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Stalker Cords of Attachment, Neither Vampire nor Psychic Attack


Lately we have been discussing popular fears of psychic attack, energy vampires, and psychic vampires. We’ve been discussing cords of attachment, too. (Our last blog post dealt with an article meant to warn people of a big “vampiring” danger that I consider pretty much non-existent.)

This morning, I figured, “Why not add one more hot topic, stalkers?”

Long as we’re listing popular fears, that’s a good one because stalkers really do exist. Also, there are concrete actions in physical reality that cause someone to be named a stalker. It helps that I’ve also had quite a bit of experience helping clients who had been stalked to get over the nightmare. The same can’t be said about my carrying crosses and garlic over to the phone when I start off a session of spiritual healing.

What’s our historical context for checking out stalker cords of attachment?

  • Terrorism and war stoke fears for millions.
  • Even more prevalent and fear-generating is a process that most people don’t know about unless they have energetic literacy: Gray Slime abounds, due to discomfort from people who resist the new vibrational freedom that is happening all over the world at this time. This now means that folks like us can either welcome the invitation to heal our STUFF in auras, act with integrity, etc. Or we can suffer the resulting mega-discomfort. (“Quickening” — this great term for the wake-up potential today comes from Blog-Buddy Suzanne. I’m the one who called the mega-discomfort “Gray Slime.”)
  • People are hearing about terrible new things to worry about, given names like “psychic attack, energy vampires,” and “psychic vampires.”
  • Paranormal websites, psychic research, is going to town with these new terms — helping to satisfy the cravings of some for ever new, ever exciting new dangers.

Presto, people get scared about alleged hidden energy dangers — what I have taken to calling “spiritual hypochondria.” In this two-part post, let’s consider what to do if you’re scared — scared of psychic attack, energy vampires, and psychic vampires — of stalkers who are no longer in your life but either have been or could be.

History Can Help to Heal Spiritual Hypochondria

Ever hear of the Salem witch trials? Or the ones in Europe? It’s very tempting to scapegoat. It’s even easier to subconsciously project one’s fears onto another person.

You might not be tempted to physically burn that practitioner you once went to. But now, thanks to articles like the one you read about yesterday, you might worry that a former healer or psychologist or friend has turned evil, like some hideous horror movie.

Sure, it is smart to cut your cord of attachment to any questionable person. (You can learn a method that works permanently from my how-to book, Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing. Or just find a reputable professional in the field whom you personally feel you can trust. That’s what personal referrals, blogs, and websites are for, right?)

Otherwise, please don’t waste your time worrying that such a person is pulling you around energetically. Every major cord of attachment is doing that to some degree, and you can be sure you have major cords of attachment to — speaking of history — both parents, all siblings, all lovers, all your children, any boss who ever fired you; most major bosses, actually; all problem employees, nasty school teachers, etc.

Yoicks, I remember cutting a cord of attachment for Joe to his high school chemistry teacher. This teacher, Mr. G., was realllllly, realllllly boring. He hated children. Joe told me, “He even did a demonstration of tear gas, just because he wanted to watch us cry.”

Personally, I find this hilarious, especially since it happened decades ago.

Anyway, Joe had quite a hideous cord of attachment to this terrible teacher. Joe’s life is the better, less STUFF-ey, because that particular cord is now gone for good. But that is different from Mr. G. “vampiring” Joe or putting him under psychic attack. Joe might have felt he was emotionally “stalked” by Mr. G., but this was just an everyday cord of attachment, like more than 99% of the problems that, today, people attribute to those scary energy vampires and the convenient notion of psychic attack.

What about being stalked by a pet or the memory of a trauma?

You just don’t need to worry about cords of attachment to pets, places, or things. (Other energetic components can be good to heal, but they are not cords of attachment. You’ll learn details soon, if you keep reading here.)

Meanwhile, let’s go into fear antidotes. I would love for this post to help any of you Blog-Buddies who fear stalking and other forms of victimhood that are not happening in your life now in objective reality.

How Energetic Literacy Helps Move out Fears

Once you can read auras well, does that mean you do it constantly? Let’s get real. Let’s stay sane!

You have full Gutenberg Literacy, don’t you? Otherwise, how could you read this screen?

Hopefully you don’t spend your entire day reading. You will interact with people, talk to them, kiss and hug them — at least some of them.

