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Energetic Vampiring and Protection with Cutting Cords


Gladys wrote to me scared.

“I know that you are very busy and that you must receive a lot of emails. If/when you get a chance, please let me know what you think of this article re: energetic cords.

“Is energetic vampiring with cords possible? Is it cause for concern? How do you (really) know if a anyone is ethical?”

This inquiry came at a time I was planning to write on the topic of psychic vampires, energy vampires, psychic attack. A fine synchronicity, because all these themes will come together as I respond to the article that frightened Glady — and how many other healers and clients?

First, some important definitions. There are quite a few. If you’re sure you know them all, skip past these red paragraph headings to the rest of the article. All these terms are important for understanding New Age in the third millennium.

Cords of Attachment, Energetic Cords

Cords of attachment are a natural part of life, like germs and immune systems, spiders and vultures. You get one cord of attachment per relationship per lifetime — not with every relationship. A cord develops when first you become strongly interested in any person. At the same time, you receive a spiritual tie.

No cord of attachment is “good,” as in pleasant or helpful or enjoyable. For decades, New Age practitioners have been cutting cords of attachment.

When I prepared to publish the first (and still only) how-to book on “Cut Cords of Attachment,” I googled the term and found three screens. Last week I googled and found 1,300,000 hits. So many more people  are interested in this technology, but many of these people are deeply confused, ill informed. And I would agree with Christina Barea, the author of the article being critiqued in this post: Some practitioners are unethical.

Yes, cords of attachment are energetic structures. So, in a narrow sense, they could be called “energetic cords” but this is too vague a label for anyone who is serious about being a consumer or a practitioner when it comes to cutting cords. And I am, personally, pretty serious about this form of healing, even if I retain a sense of humor in general.

In case you forward this post to anyone, here’s a summary of my credentials in this field. I have worked professionally with clients specializing in this form of healing since 1986, over 25 years. I have facilitated thousands of sessions where I cut a cord of attachment permanently and completely. I have the only trademark in America in this field, 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®. Thus, very much like Ms. Barea, I do care deeply about ethics and quality with this kind of healing.

If someone is so vague about what kind of energy cords are made of, how can you trust the healing process? A doctor ought to be able to know names like “kidney” and “lung,” not just “body organs.” And who would trust a cardiologist who refered to “that pumpy thing”?

Etheric Cords

Speaking of expertise, if you encounter someone who refers to cords of attachment as “etheric cords,” at a minimum… raise your eyebrows. I know at least one famous clairvoyant psychic who sees them that way and refers to them that way. But she’s not an expert at this form of healing and with all respect to the rest of her work, in this case, the statement is totally inaccurate.

Why does it matter? To remove cords of attachment effectively, I recommend making an “Energy Sandwich” where you as a human healer co-create the healing with a Divine (etheric) being. This works because cords of attachment are astral, not etheric.

If you look elsewhere at this blog, or the main Rose Rosetree website, you’ll find definitions of chakra databanks that include gifts and STUFF.

  • Gifts of your soul, showing up in your aura, are etheric (a.k.a. Divine or spiritual).
  • STUFF in your aura, which would definitely include cords of attachment, is astral (a.k.a. Celestial or psychic).

Psychic Vampires, Energy Vampires, Psychic Attack

So many people today are very afraid of these things. Is it the popularity of vampire movies and novels? Is it fear related to Gray Slime? (Use the SEARCH box, to find more articles on this theme.)

These terms make many people cringe. Me, too. But not because I’m scared of them. These fear-based, fear-generating ideas are very popular for people whose idea of personal growth means “discovering you’re a victim” or “blaming others.”

Having done many thousands of personal sessions since 1986, I’ve had plenty of clients who came to me with fear and trembling (if not quite “sickness unto death” 😉 ) because of their terror about psychic vampires or energy vampires or psychic attack or voodoo.

Bedbugs have been making a comeback in America these days, not voodoo.

I’ve been keeping a count of how many clients really were suffering from psychic attack or psychic vampires or energy vampires. Until last week, I would have told you nine. But last week, I facilitated a session for my beloved long-term client Joe. When I facilitated cutting a cord of attachment for him, there was a problem of psychic attack. His cordee, Josephine, came from a third world country where black magicians abound. It was well known in Josephine’s family that she was hiring black magicians to attack Joe.

