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Is Trust Always Smart? Lessons from My Garden


“Never trust a healer whose plants are dead.” If you have heard this saying, you have probably noticed that many a healer enjoys growing plants.

Well, this Rosetree is one of that green gang. This summer I have attempted more than usual: My first roses and peonies, and the astoundingly ambitious investment in four new lilac bushes.

On my special herb strip in the back yard went some tasty favorites. To use up the valuable growing space, I bought a simple packet of “Assorted Annuals.” They have flourished, sprouted up so well that by the end of May I transplanted many of these exciting starter flowers to a bit of garden in the front of the house. Today’s post is mostly about two of those flowers.

For months, they were my mystery flowers. Amid the pink blooms, the lilac ones and yellow beauties; among the zinnias and mini-carnations that I could name and the dream-fantasy-friendly-strange flower-creatures for which I had no names at all; two of the flowers intrigued me. They seemed to be such late bloomers.

Trusting a Late Bloomer

Plants X and Y grew too slowly to be weeds, spreading out with lush greenery that had little buds at the ends. They were like unanswered questions.

I kept waiting for those buds to unfurl their flowers. Weeding around them I was, curious, paying just a little extra attention. Soon I began to have a lot of my gardening mojo invested.

Where I grew up in Flushing, Queens, there really wasn’t much in the way of flowers. Unless you count forsythia hedges, and I’m still not sure if those yellow spring sprongs are truly supposed to be flowers.

How little gardening knowledge did I receive in the unfancy suburbs of New York? Here’s a clue. Never once did I see a daffodil until my freshman year at Brandeis, the beautifully landscaped university in Massachusetts.

What did I know about Plants X and Y, except for my great expectations? Nothing.

Those Bright Green Question Marks

Well, a few days ago (back from vacation in amazing Vancouver) I took a fresh look. X and Y were lush, green plants  that still had buds on the end like unanswered questions. Would those buds ever turn into flowers?

Sighing, and sweating a bit, I yanked them out and consigned them to the yard waste bin.

All weeds don’t grow the obvious way: Cliches of problem plants, like dandelions and nimbleweed; or the outrageous weeds that grow so tall so quickly — reminiscent of the presidential-party-crashing Saladhis. When you pull the tall pretenders out, what a shock to find light stems that are really so hollow inside, with only the tiniest roots.

Were Plants X and Y really weeds or might they eventually have turned into flowers? A big lesson for me was that I didn’t have to care. Nor did I have to continue with wait and see.

Somehow, I had invested a lot of attention on those green question marks that I will now call Weeds X and Y. I paid more attention to them than the flowers that really were putting out for me.

Weeds X and Y weren’t just distracting me but other plants. Or, at least, stealing their sunlight. Within a few days, several flower-bringing plants began to blossom. Delicate flowers grew stronger. Buds opened up. Finally these “background flowers” had their day in the sun and rewarded me accordingly.

Lessons, anyone?

Here are the conclusions I drew.

  1. Yet again, I’m reminded that weeds in life don’t always come labeled.
  2. Even with plenty of other weed experience, I can encounter new varieties of weed. A smart gardener stays alert.
  3. I’m allowed to make the judgment call about what I consider a weed. Even if I’m not correct, or premature in plucking a plant from my life that eventually might seem worthwhile, even if a wiser gardener would know otherwise, that’s okay. It’s my garden, my life.
  4. Weeds can take way more energy than flowers. They’re a poor investment.
  5. Some glorious flowers may never bloom if I stay so gawrsh darned busy making space for the weeds.

How We Can Choose Flowers over Interesting Weeds

Fast forward to a session I did with Joe. He has done many healing sessions with me over the years, both phoners of Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING and in-person sessions of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® and Name Alignment®. (As synchronicity would have it, these are three sessions that I did in a row: Kathryn (who recently guest posted), Ann (another name changing client, who commented at Kathryn’s guest post), and then Joe. Tic tac toe!

