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So, how are you doing these days? And the people in your life, how are they doing?

Today’s topic is gray slime — an ongoing theme you can search in previous posts. Current observations have been inspired by some of my clients for sessions of RES Energy HEALING, Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®, and RES Energy READING. But this gray slime report also come from reading The Washington Post and paying attention to life as it unfolds around me. 

Mostly I find life to be full of sweetness and light, now more than ever. New vibrational freedoms are available to us now, collectively, we’re in the process of adjusting to this.

However, all that accelerated growth is also bringing out reactions that I call “Gray Slime.” What happens to people as they go along for the ride, not even knowing that such a ride is happening?

History or Histrionic?

Glenn Beck’s rally last weekend at the Lincoln Memorial wasn’t just about “Restoring Honor” or politics but religion. The Mormon called the nation to prayer, sounding urgent.

Or course people are feeling urgent. With so much releasing going on, it’s like having gray slime on your skin, in your clothes, in your body, in your environment.

Many people are so uncomfortable, they don’t know what to do. So they turn, for comfort and explanation and hope, to whatever source can speak to them at their level of consciousness. In some cases, Glenn seems like a good choice — which, to me, just shows how truly desperate and slime-ridden many people feel. I mean, look at the man as he speaks on TV. This man, someone to admire or, even, believe?

His fear-based tactics aren’t unusual, just Beck-like in their histrionic staging. I wonder if the many people today who fear “psychic attack” and “energy vampires” might do better to keep a watch out for “histrionic personality disorder,” as it explains so much about pop culture today.

Due to this new vibrational freedom, the STUFF already in a person’s aura feels more uncomfortable than ever. Releasing takes place in reaction to having all that STUFF. (Not to be confused with removing the STUFF, which requires skill sets such as self-help with techniques like 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®, Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology; or using the services of trained healers of all kinds who are also talented at healing and compatible with the client).

Releasing like crazy is like living in a vat of gray slime with no hope in sight. A person has choices in how to respond. These choices include:

  1. Welcome the chance to evolve, even if some purification is involved.
  2. Ride the momentum of that evolution; spend time, money, attention on actively getting STUFF out of your aura.
  3. Resist with all one’s might, then turn outward for people to blame.
  4. Resist and find people to fear.
  5. Resist and find people to tell one exactly what to do, a.k.a. Join or intensify participation in a cult.

Cult Mind Control vs. New Age

In pop culture, New Age is often equated with “cult.” A minority of New Age teachers and workshops would, unfortunately, meet the standard of “cult.” But so would many mainstream religions, political organizations, and even multi-level marketing companies.

Beck does seem to be intensifying his attempt to blend politics and religion at full-cult strength. Columnist Ruth Marcus described his rally today in her Washington Post editorial and offered a superb example of someone turning to Choice #5 listed above. Marcus quoted Andrea Carrasco, interviewed at Beck’s rally:

“She came, Carrasco said, to ‘ask God to restore the country. Our freedom is lost. My freedoms are lost. To be able to preach anywhere we want, to have God in our schools, to drive any kind of car we want and if I want to drive a gas guzzler, I can, if I want to eat a lot of sugar and salt, and I shouldn’t be forced to buy medical care.’

“Carrasco paused, but only briefly. ‘To be able to burn the kind of light bulb I want,’ she added. ‘The list goes on and on.'”

Of course it does. It’s like an angry teenager’s list, ranting against Mom and Pop. And why? The troubled teen is awash in hormones.

Remember how you felt, back in the day? That’s a bit like today’s gray slime.

I’d estimate that 40% of Americans, like Carrasco, find comfort in cults these days.

Cults, of course, are never labeled. With aura reading, you can find out how well people really are doing, in contrast to how they think they are doing. Although there is no one “cult” indication in an aura, you can find plenty of nuance and put the puzzle pieces together one person at a time.

Self-proclaimed religious leader Glenn Beck, for instance — compare his “Connection to Spiritual Source” chakra databank at the Third Eye Chakra with that of Dr. Martin Luther King, pictured above.

  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Inch-age at the third layer of his aura: 20 feet.

Huge, vibrant connection to God. Pulsating with inspiration — the photo was obviously taken while King was speaking. Joyful. co-creating in a totally spontaneous manner. High notes (as a wine taster might say) of peace and active connection to the Divine.