Joe is doing fine now, BTW. And my career statistic has gone up to 10. This is still so very much less than 1% of my clients…

Vampiring and Cording

As a recovering English major, I do love making up words. Like “chakra databanks,” which first appeared in Cut Cords of Attachment in 2007. I may have mentioned elsewhere on this blog that last week I googled it and was delighted to find that it now scores well over 71,000 hits.

However I’m not fond of either of these new words.

“Vampiring” makes it sound as though people can just choose to become psychic vampires and energy vampires, quick as putting on a Halloween costume.

I don’t think so.

“Cording” is supposed to mean that a person somehow actively creates a cord of attachment. This is preposterous. See the definition, above, of “Cords of Attachment.” God makes them, not people. There is one per relationship per life.

That means you have one only, no matter. The cordee could also have one to you, but that’s none of your business. It doesn’t affect your life, whether or not the cordee keeps that cord of attachment or has it permanently removed. (To understand why, check out another term I got to create, “Divine Homeostasis,” which you can learn about in the how-to, Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing.

Energy Hypochondria, Spiritual Hypochondria

Hey, speaking of made-up terms, I did make these two up. Both mean “Being scared about energy-related things, psychic things, paranormal things, being mysteriously attacked.”

Sometimes New Age newbies start worrying in a new direction, not their psychological complexes  or whether The Devil is pursuing them (popular second millennium and first millennium fears, respectively) but blaming any little or big thing in your life not going well on “causes” like psychic attack and energy vampires.

So far, these are popular fears in the third millennium, but I don’t think they’ll last long because of…

Energetic Literacy, Aura Reading

These are the new literacy skills of the third millennium. And, of course, I mean Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, being as good at reading auras as you are, right now, at Gutenberg literacy. To learn more about this, see my upcoming book, due for publication this November, Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy: 10 Secrets for Success and Prosperity in the Third Millennium. Or simply type “Stage 3” into the SEARCH box, above.

When you can do regular-old reading — fluent, effortless, easy, detailed — on the level of auras, a whole lot of things become clear. Think about how confusing, complicated, and downright scary life would be if you couldn’t do regular reading! Then add the element of even greater mystery, appropriate to the perception of subtle energies, and you’ll appreciate how hypochondrias about energy can dissolve once there is real literacy.

Sunshine is the best disinfectant. For energy hypochondria, full literacy works just like sunshine.

Well Prepared Now, Let’s Critique that Article

Christina Barea wrote:

  • “Subtle energy is impossible to tag, measure and control for the purposes of accountability and a few energy medicine practitioners are happy to abuse their power.”

Actually, subtle energy is totally possible to tag and measure. Two words: Energetic Literacy.

  • When there really is skill, of course there is control.

“Control” sure is greater when a healer has skill. I do think that quality control matters a great deal for New Age practitioners of all kinds. Practitioners need to develop real skill sets, such as 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment® (This is surely not the only method that works, but a tested one that delivers quality control.)

In any field, some practitioners abuse the trust of their clients. Hello! That’s why it always pays to be a smart consumer. What would help a lot? Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. For one thing, you can find out if a healer has the standing energetically to be someone who would help you, rather than being awash in STUFF.

Incidentally, I’m not  impressed that Barea refers to a big range of healers as “energy medicine practitioners.” My friend, Donna Eden, has trademarked a particular system of Energy Medicine. She has lovingly, purely worked to create a large base of highly skilled and ethical practitioners.

“Energy workers” are not necessarily trained and qualified in Donna’s system, so it is pretty inaccurate to confuse these two groups, isn’t it?

What do energy healers do, anyway?

Christina writes, “Energy workers are healers who use the subtle vibrations of their body, the body of their clients and environmental energies to promote relief from various types of conditions from emotional to physical to mental.”

Personally, I think it is really important to understand that all healers specialize.