At this particular session, Joe chose Energy Spirituality Energy READING. He had recently moved to a new neighborhood and a new job. New relationships fascinated him. He wanted to have me read the consequences of various friendships and potential love interests. I have two different ways of doing this:

  • Soul Thrill® Aura Research brings detailed feedback about any life choice directly from a client’s aura. It is detailed, nuanced research. With Joe, we established a baseline of 10 chakra databanks that were important to him, everything from moving forward on his path of development as a person (in his Left Foot Subchakra) to sharing power in a relationship  (Solar Plexus Chakra) and assertive communication (Throat Chakra).
  • Aura Reading Research also includes my being able to read any chakra databank in anyone my client has ever personally known. “Known” means talking in real time, whether in person or over the phone. This kind of research is done by having a client like Joe choose a time of interacting with the person, such as “When I saw Gladys last Tuesday.”

Going back and forth between these two aura research approaches, we discovered inside information about Joe’s New Friends X and Y.

X was having a big impact on Joe. She was projecting a 20-foot facade that went like this, “I am your dream lover. I will be so generous, so appreciative. I will bring you to unknown peaks of sexual ecstasy. Whatever you give to me, I will pay you back double.”

Yet the more complete truth, as shown elsewhere in X’s aura, was that “I will pay you back” would be done at X’s discretion, and that time probably was “not for the next 100 years.”

Joe began to laugh, because he had wondered about a mysterious, funky quality to that new friendship.

  • Y seemed to have an okay impact on a couple of Joe’s chakra databanks, but just “okay” wasn’t good enough for Joe’s standards. And he felt puzzled that there was zero thrill at the most important chakra databank in this type of research, the Soul Thrill databank at the High Heart Chakra. So Joe had me turn toward researching Y’s aura during a recent visit.
  • Y had wonderful qualities of softness and strength, both sexually and emotionally and spiritually. Y was a great gal. Except probing away into chakra databanks within Y like “Emotional Self-Awareness” at the Heart Chakra, it became evident that Y was playing a bit of a game, not consciously but importantly.
  • Y was giving to Joe in order to get the relationship off to a good start. Y was on track to be very affectionate and fun to be with for months, about six months altogether. Once the relationship became serious, Y’s dynamic was to take and take and take emotionally for the rest of the relationship.

In short, Y’s generosity now was a kind of downpayment for unhappily ever after.

Weeds in Joe’s Love Garden

Joe learned about other relationships as well, quite a crop of weeds in his love garden. I wish I could tell you — and wish I could have told him — about a really hot prospect, some fragrant and bright pink creation with blossoms that would keep on giving.

Not this time. But at least he learned how to recognize some new weeds, and plan his own gardening accordingly.

Deeper Perception is good for weed recognition, whether you use Aura Reading or Face Reading or research as a Skilled Empath. I do call this “energetic literacy,” not “being judgmental.”

Blog-Buddies, you do have the right to decide which relationships in your life to cultivate. Everyone doesn’t have to be your friend. Every potential relationship isn’t necessarily a good use of your time. Isn’t it better to check out the person in depth and detail, and allocate your time and sunshine accordingly?

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  1. 1
    elaine warfield says:

    Hi Rose: A wonderful post and quite timely for me. Sometimes after reading your posts and feeling the synchronicity of what you’re saying in my own life, it’s kinda cool to see things from a different perspective.

    I’ve just begun dating again and I’ve been mulling over prospects in my own little world. So thrilling, so uncertain, but that’s life if you’re willing to move forward and take some chances. I oftentimes wonder if I’m making a mistake when moving on from someone but I guess it is as you say our decision. Our choice. Again, nice post.

  2. 2

    Thanks, ELAINE. How funny.

    Not too much fun, dating a weed in disguise. 😉


  3. 3
    Grace (formerly Ann) says:

    I really enjoyed this post, Rose. I love the imagery and how you tied in flowers to this wonderful work we’ve been doing, especially since I love flowers so much.

  4. 4
    Justin says:

    Hi Rose,

    Your analogy of flowers and weeds is so true. If a new type of flower shows itself to you its such a special feeling. It passes into the transcendental when you wait for it to share its secrets or ask it gently to you do so and it does and blooms even more brilliantly than before. It becomes an experience that seems so sacred that you become half scared to say it aloud for fear that it might be that rare desert rose that blooms for one hour once a year and that because you took it for granted and shared its secret that it will refuse to bloom again. There are many beautiful flowers in this world and they give me hope. This experience represents the essence of a gently and smoothly induced Skilled Empath merge.

    Two and a half years ago I realized I was an Unskilled Empath and bought your first book. I was constantly performing unskilled merges my whole life.

