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Mysteries of a Japanese Health Club, Part 1


So far on this trip to Japan, I haven’t given you a single post about adventures in Tokyo. How much has been new after all? It’s Trip #12, and I’ve been busy with work of one sort or another. However, something new did happen a couple of days ago. Finally, something to tell you about!

It began with a routine boiler inspection, here at the residential hotel called Azabu Court. This was Tuesday afternoon (which would probably be your Monday, if you live on the other side of the International Date Line). Later that afternoon I bumped into one my friends from the reception office. She was very upset. She said the

Face Reading of Julia Gillard, Australia’s New Prime Minister

Best Celebrity Aura Readings

Background on Face Reading Secrets(R)

As usual, I’ll be using my system of Face Reading Secrets for this short profile. The basics you need to know here are to look at one item of face reading data at a time.

Sweet Victimhood and Energy Hypochondria


Continuing our series about the tricky pleasures of victimhood, let’s consider a related problem. I call it “Energy Hypochondria.”

Energy Hypochondria means worrying about every twinge of energy, akin to the way a hypochondriac could fret over any proprioceptive experience (i.e., the very subjective, internal feedback system each person has to register information about aches, pains, etc.).

Sweet Victimhood


Recently a Blog-Buddy raised some great questions about victimhood. CivicMinded has inspired today’s post and the rest of this series to follow. Because “Sweet Victimhood” is a very rich topic.

As synchronicity would have it, themes on this very topic have already come up in some of my sessions of Aura Healing and Transformation as I’m here in Japan, right from my first working day of Teaching Trip #12.

Sad anchovies and a happy landing


Things I don’t normally eat for breakfast:

  • White rice
  • Anchovy paste

Mid-bite, I realized, “There I go again.”

Bathing in the Ganges with 330 million gods

What do you think it would be like, nectar bathing in the Ganges with some 16 million people and 330 million devas (a.k.a. “gods”)? Sound like “Deeper Perception Made Wet and Crowded”?

This guest post from “Ananda” has to be one of the coolest versions I’ve ever read about “How I Spent My Summer Vacation.”

He is one of my very oldest friends. I was so touched by what he wrote, I had to share it you Blog-Buddies.

Energetic Literacy — Latest News


For the next few days before leaving for that month in Tokyo, I’m sharing the latest miscellaneous goodies with you, Blog-Buddies, starting with this adorable  email, just in from Africa.

Aha! Aura Reading Could Actually Be Possible

Empath Merge with Medical Intuitive Judy Lavine

Best Celebrity Aura Readings

If I had to choose one medical intuitive, just one, as the most outstanding resource for distance healings, it would be Judy Lavine. Because healing, not only diagnosis, is deftly done by phone by the Divine Judy Lavine (and her last name does rhyme with Divine).

Empaths, how hard does it have to be?


The question came up just yesterday. Joe, an unskilled empath, was telling me how special he was and how very difficult it was for him, all because his talent as an empath.

Gee! It’s true that all empaths were special. Non-empaths are special. Ask Barney the dinosaur!

What matters more than the degree of specialness is whether or not a person needs life to be hard, making the “empath” aspect part of the difficulty.

Stalkers, Victims, and Help


When I lived in Florida, the sirens nearly drove me crazy. Ambulances were part of it. During my year in Miami, I needed no census to tell me that many of my neighbors were elderly people. Random moments, day or night, the ambulance sirens would wail.

Equally tormenting for me then, day or night, were the miniaturized siren wails known as mosquitoes. Thinking back on that year, 1971-1972, there’s not much distinction in my memory between the fact that my first marriage ended and the never-ending threat of the sirens, one type or another. Torture for an auditory person!