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Cutting the Cord of Attachment to a Stalker, Let’s Get Practical


Leonardo DiCaprio has just won a restraining order from a stalker. Three years of peace are, supposedly, his. The stalker in question is a woman who has been placed on psychiatric hold twice. Lately she has claimed to be his wife, pregnant with his love child.


The problem with having a stalker isn’t just the psychological and physical and maybe financial danger, etc. Based on my experience with clients who have been stalked, the craziness doesn’t end in the head of the deranged wrongdoer. And that’s not exactly the stalking victim’s fault. A certain degree of craziness takes up residence where no restraining order will stick.

But cutting a cord of attachment can help. If you, or anyone you know, has been victimized by a stalker, consider having that cord of attachment properly cut.

Aura Healing, Cleaning up After a Stalker

Today’s post is really Part 2 of a conversation we’ve been having here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical” about Stalker Cords of Attachment. Check there for a long list of other types of STUFF that might, or might not, also be part of the problem. And be totally, completely healable!

A skilled practitioner of what I call “Energy Spirituality” (or any equivalent type of aura-level healing, spiritual healing, etc.) ought to know about all these problems and be able to tell which is really affecting you, then methodically heal one kind of STUFF after another.

(As we discussed in a recent article, beware the healer who lacks full energetic literacy, or takes a mainly physical approach to cutting cords of attachment, as that practitioner may not yet have the skills to facilitate healing the emotional and spiritual components of recovering from a stalker. )

Beware any practioner who brushes away cords, “soothes” cords, “cleans and reinserts” cords, needs to remove any cord of attachment more than once, etc.

The rest of that practitioner’s skills may be impeccable. But, with all respect, such a practitioner has not specialized in this form of healing and isn’t really doing a competent job at this part.

Removing any cord of attachment, even a minor one, can bring a huge step forward to the client’s emotional and spiritual evolution towards Enlightenment. To this practitioner, cutting cords of attachment is not just removing a kind of nuisance energy. It is a huge and sacred opportunity for my client.

Cutting cords of attachment, when done with quality control, is an amazingly powerful kind of healing for a person’s entire mind-body-spirit system. It is the one type of healing that I find is always needed to fully recover from a stalker.

For a Consumer, What’s Involved in Cutting a Cord of Attachment?

Elsewhere you can learn the technical basics about cords of attachment. I recommend that you start searching here:

Nowhere at my website will you find the “easy, quick instructions” to cut cords of attachment. Of course, you’ll find them in many places on the Internet. But…

You might want to avoid wasting your time with such techniques. Although my 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment® isn’t the only system that works to provide permanent healing, not everyone who wishes or claims to cut cords really has professional-level skills. Quality control is a big issue, still, in this emerging field.

My how-to book is 150 pages, not just a couple of screens. For good reason.

You may locate some excellent practitioners who use a variety of systems, of course. Rose Rosetree is hardly the only competent healer for cutting cords. Only please do use your consumer smarts in choosing someone to help you. Many practitioners are really experts at something else and have put together a little haphazard “something extra” about cutting cords. It isn’t really their specialty.

Hey, it’s like my dermatologist. Dr. “Joe”  is great at finding those potential cancer spots. But he also has a little add-on to the sign in the front window of his office. It announces that Dr. Joe also does cosmetic surgery.

Sure. (You may know that, apparently, any licensed physician can take a weekend workshop and then bill clients for services as a cosmetic surgeon. And then such a practitioner is competing against doctors who did a full residency and maybe received additional in this specialized field.) (Quite a few of you Blog-Buddies are physicians, I know. If you’re lurking here, please correct me if I am wrong. Or comment to confirm, if you like!)

Anywhere, I would like to give you an idea, as a consumer or client, what to expect if you did come to me for help with cutting a cord of attachment to a stalker (or anyone else).

Step by Step, What Happens to Permanently Remove a Cord of Attachment

Here’s what would happen if you worked with me to remove that cord of attachment.

Probably it would be a phone session, although in-person appointments are possible, should you prefer them. Mitch Weber, who coordinates appointments, will answer any questions have initially, so you’ll be ready to go. Unless other arrangements are made, you’ll call me at the time of your appointment.

Your “requirements” to get the best results from the session are quite simple:

  • Be alone in the room, no pets or other people there, since they might impact our energetic connection in ways that would complicate matters.
  • Sit, rather than lie down.
  • Be able to understand English. (Clients can do a conference call with an interpreter, if necessary.)
  • Be awake, not sleeping.
  • Be “normal,” not drunk or stoned on pot.
  • Don’t multi-task during your session, like texting.