  • Some work with skill sets that focus on healing with energy that starts by accessing the physical, including local Body Whisperer Lynne Porzel, Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine, Janet Mentgen’s Healing Touch, Reiki, Barbara Brennan’s work, many New Age-oriented massage therapists and Christina’s pwn specialty, Qigong.
  • Some work with skill sets that focus on healing with energy that starts by accessing emotions, including Energy Psychology,  EFT, hypnosis.
  • Some work with skill sets that focus on healing with energy that starts by accessing the spiritual self, including the system of Energy Spirituality I have developed, including cutting cords of attachment; a full skill set for releasing astral debris like psychic coercion developed by Teaching of the Inner Christ, which I will teach in an adapted version this October in the Spiritual Cleansing and Protection workshop (Ethical point: I was authorized to teach this skill set in 1986); a uniquely effective set of regression therapy techniques developed by Coletta Long, Ph.D., which I offer to clients, but do not teach, in the adapted form called Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.

What do Energy Healers Do, Really?

According to Ms. Barea, “When energy workers are sending clients into a state of peace and encouraging them to relax, they are in fact, opening up the person’s defenses in order to fix the perceived problem. The client is focusing on perhaps some guided mental imagery and enjoying the soothing music while the practitioner is busy moving energy to promote the desired result. Up to here, the process is entirely normal and relatively safe.”

Since Ms. Barea has lumped together all practitioners, including the three very different specialties noted above, of course this is generalization is ridiculous.

Speaking about how I help clients to cut cords of attachment:

  • Clients do not have to be in a state of peace to benefit from a session.
  • They are not encouraged to relax. I just ask that they speak English, or have an interpreter handy, that they not be asleep or drunk. Hello!
  • There is no guided mental imagery or soothing music.
  • Most important: I am not personally moving energy. Every session I do is co-created with my client’s choice of Divine being, such as God or Jesus or Archangel Gabriel or Buddha.

More inaccurate generalizations

I do want to make clear that I am not writing this article to personally attack Ms. Barea. Like her, I care deeply about ethics and quality control in all forms of healing. That is why I was so concerned to read this article and the fear it generated in Gladys, as well as the way it could sour many potential clients on the true healing power of cutting cords.

Barea’s article generalizes in ways that are full of inaccuracies. Here is a short sampling of more such statements. In terms of my treatment model as a practitioner, my actual practice with individual clients, my work in this field for over 25 years, my trademarked systems, my published books, and my sense of fairness, I have to say “No, no, no.”

As noted at the top of this post, you can enjoy reading and evaluating her full article. [By the time of this edit, the link is now defunct.] And of course it’s important to decide for yourself.

  • Every person has energetic cords to places and things that are important to us? NO, not true.
  • Healers identify all of a client’s cords? Not this one, ever! I would consider that unethical.
  • Healers decide which cords to leave alone and which to remove? No, hardly.
  • Healers can purposely set up energetic links to their clients? Many problems related to this have been seen in my practice over the decades, but never this one.
  • Cords of attachment can be accessed by a healer to vampire a client? No, I haven’t encountered that. Period.
  • A good way to protect yourself is to monitor phrases used by the healer. Christina gives the example of “that makes you feel sad.” Not really, IMHO. I think I understand what she means here, but Energetic Literacy would be a better way to use consumer skills. Common sense would help, too. What are the healer’s credentials. How does the healer describe her or his work?

Conclusion: Be Very Afraid?

I’m very glad Christina Barea wrote this article, also happy that Gladys sent her question. Ethics and professionalism are important. In fact, quality control is a major theme in Cut Cords of Attachment: Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality.

By now you have probably guessed the answer to Gladys’ questions:

 1. “Is energetic vampiring with cords possible?”  No, and it’s a confusing term in the first place.

2. “Is it cause for concern?” No. But I would be concerned about a healer’s knowledge base and degree of Energetic Literacy — for anyone raising questions like this, arousing fears about this. As cords of attachment have become more popular, increasingly you will find experts in other areas who add on “cutting all your cords” or similar goodies.

It’s really akin to having a restaurant owner offer you a mint before leaving. Practitioners who have excellent skills in other fields (and I suspect this is true of Christina Barea, incidentally) are trying to stay current, or market themselves better, by adding this trendy thing called cutting cords.

This may not apply to her, but many practitioners today don’t know much about it but have had tiny bits of training, or have picked up a few ideas from the Internet, and consider themselves experts.

Personally, I have a small range of skill sets. I don’t say, in the last few minutes of a professional session, “Shall I give you a full-body massage?” or “Would you like me to cure your neuroses?”

