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Living from Your Heart Chakra


One of my clients, Joe, has been trying to live from his heart chakra. To him, this means being a loving, caring person. It means living with a higher state of consciousness.

In aura terms, many a religion and spiritual path could be expressed as “Trying to live from my heart chakra.”

Only, guess what? This is one of the very biggest mistakes a person could make. Results could be tragic, and certainly not as intended.

Your aura contains seven major chakras. Eight as far as I’m concerned, since I count the High Heart Chakra as a very important, often under-rated chakra. Your aura has sub-chakras as well.

Well, what do you think? All the lot of them was just made for practice, so God could give you a really excellent Heart Chakra?

God don’t make no junk. That includes every built-in compartment of your auric field.

Every ability you have for feeling, thinking, spiritual connection, relating to human earth reality — and the corresponding chakras and chakra databanks — all of it counts. It’s all beautiful.

Striving for Enlightenment

But what if you’re spiritually ambitious like Joe? Doesn’t it make sense to strive to live in a loving way? And what about all you may have heard about “lower” and “higher” chakras?

You may have heard all kinds of theories about chakras. What makes the difference between theories and reality, and what helps you evaluate different theories beyond a surface (or sentimental) level is having full energetic literacy. Sometimes I call that Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, where you have moved through the stage of “Aura energy is real” (Stage 1 Energetic Literacy) and “Chakras are open or closed.” or “Auras are colors.”) (Both of which generalizations suggest Stage 2 Energetic Literacy.)

With Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, you can read chakras in depth and detail, no more special nor strange than using regular Gutenberg literacy to read this page. This blog, like all my work, is devoted to helping regular people, like you and me, do exactly that.

Striving to live in a loving way — sure that sounds great. Pink puffy clouds, rainbows, and droolingly well-iced cakes also have appeal to people. But you wouldn’t build a house of pink clouds, nor eat rainbows for dinner, nor benefit particularly if your entire dinner consisted of said well-iced cake.

When you have Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, it becomes preposterous that someone would consider it desirable to “live” from one of your chakras or chakra databanks.

Aura Reading of the Misery of Gladys

Yesterday, I was in session with Joseph J., reading his friend Gladys. After going into detail about gifts of the soul for this wonderful person, I started describing the STUFF.

As you regular readers at “Deeper Perception Made Practical” know by now, auras contain two types of information:

  • Gifts of the soul, magnificent and permanent and distinctive
  • STUFF, stored-up emotional and or spiritual debris at the astral and subconscious level. STUFF can always, always, always be healed.

Gladys had the saddest thing happening. In a social situation, she was still trying to act as a world server rather than simply a human being. In her case, that means being a very talented psychic.

At Gladys Root Chakra Databank about her Presence in the Room, she had virtually no ability to be with other people socially as herself. Joseph J. was a really good friend and he, if anyone, would have been a safe person for Gladys to visit with as, just herself. But she showed patterns all over her auric field of denying her human self.

The terrible mess o’ STUFF was related to a noble, but misguided, kind of striving. Gladys had been denying her human ego, her personal wishes and drives and points of view and feelings, all for the sake of connection to God.

When someone is Enlightened, the connection to God is so strong that it does dwarf the personal wishes and drives and points of view and feelings. But the goal is not the path.

You can’t become more evolved by trying to act as though you were yourself at a higher state of evolution. That’s like being on Rung 43 of a ladder and trying to behave as if you were on rung 53. The only way to get there is to start from where you are. Pretending to be higher up will slow down your progress, not speed it up, not one bit.

The terrible consequences for Gladys were a kind of whipping and beating down of her human self. Although she was doing this out of love for God, Gladys’ aura still was a horrible collection of self-smooshing STUFF. Not only did this diminish her clarity as a psychic…

I mentioned to Joseph J. that Gladys was setting in motion some terrible karma. Maybe you have noticed that, eventually, the way you treat yourself will out-picture as how others treat you. I fear that Gladys has, inadvertently, called in some rather dramatic experiences of having other people show her extreme disrespect, because that’s what she does to herself.

What If Only Your Heart Feels Good?

Joe got the point about all this, he really did. However, he told me the underlying reason WHY he had been trying to live from his heart chakra:

“Rose, when I pay attention to my solar plexus, or other parts of myself, I start feeling my human ego. It’s dark and heavy and, frankly, disgusts me.”

Here’s what I told Joe, just in case it winds up useful information for you to consider, or to share with someone you know:

“Remember the difference between GIFTS and STUFF. Your human ego is beautiful, as are all the rest of your chakras. The part that disgusts you is STUFF. It can always, always, always be healed. ”

With Joe, I could remind him that he had done six previous sessions with me and had been having wonderful, and cumulative, results.