Well, regular literacy isn’t that different from Energetic Literacy. You use it sometimes, not perpetually.

But when you can use full energetic literacy, not just vaguely feel energy but read auras in depth and detail, a whole lot of fears will leave you.

Whenever you wish, you can learn about a person’s integrity of speech, action, even spiritual connection. (See the three different lie detector tests in Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.)

Common sense can also help. Is someone really stalking you? Have you gone to the police? Or is the problem more that troubling incidents from your past keep coming back to you, as flashbacks or other horrible experiences.

The second major fear antidote is knowing certain facts of life. What really happens on the level of auras to cause, or contribute to, fears? If everything can’t be explained by handy, dramatic terms like “energy vampire” what realistically can happen?

You’re smart to want to know what, on the level of auras, could be happening. So here’s a list of problems that I personally know about. Every one of them can be permanently healed. This isn’t just theory. I have helped clients heal such things and there are, surely, other practitioners who have been trained to do any of these. Make inquiries! In most cases, I can even teach you how to detect the presence of these problems and heal them for yourself!

Let’s get technical. Any of these aura-level problems could stimulate fears of stalkers, vampires, psychic attack, etc.

1. Psychic Coercion

This STUFF consists of blobs and globs of energy that result from contact with people in everyday life. The more psychic coercion, the less you’ll feel like yourself. It’s hard to know what you want, harder still to pursue it.

This is a very real problem, very common. It’s also pretty easily remedied. (When I find this as a significant problem for clients, I will use one 55-minute session to facilitate moving out the many truckloads of it; I’ll also help the client prevent receiving it in the future and supply a healing recorded just for that client that can be used in the future, as needed.)

2. Negative Thought Forms

This STUFF can become part of your pets, home, toothbrush, etc. It can drag you back into the consciousness of a less evolved state. Also, if you have had a problem in the past with a stalker or rapist or creepy boss or lover turned bad — sure that can still be imprinted on you and your personal environment and belongings.

It’s smart to learn how to do a healing for this. Most people do something far more expensive. They move, no longer wear the outfit, buy a new car, etc.

3. Outdated Facade Bodies

You when you were scared, had good reason to feel that way, have recovered since then — Do you still want to show the world that scared old version of you? People can do psychological healing galore, even cut cords of attachment, and still carry this kind of STUFF in their auras.

4. Psychic Ties

Small energy drains — all of these psychic ties can be a nuisance. It doesn’t come up because of vampiring. It’s more like accumulating dust in your home.

All four of these types of astral debris can be removed in a phone session with me. Or you can learn how to detect and heal them all in my upcoming Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Workshop, given annually. This year’s workshop will be held in October.

What about ghosts, spirits? Could they be stalking you?

Ghosts could be randomly stuck in your aura, but that’s not necessarily the least bit personal. It can easily be healed. Most of the techniques I use here, as for the rest of the techniques taught in my Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Workshop, come to me courtesy of the wonderful organization Teaching of the Inner Christ, which made me a lay minister in 1986.

I don’t know everything about this field. I’m not a medium, nor am I particularly interested in paying a lot of attention to entities.  However I do have some skills in this area, and have helped clients with all the following types of healing since 1986:

5. Astral entities, ghosts

Whether they are in your home or in you, sure, this type of astral debris can be a problem. It’s not spiritual stalking, however. It’s a kind of STUFF I can facilitate healing for you or you can learn to do in the Spiritually Sparkling® Skills workshop.

6. Extra-terrestrial entities

They, too, can become attached to your auric field. No, you won’t feel like the human equivalent of a haunted house. You’ll just be a bit spacey, or not feel quite like yourself.

Again, there isn’t some big serious intent here. Instead, you can have it healed or learn to do that kind of healing for yourself, owning the skill for the rest of your life.

7. Astral entities stuck in cords of attachment

Cutting a cord of attachment with quality control brings positive results for a client — in terms of your relationship with the cordee (if you still have a relationship — and definitely in terms of your life as a whole).

Because of those results, I spend quite a lot of my session time with clients facilitating the removal of cords of attachment to people who are now dead. About 1 in 200 times, the ghost of the deceased is hanging around, related to the cord of attachment. So I simply facilitate a ceremony to help that ghost move on, working it into the rest of the session.

