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Wanted: Faces to Read


No, this post is not like those pictures of criminals you can see at the post office. “Wanted” — and then you are shown a picture of Jesse James or the latest gangster on the prowl.

No, this post isn’t one of our contests, either, where you send in photos and then I choose one or two winners to receive a free reading.

Yes, this post is an invitation to the Face Reading Workshop 2010, to be held one weekend away. Our deadline for the special earlybird fee ($50 off tuition) is tomorrow, Friday the 16th of July.

Face Reading Specialties

In this particular workshop, you will learn physiognomy skills not taught elsewhere. (At least one of my Face Reading Correspondence Course is coming for this reason.)

Some of the planned highlights include:

  • The 10 Most Important Things to Read for Career
  • The 10 Most Important Things to Read for Career
  • Loads of reasons to fall in love with your face. It IS the perfect expression of your soul.

What to bring, besides your face

  • Yes, bring your own personal face. You’ll even get to see it in our special Mirror of Truth.
  • Optional: Bring mug shots of yourself or a loved one at different ages, over 18 years old.
  • Optional: Bring up to 10 mug shots of people you know. They could be from your family album or photos that you get off the Internet. (Google Images is a great source. If you don’t know how to use it, ask Workshop Coordinator Julie to explain.)

Face-Reader-in-training, consider yourself invited, wanted

Whatever your level of experience as a physiognomist, from “newbie” to “very,” you’re going to learn a lot.

This workshop is a joyful celebration of the 5,000-year-old art of physiognomy, reading faces for character. Taught by the only American to have a trademarked system of face reading.

A fuller description of the weekend Face Reading Workshop is one click away.

To register, contact Julie Schroedl, JulieSchroedl[at]

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