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Enlightenment Quiz — Answers

Here come answers to our Enlightenment Quiz (See that as a separate post).

Where does Rose Rosetree get such ideas? Fair question! See the end of this article.

1. Enlightenment shows to everyone who is intuitive.

FALSE. You need Energetic Literacy to tell. And you don’t need just Stage 1 Energetic Literacy (being aware of energy overall) or  Stage 2 Energetic Literacy (where you generalize about colors or entire chakras, “e.g., His throat chakra is open.”)

To really tell, you need Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, where you can read at the level of chakra databanks. (Every major chakra contains 50, for starters.) You need to be able to read any chakra databank you choose.

That’s called “skill” — basic literacy in the New Age, the Age of Aquarius. In this new millennium, being able to read auras in depth and detail is just as essential as Gutenberg literacy became in the last millennium.

About Enlightenment, the less clarity you have the easier it is to be fooled, such as one candidate proposed for the Enlightenment Life List who calls himself an “avatar” and “Earth’s youngest post-graduate.” Well, he sure does look confident. Someone intuitive but unskilled at aura reading might easily mistake that “glow” for something quite different.

Intuition means talent, and talent is great. But talent is no substitute for owning a skill set that gives you Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. And an intuitive hit that you like someone, or that person seems Enlightened, won’t be reliable unless you can stop and research a bunch of important chakra databanks.

2. Enlightenment means you’re not generating more personal karma any more.

TRUE. If Enlightened, you’re off the wheel of karma. No longer do you collect STUFF in your aura due to difficulties in life. You can be in a horrible traffic jam and not get stressed. (This isn’t to say you prefer that traffic jam to easy driving.)

Where does that karma go, the personal karma you generate? It goes to your nearest relatives. Lucky them, right?

3. Enlightenment is good, but you have to keep working on yourself, meditating, etc. Otherwise it will go away.

FALSE Once true Enlightenment is reached, those lights stay on for good.

On the way to Enlightenment, a person might have previews for days or months. Then some deeper STUFF gets kicked up to the surface and the person loses that bliss. Still, it’s all evolution. A successful outcome is assured, sooner or later, for all of us.

4. Enlightenment means you can consult with your guides whenever you wish and always get a very clear answer.

FALSE Personal guides and angels are wonderful, but they are never a long-term substitute for God. With Enlightenment, a person consults as needed with God.

This may be needed surprisingly seldom in everyday life. Because the person is so closely connected to God all the time. In professional work, you can be sure that someone Enlightened has resources beyond asking a spirit guide what to do next.

Incidentally, anyone who believes that consulting with guides or angels is a path to Enlightenment — good luck. It’s more a way to slow yourself down.

5. Enlightenment makes it easy to become rich, if you care about money.

FALSE The realm where you can “Think and grow rich” is not Earth. It is Heaven.

You can read a lot more about this in my upcoming book, Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy: 10 Secrets for Success and Prosperity in the Third Millennium.

6. Enlightenment means you can be slim and trim, if that matters to you.

FALSE You’ve seen sculptures of Buddha, right? And he isn’t skinny, right?

That isn’t just a cultural thing. Many of the people I’ve personally met who are Enlightened are a bit pudgy. I suspect that near-anorexia as a cultural ideal doesn’t work for people who are spiritually Enlightened.

Certainly being thin or rich or beautiful or famous doesn’t mean anything about a person’s state of consciousness. When people like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie seem to “have it all,” that’s an illusion. It’s show biz, in the case of celebrities.

For anyone, “having it all” means having Enlightenment. Any surface-level goodies are totally optional.

7. Reading auras comes automatically when you are Enlightened.

FALSE The Gutenberg style of literacy doesn’t come automatically either. Nor does a driver’s licence, last time I checked.

I do think it is terribly important to understand that everyone, yes everyone, can become a really good aura reader. If you can read this screen, you have Gutenberg literacy. And you could become just as good at energetic literacy as you now are at reading these words.

Find the teacher who can get you there. I could. If you prefer some other teacher, great. The point is to learn this kind of reading. It is essential for the time in which we live.

8. With Enlightenment, you are always cheerful, happy, smiling.

FALSE  One more appealing fantasy that confuses people!

Here’s my favorite story to contract the notion that Enlightenment equals a fixed, bland smile:

John Gray used to work closely with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a man who was clearly Enlightened (whether you happened to like him or not, whether you liked Transcendental Meditation or not). John has told a story of how he saw Maharishi get really angry at a particular man one time, “Joe.” Well, the silk-clad guru physically threw Joe off a train.

And, of course, for those who have been told via The Secret or other systems for self-improvement that constantly smiling will help to bring you all you desire, or even Enlightenment itself, oy veh! What malarkey!