It can be quite simple. For instance, in a recent session with Gladys, her deceased boyfriend was hanging around because he wanted to hear her say out loud that she forgave him. Gladys got a two-fer healing, the cord to him and the astral entity. Her boyfriend was freed up to move on, which was good for him as well.

8. An entity sharing a person’s life force energy

To heal this, a spirit removal is needed. But please don’t think weird or dramatic. It’s a simple 55-minute session, the way I facilitate this kind of healing.

It’s semi-rare. For instance, last year I did over 1,000 session hours and facilitated 32 spirit removals.

Clients became more coherent, less fearful, etc.

And, for a completely different kind of STUFF…

Frozen blocks of energy can become stuck in a person’s aura and subconscious mind. That can include many blocks from an experience of being stalked.

There can be additional frozen blocks on the same theme, such as past-life experiences that set the present problem in motion.

All of these can be removed with Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® — the particular technique I use with clients. Other methods can move this out too, undoubtedly. Just make sure that the practitioner really is competent and can help do more than revisit the old problems, which would give you information but not long-term relief.

In my work with clients, I generally save this option for last. One can have plenty of this kind of STUFF and not necessarily need to release it in order to have a happy, productive life. Clients know well how much healing they really need and want.

But in many cases where a person lives in fear, this kind of STUFF is responsible. So keep in mind that, like other forms of STUFF, it can always, always, always be healed.

More knowledge, less fear, right?

By listing these various skill sets and resources for healing, I hope I have lessened some fears.

And those of you who have read yesterday’s post can appreciate why I was, frankly, outraged at some of the ideas proposed in the article I critiqued. Many a well-meaning practitioner has specialties that have never included proper training in ANY of the forms of STUFF-removal detailed in this article.

Without that training, without full Energetic Literacy, it is so easy to generalize in ways that spread totally unrealistic fears. Any of the forms of STUFF detailed here could be called (and have been called) psychic attack, psychic vampires, or energy vampires.

In Part 2 of this article, I’ll treat you to a typical set of cord items from removing a client’s attachment to a real-life stalker.

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  1. 1
    Suzanne says:

    well, I wish I could claim credit for the term “quickening” but I’ve heard it before to describe what is happening now. I assumed others had too. I’m guessing I probably first heard it from channelled writer Elias, from whom I have learned a lot of helpful information:

    [Link No Longer Available]

  2. 2
    C. says:

    Thanks, Rose, your blog is amazing!

  3. 3
    Aleisha says:

    Thank you for your post. It is very informative and hepful. I have been being attacked continuously by many people and they are using this to incite anger, confusion, and to prevent me from evolving and gaining access to my spiritual gifts. The catholic church as well as other protestant forms of Christianity has made a mockery of my suffering and to read this article restores my hope. Thanks!

  4. 4
    Lisa Stevens says:

    I don’t have any trouble with “letting go” but I find a lot of others wont let go of me. I’ve studied spirit release and daily use an aura spray to keep negative entities at bay.

    I feel psychic attacks often, even more so now I’ve got married. I feel people project a lot onto me and I can often feel the psychic attack. An Aura camera showed holes in my Aura which makes negative entries more likely to “attach” to me unless I cleared them, which I did.

  5. 5
    Lisa Stevens says:

    I know with the Spirit Release and releasing attachment from unwanted intruders involves working on my Energy field or invisible forces to repel them but I do find that others have difficulty let me go.

    I’m having treatment for invisible cord cutting and having help with the visualizations as I’m now happily married to a man I love but I feel others can’t handle that. And that’s why they attack psychicly. Although thousands of couples get married every day

  6. 6

    Welcome to my blog, LISA. And welcome to Energy Spirituality. Here’s my perspective, in case it can help you.

    Clearly you’re suffering. Equally clear, you’ve got layer upon layer of psychic work. And psychic interpretation of your suffering.

  7. 7

    The only way I could help you would be if you were to book a personal session with me.

    Then, assuming that I could take you on as a client, I would give you a completely different perspective on what’s happening. And proceed to use one of the Healing Centerpieces of Energy Spirituality.

  8. 8

    None of these Energy Spirituality skills are anything remotely like psychic work of any kind. Hey, that’s why it’s called “Energy Spirituality.” Why the field includes 10 unique trademarked systems, etc.

    For example, consider cords of attachment. Click here for our popular “Discernment Jamboree” regarding… cutting cords of attachment.

  9. 9

    Wishing you well, LISA. Thanks for reaching out.

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