  • The “Rev.” and also, perhaps, “Philosopher-King,” Glenn Beck: Inch-age at the third layer of his aura: 2 inches.

Zero conscious connection to God. Fascination with himself. Satisfaction with himself.

You see, Blog-Buddies, one reason I long for aura reading to be as prevalent as Gutenberg literacy — and I mean full, Stage 3 Energetic Literacy — is that a Glenn Beck won’t be able to get away with posing as a religious authority when people can clearly perceive what is going on with his energy field. The man is like a so-called fashion authority who isn’t even wearing pants.

Psychic Vampires, Energy Vampires, and Psychic Attack

At this time, most Americans respond to gray slime by choosing fear-based options 1-4. In many cases, there’s a fear of terrorism or other political fears.

Example of crazy-confused due to gray slime? Here’s my favorite. USA Today has reported that only 34% of Americans now believe that President Obama is a Christian. He says he is. But why would that be good enough?

Nearly 1 in 5 believe that our president is a Muslim. And that’s up 11% compared to last year, you know, a year after Obama took office. How weird and fear-based is that?

But many New Agers substitute a different fear: Psychic Vampires, Energy Vampires, or Psychic Attack. Really, such fears could be considered a reaction to gray slime in a different guise, perhaps shaped by a bit of energy hypochondria.

Recently I did a first session of RES Energy HEALING with “Joe.” He was convinced that someone had to be attacking him, since he had lost three jobs in a row. Great guy, Joe, but he was dealing with a lot of STUFF; Joe still is in the very early stages of taking personal responsibility for his own STUFF and attempting to heal. A caring friend gave him the session with me as a gift.

It’s standard when I facilitate Energy Spirituality that I first I explain some basics to a new client. So I told Joe about auras, chakras, and chakra databanks. Joe had never heard of any of these before. Yet, as he talked a bit about his fears,  I asked him on a hunch, “Well, have you ever heard of energy vampires and psychic attack?”

Sure, that he had heard of. Remarkable, isn’t it?

I was able to tell Joe my favorite statistic about this big, and often convenient, fear:

In the thousands of sessions I have done with clients since 1986, many clients have come to me with fears of psychic attack, energy vampires, psychic vampires, etc. How many actually had such a problem? Nine. Exactly nine. And that includes Gladys’ cord of attachment where her client’s ex had engaged the services of a professional practitioner at voodoo.

Was I able to help Gladys and the others? Sure. I was also able to help the other clients who had real problems with STUFF that they had mislabeled. Anyone who works professionally to heal STUFF from auras needs to be able to diagnose the problem and then bring in the appropriate skill set, right?

This prevalent, inaccurate, self-diagnosis of “energy vampire, psychic attack,” etc. is one more reason to develop full energetic literacy — whether you are a healer, a self-healer, or simply a person who wishes to know what’s what with your own aura.

In Joe’s session, I facilitated moving out the kind of STUFF bothering him most, psychic coercion. That’s a completely different form of astral-level debris from truly being under attack. Or general malaise related to gray slime.

Skills of Spiritual Cleansing and Protection

Moving out STUFF is the best way to avoid that feeling of gray slime today. One resource is to learn the skill set Spiritually Sparkling® Skills.

Even very experienced energy workers, healers, and therapists aren’t usually trained in telling the difference between problems like these, let alone knowing how to remove them in an efficient manner:

  • Astral entitites
  • Extra-terrestrial entities
  • Psychic coercion
  • Negative thought forms
  • Psychic ties

I would love to teach you this skill set. Sure, you can learn how to detect and heal all these problems (and more) at my upcoming Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Workshop, October 15-17. Or request phone mentoring, which is done one 55-minute session chunk at a time.

Another choice is to have a regular session with me of RES Energy HEALING. I can facilitate healing one of the forms of astral debris listed here. When I make sound files of your session, I can do the healing part as a separate sound file, recorded in real time energetically, so that you can play it repeatedly as needed in weeks or months or years to come.

None of these forms of astral debris is an attack. When dust gathers in your house, is that an attack?

However you educate yourself, heal yourself, enjoy yourself at this great time in history, don’t be distracted by the prevalance of gray slime. It’s unpleasant but not contagious.

Blog-Buddy, your life belongs to you. Your own choices can help you to feel way more comfortable than poor Andrea Carrasco.

