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How the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth


“The meek shall inherit the earth.” Surely you’ve heard these words since you were young.

Who are the meek, exactly?

The poor? Not necessarily. For starters, “the meek” can be the humble-hearted,  as in, “I may know better than others sometimes but gawrsh, I’d better hide that and not make waves.”

Meekness can be felt or expressed in very different ways — just like arrogance, actually. Only in a different manner.

Which Kind of Person Deserves to Be Described as “Meek”?

In case there’s any doubt in your mind about yourself, and whether such a smart, nice, talented person as you might possibly count as meek, hello! Let me break it to you.  At Earth School, nobody wears proper signs. At Earth School, anyone with even one of the following attributes does count as meek:

  1. Highly sensitive persons (HSPs)
  2. Empaths
  3. Smart people who go in hiding much of the time to avoid seeming “arrogant”
  4. People who use a small “i” when they write, in order to stand out as exceptionally smart or cool or ironic
  5. Loving people who are not using their power
  6. Inspired, spiritually questing people who are not using their power
  7. People whose childhoods involved abuse or marriages
  8. People meekly hiding out while smoking pot (a.k.a. marijuana, weed)
  9. People who use that popular depressant, alcohol, to stay meekly hidden.
  10. People who can’t lose weight, because the weight is used as a form of social humility (“I won’t look better than others, don’t worry.
  11. People with failed marriages, disappointing children, people who have been humbled by life one way or another
  12. People who refuse to blame others as much as they blame themselves
  13. People who don’t get much respect and, unlike Rodney Dangerfield, aren’t not paid for the privilege
  14. People who don’t earn as much money as they deserve
  15. The older your soul age, the more likely you are to have a humble heart and act meek.

The list goes on. Any attribute like these would earn a person “meek” status. So if you have suffered due to being meek and humble, now you can admit it. Officially, yes, you are meek.

So You’re Meek. So What?

Let’s consider that “who” question settled and go on to ask the one that not only matters more but is very, very timely. How, exactly, can the meek inherit the earth?

You’ve heard that idea since childhood, right? Undoubtedly, in the back of your mind you have formed a picture of how “The meek shall inherit the earth.” Well, what have you been expecting, exactly? For instance:

Option 1: When the meek get really, truly meek enough, so turn-the-other-cheeky they are humbled right down into the ground, Jesus will come again and hand everybody a Twinkie. Or maybe a key to the city.

Option 2: When the meek die, they will get a free trip to Heaven. Where they will inherit….

Hold on. Four out of five American Christians today don’t yet believe in reincarnation. So how can that inheritance help much? After all, the saying isn’t “The meek shall inherit heaven.”

Auric Modeling of the Meek

In my work with clients, I often use Stage 3 Energetic Literacy (like word literacy, but for the Age of Awakening) to read auras in depth and detail.

Whenever I do aura healing, I’ll find out what on earth is going on in my client’s aura. (As you long-time Blog-Buddies know, telling tales of these sessions, I change details of identity and use the witness protection-type names of “Joe” and “Gladys.”)

Often Joe or Gladys has a problem that could be called a “Meekness issue.” Actually, as was the case 7 out of my 7 clients yesterday, everyone one of them did have  a “Meekness problem” that affected career or present love life or basic self-esteem.

An important fact of (spiritual) life for them, and for you, is auric modeling.

Three cheers for Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. With it, you can check out that auric modeling consciously whenever you choose. Otherwise, all the exchange of information happens between people just at the level of auras and subconsciously.

Aura Healing Needed?

So meekness is not just an attitude.

Nor can it be “cured” by taking an assertiveness training course, doing psychotherapy, or balancing your chakras.

Auric modeling is far more important than most people (today) know. Unless your aura shows strength all the way to your chakra databanks about power and personal presence, you’re going to be treated as though you’re meek.

It’s like wearing a huge subliminal sign that reads “Kick me.”

Depending on the STUFF stuck in an aura, there will be different ways a person is driven to unintentional meekness.

The STUFF could be related to any of the 15 kinds of STUFF that have been identified in the field of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

Sometimes, though we can have a lot of STUFF removed and still live in the old meek patterns. In that case, we haven’t caught up yet, with a lifestyle and social skills to match the new, improved auric modeling.

Daring to Be Yourself

Gladys is one of my 20-something clients who is in school, without getting much respect from her parents. They see a confused college kid who doesn’t seem to have much sense of direction.

Yet Gladys is doing something wonderful, brave, and important. She doesn’t tell her parents the alarming truth about most of her peers:

  • Most of them are binge drinking or drugging or f-ing their brains out on a regular basis.
  • All these young adults are struggling with a far more complex and difficult world than their parents knew back in the day.
  • Even those kids Gladys’ parents think are doing so well… these young Yuppies-in-Training… are going through motions, following what their own parents want in a mechanical way, jumping through hoops as they have been trained to do. These young adults are like midlife crises, or other “accidents” waiting to happen. Gladys wants to prepare herself for a happy and fulfilling life, and so she won’t settle for living fake.
  • Many of those “successful” kids have a secret technology habit that has them “friending” and tweeting for hours every day. While Gladys insists on engaging in real activities with real people, having real workouts instead of virtual ones.
  • And she’s actively engaging in soul searching about what she truly wants to do with her life.

