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Who Is an Empath? Our Online Community’s Empath Life List.

Teaching about Empath Empowerment, at this post and elsewhere, is a sacred process that may take you a while to understand. Stay with it for results that are very real.

Teaching Empath Empowerment®, I’m a blur of motion. Maybe this post’s Empath Life List can help to empower you.

Whew, empaths around the world are finally beginning to know they are empaths. Let the process of Empath Empowerment® accelerate worldwide! In this post I’ll kick off an Empath Life List, similar to my Enlightenment Life List.

When I published the first book for empaths in English, even I didn’t use that word consistently. The title was Empowered by Empathy! (Note the absence of the word “empath.”)

The updated new title is The Empowered Empath: Owning, Embracing and Managing Your Special Gifts. That’s more like it!

“Empath” Is for Life

Today, many people are wondering if they are empaths. That makes sense because my research has shown that 1 in 20 people on earth now have been born as an empath, naturally talented for life.

Notice this important point, “Naturally talented” does not mean “Naturally skilled.” Just the opposite.

Similarly, curiosity about aura reading doesn’t mean you have developed skills of energetic literacy… although anyone could.

Empaths, What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You

Being an empath is different from being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) or being an “emotional person” or many other things. Did you know?

  • If you don’t know whether or not you’re an empath…  you’re not a skilled empath.
  • If you don’t even know what it means to be a skilled empathwith all respect, you’re not a skilled empath.
  • Until you learn an effective set of skills to become a skilled empath…  you’re not a skilled empath.
  • Becoming skilled does not happen just because you now have a shiny new name for yourself, such as “Intellectual Empath” or “Environmental Empath.”
  • Merely being talented does not, and cannot, and never will make you a skilled empath.

Who cares? You do. Or you will. Once you realize this simple fact.

Unskilled Empaths Suffer

Unskilled empaths suffer because they constantly pick up energetic STUFF from others.

That STUFF goes all the way into people’s auras, creating problems at a subconscious level. Some problems, the unskilled empath will be aware of. Mostly, the unskilled empath won’t even know about… but that won’t keep the empath from suffering.

How We Empaths Can Have a Better Life

For starters, know that much of the conversation today about emotional blackmail, energy vampires, narcissists, and psychic attack doesn’t help at all. Blaming others, or being frightened by them, or choosing people to avoid in life — this is not an effective way to become skilled as an empath.

Okay, I’ll be blunt. This is a way to become a weaker person, since more and more people must be avoided as time goes on.

(Incidentally, you can type any of these terms into the SEARCH box on the top left of this page and read more about energy vampires, narcissists, psychic vampires, and psychic attack, ideas that you may find reassuring and helpful, ideas generated because I have done thousands of personal sessions of Aura Healing working directly with clients. Some of them came to me complaining about just these problems.)

Empath, What ELSE Can Help You Have a Better Life?

Respect what empath skills can do for you. Otherwise, don’t waste your time.

The idea of respect has come up recently at the blog in the context of cutting cords of attachment. It’s similar to using the system of Empath Empowerment®,

  • If you’re going to use the Quickie Method to cut cords, or try to “cut all your cords at once,” you’re better off doing nothing.
  • Likewise, what if you’re going to just casually dabble in knowledge about becoming a skilled empath? You’ll win a “Nice Try” Award, but not much else.

Fortunately, becoming a skilled empath is very doable. It will take you maybe 60 hours — out of your entire life. This is not a quick grab-and-go skill set, not if you want to do it properly.

I’m sharing this idea because I’m someone whose commitment to this field runs so deep that she has obtained a trademark for a systematic way to help empaths — and Empath Empowerment® is the only trademark of this kind now in America. So I don’t know everything about this field. But I do know some things that can help you.

May this Empath Life List Prove Helpful to YOU!

Mostly this post is for fun, and meant to be very interactive. But first, here are some very practical points that can help you right now if you suspect you might be an empath:

1. Find out if you are an empath.

That means learning which gift(s) you have. It also means questioning some of the crazy-wrong definitions out there… even by authors who have now published books for empaths.

Being an empath does NOT necessarily mean anything about picking up on people’s emotions. There are two different emotional gifts you might have as an empath, Emotional Intuition and/or Emotional Oneness.

But you might be just as much an empath if you have a gift that is spiritual, intellectual, physical, animal, environmental, mechanical, crystal, plant, even molecular.

2. Respect.

Once you find out if you are an empath, give your talent the respect it deserves. Become skilled as an empath. This is different from just telling people that you are an empath with a particular gift.

By analogy, owning a bicycle or being able to name “handlebars” and “seat” does not mean that you can ride the thing.

3. Be smart about gaining skills.

Whichever system to help empaths you choose, whichever blog you read or book you read, and whomever you choose as your empath coach, please use consumer smarts.

Are you just being given a rehash of things that psychotherapists have talked about for years?

I’m a fan of therapy and counseling, but not necessarily for helping empaths develop an effective skill set.