    That was then. Fast forward to a week ago:

    When I saw the title of your most recent Empath guide book:The Most Important Person in the Room it made me smile so wide because that title spoke to my soul. From reading the title alone the empowerment I now feel on a daily basis was further electrified with the feeling of Oneness. I knew exactly what you meant and how it feels to go from the least important to the Most Important Person in the room.

    I read your book Empowered by Empathy and I decided to focus on two, just two of your exercises – Breaking out of the Theme Park and Coming Home. I practiced them often and I gradually and then all at once evolved into someone who feels empowered. I decided that courage and the path of heart could lead me to the same conclusions as you by making my own mistakes and allowing myself to grow and here I am. Sometime around a year ago I found myself doing the right thing in impossible situations and having the person I stood up to drop their mouth in shock and to do the right thing. This is the power of heart. I am a skilled Empath.

    I get stronger and stronger by the day. With each skilled Empath merge with others, Empath or not, my partner in merging and myself would emerge stronger than before.

    I now emerge on your blog as a flower or as a well researched weed to share a new power with you that I’m sure you’ve encountered previously, I refer to as the Mirror Power:

    I have the very typical look and mannerism of the absent minded professor, most people except for a few women who notice in passing say “You play your look to the hilt but your eyes betray you.” Before I was targeted by the insecure jerks who wanted to start at the “bottom” me 🙂 and make a name for themself. Before I would be very hurt and mostly paralyzed but I would feel this tangible pain (Emotional Oneness) and definite malignant intent (Emotional Intuition) and I would be hurt and then respond with a malicious comeback that always had an effect and would send the offender away. I would feel like “blah” and then the offender would hate me and try to sneakily pay me back.

    I still have the same look but I now get the respect that we all deserve. I have this powerful experience where as before someone approaches me either in a crowd so everyone will watch or at a time when they think I’m unaware and try to make an example out of me. These days I don’t feel tangible pain, I don’t feel insulted, sometimes as I see them stalking towards me I move first I greet them very friendly because I’m unafraid. They however project a Facade that projects miles in all directions. As they stand victorious with sneer and an intent that says “what now?” I respond immediately and cooly with no anger, maintaining my personality without absorbing their projection without even noticing their feelings. I do not notice their feelings turned to weapons with their Facade serving as the delivery device.

    They notice that I’m unimpressed and their demeanor changes to “what could this be?” I’m either finding this very funny or very corny and I point out to them the truth by answering the real answers to their trick questions and then I ask then a point out a contradiction within their Facade.

    I do this because I strive to tell people the truth by pointing out what they might be forgetting clearly and confidently and believing they will make the right choice or give up while they are behind but I am fully prepared to see it through. Once I point out my purpose and how I’m doing what I’m supposed to do they then go on the defensive and then act like the accused nervous, sweaty, tripping over words but I am not judging them I’m only curious, entertained or sad that it comes to this point. It’s as if by refusing to accept their accusations and calmly and specifically pointing out the error and giving them the chance to explain how I’m wrong that I give them too much to handle. They begun to judge and feel angry at themself and leave me alone. Surely it seems that this is some sort of non-forced and subtle reflection of energy that they threw at me. The emotions leave no mark, I go back to business and I feel more confident than before. It seems that by humbling myself before ideals like kindness and honesty that I have a new power. People see their reflection in me when they attack me and all I use is a small dose of Emotional Intuition.

    Have you experienced this?

    The power of reflection

  5. 5

    JUSTIN, congratulations on becoming a skilled empath. And thanks so much for your words of appreciation.

    Regarding the difficult part of your experience these days, such a distinctive and recurring and unpleasant experience really has nothing at all with being an empath but more with STUFF stuck in you.

    I do invite you to schedule a phone session with me because I do have some ideas about how I might help you. Generalizations such as those you have offered may be consoling, but they are not at the level where STUFF can be removed.

    One way or another, I do encourage you to pursue a way of removing STUFF that is causing this type of minor but recurring difficulty.

    Again, thanks so much for contributing to the blog. You’all come back!

  6. 6
    Corina says:

    I liked reading your adventure in gardening. I have been growing roses very well for several years, but this is my first year to plant vegetables in pots.

    Why did I plant them in pots? To keep out not only my dogs but weeds. So far most of what I’ve planted is doing very well. I love having fresh leaf lettuce and radishes to eat.

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