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One Cord of Attachment to a Stalker

This Czech edition of "Cut Cords of Attachment" is a good reminder. No matter where you live, you can learn how to cut a cord of attachment you have to a stalker. Or to anyone.

This Czech edition of “Cut Cords of Attachment” is a good reminder. No matter where you live, you can learn how to cut a cord of attachment you have to a stalker. Or to anyone.

Many times, I have facilitated cutting a cord of attachment between my client and a stalker. May today’s example help to remove fear, bring hope.

Gladys had already done the practical things to fix the problems with her stalker, “Zorro.” But that wasn’t really solving the problem enough for her life to return to normal.

Mitch, who makes appointments for my sessions of Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING, always makes sure about that. Say that a new client seeks an appointment. And a client like Gladys tells him that the purpose of the session is to help ease the torment of dealing with a stalker.

The problem can be ongoing. So Mitch clarifies, if necesssary, the importance of taking appropriate action before working with me.

Also, my clients soon learn this, if they don’t know it already. The energy healing skills of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) are not anything like voodoo. Each personal session aims to help my client. Not coercing or “improving” a third party. Even if that third party is a stalker.

It’s common sense, really. Cutting a cord of attachment helps a person subjectively. None of my work is ever meant to substitute for taking objective, responsible action.

About This Sample of a Cord of Attachment to a Stalker

When you read the following items of “Cord Dialog,” consider that whatever gets stuck in a cord of attachment repeats 24/7 within a person’s aura and subconscious mind. Some of us, of a certain age, can think “broken records.” Others might need to think of what for an example? Mp3 file run amok?

Energetically, we are pulled and tugged for the rest of our lives. That’s unless the cord of attachment can be properly removed — which, of course, it can be.

What does it take to cut a cord of attachment? To a stalker. To anyone.


  • You can learn those skills from the how-to book, “Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing.”
  • Or you could have a personal session with an Energy Spirituality Expert and the most appropriate healing centerpiece for your session might include cutting that cord of attachment. Other skill sets within Energy Spirituality might be more important. Trust us to make that decision. We really do help our clients!
  • If I had a problem with a stalker, I would have a personal session with an Energy Spirituality Experts. Just saying.
  • Later I would learn the skill set of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment® for my personal use. Cutting a cord of attachment to anyone can improve your life a lot. Not just cutting a cord of attachment to somebody where there has been a lot of horrible drama, as with a stalker.

Incidentally, if you’re not familiar yet with the idea that a cord of attachment would contain something called “Cord Dialogue,” please do skip down to the final heading of this post, “Why Cutting Cords Must Include Reporting on Cord Dialog.”

Gladys’ Cord of Attachment to a Stalker, Part One

The contents of a cord of attachment are always laid down after one particular incident. Sometimes more than one incident will be stuck. The contents of a cord can change, but only in the direction of bad-to-worse. This set of Cord Items came from two different incidents.

Part One: From one of Gladys’ earliest confrontations with Zorro.

  1. Stalker: Lust.
  2. Stalker: Hatred.
  3. Stalker: Personality has configurations of STUFF so that “love” means “Taking what is mine.”
  4. Stalker: “You cheated me out of what was mine and I will get even.”
  5. Gladys: Scared
  6. Gladys: “Are you going to hurt me?”
  7. Stalker: “Nothing you don’t deserve.” Menace!”
  8. Gladys: Anger.
  9. Gladys: “This is so unfair.”
  10. Gladys: My life feels like I’m in an earthquake. Will I ever trust life again?
  11. Gladys: Once again, I have been deceived by someone.

Gladys’ Cord of Attachment to a Stalker, Part Two

Quite often, the cord dialog in a cord of attachment will include more than one incident. It also gets included in the cord items. What was going on in this second incident?

The stalker called on a land line. Gladys picked it up. Then the stalker slammed down the phone.

12.   Gladys: I’m scared to trust anyone new ever again.

13.    Stalker: Menacing: Lying in wait.

14.    Gladys: Grieving for my innocence

15.    Gladys: Desire for Revenge

The Impact of Cutting a Stalker Cord of Attachment

There’s ample reason why 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment® –the only trademarked system for energetic cord cutting in America — isn’t just called “Snip, snip.”

