was haunting me,” Joe said during his session. But that statement came later. Like his telling me, “No, there was no physical violence in the relationship with my grandmother. Unless you count the time she threw a boiling pot of pea soup.

“I ducked, so the saucepan never hit me. Made quite a dent in the wall, though.”

Joe’s intention was simply to become excited about life again, maybe even to like himself more. 

When Kristen Chenoweth sings, an Empath Merge

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


With all our comments about Broadway musicals, how could I NOT want to start using energetic literacy on some of today’s amazing Broadway performers?

Vanity surgery, the new makeup?

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


“People see things on TV or in the movies or in magazines, and they come to us and say, ‘I want to look like that.'”

We’re not talking hairstyles, Blod-Buddies. This quote comes from Renato Saltz, a cosmetic surgeon in Utah who is in town for the ASAPS convention. (That’s the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.)

Aura reading of Heidi Montag, Cosmetic Surgery Customer

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Thus quoth The Huffington Post about the reality TV star’s 10 cosmetic surgeries in one day:

Maybe she should consider surgery on the one place she needs it – her brain!

Really, what could the 23-year-old kid have been thinking? Her latest publicity stunt got her more than a supplement to  15 minutes of fame. She got herself smaller — as in nose. She got herself bigger in all the places you would expect.

Obsidian World & Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®

Obsidian World, Hypnosis

Obsidian World, that’s where my client KAREN did clean-up from a non-human incarnation.

Obsidian World — one of my clients incarnated there. As both of us discovered when I facilitated help for her in a session of Soul Energy Awakening ®. It’s an amazing story.

Aura Reading of Prolific Writer Alice Hoffman

Best Celebrity Aura Readings

Joolie nominated the final winning entry for our Writer Profile Contest. She wrote:

I suggest Alice Hoffman for an aura reading. I like that her characters and places have a magical quality as a matter of course and without a hint of silliness.

Practical Magic is the only Hoffman novel I’ve read so far. I enjoyed and admired it. Not until I went to the Great Alice Hoffman Website,

Cords of Attachment, formed in person only?


In a famous movie scene, the young Judy Garland held up a photo of matinee idol Clark Gable and sang, “You made me love you.”

Conversation is turning lively at a post where we began to consider a very 2010 topic — technology. How do the energy dynamics of friendship differ,

Odds, Ends, and Beginnings


Radio listeners, today I’ll be interviewed by Rob Spears and Brenda Michaels on “Conscious Talk Radio.” You can listen live at

Make new friends, real ones


“Teleclasses are in,” my friend “Teddy” told me last night. As we were talking on the phone, I positively wallowed in his presence, like a duck splashing in a favorite pond.

“With all the ways that technology connects us,” he continued, “I’m not sure that people will continue to do much teaching in person. Last time I stepped onto campus (he’s a college professor), I thought, ‘Why bother having  universities at all?'”

Aura Reading of Armistead Maupin

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Jennifer is the second winner of our writer profile contest. I couldn’t resist her nomination of Armistead Maupin, since I’m such a fan. The novelist is best known for Tales of the City, which I enjoyed even more in print than dramatized on TV, with enjoyment being huge in both cases.

Tender and trashy, sardonic and quirky, Maupin is such an original. I keep waiting for him to produce more novels but from his website you can tell that (as I suspected from reading his other novels) the man definitely has a life.