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One of my clients, Joe, does sessions regularly. He calls from Asia. Sometimes he requests sessions of Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING, sometimes Personal Mentoring (where he asks some of the best questions anyone has asked of me in 40 years).

Sometimes, just for fun, he will ask me to do Aura Reading Research — not just on people he knows but on people he’s heard of — successful people in different walks of life. Joe asks me to read their auras simply out of curiosity.

Recently, Joe had me read auras on a really great sequence of photos I want to tell you about.

One made it to my Enlightenment Life List. The other must remain anonymous, for he is one of the most wicked men I have ever read in my life.

Two photos for me to open up, one at a time. I used the usual techniques for reading an aura from regular photos, what I’m calling these days Energetic Literacy Stage 3, which anyone who can develop. If you can do ordinary Gutenberg literacy, you can develop full literacy about the human energy field.

How Aura Reading Shows Enlightenment

N. R. Narayana Murthy isn’t the cutest-looking guy around. He wouldn’t make it onto that website for beautiful people, the highly selective website that turns down prospective members but now allows them to use the beautiful people sperm bank. (Anyone know the name of that site, which I saw featured on “The Colbert Report”?)

Murthy wouldn’t make that, but it was immediately evident that this man has huge, love-based, peace-filled, highly individual chakra databanks. I cited his generosity and caring about poor people, Murthy’s ability to think in act in ways that could impact very large groups of people.

All I knew about this man from Joe was that he was a very successful businessman. Murthy’s entrepreneurial talent and creativity were very evident. I also was struck by the very powerful, yet very modest, Presence in the Room Root Chakra Databank.

About five chakra databanks into this aura reading research, it occurred to me to check for Enlightenment. I wound up placing Murthy on my Enlightenment Life List. He is the founder of Infosys Technologies, a consulting and IT services. The man is worth mega-bucks (or should I say mega-rupees) and he also is known as a philanthropist.

Reading his entry at Wikipedia, I was also impressed to learn about his wife, a social worker who actively helps others as well. This is no trophy wife, nor a Cindy McCain. ( For a Wikipedia entry on this remarkable man, click here.)

How Aura Reading Shows Evil

By contrast, another successful businessman was appalling. Even Nanny McPhee couldn’t fix this guy up. 😉

“Mr. Gladys” showed one snarky chakra databank after another. What made him evil, though, to my perception?

It was his ice cold heart. Seldom will you meet such a person, such chakra databanks at the heart chakra. At such times, you’ll be glad you are a skilled empath, who chose to turn your empath gifts OFF and do a simple aura reading instead. (Right? Right?)

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  1. 1
    Elaine Warfield says:

    Hi Rose: Still working on fabulous empath empowerment skills. Out of curiosity I did a magic picture from Become the Most Important Person in the Room.

    Heart: No fear or remorse in him for the way he has shaped his life or been shaped by life experiences. There is a deep warmth and love of humanity encased here in the belly chakra. He has a sublime gift of soul to care for those in need. Third eye: There’s a molten glow and respect for life. I actually also got the word “plasma” here, and that is a part of blood, essential to life.

  2. 2

    Well done, ELAINE. Once again, proud of you!

  3. 3
    Jordan says:

    Rose, was the evil guy a public figure?

    You read someone with an ice cold heart for me a while ago. It remained a very abstract concept to me until recently. I’m pretty sure I experienced it a few weeks ago when I went back into a past life while tapping.

    The man I was definitely a murderer, but I never went to any murder scenes… because those weren’t the points in my life that held much impact or meaning for me. They weren’t emphasized or magnetized because I literally felt nothing, emotionally, while I was doing it. No rage, no wanting revenge… I was just mentally interested in gore, in cutting up bodies. I might pick people who were sort of annoying to kill, but truly it didn’t matter to me either way who it was. And I didn’t care at all what people in my community thought of me, if I stood out, if I seemed suspicious… it didn’t even cross my mind!

    The only moment I seemed to feel anything resembling emotion was when I was nearing death. I had volunteered my body to be experimented on (because I thought my body would make me famous!). Lying cut open on the operating table, I (my essence) was literally hiding behind the guts and intestines of my body, trying to avoid the gaze of the gods. I knew they would see me and immediately know I was “evil”. Or what they deemed evil. And I didn’t care at all that I was this way – I just didn’t want to gods to see it and punish me!

    Is this what you mean by an ice cold heart? Someone who literally has no emotions?? It’s a much more alien feeling than the usual conception of “wickedness” – someone propelled by emotions to do harm. Pretty fascinating, but I think I’d rather look at the Enlightenment List 🙂

  4. 4
    Karin says:

    I think this enlightenment list will turn into a website of its own with time.

  5. 5

    KARIN, I think that Enlightenment will turn into a Great Leap for much of humanity!

  6. 6
    Alexey says:

    Hi Rose,

    I have a question.

    I guess the Cutting Cords of Attachment technique is not known to everyone in your enlightment list. How did they manage to stay clear of STUFF that comes from attachments then?

  7. 7

    ALEXEY, what a great question. Of course, by definition, people with Enlightenment don’t have STUFF in their auras. Any path that gets a person there… gets the person there. That’s the short answer.

    I would love to go into more detail about this and do plan for more posts about Enlightenment in the future, so keep reading here and keep asking more questions.

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