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Newt Gingrich’s Aura as He Deals with Gray Slime

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What does it mean to live at a time of Gray Slime? Things are changing on Earth right now, which causes some humans to rejoice (and maybe read this blog!) Anyone may use free will to embrace life’s invitations to deeper perception, higher consciousness, with Enlightenment drawing ever nearer.

One reason to develop full Stage 3 Energetic Literacy is to chart your own progress on the level of auras during this time. Right now, you’re probably doing way better than you think you are. Part of the trickiness of living now, even if you do welcome quick evolution, is that you are having to deal with many people who do no such thing.

Gray Slime comes into the picture whenever a person resists these evolutionary changes. People become so uncomfy in their own skins, developing deposits of Gray Slime, it’s like the Just So Story by Rudyard Kipling about the origins of the rhino, “How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin.”  So itchy, it’s unbearable!

One poster child for Gray Slime these days is a certain politician with presidential aspirations.

I have a funny story to tell you about Mr. Newt, but first let’s summarize his latest outrageousness as the ex-Speaker of the House is trying to rival Sarah Palin for news coverage.

Speaking in Public, Distorted by Gray Slime

Even Republican fans of Gingrich are having second thoughts about him these days:

  • The one-time professional historian now espouses the view that the president channels the “anticolonial ideology of Barack Obama Sr.” and “is trapped in his father’s time machine.”

How much does Newt know about President Obama? Does he know that Obama’s parents divorced, and that Dad wasn’t around past Obama’s age two? They visited once when Obama was 10.

Moreover, Obama’s father may have come from Kenya, but he came to America because he was a hugely brilliant scholar with more high-level scholarship offers than he could accept. This was no African hillbilly.

I know this, and a bit more, because I actually took the time to read Dreams from My Father.

  • Newt is also saying in media interviews that during Obama’s years as a community activist (painfully difficult, courageous work, as you can read in Dreams from My Father), it was a pose and “authentically dishonest,” work undertaken just to make himself look good.

Gee, Newt knows a lot about doing things in reality just to make a politician look good, right? Apparently Esquire has just published a detailed article about his three marriages, juicy details that make such an interesting contrast to the “Family Values” rhetoric of Mr. Gingrich.

  • Also, the presidential wannabe has actually been calling America’s legitimate president a “con man.”

No wonder even Republican pundits and politicians who have come to love Sarah Palin (such as Kathleen Parker) are not quite loving Newt these days. They’re worrying about what on earth is going on with him, other than the usual blinding ambition.

This aura reader says, “Gray Slime.” (Incidental fun fact, syndicated columnist Parker has interviewed me extensively twice, but later told me that she wasn’t allowed to publish the interviews. Whatever that means… It does mean, for sure, that Kathleen Parker will not get to interview Rose Rosetree a third time. 😉 )

Aura Reading of Newt Gingrich, Gray Slime Included

Use this photo, Blog-Buddies who have skills at Stage 3 Energetic Literacy! You can open up the link so you can copy the picture and enlarge it.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Aura Reading Databank: Relationship to His Physical Body at the Root Chakra

1/8 inch, plus an energetic subroutine with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Really, really uncomfortable, this physical self-awareness chakra databank at the Root Chakra. Gingrich isn’t just feeling trapped by having such a corpulent body. He’s got so great and gray and growing amounts of chronic anxiety flowing through his system.

Like many super-bright people, the man has a longstanding Energetic Subroutine where he habitually outsources much of his body awareness to using his intellect. So Newt seldom pays much direct attention to how he feels physically, and that seems to have been the case for years.

Now, however, the level of discomfort within his own skin is growing. Anger is growing as a result. Mostly Newt controls it.

But you know the story of control, don’t you? One can only push so hard. Eventually a person’s control will relax and then out pops the dreaded thing being controlled. Rage takes Newt over sometimes despite his best efforts, including the fury stored in this Root Chakra databank.

Aura Reading Databank: Verbal Integrity in Public at the Throat Chakra

A fascinating 5 miles. If you asked Gingrich about his morals or ethics or how much he cares about being truthful, you would find that he really believes himself to be truthful to such a degree, it’s quite heroic.

But quality of energy, not just quantity, matters a great deal if you are reading auras. In fact, it’s ironic how people who do a bit of aura reading — what I call “Stage 1 Energetic Literacy,” where folks pick up a vibe — are actually more at risk to be deceived or confused than people who do no aura reading at all.

If you don’t have the skills yet to find out what kind of energy Gingrich projects so vigorously here, you might simply have the impression that he is the personnification of veracity.

Not exactly. To this aura reader, the quality in our current photo goes like this:

Gingrich is flummoxed, confused, freaked-out right now — dealing with the new vibrational freedom on earth and suppressing every chance to grow, pushing back for now as hard as he can. His coping strategy is one of those examples of what I think of as the “Gray Slime Syndrome.”

