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Sweet Victimhood


Recently a Blog-Buddy raised some great questions about victimhood. CivicMinded has inspired today’s post and the rest of this series to follow. Because “Sweet Victimhood” is a very rich topic.

As synchronicity would have it, themes on this very topic have already come up in some of my sessions of RES Energy HEALING as I’m here in Japan, right from my first working day of Teaching Trip #12.

Those of us who use Deeper Perception have the opportunity to do more than entertain theories about victimhood. As we will explore in this series of posts, energetic literacy reveals an enormous amount of information concerning victimhood vs. taking  personal responsibility.

The Age of Victimhood?

Historians may look on this period in history as The Age of Terror. Yet — if they’re really living with a more-evolved consciousness, as I would expect future historians to do — they might prefer to call this period The Age of Victimhood.

Perhaps they’ll point to the strange phenomenon of “news” during this era, where media favored images of people who had been victimized by physical violence, war, catastrophes, famine, etc. Obviously, media sources set themselves up to fascinate with the lurid images, aiming to frighten the public and make us dependent upon them. Similarly, the level of violence in our movies, even films for children, had never been higher.

Why did (okay, do) people tolerate this dreadful dosage and tune back for more? Victimhood, in its dreadful way, can seem so very appealing.

You regular readers at “Deeper Perception Made Practical” know that energetic literacy helps us a lot when we wish to sort out what is REALLY going on beneath the surface of human experience. Based on my experiences with clients, I couldn’t believe this more strongly:

We can do better than buy into Sweet Victimhood.

Here are some basic concepts that we’ll need as we explore this topic. You may already know that a person’s energy field is full of information. Moreover, you probably know about major chakras. These are super-concentrated locations of information that correspond to parts of the body, like the forehead and throat. One of my findings, working in depth in this field, is that each major chakra includes 50 databanks of information.

And sub-chakras, like those in your elbows and soles of your feet, also contain loads of chakra databanks. Altogether, that amounts to hundreds of them in your auric field, right?

Each of your chakra databanks contains:

  • A gift of your soul — Like a fingerprint, a wonderful and highly individual way of being oneself.
  • STUFF — Stored up energy that distorts the functioning for that aspect of life.
  • But STUFF can always, always, always be healed.

Deeper Perception plus skill sets for healing, like 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®, can allow anyone to facilitate permanent healing of STUFF. This makes everyday life clearer, sweeter, way more stable, loads more productive.

Okay, on that basis, let’s consider the appeal of Sweet Victimhood.

Psychic Attack and Energy Vampires

On my very first day of sessions on this Teaching Trip #12, I had a Japanese client, “Maxi,” who came to me terrified that she was under psychic attack.

Anxiety gripped her, plus she had read a great deal on this topic.

Many people find it a huge relief to learn about energy vampires, psychic vampires, and psychic attack. It seems to explain a lot. Except what does it really explain?

Terms like these give people an excuse to enjoy Sweet Victimhood. Although the suffering is very real, the stories people tell themselves in order to cope may not be quite so real.

Maxi, like hundreds of other first-time clients, showed STUFF galore in her aura. Except none of that STUFF was caused by psychic attack. Our first session calmed her down enormously, and she gained the concept that cumulative benefit could come from sessions of STUFF removal.

In reality, a healer (or this healer, at least) doesn’t simply wave a magic wand and disperse the wicked cause of victimhood. Instead, a great deal of psychological and spiritual suffering is simply the accumulation of massive amounts of STUFF.

You may know that the part of an aura to store STUFF corresponds exactly to what is known, psychologically, as the subconscious mind. Doesn’t it make sense that STUFF can accumulate, causing anxiety and distorting the quality of life?

Similarly, Rosetree Energy Spirituality and other techniques to bring healing to auras can bit-by-bit permanently remove the STUFF. Drama isn’t necessary for healing, and with less STUFF a person is less likely to crave drama the way Maxi used to.

Actually, I’ve kept count of clients whose auras really did show psychic attack. So far, having done sessions of RES Energy HEALING since 1986, I have found approximately eight instances. I think especially of the client who was terrified to have me cut a cord of attachment to his ex-girlfriend, because she had hired a voodoo practioner. Still, I was able to facilitate cutting that cord just fine.

Techniques to cut cords of attachment and the skill set I call “Spiritual Cleansing and Protection” always work just fine. The “secret” of success is to have solid skills to facilitate healing, and then co-create with God. Because God is way more powerful than any psychic attacker or STUFF. Period.

Yet for a newbie, it can be oh-so-tempting to blame one’s problems on some horrible energy vampire or psychic attack. Just for fun, google the following terms. Then google terms like aura reading and skilled empath merge, or even cut cords of attachment. Okay, I’ll do it for you. Notice which terms are more popular, the ones that empower a person to understand the truth of what’s happening at the level of auras vs. the lure of Sweet Victimhood.

  • Energy Vampire: 795,000 hits
  • Psychic Attack: 586,000 hits
  • Chakra Databanks: 628 hits
  • Skilled Empath Merge: 12,000 hits

With the first two, you get to blame other people, right?

Doing aura reading with enough detail to read chakra databanks, or doing Skilled Empath Merges, you inspire yourself with a high truth value to your perceptions. Of course, you also develop greater discernment about what is REALLY happening when somebody has a problem. Is it a coincidence that my long-term clients and readers don’t live in fear of sinster energy sources making them suffer?

Certain kinds of STUFF make a person more likely to live in fear of becoming a victim. Blog-Buddies, if you have released a great deal of STUFF over the past period of time, think about your level of fear around victimhood. Comments, anyone?

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  1. 1
    Bonnie says:

    Thank you, Rose for addressing this subject.

    I get that there are a lot of drama queens out there that enjoy beating their breasts and pointing out how victimized they are when a grownup would just put on their big girl panties and deal.

    Thanks to Civic, too, for bring up the whole “victim/suffering” subject. It is a big can of worms.

    There is a powerful scene in the book “Dune” in which the young hero has to keep his hand in a box and endure the sensation of burning, to prove that he is a “real” human who has mastery over himself, and not just an animal. Is suffering necessary for our soul’s growth? Or do we suffer because that is part of being human?

    As for being a victim; I think we all agree harming kids is outside the boundaries even if they were part of the Mongol horde in their last life. Child abuse may be able to be explained, but not excused, IMHO.

  2. 2
    Phillip McGaugh says:

    Coming from the South, I was surprised when I moved to Northern California to a small town of less than 4 thousand people. This town’s newspaper had a list of self help groups as long or maybe longer than any listing you might find in a city the size of Boston.
    In my opinion people like to deny a part of themselves they aren’t ready to face. Sometimes online I will see a profile named “niceperson”, and when I actually meet them, I’d swear I actually met a yard dog. At the beginning, they usually try to control me or convince me to be as “happy” as they think they are, but at the end of the conversation, when I point out certain inconsistentcies, all they can manage to do is to smile though clenched teeth, and think there is something wrong with me. It’s kind of a one up and one down mentality…sick people need someone else to be the scapegoat, and some people frankly just love misery (but I find this healthier than pretending to be happy when you’re completely miserable.)Some people operate under the principle of “presentation is everything.”

  3. 3

    PHILLIP, funny and true and pathetic, all at the same time.

    Welcome to the blog, and thanks so much for your comment here and for ones to come.

    And BONNIE, thanks for your comment as well!

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