Let’s Start an Empath Life List

Note: After a few years I had to call a halt to this Empath Life List. It was taking too large a share of the time I have to devote to this blog.

Still, I hope you’ll find it helpful to read this article and the flow of comments. To me, comments from you Blog-Buddies add so much to this teaching blog. Your comments and guest posts are at least as good as any article here. Now, back to the original article…

Here’s what we’re going to do at this blog post. We’re going to list empaths who are effective in life, one way or another — public figures to some degree, whether they are politicians or writers or actors or musicians or community organizers. I’ll kick things off with a list of 20.

  1. You’re invited to add comments where you nominate people for the Empath Life List, until  5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 29, 2010, when this post CLOSES for nominees.
  2. Your nominee must be a person who has a website and reputation for being effective in society, a newsmaker of sorts with a wide sphere of influence.
  3. To nominate, you do not have to know for sure whether or not that person is a born empath. That’s the part where I’ll research for you, going over every single comment here at this blog, provided that the nomination is done properly.
  4. To be considered, each nomination should include the nominee’s name, the type of work the person does, and a direct link that shows a photo with that person. (Just like the links at our Enlightenment Life List.)
  5. The photo should have at least the face and neck from a front view. A full torso view from the front would make it easier for me. 🙂
  6. Of course, “direct link” means a string of http that can be pasted into a browser. It is NOT a link from within a site like Facebook.

Aren’t you curious?

There may be many people you admire enormously. But are they empaths or not?

I want to learn about your nominees in that way. So I will comment back to you, straight up and down, empath or not empath.

Empaths will go onto the list, non-empaths merely will receive comments.

Let’s have fun with this, Blog-Buddies. Remember, you can comment easily at this blog. You don’t have to join anything. You can be anonymous easily, too: At the start of your comment include words like “Rose, make this anonymous.” Easy!

Empath Life List

    1. President Barack Obama.
    2. First Lady Michelle Obama.
    3. Former President Bill Clinton.
    4. Marilyn Cooley, whose empath gifts extend to the animal kingdom, founder of Nova Holistic Animal Care.
    5. Jeffrey Chappell.
    6. Graphic designer Melanie Matheson.
    7. Shamanic healer Almine.
    8. Flower essence pioneer Star Riparetti.
    9. Chris Rials-Seitz, sound healer.
    10. Steven Spielberg, the great film director. Added September 28, 2010.
    11. Alanis Morissette, the extraordinary singer.
    12. Albert Einstein, needing no introduction from the likes of Rose Rosetree
    13. Jane Goodall, the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees. Added October 1, 2010.
    14. Actor Tom Hanks, added October 2, 2o1o.
    15. John Mayer added October 5, 2010. (Meant to add him earlier but got busy!)
    16. Actress Julianne Moore, added October 7, 2010.
    17. Singer Sarah McLachlan, organizer of Lilith Fair.
    18. Singer Bono from U2.
    19. Intellectual shape shifter and, oh yes, the Father of Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud has just been added. Hmmmm, wonder what that means. 😉
    20. Here comes the first vintner on our list. He’s also a musician, Maynard James Keenan. Incidentally, vintners and sommeliers and others in the wine business do pay a price for that glamorous line of work. I know the health virtues of wine are well known, but regular significant wine consumption makes for a wobbly aura and the likelihood of carrying around hundreds, even thousands of astral entities attached to one’s aura. Anyone in that line of work, do consider trying my online Spiritually Sparkling® Skills workshop
    21. Actor Keanu Reeves joins our group of empaths.
    22. Jon Stewart joins the Empath Life List.
    23. Alan Featherstone the founder of the UK’s Trees For Life foundation that is restoring the Caledonian Forest. Check out Suzanne’s description of meeting him in Comment 9.
    24. Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple.
    25. Fred R. Volkmar, MD, Director of the Yale Child Study Center.
    26. Sacha Baron-Cohen, mockumentary star best known for his character “Borat.”
    27. Educator and visionary Rudolph Steiner.
    28. Hans Werner Henze, the prolific and politically responsible German composer.
    29. Martha Argerich. As a pianist, she was so graced, not only by being an empath but by transmitting glorious and healing energy to people through her auric modeling as a performer. Although I wouldn’t consider her ready for that Enlightenment Life List (a separate post here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical), Martha has the most wonderful way of putting aside her personal struggles while performing, giving an audience her very, very best.
    30. Eckhart Tolle belongs on this list of Empaths.
    31. Johnny Depp goes onto this list of empaths, courtesy of Blog-Buddy DONNA.
    32. Hanna Kroeger goes onto our list of empaths, courtesy of Blog-Buddy SUZ.
    33. Natalie Portman is an empath, with acknowledgment at our “Empath Contest Where Everybody Can Win.”
    34. J.R.R. Tolkien was an empath, as well as going onto my Enlightenment Life List.
    35. Rinko Kikuchi, the fabulous Japanese actress, is definitely an empath, nominated by Blog-Buddy ANITA.
    36. Andrew Solomon, author of The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression, which was a finalist for the 2002 Pulitzer Prize — another empath.
    37. Audiobook narrator George Guidall is also an empath, nominated by JULE for our “Empath Contest Where Everybody Can Win
    38. Clare Danes is an empath.
    39. Empath Amelia Kinkade is the author of The Language of Miracles: A Celebrated Psychic Teaches You to Talk to Animals.
    40. Empath (and figure skater) Sasha Cohen, who won a silver medal in the 2006 Olympics (for the figure skating).
    41. Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t just an empath. He has that unusual gift of being a molecular empath.
    42. Industrial designer Yves Behar is a molecular empath as well.