For healing to be permanent, there must be a series of steps that, systematically, create permanent insight and healing.

What is Step #10 in that system of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®? To name, or discuss, the logical consequences — or results — that the client can expect as a result of the session.

When it comes to a relationship with a stalker, those results can be such a balm to the soul!

The problem is not just “Being Stalked.” You know this if you’ve ever been stalked, or even been friends of someone who has been stalked.

Stalking is a form of terrorism. The big impact isn’t immediate danger. Rather, it’s the ongoing threat of danger. This can linger long after the restraining order takes effect. Or, as was the case for one of my clients, after the stalker goes to prison for assaulting somebody else…

It’s a very personal kind of nightmare. Therefore, removing a cord of attachment to a stalker will bring very personal kinds of improvement.

Although I can’t share the precise details from my confidential session with Gladys, here follows a set of Logical Consequences that I might, typically, draw from the previous cord items…

Benefits about Changing My Client’s Relationship to the Stalker

This is important to know about all the skill sets of Energy Spirituality. This is a field for emotional and spiritual growth. It involves energy READING skills plus energy HEALING skills that are effective now, for helping people to solve problems.

Thus, logical consequences with the cordee are not psychic predictions. They are simply common sense, almost like doing a subtraction problem in math class.

Now each particular cord item no longer runs through my client’s aura and subconscious mind 24/7. What can be expected to change?

Just as Cord Items are subjective and nonverbal, so would be the results of cutting that cord permanently.

Relating to the Cordee, Consequence 1: Client’s worrying about the stalker goes way down. (Especially related to removing Cord Item 14.)

Relating to the Cordee, Consequence 2: Client may have less of a problem with feeling sexually dirty.  (Especially related to removing Cord Item 1.)

Relating to the Cordee, Consequence 3: Hatred of the stalker, and desire for revenge, both, may become less relevant to Gladys’s everyday experience. (Especially related to removing Cord Items 15 and 9.)

Benefits for My Client’s Life. Period.

Which are the biggest benefits from cutting a cord of attachment? Often they have to do with Step 11 of the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment. In sessions, I always go through listing the Logical Consequences my client can expect, just being himself or herself.

Why those benefits? Simply because that set of Cord Items no longer repeats inwardly 24/7.

Sometimes I’ll joke to Energy Spirituality clients: “If you didn’t know about this type of result from cutting a cord of attachment, it might be pretty hard to understand how come I spend so much of my time with clients cutting cords to people who are dead.” Or no longer in the client’s life, etc.

Finding these Logical Consequences is one of the ways an experienced Energy Spirituality Practitioner can do a more effective job than a self-healer.

Many of my students and readers, who are doing a fine job of cutting minor cords of attachment on their own, will have a session with me to remove a truly major cord like Gladys’ cord to the stalker.

You only get one opportunity to cut a cord of attachment. At least if you use this system. Permanent healing of STUFF! That’s the hallmark of all the skills of energy healing in Energy Spirituality. Regardless of which kind of STUFF is most important to remove, then replace with something that helps to express the client’s soul!

Quality Control Interlude

Removing a cord of attachment isn’t like vacuuming. It is a huge growth opportunity. Frankly, the uglier a cord of attachment. the more this applies. By requesting expert help at cutting a cord of attachment, you’ll receive:

  • The validation of hearing a full set of Cord Items
  • Useful information about Logical Consequences regarding the cordee and the rest of your life
  • Well designed homework (Step 12 to Cut Cords of Attachment)
  • If time permits, you’ll benefit from extra validation from a detailed Before-and-After Picture, describing some of the immediate benefits of your session. Long-term benefits tend to be bigger, but even a small sampling of immediate benefits can be a big deal, clear evidence of relief.

Even more validation, and the chance to satisfy curiosity, can come for requesting detailed readings of chakra databanks of the cordee, during any incident between you that you choose to research, bringing information such as:

  • Was the cordee telling me the truth?
  • What were the power dynamics?
  • How did the cordee really feel about me?

Okay, back at the yummiest set of Logical Consequences for Gladys, the ones about her life in general.