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  1. 1
    Ryan says:

    I have done an enormous amount of “inner work” the last few years, so things in my world have been getting better. As an example, I have been feeling this increasing sense of confidence that I do not think I have felt before in this lifetime.

    For many other people, however, their lives seem to be increasingly hellish. I have determined that I am not imagining this.

    Everywhere I see people increasingly coming unglued over minor things and having one problem after another at faster and faster rates. I have also been seeing the few people who prefer not to get sucked into such situations withdraw and go elsewhere, making things worse for the people who stay behind.

    One creepy thing that really gets my attention is the number of people where I live who have needed ambulances within the last two months. I have never seen so many people within a half-mile radius need so many ambulances in such a short period of time! I sometimes wonder if hospitals have noticed any trends in people needing more services.

    Despite the increasing amount of turmoil people seem to be experiencing, most of them still do not seem to ever consider actually doing anything about anything. I am always astonished by how many people have major problems and do not even fleetingly consider psychotherapy or anything else besides complaining.

    I increasingly feel like I am sitting in the audience in a theater with a handful of other people, and we are all watching some play that is both tragic and comedic. Thankfully I have the emotional detachment necessary so that I do not get sucked into other people’s grief.

  2. 2

    Interesting. I tried magic picture from “Becoming the Most Important Person in the Room” on Mr. Beck. I actually don’t watch him or know much about him, I just choose not to I guess.

    Belly chakra: He’s full of himself and he doesn’t always know which way to take it, what he’s going on about. Grandiose ideas about who he is and how important he is as a voice to others. He truly believes deeply what he’s saying is truth.

    Heart chakra reading in relation to communication: Not much there in communication. What is there is a bit cool. There’s a thin trickle of caring but more about what can be achieved now.

    Third eye and communication: He has a knack for stringing words together. He’s really into the rhetoric and to him it’s all an incredible truth he can deliver.

  3. 3

    ELAINE, such a great job, and my favorite part: “A bit cool.” 😉

  4. 4

    RYAN, eloquently put. Keep on holding that light!

  5. 5
    Grace says:


    Your post resonated with me. I, too, have been noticing that more and more people seem to be somewhere along the lines of hugely uncomfortable, cranky, complaining, or simply asleep at the wheel.

    I’ve gone through phases of utter bafflement and frustration, but now feel more comfortable with just doing my thing, staying safely detached where necessary, and being vigilant about keeping my energy in good shape.

    I’ve been amazed by the levels of pain, frustration, and unconsciousness people are willing to accept in their lives rather than take action to change it.

    I see just how powerful beliefs really are. My observation is that the folks I’ve met simply don’t seem to believe that it’s possible for them to make any changes.

    Makes me more and more appreciative that I’ve somehow always managed to find the courage and tenacity to make changes in my own life….there but for the grace of God go I…

    I also feel as if I’m watching a play. I’ve begun to quietly try out different techniques for functioning in places like my workplace, where there can be great pockets of grey slime and unconsciousness.

    This is one reason I got such a kick out of the Elton John reading and his choice in accepting Mr. Limbaugh’s invitation to sing at his wedding. I’ve found that it really isn’t worth the trouble to directly confront people who are deeply entrenched in certain beliefs. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t find ways to live my own integrity and navigate around them and their behavior! 🙂 This is how I view what Elton John was doing. He made a statement in his own way.

    A gift of my workplace is that I get to hang out with animation students learning to be animators from gifted and successful animators. One dear friend who is a wildly gifted animator has helped me embrace the value of absurdity.

    There is a cartoony quality to some of the threads of the polarization afoot in the culture these days. Which is also why I have a great love of Jon Stewart, who so brilliantly highlights the absurdity of it all.

  6. 6
    Amanda Flood says:

    It seems to me that the reported increase in spiritual vibration is actually resulting in a much exaggerated emotional intensity. The result – a lot of ‘I can’t’s, much exaggerated fears, and the sense of being helpless.

    Rose, your session with me the other day really hit something with a big clang for me. One thought years ago of ‘You must be a bad person’ had blown itself up in my mental experience (very uncomfortably I might add) into ‘You are the devil’.

    Sorry, but if that’s the result of so-called ‘raising of spiritual vibration’ then something’s really wrong. Any energy which increases a problem a hundredfold then says ‘if you’re not big enough to take it, get out of the kitchen’ isn’t the bees knees in my internal reading of life.