I have read auras of people who are remarkably cheerful, happy, smiling, etc. in public. It isn’t pretty, not at the level of aura reading.

9. By the time you become Enlightened, no personal ego is left.

FALSE Depends on your path. Most of the Enlightened people I’ve met, their ego expands until it attains the stature of the Divine.

Okay, some renunciates have smooshed down their personal egos. Some in this group have attained Enlightenment. Even more of them have attained enormous pain, neuroses, loads of STUFF that shows on the level of auras. For instance, years ago I read the aura of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Was she a saint? Sure.

Was she Enlightened? Not by a long shot. Actually, I was stunned by the misery, chronic pain, sexual self-torturing, and other STUFF in her aura… along with a whole lot that was, as expected, gorgeous.

After her death, Mother Teresa’s private journal was published. I heard media reports about this although I didn’t read it myself. Evidently she divulged quite a bit about her unhappiness.

This misery would be no surprise whatsoever to any energetically literate person who had read her aura as an adult. (And yes, of course, Stage 3 Energetic Literacy includes the ability to read auras easily from regular photographs.)

10. A peaceful detachment is the personality signature of Enlightenment.

FALSE Enlightenment means an inner connection to Spiritual Source. The connection is lived so fully that it shows all the way at the level of chakra databanks. There is no STUFF.

How much bliss goes with being Enlightened? That’s like car mileage on gasoline. Your actual bliss-mileage may vary.

Spiritual connection is the personality signature. This doesn’t necessarily show, either. Except on the level of auras.

And will trying to be detached serve as a useful path to Enlightenment. Just the opposite. It’s a way to slow yourself down.

So, what ARE the signs of Enlightenment?

See a later post.

And where does Rose Rosetree get all these ideas about Enlightenment?

That fair question I had better answer right now.

Not from personal experience of being Enlightened. I’m the first to admit this. Some day, I hope this will be different. But don’t expect me to come back and correct this blog post later. I’ll be too busy slingshoting gum balls out into the Milky Way.

Okay, kidding about that last sentence.

Still, I think I have a pretty good background for a not-yet-enlightened person. Here’s why:

From 1969-1986, Transcendental Meditation was my whole life. I quickly became a teacher. Yes, if you added all the time up, it would amount to at least two full years of my life, where I spent all waking hours spiritual practices or reading about them. (Hey, I developed quite a Spiritual Addiction in the process; recovering from that turned out to be very useful for my practice as a healer, as some of you Blog-Buddies know from personal experience).

I was fortunate to spend the equivalent of another full year of my life personally studying with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Yes, I later came to believe that Transcendental Meditation was a cult and, in 1986, I officially resigned from teaching this technique. Still, Maharishi taught his initiators a great deal about Hinduism and Vedic wisdom. I have spent hours upon hours listening to Vedic pundits, and once even had a brief conversation with the late, amazing pundit Brahmarishi Deverath.

In addition, since high school I have studied mystical traditions within Christianity and Buddhism. Looking back, it’s surprising how fascinated I was since nothing in my own family upbringing — any relative, far back as anyone knew — was remotely interested in any of this.

Going to high school in Manhattan, I would walk over to the great New York public library on Fifth Avenue and read books like The Cloud of Unknowing. So from my teen years, on, I tried out techniques like “Pray without ceasing.” Other highlights:

  • Read the complete works of Thomas Merton? Check.
  • C.S. Lewis? Check.
  • The great Japanese mystic Basho? Check.
  • The Bhagavad-Gita in different translations, with different commentaries? Check.
  • Even obscure scriptures, like the Srimad Bhagavatam? Check. (At one time, the huge Indian book was once of my very few, and very prized, possessions.)
  • Do I own a pretty fabulous collection of hymnals? Presbyterian. Episcopalian. Christian Science. Check.

So, whether you call it a hobby, an interest, or an obsession, I have paid a lot of attention to Enlightenment. Moving toward Enlightenment has been the focus of my life since I first understood the concept, in 1968. Anyone with energetic literacy is welcome to read my photo here at the blog and evaluate whether I am still a beginner.

Of course, I have wound up developing a specialty in my mind-body-spirit career, and that specialty IS energetic literacy (aura reading, empath empowerment, face reading, cutting cords of attachment, Energy Spirituality).

Combining all the experiences and study with that ability to read auras in depth and detail is why I start to put together a personal Enlightenment Life List. Or the Enlightenment Quiz. Or, now, this latest article.

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  1. 1
    Jimmy Goodman says:

    So, you turned TM into a cult in your mind, in which case for you it was a cult. But it is not taught as a cultish practice, and the organization itself does not have the negative attributes generally associated with a cult. That’s my experience after 38 years of being involved in TM. Note that the effects of TM render it the EXACT OPPOSITE of a cult: increased brain integration and EEG coherence in the prefrontal cortex, improved focus and broader comprehension, etc.