Over the years, Gladys has done about two dozen sessions with me, both phoners of aura healing and in-person Energy Release Regression Therapy. She has cleared out loads of STUFF. Now she’s, finally, changing her social skills and self-images to reflect that stronger social modeling.

By the end of that session, she resolved to take vigorous action to pursue her career dreams, and also speak up more with her parents.

  1. Maybe they need to know what she is NOT doing, rather than meekly shielding them from worry with her silence.
  2. Maybe Gladys’ parents need to hear the truth about the kids they hold up to her as big examples to emulate.
  3. Maybe t wouldn’t hurt if she would brag a little about the outstanding job she is doing.
  4. Casting meekness aside, she might tell her folks about the courage it takes, and how often she must go it alone, and why? Because her chosen lifestyle is so counter-culture among her peers.

Gladys deserves credit for following a rather solitary path, at present. As they say in Texas, “It ain’t bragging if it’s so.”

Coming out at Work as Empowered

Even when your auric modeling is mighty, old habits of meekness can cause a person to suffer in his or her career. Take Joe for example. Yesterday we did a session related to a hypocritical, power-hungry new man at Joe’s workplace, Mr. G.

Having read Mr. G.’s aura, I can validate Joe’s worries that this new man really does project a huge facade that is completely at odds with who he really is. This personality projection distorts his auric modeling, making it seem much better than it really is.

What a great job Mr. G. does, through auric modeling, of concealing his personal mission of self-aggrandizement!

He displays the kind of auric modeling where Stage 1 Energetic Literacy or even Stage 2 Energetic Literacy wouldn’t really help. Why not?

  • If you just pay attention to the overall energy coming from Mr. G., he is almost princely in his generous concern for everyone and sincere desire to be part of the team.
  • However, with Stage 3 Energetic Literacy you can research any chakra databank you like. Quickly, you can distinguish between this big and compelling facade being projected at G.’s root chakra versus his who-you-be at the Root Chakra databank about Presence in the Room at Work.
  • He is like the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Like Gladys, Joe has done loads of sessions with me and is, aurically, nearly unrecognizable compared to when we first met.

The gifts of his soul were always splendid. But now they are expressed more. We have removed layers and layers of STUFF, including ones that made Joe way too meek in the workplace for his own good. (Or his career advancement.)

After cutting the cord of attachment to Mr. G., Joe and I did some in-depth exploration of Joe’s career beliefs, habits, and options. Turned out, the thing that upset Joe the most was this: 

It happens so often. Somebody talented comes to work with me, and I am all excited about working with him and learning from him. Then he turns out to be so deeply flawed and power hungry, that I can’t work with him at all. I go into hiding. I try to avoid him. And once again I feel so disappointed that here is someone I could have learned from in a constructive way, yet now I can’t.

As we talked, Joe realized that this pattern had gone on for his entire career. Except now it bothered him more. Why now?

Because meek Joe is getting ready to inherit the earth. Hiding in that old way doesn’t work for him any more. (And it wouldn’t do nearly as much good now, clashing with his spunkier auric modeling.)

Sure, Joe is going to do the smart thing at work and avoid Mr. G. in the usual  discreet ways.

But Joe has already gone to their boss with a timely warning, considering that boss and other employees are currently besotted with this charming new guy around the office. And it seems as though Joe is getting ready to exert his leadership in other ways, too.

What is a leader, anyway?

Is Governor Sarah Palin a good example of leadership? As in “I’m Governor and, due to my superb, important leadership, I will resign mid-term”? I don’t think so.

Many of the meek shrink from this contemptible type of leadership, ego-based and pushy. Sure, it’s common, though not usually as cartoonish as the version provided courtesy of Ms. Palin, the Mamma Grizzly.

Sure, most of the richest people in the world right now are leaders in that style. (And this isn’t simply a theory. Writing Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy, I did aura-level “interviews” of the 50 Richest People in America and 50 Richest People in the World, among others.)

But that nasty way of trying to inherit the earth is optional.

Joe and Gladys, both, are discovering a more soulful, authentic kind of leadership. They can copy the energy secrets of the seriously rich and influential, but do it in a far nicer way.

Joe and Gladys respect their own strengths. They are using their gifts. Finally, they are starting to step out with confidence.

Maybe Joe doesn’t need to learn from people at work as much as he thinks. Maybe there’s a reason why these workplace teachers keep disappointing him. Given his absolutely brilliant mind, impeccable skills and, now, spiffy-clean auric modeling, maybe it is time for this humble servant of others to acknowledge the truth. He can use his power. He can find acceptable ways to stand up against a bully like Mr. G.