    If the planet’s not ready, why do it? If people aren’t ready, why are they being pushed? Big drama to force them to look at stuff? No. I just don’t buy it.

    I remember being taught that if you don’t like something on the spiritual level, you can ask for it to be reduced and it will be.

    So I’m wondering if perhaps this increase in spiritual vibration doesn’t have that much to do with God.

    If it does then sorry, God, but you’re definitely off my list of ‘people I want to have a cup of tea with’.

    Actually really rather annoyed,


  7. 7

    AMANDA, what an interesting set of observations, and I thank you so much for airing this.

    For my two cents, or teacup time, in response:

    As individuals, we do have some ability to slow down the pace of growing. I agree. But there are limits, it’s part of the perpetual tradeoff between free will and determinism.

    I don’t think the planet as a whole really does have the opportunity to pass up this accelerated ripening at this time. It’s like having a rose with the chance to either open that bud and bloom already vs. stay closed up and die, but either way growing season won’t last forever.

    Also, it seems to me that the Gray Slime experience happens when people DO try to resist growing, and keep on pushing and trying and shutting down. For the consequences, each person has full responsibility, and a chance to learn and grow as a result of the consequences that develop.

    However, I have met literally thousands of people over the decades who ARE actively pursuing a better life, Enlightenment, a cleaned-up aura — including YOU, actually 🙂 — and the improvements keep a person going, like the proverbial carrot. I think we get the stick after we keep ignoring our chances at the carrot.

  8. 8

    AMANDA, one more thought about your Comment 6, and “You are the devil”…

    You’re not the first person to have gone from “I don’t like” to “You are the devil.” In my experience working with clients, this kind of thing happens when:

    a) The client is carrying a lot of STUFF, such as anger and fear.
    b) The client’s background, and STUFF, includes “fear of the Devil.”

    All that can be released, in the ways you choose, with the techniques you choose. With this kind of thing I do feel that it is especially helpful NOT to think in terms of general social trends, or shifts in consciousness, but to seek out the healing you would feel appropriate for moving past such a difficult personal experience.

    Incidentally, one of the most helpful sessions I’ve done recently was helping my client Gladys to cut her cord of attachment to God. Most of us have quite an awful one, you know.

    Thanks so much for your deep sharing here at the blog, AMANDA.

  9. 9
    Suzanne says:

    I have also noticed many people coming unglued at this time, but it is seeming to me like a positive thing.

    For myself personally, it has been a watershed month. My life is upside down and it has never been better. There have been some huge happenings in my personal life. Reuniting with important people from my past, starting graduate school, a new job, etc. Huge changes in my goals, life situation, and personal identity.

    But I also notice that somehow this summer I seem to have jumped to a new level of handling my life. As if a whole lot of “latent” knowledge that I had is suddenly usable to me. Knowledge about relationships, knowledge about grounding myself, knowledge about metaphysics/philosophy etc. Theory moving into practice…

    Synchronistically, I find that many of my friends are going through really big changes as well. Relationships breaking up, new marriages starting, serious illnesses and deaths, new babies, damaged homes, buying new homes, job gain/loss. And what I notice is that whether people are having easy or difficult experiences they are intense experiences, and they crack people open. I find myself having real feeling conversations with people who that was never possible with before. Sometimes that happens when people come unglued…they become more open.

    Sometimes things have to fall apart before they can better. As long as our lives are functioning, no matter how miserable we might be, we tend to stay with the status quo. It’s when things fall apart that there is a chance to try a different way. This is what I believe is happening on both an individual and a cultural level. Many things about the way we live as a society are not sustainable. But maybe we first have to realize that the way we do things now is not working…

    I found out at a recent family reunion that some of my family members who used to be really intolerant/toxically religious/fundamentalist seem to have shifted and are now religious in a much more gentle way. That relatives who used to seem homophobic/racist to me now seem to have shifted. And that I myself somehow shifted and am able to accept and love my relatives in a way that was not possible before.

    “Quickening” to me is a word that really captures the feeling of this summer. And yes, I notice that that means a quickening of catastrophes as well…but overall, the feeling I have is of relief. The relief when a thunderstorm arrives after days of tense heat…

    Oh, and I vote for a reading of Jon Stewart.

  10. 10

    Quickening? I like that, Suzanne.

    Congratulations, BTW.