Yet my husband received a Magnified Healing session from a practitioner who did say, in the last five minutes, “Would you like me to cut all your cords of attachment.” (I’m very fond of this practitioner. She is deeply ethical in other respects.)

Another practitioner I know is a fabulously talented, rigorously trained Regression Therapist. Yet she did some really shoddy work on a friend of mine in the name of cutting cords. I talked to Mme. X on the phone, trying to interest her in learning more about this topic and imploring her to not claim to cut cords of attachment as she has been doing. In response, Mme. X told me, “Rose, you are too rigid about what it means to cut cords of attachment.”

Try getting a trademark in a new field unless you have a pretty definite idea about what the heck you are doing.

Blog-Buddies, I’ve had clients who were given empty offers to cut their cords of attachment after receiving a massage, Reiki, and other energy work. What will make this stop? Articles like this one, I hope, plus my response to it. Evidently some consciousness raising is needed, and I’m grateful to Ms. Barea for starting the online conversation. It is sorely needed.

3. How do you (really) know if a anyone is ethical? Check this out in the usual ways, such as reading articles and websites, collecting references, checking with the Better Business Bureau. If you have Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, you can always read the person’s aura in detail from a regular photo, and that is the very best consumer protection in life.

A person can, unfortunately, be ethical but ignorant. And that’s where, before hiring anyone to help you, in the New Age marketplace or elsewhere, it’s wise to be a smart consumer. Everything “energy” is not created equal.

High Consciousness Doesn’t Mean Omniscience

Like Ms. Barea, I value ethics enormously. So, before posting this article, I decided to get contact information for her. I want her to have a chance to know about this article and respond to it, whether as comments or as a full Guest Post. Her choice. And I’ll be emailing right after making this post go live.

Preparing for this, I found her photo, and did some aura reading on it. Is it ever magnificent. I can’t quite add her to my Enlightenment Life List, but this lady is very, very evolved.

How could it be that someone so spiritually magnificent could write so many mistaken things about cords of attachment? My theory is this:

Whatever our level of consciousness, we form opinions based on what we know so far. Enlightenment doesn’t bring omniscience. Christina Barea’s website explains that “For more than 10 years I’ve been practicing martial arts and for the last 5, treating health issues with Medical Qigong.”

Five years of professional work in Medical Qigong does not mean the same thing as being an expert at cutting cords of attachment. I worked as a mind-body-spirit professional starting 1970, and didn’t start doing this particlar part of my sacred work professionally until 1986. And, of course, I have FOCUSED on the various skill sets I write books about and teach.

Blog-Buddies, I really look forward to the day when this type of healing, and all the emotional and spiritual specialties of healing, are not consigned to the category of physical energy healing. Many people who are very talented and knowledgeable about energy medicine are not specialists in the other types of healing. Certainly, I don’t pretend to be talented in the physical aspects.

Just last night, I had a new client who had ignored her confirmation email. She told me she wanted me to help her with a health problem. I said, “I’m not qualified to do that. I specialize in emotional and spiritual healing.” Which is true.

I suspect that Ms. Barea’s article was the equivalent of my writing an opinion piece about how to fix somebody’s foot. One final point that you might want to consider, something also not generally known at present:

Enlightenment is separate from Energetic Literacy

Yes, even people with Spiritual Enlightenment do not yet have full Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. And gaining this literacy doesn’t make someone Enlightened. It just helps a person to know what is going on.

We live at a historical time when big releasing is taking place. It’s important to hold to your truth, to live with ethics. It’s important to warn people about dangers that we find, to the best of our knowledge. My concern is that, with this article, people have been frightened in ways that are inappropriate, even laughable.

If you want to know more about what’s happening now, develop Stage 3 Energetic Literacy — that’s my advice, anyway. Oh yes, one more thing: You’re highly, highly unlikely to ever encounter someone who does “vampiring” on you. But you’ll find many people who have a very casual knowledge of cords of attachments, so do seek people who have good technical skills.

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  1. 1

    P.S. I did try to reach Christina Barea after posting this live. I combed through her website, but there was no way I could find to contact her. Then I combed through the website where her article was posted. Not a single contact there, either.