  2. 2
    Jordan says:

    Man, I totallly thought #2 was true but decided not to say it, haha. I must be learning something here 🙂 (I think it’s that I am totally turning into teacher’s pet because I loOoOove this stuff, lol)

    It’s interesting that you decided to talk about detachment, as it’s something I was thinking about recently, after reading one of those ubiquitous phrases about “detachment in all things being the way” or some crap like that.

    Detachment is, I guess, a valuable little step when you’re still totally caught up in your stuff, with absolutely no perspective. Detachment can give you a little bit of space to see that there are other choices you can make, besides just reacting. But as a lifelong path to Enlightment? OUCH, YUCK, EWWW.

    Talk about resistance to life. The only reason to detach is if you have a ton of stuff in that area. Why else would you be motivated?

    Now I’m thinking I might have some selective detachment going on, hmmm…

  3. 3
    Jordan says:

    Ok, here’s what I learned: I miss really interesting stuff when I’m busy going “OMIGOSH i knew it!”

    you said:

    “Where does that karma go, the personal karma you generate? It goes to your nearest relatives. Lucky them, right?”

    Wow, that is so funny!!! I would love if you could talk more about this, how it was made clear to you, how it is set up, etc. I suppose this also happens before you are enlightened, with your “enlightened areas”, right?

  4. 4
    Bonnie says:

    Hmmm.. a book I have not yet read, but bought because I liked its cover is “Mind Like Water”.

    Would that be one of the main prerequisites of Enlightenment?? Something bad could happen, you could be pissed, but ten minutes later, boom – the past is the past – and the whole matter is completely dropped because that Enlightened person is in the Now.

    (P.S. So not me. Hours, days, years later I think “If only I would said or done so-n-so! Rats!!!” I think of the perfect reply hours after a conversation has taken place. Embarrassing comments haunt me for years! “Mind Like La Brea Tar Pits” I guess.)

  5. 5

    BONNIE, it is a traditional understanding of Enlightenment that events are like a line written in water.

    But trying for this is not a path. It is a result.

    No worry about cart before horse, okay?

    STUFF stuck in your aura is the cause of the “Rats” experience. As you have less STUFF you naturally have more presence in the present, and all the rest of the goodies traditionally ascribed to Enlightenment.

  6. 6
    Who? says:

    “Where does that karma go, the personal karma you generate? It goes to your nearest relatives. Lucky them, right?”

    I too would like more information about this.It seems unfair that you closest genetic kin gets to have my karma on their back.

  7. 7

    Hi, WHO.

    “Karma” simply means the consequences set in motion by every thought, word, and action. By the time someone draws closer and closer to Enlightenment, that karma is pretty wonderful.

    I wouldn’t worry about this.

    As for fairness, the world is set up the way it is, whether you consider it fair or not. Teenagers spend a lot of time complaining. Adults usually prefer to spend time and attention on making things work as well as possible here, right?

  8. 8
    Who says:

    Yes, I know what karma means.I was just respectfully inquiring how you drew the conclusion about this quote “Where does that karma go, the personal karma you generate? It goes to your nearest relatives. Lucky them, right?” But, since you didn’t expound, I already know the answer.

    Comparing me to a teenager,however was uncalled for.


  9. 9

    Well, WHO, I am very sorry about the insult. It’s hard to accurately interpret emotions when comments are typed, but I was not attempting to treat you with disrespect.

    It does seem you are extremely angry from what you wrote. In case you are interested and won’t assume that I am again insulting you…

    Since you know what karma means, you may know that the idea that all karma flows to relatives is built into ancient teachings about karma. This is not some theory I came up with.

    And because it isn’t some theory I came up with, but an understanding within Hinduism that is as ancient as the concept of karma itself, some 10,000 years old, I was making the point that one can’t fight City Hall. One may not like the fact that karma flows to the relatives of the Enlightened, but that’s how it is. So there isn’t much point in complaining about it.

  10. 10
    flowofenergy says:

    Karma flows to the relatives of the enlightened the way astral debris flows from the non-empathic to the empath (unskilled)?

  11. 11

    Well, FLOW OF ENERGY, I like the conceptual thinking. But can’t quite agree.

    Good karma of the Enlightened spreads out for keeps, like an ocean wave set in motion to crash just that way towards the shore.

    When unskilled empath JOE does an unskilled empath merge on GLADYS, JOE does take on a bunch of STUFF that belongs to GLADYS.

    However, within minutes or hours, GLADYS regenerates all that STUFF because she has not received permanent healing, only a very temporary respite.

    BTW, for more about the dynamics of unskilled empath merges, complete with illustrations, and also what to do to graduate from unskilled empath merges, see “Become The Most Important Person in the Room.”

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