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Ouch, our dear Blog-Buddies in swampy Rhode Island! And all those whose basements have been flooded, cars ruined! All those who went out of state to buy sump pumps from Home Depot, since none were left locally! (A friend reported those pumps break within the first hours of use.)

Is it just me? That the most grumpifying, tooth-gnashing part I can imagine would be the frustration courtesy of Home Depot. There you are, at your basement, having driven by the underwater bits of shopping mall and the traffic congestion. A friend has gone out of state to buy you some pumps to start cleaning up the puddles.

You meet up, transfer the treasure to the trunk of your car. You start the pump slurping up water, and for the first time in hours you believe that the tide is going out on your collective nightmare. And then the thing breaks!

Prayer and energetic literacy

When you can read auras, does that make any difference in your approach to prayer?

For me, it does.

In my practice, facilitating aura healing for clients, I often encounter a form of aura-level debris called “Psychic coercion.”

Psychic coercion happens as a result of toxic prayer, well meant suggestions, or more serious bossiness. Psychic coercion tells people “shoulds.” If the person on the receiving end happens to have a vulnerability to receiving psychic coercion, that goop will stick in that person’s aura and greatly diminish the quality of life.

Just this last week, I devoted a session of Aura Healing and Transformation to Gladys, who had truckloads of it in her aura, plus more in her car and her home and her office. And the more psychic coercion you have, the harder it is to know what you need and want, even who you truly are.

Sure, we cleaned it all up, plus helped her heal that vulnerability pattern — providing a kind of insurance against future astral-level debris.

Even though I can facilitate healing like this in my sleep, it’s so easy (and I may well have done volunteer work of the same kind right in some dreams, helping others), I know the best prevention is simply to avoid sending out the STUFF.

How toxic prayer mucks up an aura

Unfortunately, prayer can become one more way to send forth psychic coercion into the vulnerable.

All you need to is add some shoulds. Or outline what you believe needs to happen, as in:

  • Joe should recover from that cold he got trying to clean up his basement.
  • Gladys should get her house dry and clean.
  • Josephine should make a really big fuss at Home Depot and get them to give her at least five working sump pumps.

No, it’s safest to simply send a person love, light, and power. That’s like wiring money. The recipient will figure out how he or she wants to use it.

My favorite books on prayer are Power Prayer, by Chrissie Blaze, and Praying for Others by Birrell Walsh.

Psychic coercion is a separate kind of astral debris

One advantage of energetic literacy is that you can tell the difference between this particular kind of problem versus other forms of STUFF that can show up in a person’s aura.

When people got through a rough patch, being confused or drained by relationships (or life in general), it can be hard to distinguish these different types of problem:

  • Psychic coercion
  • A cord of attachment
  • Being an unskilled empath
  • PMS. (Okay, I’m just joking about that one.)

Bring on energetic literacy, a.k.a. the wisdom to know the differences. And, meanwhile, yes, free and clear prayers to those in Rhode Island are absolutely appropriate.

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  1. 1
    Anita says:

    Power Prayer is a great book (I admit I also like the author, Chrissie Blaze, a great deal).

    It’s fascinating how some send prayer to will others to do what they want. Like somehow packaging coercion by calling it “prayer” makes it less coercive?

  2. 2
    Jennifer says:

    Really interesting, because it’s so very common for people to pray for other people’s health and safety. If the person asks for prayers, or if someone prays for themself, then there would be no problem?

    There is a website called Virtual Candle (obviously, where you can light a virtual candle, with a prayer or message), and here is some text from the page:

    Be sure your purpose is ethical and you have permission of anyone else who may be involved in the lighting of this candle.

  3. 3
    Jennifer says:

    Just wondering, is it not allowed to have URL links within the body of a comment? I tried with Virtual Candle and it didn’t work.

  4. 4

    ANITA, that is exactly it. Packaging! To oneself, to others.

    If you know anyone who is praying for you to have or do or be anything, I recommend telling the person directly something like this:

    “Please stop praying for me. I have my own connection to God and can use it. I don’t try to play God with you. I would appreciate your not playing God with me. I know you don’t think of it that way, but I do. I am glad you care about me but I am asking you to honor my wishes. This is personal and it is my choice, not yours. If I ever want you or anyone else to pray for me in the future, I will tell you so.”

    Yesterday, off blog, a client told me how do-gooding relatives ordered a sacrifice on her behalf and killed a goat as part of the unrequested prayer ritual.

  5. 5

    JENNIFER, just type out the link as text, http://www.etc.

    Personally, I question a person’s ability to ethically decide what to ask God for, on behalf of another person. Although receiving permission sure beats deciding on one’s own, I’m not convinced we have the ability to know what is best for others.

    Jennifer, I’m not even convinced that the person making the asking necessarily knows what is being requested, down to all the deepest implications.

    For instance, Gladys might have an illness. She doesn’t pay attention to her feelings, her choices, her lifestyle. She just knows she doesn’t like that illness. Therefore, she prays, and wants you to pray, for her to be healed. She STILL doesn’t have a clue about any way she might grow in her life. Do you really need to be part of the cover-up, bandage-and-fix, plan of hers?