    Big websites. Zero contact-ability. Frustrating!

    If any of you Blog-Buddies are in touch with this Qigong teacher, please send her a link to here. Convey my professional respect and my assurance that the goal here was to further an important conversation, not to personally criticize her.

    Do communicate that she is very cordially invited to either COMMENT here or write a very long COMMENT for me to turn into a guest post.


  2. 2

    Rose, here’s a website for Christina Barea with a contact email at the top of the page.

  3. 3
    Lisa at Practically Intuitive says:

    Yet another reason I am thankful that I have studied in depth with you, Rose. I have the benefit of your years of experience and training and that makes me a better practitioner.

    And oh goodness, one of the cardinal rules of setting up a website is clearly showing ways of getting in contact. I understand that’s one of the first pages anyone should set up and after the “About Me” page, often one of the most viewed.

    I wish you luck getting hold of her. I’d like to hear her comments on this.

  4. 4

    Greetings Rose,

    Please accept my nod of acknowledgement for writing such a lengthy blog/article regarding my submission to Suite101 on “Energetic Vampires”. Overall, I appreciate the time you took to approach this delicate subject. I fully realize that it will stir up some intense emotions.
    In response to a few things you mention I’d like to say first of all that my contact information has always been right up front on my homepage and on Suite101. If you are going to publicly question my ethics, I do hold you to that high standard as well -which is speaking the truth. I did receive your email this morning. So I guess you did find my contact information which is posted on several (many) websites on the internet- just “google” my name.

    Since you make ample reference to your credentials in this post, I’ll state mine for the record. I have a Masters in Medical Qigong Therapy from the International Institute of Medical Qigong of which I am also an authorized instructor. I am a Certified Qigong Instructor and an Ordained Daoist Priest. I have been healing with Medical Qigong Therapy for 7 years now and have a full-time practice treating everything from depression to cancer. I’m a current officer on the Board of Directors of the National Qigong Association.

    In regards to energetic cords (also known as attachments or bonds to people, places and things)- just as you mention, for the most part, when working with energy workers (meant to be a generic term and not a reference to any particular healing system or healer) there is nothing to worry about. However, on a few occassions during the course of my practice I have had persons come to me with the imprint of other “healers” firmly bound to their WeiQi fields (aura). These particular instances were either as a result of the person experimenting with black magic and sorcerers or of working with healers of questionable ethics. The purpose of the article is to bring this type of negative “energy worker” to the “Light”. They do exist and the cords can be created. And, if the person is highly skilled, they can (doesn’t mean they will) but they can use this connection for their own means.

    I liked your new words of Energetic Hypochondria and Spiritual Hypochondria. It’s an accurate way of describing the side-effect of people reading about energetics but not being guided by a good teacher. Too much reading around the internet (and the book store) without a good guide can create all sorts of psychological skews regarding energetics. Beware of misinformation!

    Regarding the actual words/definitions used to describe the energetic patterns… I often tell my students don’t get caught up on the “labels”, we can argue about semantics all day long and never really get to the essence of the lesson. Instead, look at the energy of what’s being shared. In this case it’s about creating awareness. With the proliferation of energy workers, websites, blogs and the like regarding the abstract healing arts it’s important to bring up all aspects of the energetic realm. The purpose is to educate and empower the public.

    For the readers: My advice is as follows, if you have concernes about this subject speak to someone who is educated and experienced with it, and someone who is ethical. The vast majority of you have nothing to worry about.

    So, once again thanks for your post. I send you blessings for peace and continual guidance from the Divine.
    Christina J Barea

  5. 5

    LISA, a shout-out to you for your wonderful participation in this blog… and in my life.

    Blog-Buddies, Lisa is the one who gave me the idea of doing this blog and offered so much tech-support and human support.

    Hugs to you, Lisa.

    Also, read the next comment for my embarrassing latest example of techno-ineptitude.

  6. 6

    ELAINE, thank you. Yes, Christina’s contact info. was RIGHT AT THE TOP of her website.

    I plead fatigue. This post went live at the end of a very long day.

    Also, I admit techno-ineptitude.

    It’s a good thing that my healing skills are better than my techno-skills, although the latter really are improving.

    I was hoping someone would help me out, ELAINE, and first thing this morning I read your comment and contacted Christina. So big Thank You.