  11. 11
    Anita says:

    Very nicely put, Suzanne.

  12. 12
    Amanda Flood says:

    Thank you Rose and Suzanne for opening up perspectives 🙂

    I agree the improvements keep you going :), and I really, really believe I’m worth healing so I’m sure I will! Sometimes I do fall back into it, like I did above, but it’s not for so long these days and I can feel a ‘me’ going on underneath it from the work I’v done already which is an improvement in itself!

    Healing my ‘right/wrong’ stuff (my take on resistance) and letting things be OK as they are is an ongoing process.

    and lol, yes, I definitely have a cord of attachment to God! and look forward to having it cut 🙂

    Rose thank you for yet another wakeup call – saying it’s especially important not to fall back into thinking in terms of general social trends but focusing on myself. That’s so characteristic of falling back into the stuff and it’s REALLY helpful to be reminded of that.

    Off to have a fun day with the kids. Thanks again.


  13. 13
    Grace says:

    I had a lovely synchronicity the other day I’d like to share, along with a link to a website with uplifting stories in this time of Grey Slime.

    I happened upon one of the stories created by Storytellers for Good, an organization that chooses to tell positive and uplifting video stories. The story I watched was about a woman who helped out a woman at the checkout at Trader Joe’s by paying for her groceries. The recipient of this act of kindness had been upset at the realization at checkout that her wallet had been stolen.

    She repaid the good Samaritan and included $93 dollars extra, which the good Samaritan gave to a food bank. She asked her Facebook friends what they would’ve done with it and many were inspired to match the donation. What evolved is the “$93 Club,” which has donated somewhere in the neighborhood of $100,000 to this food bank.

    I was moved by the story and the quality of the storytelling and explored Storytellers for Good. They tell wonderful stories and I was inspired to write the director a note of thanks for this work. Her personal story is moving; after having to chase one more negative news story and inadvertently traumatizing an accident victim’s child in the process, she knew that she couldn’t keep doing that type of work and what unfolded eventually was this organization.

    I mentioned to her the synchronicity of my assignment to support the international students in a video storytelling class at my college and asked if she happened to know the instructor.

    Last Thursday before my video class, I was chatting with a friend and all of a sudden my eyes landed on the name of the director of Storytellers for Good. She’s also a teacher in this department! My brain was in slow motion taking this in, but I think she also walked by me in the hall as I was taking this in. Today I received a lovely note back from her.

    So in this era of Grey Slime and so much negativity being spewed by the news media, I wanted to share with you a little nugget of good.


  14. 14

    GRACE, how lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  15. 15
    Heather Crawford says:

    This was such a lovely post, Rose! It resonated very strongly with me 🙂

    I’m just sad it took me so long to find it! 😉 But thanks to your latest Newsletter, I was able to go back to explore previous posts that I neglected to read at the time they were posted.

    In fact, I was consciously avoiding reading this blog because I was resisting change that I knew I must make or continue to suffer, tremendously (or so it feels).

    I was always too busy and making excuses. But no longer! IT’S TIME!

    I truly hope to meet you IN PERSON one day, Rose! And I can’t wait for my next phone session with you next week!

    And I also feel the quickening. My hope is that it will mark a positive change for the world and for mankind.

  16. 16

    HEATHER, me too. Quickening isn’t boring, anyway!

  17. 17
    Dana says:

    I think you’ll never stop! This is one of the best blogs Ive ever read. Outstanding.

  18. 18
    Rachel says:

    Re: comment no. 8

    Wow! You can cut a cord of attachment to God? That’s fascinating. I’d love to hear more.

    Do you think we really have cords to “God” or simply to “our probably outdated notions of who or what God is?”

  19. 19

    Many of my clients have requested cutting their cord of attachment to God, or to Jesus, or to Buddha.

    It’s often a giant step of spiritual growth.

    Remember, in any session of RES Energy HEALING you can have an intention that bears no relationship to a candidate that you name for cutting a cord of attachment.

    So if, during a session, you are interested in this you can request that candidate, provided that it is appropriate for you to receive this type of healing during your session. (And usually it is.)

  20. 20
    Amy O says:

    Comment 19 is really useful! I thought you had to match the intention to the person, though saying that now it does seem silly!

  21. 21

    Thanks, AMY O. Even clothes today don’t have to be matchy-matchy. 🙂

  22. 22
    Sheldon says:

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