Hey, that’s it. You don’t have to be a big expert at cutting cords. You don’t have to like New Age anything, particularly. You don’t have to believe you even have an aura. You can be skeptical in plenty of ways, just so long as you’re willing to go through the session. Afterwards you can check on results that you gain. In normal human ways, not just doing some kind of aura reading.

If there is ever anything you can do to get extra healing from the session, I will tell you in plain English. So you don’t have to try to help me other than answer simple questions. In. Normal. Words.

Now let’s get into the really specific parts.

Permanently Removing the Cord to a Stalker

Here are the most important details, the ones I would want to know about in advance.

You don’t need to know the name of the cordee. “The stalker” would be good enough, so long as you know which stalker you mean.

  1. We will do a Before-and-After picture, to help you appreciate some of the immediate benefits of the session. Long-term benefits you’ll have to discover on your own. 🙂
  2. I’ll do a Skilled Empath Merge to learn a lot about you really fast.
  3. I will help you to fine-tune an appropriate intention, one that matters to you. Also an intention that, for technical reasons, can bring you all-positive consequences.
  4. As an ethical requirement, I will double-check that it is appropriate for me to facilitate cutting that cord of attachment at this time.
  5. Together, you and I will prepare you to receive the healing. You will know all the details you need to be well informed and comfortable with what is happening.
  6. The cord will be permanently removed. Other steps to cut that cord will ensure that the healing is permanent.
  7. You will learn what was in the cord of attachment (See my next blog post for an example of this “Cord dialogue.”)
  8. We’ll go into the logical consequences of this healing, what you can expect to happen as a result of having this particular cord of attachment removed.
  9. You will be given a 10-minute, custom-designed, homework assignment and some follow-up instructions. (All designed for your benefit. All optional. If you ask, I’ll give you an estimate in months of how much faster you’ll move into the long term benefits of the session just by doing that 10-minute assignment.)
  10. We’ll do our After Picture.
  11. Your aura will receive a couple of finishing touches to make things even better. Then, one permanent healing, done. On to enjoying your life more, on your own terms!

Optional, Reading the Stalker’s Aura for You — An Energetic Hologram Reading

Not every client wants this reading of the former cordee. But it is always an option with me, as time permits, when you do a session of Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING, if you wish.

It’s an understatement to say that, having full Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, “I can read the aura of your cordee.”

The fuller statement would be, “I can read any chakra databank in anyone you have ever known, at any time you have had a direct communication with the person.”

That means: If you have ever talked to the stalker, or looked at each other without talking, or you have spoken even once on the telephone, ta da! In your subconscious mind and aura, you have stored a kind of snapshot of that person’s complete auric field. I call it an Energetic Hologram.

What’s the simplest way to picture it? Ever see “Star Wars”? Remember the scene, early in the movie,where there is a moving hologram of Princess Leia giving her message, “Obi-Wan, you’re my only hope”?

An energetic hologram is captured during every incident of direct contact in real time. So, if you name a particular incident, such as, “The last time I talked to the stalker,” the rest is easy. I pop in, read chakra databanks to get things started. You can ask questions after.

I can’t ever tell you, “What was that person thinking?” but otherwise I can provide details that can be very validating for you, or help answer some questions about “What makes him or her tick?” For example:

  • The stalker’s verbal integrity with you (degree of lying).
  • The stalker’s power dynamics with you (qualities of manipulation).
  • How the stalker was feeling emotionally about you.
  • The stalker’s degree of sexual involvement, from his or her side, if any.
  • The stalker’s particular nuances of craziness.

Keep in mind, a reading is not a healing. I would NEVER suggest that you just get this type of information with me and consider that you have received a healing. But after the cord of attachment is cut, it can add to your healing to have some supplementary information.

In order to have this done during a session of Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING I recommend that you set up an extra-long appointment: Rather than the usual 55 minutes, allow 90 minutes. Then there is enough time. It really does take me 55 minutes to facilitate a session (even with a very experienced client) where one cord of attachment is removed.

If you have any questions about what happens in such a session, that’s one good reason to comment below. Maybe you want to know more about energetic holograms. Or how you can get an appointment with my dermatologist, Dr. Joe. 😉

All comments are welcome. And, of course, it is easy to comment anonymously at this blog. You don’t have to do anything fancy. Just write in the first sentence something like, “Rose, please make me anonymous.”

All comments are moderated here, and right now that is done by me. I have a perfect record at honoring these requests. You know, in all the work that I do, I Golden Rule it.

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