Personal Changes for the Client (Continued)

Again, I’m treating these cord items as I would in a session. I am not reconstructing, verbatim, a session that happened a year ago or longer. Instead, I’m naming Expected Improvements for my Client, based on the Cord Items from my records.

Expected Improvements for my Client, Consequence 1: Worrying for Gladys is likely to go way down. For the rest of her life, not just because of dealing with the stalker. (Related to Cord Items 4, 5, 6, 10.)

Expected Improvements for my Client, Consequence 2: Trust of people and life is likely to improve, impacting closeness to her husband and children. (Related to Cord Items 9 and 11.)

Expected Improvements for my Client, Consequence 3: Gladys has moved out several Cord Items that could, immediately or in the future, detract from the physical side of her marriage. (Related to Cord Items 1, 10, 12.)

Note: This applies to other situations as well. When people go through horrible events, such as dealing with a stalker, the death of a child, financial difficulties, problems can develop in a person’s sex life. Removing a cord of attachment can help to prevent or minimize some of these difficulties.

Expected Improvements for my Client, Consequence 4: Regaining the ability to live more fully in the present. (Related to Cord Items 4, 5, 6, 10.)

Unique Benefits of Cutting a Cord of Attachment… When Dealing with a Stalker

If you have ever been in this challenging situation, you have probably done plenty of things besides contacting the police about the stalker, etc.

What makes cutting that cord of attachment such a good supplement to the practical things? You free yourself up energetically, rather than being impacted for the rest of your life.

You may find it easier to forget about what happened, truly put it behind you — unless the topic comes up in conversation.

Some of my clients have had horrendous experiences with stalkers. Experiences that included physical abuse, rape, alcoholism, addiction to pot, etc.

Even if my client has solved the problem in present-time reality, that client rehashes these stalker-related problems every day for the rest of his orher life.

I’ve found that this changes after that cord of attachment is cut. Not that I can promise.

Bring on the research studies! I’ll be glad to supply experts with professional-caliber skills for Energy Spirituality-style cutting cords of attachment!

P.S. Why Cutting Energetic Cords Must Include Reporting on Cord Dialog

Finally, Blog-Buddies, I promised to include this bit for those of you who are still learning about what it means to cut a cord of attachment.

Every cord of attachment contains one or more incidents, a set of Cord Dialog between you and the cordee.  Some healers use methods to cut cords of attachment that aren’t permanent. In part, that’s because there is no emotional depth to the healing. Nor are energy READING skills adequate for providing information about the particular cord of attachment being removed.

Healing approaches that must be done again and again and are, frankly, a waste of time, IMHO, include:

  • Asking Archangel Michael to remove all your cords of attachment.
  • Any attempt to cut more than one cord of attachment at a time.
  • All methods of dealing with cords of attachment that must be repeated. Competent means a permanent healing. Afterwards you will never have a cord of attachment to that particular person for the rest of your life.
  • An energy medicine approach to cords of attachment. Energy medicine is great for mind-body-spirit healing through the physical body. By contrast, cutting a cord of attachment requires the approach of Energy Spirituality. Beware a practitioner with expertise at physical healing who treats a cord of attachment like a physical problem, to clean or brush away, etc. Long story short, this just doesn’t produce permanent healing.

So Accept No Substitute for Expert Skills at Cutting a Cord of Attachment

Many a mind-body-spirit practitioner has really good skills at another form of healing.

Now that cutting cords of attachment has become popular, however, guess what?

Many practitioners have added in a little something to help the client with cords of attachment. Unfortunately, these energetic cords are considered no big deal or a meaningless nuisance, like dust.

In my professional opinion, as the Founder of RES, cutting cords of attachment is a legitimate healing specialty in mind-body-spirit healing.

Personally, I have specialized in this particular form of healing, working with thousands of clients in this way for over 25 years.

I would not dream of doing a “quickie” to heal a client physically, or to remove a cavity from a client’s tooth.

Nor would I attempt to throw in other forms of healing where I don’t have professional-level skills.

I look forward to the day when people with other healing specialties show a comparable respect for this healing specialty… and for their clients.

To inquire about a personal session with me for Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING, contact Appointment Coordinator Mitch:

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