Through appropriate speech and action, Joe can become a teacher to others — inspiring those who wish to learn.

But what matters more? He can stop reflexively humbling himself at work.

He can give himself license to be important and valued in his own world. He can consider himself superb at his job, graduating at last from  “meekdom.”

Inheriting the earth in this way doesn’t require a great big honking ego. It’s like becoming an adult rather than an adolescent.

Remember when you made that big step in life?

Nobody can give you that status but yourself.

I’m ready. Are You?

After 40 years in the New Age field, I still care enormously about helping people to gain Enlightenment and use their full potential in life. I love the work that I do with Aura Healing and Transformation.

ALL the skills of Energy Spirituality aim to bring about Enlightenment, my priority in life since I first learned about it in 1969.

But something is changing for me. I have developed an equally strong passion for helping life’s sweet, smart, meek people to become truly effective. People can move into Enlightenment and make good money, too.

And we have a great deal of choice about whether either one happens to us in this lifetime.

Over the years, I have gone from meek to mighty. Not Palin-vainglorious, but living as someone with confidence, able to Magnetize Money appropriately.

I have become someone who aims to make changes in this world, not just aim for Enlightenment and ignore my householder responsibilities.

Helping long-term clients like Joe and Gladys, I’m thrilled at their growth toward Enlightenment. Equally I’m delighted by their improved auric modeling. They are expressing mo9re and more of their potential to be way more effective, glorious householders.

Do it however you like. Just pursue it the best way you can.

  • Get STUFF out of your aura.
  • Wake up a stronger soul expression.
  • Claim the full power of your auric modeling.

The time to do it is now. Our world needs strong people to take action. Reflective people can become effective people.

And when the meek wake up, they really do become mighty.

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  1. 1
    Grace says:

    I really love this post, Rose! Another synchronicity…I love it when I’m in the process of a change and I’ll read a post that describes what it is that’s unfolding. Yes, it is about becoming more powerful in a way that fits. This is what I love about studying Nonviolent/Compassionate Communication.It provides the language tools to help the meek make powerful requests that don’t come across like demands.

    I will share a ‘Grace-Name-Change’ tale that seems to be along the lines of what you talk about here.

    The other day, I called my dear massage therapist to schedule a massage. I have an iPhone that often drops calls and have spoken with ATT a few times about the poor service and have gotten money back on my service twice. (why I stay with my iPhone and ATT is another tale for another time and a bit more complicated…)

    This time, the phone never rang with Sophia’s return call, but for some reason went straight to voicemail. After setting up the session, I decided to call ATT.

    I was aware of how ‘un-meek’ my energy was, yet not angry. I was clear and direct in my request. I explained that, once again, the phone service didn’t work, I didn’t feel that ATT was keeping up its end of our contractual agreement, and that I would like a credit made to my account.

    I loved the divine humor of my agent’s name: Dan (I don’t know the spelling, but it sounded like…) Da Man. As in “you da man!”

    Dan’s responded by saying he was so sorry I was having this problem and then he asked how much I wanted. No sales pitches. No long-winded tales of the ‘new cell tower going up in your neighborhood soon!’ No excuses along the lines of “We can’t guarantee service inside a building.”

    I told him $50 would be good, more would be better.

    He said, “OK, I’ll give you $60. Actually, $66.63, with tax.”

    I was stunned at how simple this was. I thanked him and that was that! As he said good-bye, he said, “If you need me again, remember, I’m Dan Da-Man!”

    I thought, yep, you ‘da man’! 🙂

  2. 2
    Brenda says:

    When confronted by the “great and powerful Oz” Dorothy said“I’m Dorothy, the small and meek”.

    …story of my life growing up in the shadow of authority figures.I think it’s time for me to cut my cord of attachement to that ultimate authority figure, God! (no disrespect intended God) oh,I’m being meek again! lol

    Meek suggests having no courage or self respect – in other words being a doormat.

    It seems that it didn’t always have that meaning. According to Emmitt Fox, Jesus meant by meek: “a combination of open-mindedness, faith in God and the realization that the will of God for us is always something joyous and interesting and vital, and much better than anything we could think of for ourselves.” And when you have this quality you inherit the earth or control of your own manifestation. Earth is one of those code words in the bible meaning manifestation.

    hmm, was there some intentional manipulation of the word ‘meek’ over the last 2000 years?

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    I know HSPs who are the opposite of meek, maybe initially in an attempt to compensate their lack of presence in the room.

  4. 4
    Valerie says:

    Oh how inspiring! Thank you, ROSE!

    Thank you, GRACE!

    Thank goodness there are people like you to remind the meek that they’re strong as steel on the inside, but have been conditioned to hide from their power.

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