Joe also appreciated the idea that, “Avoidance can’t fix, or prevent, the consequences, of having STUFF in your aura. Sure, you can ignore some parts of yourself and try to emphasize other parts, but that won’t help you in the long run.”

Yes, Joe got it. He gave up trying to do something that, if achieved, would have made his life a nightmare.

Aren’ t There Many Paths to Enlightenment?

Some of you Blog-Buddies may be furious by now. Aren’t there many sacred and effective paths to Enlightenment? Who is this Rose Rosetree to scoff at a path that sounds as beautiful as “Live from your Heart Chakra”?

First of all, I am not somebody who teaches ANY path to Enlightenment. Deeper Perception (aura reading, skilled empath merges, face reading) are not presented as paths to Enlightenment. They are basic Energetic Literacy in the third millennium.  This can support you on your spiritual path or religion of choice, helping you to perceive who really walks the walk, not just talks the talk.

Instead, besides teaching literacy, I work as a healer. I teach skill sets to remove STUFF within people’s aurasto support you on your spiritual path or religion of choice, like 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment® and the skills for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection to be in my upcoming workshop this October 15-17. (See details at and, incidentally, please forgive the webmaster and me for not having updated the home page in a while; we are both really busy getting my latest book to press, etc.)

Why would I need to develop a spiritual path or religion? Aren’t there plenty of great ones already?

However, there may also be some paths or religions that you have outgrown. At a certain stage of development, maybe at evolutionary rung 3, instead of 43, it would be hugely great to try to live from your heart chakra or put aside your personal ego. Energetic Literacy may help you to tell the difference.

One other thing, if you’re wondering just how well your current path suits you. Look to the quality of your life now, in everyday situations. Is it fulfilling? Do you feel good about yourself? Do you feel as though you are growing spiritually and materially?

If not, do not simply work harder. Do not redouble your efforts to whip your ego into submission, or speak in a super-sweet voice, or try even harder to listen to what your angels or Jesus would have you do?

At a certain point in my own progress up the ladder of evolution, I felt chronically miserable. It made no sense. My path was my life, and I had sacrificed everything else for the sake of it. Really, the amount of life I had left was pitiful — not that I noticed this at the time. I just knew I felt like a gray, rainy day every month of the year. It had been that way for years, come to think of it.

I took a deep breath and thought a new thought: “Is my commitment to God or to this path.”

Aha! For me, that was how I began to leave a cult that had given me some goodies but, mostly, left me stuck as a person, STUFF ridden and paying little attention to my human life.

Earth School is a superb place for evolution. Sometimes we evolve by committing to an ideology or belief system. We cling to it, even after we have outgrown it. That’s okay. That’s learning, too.

For a more joyful learning, you can move upward on those rungs of the ladder of your evolution. You can honor life by living from your full self, no matter what you call that.

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  1. 1
    Grace (formerly Ann) says:

    I enjoyed this post, Rose. I think that a distorted definition of ‘love’ has evolved in some spiritual communities, which is what brings about this imbalance.

    I remember a reading I had with Sonia Choquette around the time of my mother’s death, when I was faced with dealing with my seriously dysfunctional and very nasty brother regarding estate matters. I needed to stand up to him and not allow him to bully me any longer. He’d bullied my mother and had always done that to me, too.

    Sonia emphasized that this was the lesson, that justice is just as important as compassion. After the initial shock, this really did make sense and was a great growth experience for me. Led to much more self-respect and self-love. And I honestly think that in the long run, it was a more loving way to interact with him.

    I’m not sure where the ‘la-la’ sort of definition of love, and the living from the heart chakra came from, but what I’ve experienced in certain New Age-y communities I’ve since left is a fear of being honest on many levels.

    There’s a sickeningly sweet veneer of niceness, but I didn’t see the other parts of what I think make up the definition of love. I’ve met many people with their heads in the clouds, really ‘into’ a certain healing modality, but gosh, they can’t seem to ever make any money or have a clue what they’re going to do with this healing modality.

    I’ve spent time in that land as well and am grateful for the support I’ve received from you to focus on my human life. I know that in this lifetime (and my astro chart supports this, too), focussing on my human life, taking care of my body and health, bringing spirit into matter and creating a good life, all of this *is* my spiritual path.

    For the astro curious/literate, along these lines, the info conveyed in the North and South Nodes of the Moon is incredibly helpful. I know from this aspect of my chart that I spent lifetimes as a religious devotee, so to go off on meditation retreats now is a ‘been there, done that’ experience.

    And as we saw in my last session, Rose, it’s a vulnerability I fall back into when I get overwhelmed. I fall back into the old default pattern of pulling back from the mundane human aspects of life.