The man has constructed a huge myth about himself, a fantasy of heroic proportions. It has no basis in objective reality but gains intensity because he NEEDS to believe in himself so much. Newt is what Adam Gopnik’s psychiatrist in Through the Children’s Gate would have called “very well defended.” And then some.

You may not know Mr. G. personally. However, this Gray Slime dynamic may be happening with plenty of people you do know.

They don’t seem like themselves. They are starting to act like their own parody.

Something that once might have been admirable is now becoming really, really distorted. And, although every case is different and would require aura reading in detail for true accuracy, the overall problem is like what’s happening with Newt Gingrich right now.

Aura Reading Databank: Power Integrity as a Politician at the Solar Plexus Chakra

9 inches. Slimy.

Again, Newt G. is really distorted in this part of his aura. Where once he was a powerful advocate for a thought-through political ideology, now he’s clamping down tightly.

Denial is one big reason why this chakra databank is now so small. He’s controlling himself against rage, frustration, the ineffable presence of something bigger than how he has lived so far.

The man has a right to his pride, of course. During the “Republican Revolution” of the Clinton years, Gingrich was arguably the second most powerful man in America.

Pride can cause a person to resist growing. Pride has, alas, in this case.

The Gray Slime effect includes using his actions in ways that Newt, deep down, knows are wrong. (Such as feeding on the twisted ideas of the Birthers.) Yet he’s almost compulsively driven to go ahead anyway.

So, like any human acting out a consequence that he has set in motion for himself, Gingrich is moving with a karmic kind of momentum. Regarding integrity of action as a politician, he’s currently slimy and dishonest and distorted where, once upon a time, there was something much cleaner. (And could be again, since STUFF in an aura can always, always, always be healed.)

Aura Reading Databank: Spiritual Integrity at the Third Eye Chakra

1/8 inch. Not available — you can almost see a self-inflicted “Keep out” sign.

So long as the current STUFF configuration is in place, Newt is not available for conscious connection to his Spiritual Source. And, frankly, he’s not interested.

Spiritual integrity? Out to lunch, for now, as a consequence.

It’s as though Newt has the belief, “God is dead, and the Democrats have killed Him.”

With my Gray Slime theory, of course, I belive that God is actually doing just fine.

The one with the problem currently is Gingrich, who has chosen for now to resist spiritual evolution with all his might. He has clamped down hard in this third eye chakra databank, and related other ones. If you’re scared to let in the sunlight, you pull down the window shade. It’s human nature.

Again, this doesn’t need to be permanent. I believe Gray Slime is only a phase. Or can be.

Still, Gingrich has a pretty interesting history of resisting spiritual evolution. Which brings me to the story I promised you earlier in this post.

When Gingrich Met a Molecular Empath

Besides teaching aura reading, I do a lot of work with empaths (as most of you Blog-Buddies know). And, of course, anyone interested in the field of Empath Empowerment® can find loads of information here at this blog as well as checking out the official Rose Rosetree website.

An empath is someone who has at least one lifelong gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person. All these gifts are special, but the rarest one is being born as a Molecular Empath.

Here is a quote from the first book in English for empaths, Empowered by Empathy, recounting an interaction between one of those rare Molecular Empaths and Gingrich when he was at the height of his power.

Being a Molecular Empath is the deepest type of empath gift I’’ve encountered so far, and I recognized it first in one of my spiritual mentors, Tantra Maat. The very substance of her aura consists of superfine particles of energy which easily blend into the auras of others at an equally superfine level. She consciously joins in spirit with clients at the molecular level. She’’ll describe it, to validate experience, then move the client forward a level or two. 

Personally I have met just eight Molecular Empaths so far. One knew nothing about her gift. I had been hired to give readings at a Christmas party. Leslie was the last to approach my table. When I described her gift and ways she could use it, her entire being lit up. Eureka!

“I work on Capitol Hill,” she said. “And what you’’ve told me explains something. Newt Gingrich (then Speaker of the House of Representatives) has told me that I’’m the only person he’’s ever met who frightens him.”

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  1. 1
    Elaine Warfield says:

    Hi Rose: Interesting post. As usual, I did my own magic picture from “Become the Most Important Person in the Room” before I read your reading of Mr. Gingrich.

    Verbal integrity in Public at Throat Chakra: He has a dismissive air, as if the public will take in what he tells them, it’s for their own good, afterall, and he’s the one who really knows what’s going on. He’ll feed them so much and no more — tidbits here and there. He has a gift for putting things in their proper place, but of late there’s a certain misuse of that very gift.

    He’s laying down a plan but at times is frustrated to find himself veering off that very plan. I had an very clear image of him literally slogging through muck with high boots and the muck gets deeper and higher with each step he takes. He can barely lift his legs high enough to keep moving forward.

