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Guest Post from Cassandra on Three Hot Topics


“Cassandra” is a Blog-Buddy who works in the field of psychiatry. She has been working for years to develop full energetic literacy. Here’s what she has to say about several recent blog posts.

I’ve been reading the comments on your blog with great interest – the ones about New Age, Laura Schlessinger, and microwaved food specifically.

What Happens to Your Aura with Microwaved Food


Aura Readers, you may not specialize in physical healing any more than I do. But even someone who specializes in emotional and/or spiritual healing needs a physical vehicle. Today an article came to my attention about the dangers of microwaved food.

Back when I wrote Aura Reading Through All Your Senses, I commented on the danger of eating irradiated food. I think I mentioned microwaved food as well. Probably the former is even worse, as it’s like putting an energetic black hole into your body with every bite.

Magnetize Money Program Results


Today’s post is dedicated to graduates of my Money Magnetize Program. This relates to my book due for publication on Nov. 11, 2010:

 Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy:

10 Secrets for Success and Prosperity in the Third Millennium

Here’s a secret (or former secret) about this Magnetize Money Program.

New Age, The Prejudice-Talk Nobody Seems to Question


I’m not a big fan of hate speech. Are you?

When I teach Face Reading Secrets(R), one type of language I discourage is nasty facial put-downs — like “Big schnozz.” I like to raise consciousness about disrespectful ways to talk or “joke” about human faces. The whole point of physiognomy is that everything about the face has meaning.

Living from Your Heart Chakra


One of my clients, Joe, has been trying to live from his heart chakra. To him, this means being a loving, caring person. It means living with a higher state of consciousness.

In aura terms, many a religion and spiritual path could be expressed as “Trying to live from my heart chakra.”

Only, guess what? This is one of the very biggest mistakes a person could make. Results could be tragic, and certainly not as intended.

Enlightenment Surprises with Aura Reading

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


One of my clients, Joe, does sessions regularly. He calls from Asia. Sometimes he requests sessions of Aura Healing and Transformation, sometimes Personal Mentoring (where he asks some of the best questions anyone has asked of me in 40 years).

Sometimes, just for fun, he will ask me to do Aura Reading Research — not just on people he knows but on people he’s  heard of — successful people in different walks of life. Joe asks me to read their auras simply out of curiosity.

Grace’s Name Change — A Guest Post


Once upon a time, Ann had a name that didn’t quite suit her. Two names, actually, both first and last. Recently we have been pursuing a thread about Name Change Research, the opportunity to find a name that produces great consequences in your life — not just because you like it better, or it seems to fit better in a vague way, but because the chosen name has real impact for realigning your auric field.

Near Death Experiences — Aura Reading Contest



So many of you Blog-Buddies have had a Near Death Experience (NDE). Today I was reminded of this while talking with Gladys, who was gracious enough to tell me the story of the one she had at age 12.

I would love to do aura reading research on one or two of you Blog-Buddies who win this contest. I am especially interested in investigating chakra databanks related to your connection to Spiritual Source, way of viewing reality, and soul expression — both before and after that experience.

Is Trust Always Smart? Lessons from My Garden


“Never trust a healer whose plants are dead.” If you have heard this saying, you have probably noticed that many a healer enjoys growing plants.

Well, this Rosetree is one of that green gang. This summer I have attempted more than usual: My first roses and peonies, and the astoundingly ambitious investment in four new lilac bushes.

First Talk on My Upcoming Book at the Pathways Natural Living Expo


If you’re local, you know all about the Pathways Natural Living Expo. For 33 years, it has been an annual tradition, the heart of the mind-body-spirit community here in the Washington D.C. area.

A new tweak to that Expo in 2010 is related to the book that I keep typesetting, tweaking, and editing.