    I know that it’s crucial for me to stay focussed on my human life. And I actually think it’s fun and a relief!

  2. 2
    Jordan says:

    Rose, you seem to equate the “soul gift” level of ourselves, our real innate personality, with ego… is that true (from your perspective)? I think of ego as something completely separate from the lovely stuff-free parts of me. To me it’s something put in place to play the role of protector from all of our fears.

  3. 3
    Karin says:

    There is a meditation where one visualises the chakras as doors of the appropriate color and then one visualises entering into the chakra. One has to notice how the color of the door looks and what is inside the chakra.

    When doing this I felt uneasy in my throat chakra, but it doesn’t go away by trying to ignore it or to deny it’s existence. Maybe Joe would find something positive to his solar plexus chakra when doing this exercise?

  4. 4

    JORDAN, re your great questions in Comment 2, I do consider a person’s soul to be all about gifts. Maybe you’re familiar with my term for what is always in chakra databanks, “Gifts of the soul.”

    To me, your personal ego is another term for that set of fingerprint-like gifts, the many hundreds innate all of a person’s chakra databanks.

    (Newcomers to this blog, imagine the amazing you! 50 chakra databanks in every major chakra, and more in your sub-chakras.)

    STUFF can clog up any databank, Jordan. Although, as you know, STUFF can always, always, always be released.

    But there’s one more part to my answer. For clarity, I’m making it a separate post.

  5. 5

    JORDAN, in your Comment 2, you wrote “I think of ego.”

    And that’s the problem with experience for many people. Quite apart from the who-you-be at the level of auras,a person can have ideas as part of a current (or out-dated) belief system that demonize the aura.

    Even aura reading (full Stage 3 Energetic Literacy) has to work around our belief systems, ways of thinking, intellectual habits, emotional reactions at the conscious level.

    So maybe it is time to question what you have thought of as your ego. Maybe your own belief about this is due for an upgrade.

  6. 6

    KARIN, when you feel uneasy doing a meditation, and the experience recurs, there can be a few possible causes.

    It might be the technique itself. Or it might be long-term blockage. Or both.

    You might want to use your skill set for healing, or do a session with me with an intention like, “Open up my ability to communicate.”

    As for Joe, the funny(ish) thing is that the technique DID cause him to have an experience in his solar plexus chakra. It was a horrible experience, and one of the motivators for his booking the session with me.

    When we did our usual “After Picture” at the end, this STUFF was cleared up.

  7. 7
    Grace says:

    Excellent post Rose. Very refreshing, yet unpopular view. You cut to the chase about a lot of mythology and sacred cows (that need to be slain)… funny that came to mind, considering I’ve recently outgrown my identity of being a vegetarian for 20 years.

  8. 8
    Nick K says:

    Hey Rose! Great post today. Very inspiring and I’m once again reminded as to why your blog is one of the few I frequent, actually the only now that I think about it.

    I’ve been down the path of the path myself, and still find myself resorting back to that state of mind every once and a while, but there’s so much life to be lived and I can’t imagine discarding such major parts of myself simply for some STUFF that made me think I needed to in the first place!

    Thank you again.

  9. 9
  10. 10
    Francesca says:

    “Maybe you have noticed that, eventually, the way you treat yourself will outpicture as how others treat you. I fear that Gladys has, inadvertently, called in some rather dramatic experiences of having other people show her extreme disrespect, because that’s what she does to herself.”

    Hi Rose, Thank you so much for this gave me a lot to think about…especially the lines you wrote above. Thank you for sharing such amazing information on your blog.

  11. 11

    FRANCESCA, it is my delight to share this information. And you are my delight, too.

  12. 12
    Karin says:

    Interestingly it’s never a problem to live from the 1. chakra as like in the Western world (ego, money, property). I consider it much less of a problem to ‘try’ living from the heart chakra, after all it’s a nicer thing to aim to than the aims we have in the West.

  13. 13
    Kate says:

    Karin, as someone who’s recently gained a little more clarity about my own energy system, here’s my current, spontaneous opinion. It seems I’ve often walked around with my heart center wide open and it’s brought me a lot of other people’s pain. I won’t go into detail about unpleasant it’s been.
    My first chakra experience has been quite a struggle all my life so far. Very recently, I’ve refreshed my view of the material world and functioning in it. I do seem to fit in a bit better and being more objective is bringing balance, but a little goes a long way as far as holding my interest. It’s boring and listening to people talk when they seem to be mainly lower chakra activated is boring also. Maybe when I am more successful and balanced in my lower chakras it will seem more fun and meaningful. Or maybe I’ve been in less proximity to people who manage the Western world in a balanced way than I think I’ve been. Hopefully I’ll adjust; living unbalanced has really taken a toll.

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