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Celebrities gone plastic

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


A horror movie, mixed with science fiction, has begun and, strangely, we’re stuck inside it. Yesterday the tiniest incident woke me up to this fact.

Walking across Macy’s, I saw Gwyneth. Her photo was one of the many used to sell makeup and promises of eternal youth. Gwyneth was perfect for the job. 

Pete Andre, the Official Aura Reading

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Peter Andre is so hot right now as a celebrity. Which makes him so fascinating to read with Deeper Perception….

Sometimes energetic literacy reveals a pretty ordinary person in a pretty gorgeous suit, or simply a person with exceptionally good fame karma. But sometimes the talent is so enormous, the suit to display it ought to be made out of lava (a roiling-boiling kind of lava that wouldn’t drip off his body and

What if I cut a cord of attachment wrong?


What an important question! “What if I cut a cord of attachment wrong?” was recently posed by Blog-Buddy Jennifer. Have you put off learning how to cut cords of attachment for yourself, fearing that you might make an awful mistake?

Quick, what’s your first reaction to Jennifer’s question?

Did you miss "Lost" too?


The much-loved TV series ended last night with a 12-hankie episode. This morning I was tempted to blog about it. Except, never having watched the show even once, why bother to do aura reading or face reading on performances I missed entirely.

The far more interesting question, for me, is “Why watch?” By all accounts, the show was very, very good. It was also very, very violent. Is there a benefit to watching such a show?

Face Reading of Elena Kagan

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Supreme Court Nominees are serious business. A pick like Kagan may not be receiving as much publicity as contestants on “Dancing with the Stars” or other winners at “celebritology.”

But those lifetime appointments really can change your life, if you’re an American. Even if you’re not, the ripple effect from Supreme Court decisions

How to Ease Fear of the Unknown — Dating and More


On the not-so-scary theme of releasing fears — that’s our cheerful topic for today.

Again. Because there can be so many fears related to mind-body-spirit! Blog-Buddy Jennifer has brought up fear of the unknown. (See this previous post and her original comment at this link to Deeper Perception Heals Secret Fears .)

Book Reviews for Pathways Magazine Start June 1

Rose Rosetree, Book Reviewer for Pathways Magazine

Pathways Magazine, a regional magazine about mind-body-spirit, has named me as the metaphysical books reviewer. My column in the quarterly magazine will begin with the Summer 2010 Issue.

I’m thrilled to bring my expertise in energetic literacy to the honorable pursuit of reviewing books.

Outsourcing your life?

Cut Cords of Attachment: Check out the wild “cord” graphic in the Czech Edition

Making decisions isn’t the easiest responsibility for an adult. Personally, I like to think of it as part of the curriculum at Earth School. We have loads of difficult responsibilities, ever-changing ones.

Besides the decision making, there’s feeding oneself properly, managing a schedule, managing money, maybe managing children… yoicks, such a list!

What are your secret fears about New Age?

Mark Ruffalo Aura Reading Movie Review

Sunshine remains the best disinfectant, in the Aquarian Age or any other. So this post is a great opportunity to air any fears you have related to mind-body-spirit.

What got me thinking in this direction was my radio last night on “Insight Beyond Sight with Cheryl Anne.”   Compassionate Cheryl surprised me with one of her questions:

Who is in charge, you or your guides?


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