  7. 7

    CHRISTINA, re your Comment 4, thank you so much. Do take a look at my apology in previous comments for tech-ineptitude.

    Comments 1, 2, 5, and 6 all were exchanged before I opened up any new comments this morning.

    After this, I went to my second priority, which was to enable new comments, and that’s when Comment 4 went live. So it displayed earlier than Comments 5 and 6 but was actually received later. Given your comment, I want to underscore that in no way was I questioning your ethics.

    There is room for more than one point of view in healing.

  8. 8
    Amanda says:

    Hi all,

    Just to say that in the martial arts fields (of which I have some experience) there are indeed some confused people who muddle the fight orientation of their consciously (and subconsciously) trained practise with their energy work, and think and talk in terms of ‘black magic’ etc.

    There are also quite a number who speak in metaphors in the great tradition of Taoism.

    lol, I’m remembering one teacher (a wonderful tai chi teacher who is clearly great at what she does) who when I said ‘I have this problem with empathy, I take on other people’s physical issues if I touch them’ who said ‘If you’re that sensitive, you must become neutral.’

    End of discussion.

    Luckily I went on investigating and came across your book, Rose, which has helped me immeasurably more, with a great deal more clarity, humour and insightful directness – and has stripped away very many more clouds than the instruction to ‘Be neutral’! 🙂

    I would certainly be careful in choosing any martial artist as a healer. Perhaps because the martial arts are about the uses of power and the Taoist philosophy has at its heart the concept of energy as a finite resource that must be hoarded, conserved and protected, there is far more combat focus and far less intellectual or heart-based inquiry than in other areas of energy work: seems to me the stuff that the more unpleasant cords of attachment are made of!

    There is also a frowning upon emotion which is IMHO not particularly balanced.

    This can lead to a bit of a battle between the bad guys and the good guys which again I think is inherent in the martial setup 🙂

    For this reason I have exited the martial arts community and am very happy to finally be healing properly.

    Many thanks again, Rose, for your work. I’m beginning to feel very different!


  9. 9
    Amanda says:

    ooh, I just wanted to add as well – your post about the meek inheriting the earth and in fact all the things I’ve been sorting through over the past few months have reminded me that I’m a Oxford graduate with a genius IQ and have excellent reason to rely on my ability to think for myself!

    thank you for that. I’ve played it so small over the years that I’d genuinely not appreciated what a gift to myself (and potentially to others) that ability is.



  10. 10
    Amanda says:

    I actually had a bad healing experience with a martial artist which is probably the sort of thing that Christina is warning against. He thought in terms of energy vampires, had quite possibly more energy than sense, lol, and was certainly did what you would call an astral-level ponzi sceme healer.

    I felt utterly terrible after our session and picked up a cosmic nasty, in fact I seriously considered suing! He on the other hand said ‘I felt great ever since our session.’

    However he had zero conscious understanding of what had happened, I know his intentions were good and certainly the advice he gave me and what he said was never out. I can’t find it in me to think he was an energy vampire or a practitioner of black magic even though the effects were miserable for me. Making him a monster doesn’t help this kind of situation.

    I had the effects of the session cleared from my energy field and learnt a good lesson, which is to look before you leap!

    One of the more unpleasant things I had to deal with after that session was the fear that he had sent his beings after me on the astral plane etc, that he was an immensely pwoerful ninja grandmaster who’d used me as an energy victim etc etc. That fear was uncomfortable and damaging. It had very little to do with the human level and it left me terrified when I really didn’t need to be.

    Luckily I found nobody to ‘poor me’ me or shore up my paranoiac indignation / encourage that fear, and it faded into normality and humanity 🙂

    I couldn’t agree with your approach more and in my view it’s the only ethical way to approach this kind of discussion. Adding to the grey slime isn’t in my plan at any level 🙂


  11. 11

    WOW, Amanda, love how you parenthetically mentioned the genius I.Q. and Oxford graduate background.

    You might be surprised how many really, really smart people are involved in this blog community. And how many have been meek (also able to find many fancier words for it than simply “meek”).

  12. 12

    Thanks for all you wrote, AMANDA, of course. Fascinating! And thanks for the words of appreciation, too.

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