    Spirititual Integrity at the 3rd eye: There’s a lot of emotion and thoughts swirling, and I see it as a circular motion, like a constant, mini-sandstorm in him. There’s almost a notion of glee, someone rubbing their hands together. Again, there’s the verbal gift to speak, but it’s clouded, obscured by overriding feelings — there’s such a strong desire to further his plans that sometimes the words and meaning are lost in his own translation. He is becoming lost and/or sidetracked by his own plans. But he assures himself the plan is for everyone’s good.

    There is an intense vibration within him, the speaking and vocalizing is very important to him but the message again gets lost to him. After so many years he is not going to give up or back down and that’s part of the reason he’s moving forward so quickly and almost voraciously now. It’s like having an appetite he must appease. He feels burdened by some of these thoughts but he isn’t allowing it to stop him. There’s little to no introspection.

    Heart chakra: He is so closed. He has a capacity to open it and really listen to others but he only does it these days at random, when he feels there’s a good reason. It’s not something he encourages himself to do. He’s too busy formulating and planning the next strategy.

    Belly chakra: Some twisting and turning, as if he’s unsettled but he’ll smile for the public anyway.

  2. 2
    Sandra says:

    Hi Rose (and Elaine also),

    Fascinating reading of Gingrich–and he’s not even aligned with the (probably) gray-slime-infested Tea Party.

    I’ve always dreamed of having our government filled with more highly-evolved people, and felt a new day had dawned when Obama was elected. But has he ever stirred the pot (of gray slime)!

    If you ever have a contest for aura readings highly-evolved politicians, I’d like to nominate a senator from Minnesota, Amy Klobuchar. And just in case you think this is a good idea, here is her picture: [Link No Longer Available]

    Just in case you don’t have enough to do :).

  3. 3

    ELAINE and SANDRA, these are wonderful comments. Thanks so much.

    Doesn’t that say something about the collective consciousness in Minnesota, SANDRA, they would have both Senator Klobuchar and Senator Franken!

    Your idea is wonderful, SANDRA. Look for it to happen some time this year or the next!

  4. 4
    Karin says:

    It seems like he may have some phobia of changements, in his newest comment on CNN he apparently is parasitized by his fears of democracy and terrorists alike (at

    It’s interesting enough that mister whoever gets an opportunity to give his opinion at CNN.

    In the States there are 2 ways of being heard, one is Larry King Live and the other one is CNN (sorry, they are the same, I guess that’s democracy).

  5. 5
    Bonnie says:

    Hi Rose, thanks for wading into the slime and giving us an update on where our nation’s more prominent citizens heads and hearts are. My dad is a die hard Republican, so many of your observations are helpful to me in understanding dad.

    (And to think in 2001, Karl Rove was talking about a Republican majority for the next 20 to 50 years. No wonder the GOP is completely disoriented.)

    I have been thinking about the story of why Newt Gingrich was frightened, and not thrilled, to have known an Molecular Empath.

    I think the answer is that much of the model of how the US handled the Cold War, and other domestic and foreign situations, is found in the Game Theory work of John Nash, who was a brilliant mathematician, but who also suffered from paranoid schizophrenia.

    His models of behavior were rational, and based on self-interest. The most famous of these models was a game called “Prisoner’s Dilemma”.

    But this game just falls to pieces when the players are interested in truthful, supportive communication.

    I think that Leslie demonstrated the essential unity of our world, and a little part of him recognized that the foundation of much of what he believed was false.

  6. 6
    Nancy says:

    Your Gingrich reading left me dumbfounded. The evaluation may be very accurate; I’m not experienced enough to know but the intensity of the words chosen (in contrast to the Hanks reading) is a clear mirror of the person who expresses them.

    Very Unspiritual. What’s up with the political agenda?

    It doesn’t take much to figure out that the major political players in general worldwide are in the “hate and anger” band of emotions. Not all politicians but the ones who hold the power and it doesn’t matter which party.

    It is about power not about caring for people. Some of them are just smoother with the language but it is really about controlling the masses through regulations).

    I am new to this but somehow I expected more from those who claim to understand how life works.

    I thought one aspires to get above or climb out of the snakepit of political controvery to reach a higher plane of understanding.

    I think the Hicks books explain this contrast well particulary “The Vortex”. It’s about why one should not engage in the negative.


  7. 7

    NANCY, thank you so much for writing. I’m going to wade a bit more into controversial waters here, and feel safe doing this knowing that you , like other Blog-Buddies have full command of your own self-authority and, therefore, make up your mind for yourself.

    I find your comment so full of interesting aspects that you have inspired me to devote a new blog post to a response. I’ll supply a link after I have posted this.

  8. 8
    Bonnie says:

    Aha! I remembered this post, and thought I would review it.

    Today is Dec. 2, 2011 and Newt is convinced he is going to be the Republican nominee in 2012. (Mostly because the other candidates have faltered so badly in the debates.)

    Time to call Leslie and tell her to yell “BOO!” at Newt again, and maybe it will rein in his ego for about a second or two. Just kidding!!

    I’m reading the comments regarding his most recent interview and laughing. “He has more luggage than a Samsonite factory” wrote one wit.

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