    By sending Gladys love, light, and/or power, we allow her to decide in the moment… to change her mind… to use her spiritual connection as desired.

    Another reason I personally like this idea of simply sending un-labeled love is that we are unlikely to become sentimental and attached regarding particular outcomes. You know, you or I might really work ourselves up into a mood about little angels arriving to heal Gladys’ problem and how sweet and happy she would feel (while learning nothing, growing in no way, and certain to attract a similar problem or worse in the future).

    Being filled with Divine love, light, and power IS protection. If you want to do it with a candle or a website, fine. And, by all means, add the link, now you know how. 🙂

  6. 6
    Gene says:

    In this matter of “praying for others,” I always like the methods I learned from the Unity School of Christianity (Charles & Myrtle Fillmore, Catherine Ponder, sample ministers):

    “Regarding John/Jane Doe, THY WILL BE DONE, HEAVENLY FATHER.” or

    (inwardly or outwardly) “I entrust you to the guidance of your Inner Christ,” or

    “The God Within You shows you the way. I release you, I release you, I release you. I release all concern about the outcome of this situation in your life. You go free and I go free to our own highest good.”

    A Twelve-Stepper might say, “I entrust you to the guidance and care of your own indwelling Higher Power.”

    Or: “The Highest, Freest, and Best Solution for All Concerned Now Comes Forth by the Power of the Holy Spirit, (or By the Power of God As You Know Him or Her or It) Working In All and Through All. Amen.”

    This all proceeds from the ancient old age/new age dictum: “Stay OOPS!” (Out of Other People’s Stuff)

  7. 7
    Rachel says:


    I like your suggestions for what to say to people who are “praying” for you. But what about if they resent your request for them to stop, get angry, defend themselves, talk tearfully of how much they love you and want to support you – and basically do NOT stop what they are doing, even though you have requested that?

  8. 8
    Rachel says:

    p.s. Hope you have/had a safe journey home to the States and I hope to see you in London again next year!!

  9. 9

    GENE, good to hear from you. Thanks for this latest comment.

  10. 10

    RACHEL, sweet!

    About your Comment 7, there really isn’t anything more you can do without, sending psychic coercion yourself, once you have clearly and forcefully expressed your wishes to “GLADYS.”

    Should she bring up the topic from now on, I recommend following through as you said you would do during your one clear communication that anyone has the right to make to any other adult, e.g., “As you know, GLADYS, I have asked you to stop praying for me and put you on notice that I refuse to discuss this topic with you ever again. If you continue attempting to discuss this, I’m leaving. (Or hanging up the phone.)”

    Follow up consistently.

    Personally, as I’m neither shy nor imbued with British-style manners, I would probably add something like, “Shame on you for your presumptuous, ignorant attempts to play God with my life. My relationship with my God is none of your business.”

  11. 11

    If it’s any consolation, being coerced by a religious fanatic…

    1. That person’s efforts need have no significant impact on you, as you are not vulnerable to psychic coercion just because someone is sending it in your direction.

    (Blog-Buddies, simple instructions for preventing psychic coercion are in “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.” RACHEL, for instance, has learned how to not be a receiver of psychic coercion. :-))

    2. Appropriate karma is given for the “Holier than thou and I’m going to help you out of my cosmic benevolence and spiritual superiority” sort of nonsense.

    Such frightened or arrogant or confused or maniuplative people… get to live with themselves.

    You don’t have to do a thing. Those who send psychic coercion will get what is coming to them; spiritual law will see to it without your having to become personally involved.

    Of course it is appropriate to complain if, say, you are holocaust survivor Elie Weisel and you learn that some random Mormons have taken it upon themselves to baptize your ancestors.

    Bad karma for those Mormons! However, your ancestors won’t really be one bit affected, outside the cult-like thinking of those who believe they have been designated to convert others.

    If you really want to help your ancestors, heal your STUFF and become Enlightened. That will have a ripple effect many generations back… but never anything the least bit dogmatic or coercive.

  12. 12
    Rachel says:

    Haha! Yes, that is some consolation!!

  13. 13
    Amanda says:

    Ooh, well eek! How well-timed this discussion is for helping me forward, Rachel and Rose, great big thanks for that – because I’ve finally got to follow through with my parents!

    That is, I’ve told them clearly once that I don’t like x behaviour or coercive remarks, and will end visits if it happens again, and it’s happened again (by email), and I’m not saying a word in return and shan’t until some appropriate bhaviour takes its place.

    It’s easy to wobble and let things pass until they become an ingrained habit, but I’m feeling very calm and firm about it this time.

    Umm, ooh, perhaps a consequence of our workshop the other weekend, Rose? 😉

    Thank you so much for your teaching on self-authority. It feels good to value myself in this way and it feels good not to allow another adult’s behaviour to become my concern.


    Terrifying, because it’s my parents,

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