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Fascinating News from Newsweek


I’ll admit it. I started subscribing to Newsweek as a mistake.

While donating to NPR, instead of calling one of those friendly volunteer phone operators, I tried going online. Apparently I had to opt out of making part of my donation a gift to self, a year-long subscription to Newsweek.

Personally, I think it’s sad when fund raisers insist on giving you gifts. Is human nature really that grasping and greedy? It gives me a good feeling to support WETA and WAMU, no extra enticements needed. However…

Aura Reading of Almine

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Yes, Almine wins my contest for doing aura readings of healers. Or you could say that Ella wins, since hers was the winning entry, at Comment #8:

Almine has interested me for some time now. She is a Toltec nagual, author of over 20 books, and has created several healing systems utilizing sound ‘elixirs’ and ‘Belvaspata’ sigils.

We could also thank Jordan’s recent Comment #26 about my Enlightenment Life List, where she inquired about this mega-talented Shamanic healer.

Two New Professional Face Readers


It’s a big day here in Face Reading World when someone new graduates from my Mentoring Program in Professional Face Reading.

Here comes a shout-out to TWO (2!!) new graduates.

Michelle Kierznowski hails from South Africa. Now she lives in England. A loving mother and perpetual student of human nature, Michelle has charmed two birds with one berry. (Or whatever the positive saying would be. Maybe we’ll have to invent one.

Hey, What’s Happening Here?


BLOG-BUDDIES, thank you so much for your recent comments so far. They’re brilliant. I DO plan to come back ASAP and address every single one.

I’ve also thought of several more people to add to the Enlightenment Life List, our post from earlier this week. Only I must research them first.

To give you an update, here’s what’s happening to keep me so busy these days:

Rose Rosetree’s Workshops for 2011


Here’s the official schedule, Blog-Buddies.

In 2010, I’ll still be teaching the Face Reading Workshop — this very weekend, actually, July 23 – 25.

And the final 2010 Workshop, Spiritual Cleansing and Protection, will be given this October 15-17.

Enlightenment Life List

Enlightenment Life List

Enlightenment Life List — Read this and be inspired!

Enlightenment Life List — sure, why not? Just as birdwatchers keep a life list of exotic birds they have spotted, I have begun a list.

Granted, this is just Rose Rosetree’s personal Enlightenment Life List. Mine contains names of people whom I consider to have moved into  Enlightenment. Not because they are famous or pretty, talented or otherwise amazing as human beings. As a teacher of energetic literacy, and also an Enlightenment coach, I research Enlightenment and what it means to me.

This post contains my running list, begun on Sunday, July 18, 2010. These posts can help you keep track before nominating:

  1. A YouTube Video Explanation of Why I Maintain this List
  2. Discerning Enlightenment
  3. Enlightenment Nominees
  4. Alphabetical Enlightenment List
  5. Moving into Enlightenment, Helped by Rosetree Energy Spirituality

Wanted: Faces to Read


No, this post is not like those pictures of criminals you can see at the post office. “Wanted” — and then you are shown a picture of Jesse James or the latest gangster on the prowl.

No, this post isn’t one of our contests, either, where you send in photos and then I choose one or two winners to receive a free reading.

Yes, this post is an invitation to the Face Reading Workshop 2010, to be held one weekend away. Our deadline for the special earlybird fee ($50 off tuition) is tomorrow, Friday the 16th of July.

Hot Rock Sauna


Okay, so I had to rent the tan robe at least once. Otherwise, how could I say farewell to Hiroo Fitness Club?

So what if I put my robe on all wrong, messing up the strict diagrams posted on the wall about proper robe usage? What am I in life, besides being a teacher of Deeper Perception, a total wimp? Scared of a sauna?

The Trap of Clairvoyance


Do you read a lot? I do. I believe it’s important to read books, buy books, and review books for websites like Here in Japan, I do that just as I do at home.

One of the books I brought with me is an advance copy of Karma and Reincarnation by Barbara Y. Martin. Her co-author is Dimitri Moraitis. The publisher, Tarcher, sent it for possible review in my column for Pathways Magazine. The book has certainly made me think a great deal, though not entirely as the authors intended.

The Watermelon Was Square


Atop the display counter at the specialty food store, the watermelon was square. One next to it was heart shaped.

With my friend Kaori-san, I go over to investigate. Are these made of wax? I check out their auras.

The square watermelon has nothing. Either artificial or completely dead energetically.

The heart-shaped watermelon does show an energy field, yet even the most casual experience of it feels disgusting. I have no desire to investigate further. Instead, let’s use our human-type skills. Luckily, Kaori can ask questions that are understandable to a Japanese sales person.