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Personal Coaching for Empaths

Rose Rosetree, Empath Coach

The day will come when you thank your lucky stars you were born as an empath. I remind empaths of that often. Because it’s true.

And also because many an empath does struggle before becoming skilled.

It is not at all unusual for an unskilled empath to struggle because of the biggest problem with being the 1 in 20 people with a lifelong gift (or gifts) for being an empath.

Bishop Eddie Long, Aura Reading for Insight

Best Celebrity Aura Readings

Innocent before being proven guilty? Sure, that’s only fair. But what is really going on within the very public soul of Bishop Eddie, with his Atlanta megachurch and 25,000 followers, with his claim that lately he feels like David battling Goliath?

What is really going on when four different men have filed civil lawsuits, each one telling a story of sexual abuse when they were teenagers — similar patterns of being taken abroad on church trips, being given lavish presents. (Yes, I would call a gift car “lavish.” Stories where Bishop Eddie quoted scripture one minute and, the next, lured them into gay sex.

Who Is an Empath? Our Online Community's Empath Life List.

Teaching about Empath Empowerment, at this post and elsewhere, is a sacred process that may take you a while to understand. Stay with it for results that are very real.

Teaching Empath Empowerment(R), I’m a blur of motion. Maybe this post’s Empath Life List can help to empower you.

Whew, empaths around the world are finally beginning to know they are empaths. Let the process of Empath Empowerment® accelerate worldwide! In this post I’ll kick off an Empath Life List, similar to my Enlightenment Life List.

When I published the first book for empaths in English, even I didn’t use that word consistently. The title was Empowered by Empathy! (Note the absence of the word “empath.”)

The updated new title is The Empowered Empath: Owning, Embracing and Managing Your Special Gifts. That’s more like it!

“Empath” Is for Life

Today, many people are wondering if they are empaths. That makes sense because my research has shown that 1 in 20 people on earth now have been born as an empath, naturally talented for life.

Notice this important point, “Naturally talented” does not mean “Naturally skilled.” Just the opposite.

Similarly, curiosity about aura reading doesn’t mean you have developed skills of energetic literacy… although anyone could.

Empaths, What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You

Natural Living Expo Treats

Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Aura Reading Technique

For you local Blog-Buddies, the Pathways Expo is coming soon, Sunday October 3. Directions and a coupon for a discounted admission are still available at

Here I want to tell you about a new development about the Rose Rosetree part of the Natural Living Expo 2010.

Enlightenment Quiz — Answers

Here come answers to our Enlightenment Quiz (See that as a separate post).

Where does Rose Rosetree get such ideas? Fair question! See the end of this article.

1. Enlightenment shows to everyone who is intuitive.

Enlightenment Quiz

Rose Rosetree uses a technique of Energetic Literacy

Recently I was chatting with one of my friends who is on our Enlightenment Life List. “Gladys” was saying, “At night, I don’t dream. I just go traveling around the universe, helping out as needed. Guess I’m just one of those people who don’t dream.”

Laughing inwardly, I offered a suggestion. “With all the years I studied with an Enlightened master, I managed to get a pretty solid theory base about Enlightenment. Even though, as you know, I’m didn’t become Enlightened yet. 

Loris Essary in 2010, Still Misusing Rose Rosetree Credits for his Promotion of International Titles


Golly, with approach of the annual Frankfurt Book Fair, I am doing what is starting to seem like an annual ritual: Attempting to get Loris Essary to stop promoting himself and International Titles by bragging about his very former client Rose Rosetree. He was fired four years ago, in 2006.

This post is intended for members of the publishing community.

Consumer Smarts for New Age Services


So, you’ve heard about Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, and Energy Spirituality. (Specific examples might be Reiki, E.F.T., and Cutting Cords of Attachment.) Where is the best place to start?

Once you’ve started, how can you tell when to try something else?   

Cutting Cords of Attachment — Can That End an Addiction?

The idea hadn’t occurred to me until I learned about some startling research in my trusty Washington Post. On September 5, 2010, Ellen McCarthy reported on a study that appeared in the Journal of Neurophysiology. It didn’t have to do with cutting cords of attachment, but keep reading and I’m sure you’ll be able to connect some mighty interesting dots.

The research team was headed by psychologist Art Aron (the husband of another psychologist, Elaine Aron, who has written about Highly Sensitive Persons and pioneered this field). Aron, anthropologist Helen Fisher, and others studied romantic rejection.

If you have been through that icky terrain, be sure to keep reading. If you have friends who are stuck there now, in the pain swamp, please send them a link to the post. Okay, back to the research….

All subjects recounted heart-wrenching tales of woe, such as one who told an interviewer, “I can’t sleep. I just lie there, wondering what happened and what could have been.”

What Aron and his four fellow researchers did was to study activity in their brains. Their finding?

The romantically rejected don’t just have obsessive thinking and craving for emotional union. They think about the person who rejected them 85% of their waking hours. Also they may cry a lot, beg to be taken back, call and email a lot, and drink too much. Neurologically, this pattern is similar to what cocaine addicts suffer during withdrawal.

Newt Gingrich’s Aura as He Deals with Gray Slime

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What does it mean to live at a time of Gray Slime? Vibrations on earth are speeding up, which causes some humans to rejoice (and maybe read this blog!) Anyone may use free will to embrace life’s invitations to deeper perception, higher consciousness, with Enlightenment drawing ever nearer.

One reason to develop full Stage 3 Energetic Literacy is to chart your own progress on the level of auras during this time of quickening. Right now, you’re probably doing way better than you think you are. Part of the trickiness of living now, even if you do welcome quick evolution, is that you are having to deal with many people who do no such thing.