Last updated July 7, 2014.

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  1. 101
    Grace S. says:

    Veryyy interesting!

    I’m glad DAVE brought this up.

    Thanks for the input, JORDAN.

  2. 102
    Jordan says:

    Sure, Grace S.

    I have no idea about the other parts of Dave’s question, but that part… asking if we had a hand in designing such a major part of our identities… well, it just seems like a big DUH!!!! to me.

    You ARE you!!! Of course you get to pick! Who else do you think is the boss of your lives? And who on the other side would be interested in mandating or forcing a certain kind of lifetime for you, without your input and consent? I don’t think anyone that you designed your lifetimes with… is interested in controlling you, as people on earth might be.

    Personally, I think we can do whatever we !*&^* want, and that includes deciding if we want to be some variety of empath. Maybe I’d rather go to the other side of the universe and sit and be a blob for a while, or maybe I’d rather just hang out in heaven.

  3. 103
    Dave says:

    Good stuff, JORDAN!

  4. 104
    Jordan says:

    Thanks, DAVE. I hope I didn’t sound too rude!

    I probably could have picked a more graceful words than DUH and *&^!#!!! Ha!

  5. 105

    DAVE brings to our attention on December 16, 2011, that Eckhart Tolle belongs on this list of Empaths.

    See, Comment 14.

  6. 106
    DominaLove says:

    Rose, I love your response regarding Alanis, I adore and enjoy her as an artist, and she has definitely touched me in the very ways you described. I have been listening to her since the earlier 90’s.

  7. 107
    Tara says:

    I read that Keanu Reeves supposedly has high-functioning autism or has ‘autistic traits’. I’m not sure whether he said this of himself or it’s only other people who have labeled him as such, but wouldn’t you say that an empath is like the opposite of someone with autism?

    I think it’s really offensive to label people as autistic, just because they may come off as a little ‘weird’, shy or introverted, as this seemed to have become so acceptable these days..

  8. 108

    TARA, finally a response to your comment. Yoicks, back so many months ago.

    I couldn’t agree with you more that it is offensive — and irresponsible — to give people mental health labels because there is something different about another person.

    I look forward to a time when folks just don’t inappropriately fling about terms like “narcissist” — a mental health pattern which really exists, but not as often as popular usage on the Internet would suggest — or “psychic vampire” — which pretty much doesn’t exist at all, except for those times when a person requires someone to blame.

    Calling people “autistic” inappropriately? I wasn’t aware of that one.

    Yet when I grew up, kids called each other “retarded” or “dumb.”

    Personally, I applaud this form political correctness. It is wrong, both inaccurate and unkind and unethical, to use language in such a way.

  9. 109

    Curious about molecular empaths? How about high-level politicians who are empaths?

    Today an aura reading of German Chancellor Angela Merkel taught me something unexpected. Check it out here:

  10. 110

    Well, Blog-Buddies and fellow empaths, it has been a while since I added any names to this thread.

    Yes, it’s officially closed. But a brainy Blog-Buddy reminded me that when I do the promised empath research on nominees for our latest contest, they could go here.

    Three cheers for Brainy “Face Reader by Day, Aura Reader by Night.” 🙂

    To read the full contest nominees (for a contest that is officially closed now), click here:

  11. 111

    Hanna Kroeger goes onto our list of empaths, courtesy of Blog-Buddy SUZ.

    Photo link:

  12. 112

    JESSICA, mega-talented novelist Barbara Kingsolver doesn’t just go onto our list of empaths.

    She goes onto the Enlightenment Life List.


    Thank you for this nomination in the 2013 Contest at Comment 11.

  13. 113

    Johnny Depp goes onto this list of empaths, courtesy of Blog-Buddy DONNA.

    Photo link:

    [Link No Longer Available]

  14. 114

    The actress Lauren Graham goes onto my list of public figures who are empaths, added at the 2013 Contest courtesy of KYLIE’s nomination in Comment 13.

    Here’s a fine photo for easy reference, aura readers:

    [Link No Longer Available]

  15. 115

    Natalie Portman is an empath, with acknowledgment at our recent “Empath Contest Where Everybody Can Win”

    As well starring in a post about how to talent scout for an empath:

  16. 116

    Novelist and scholar J.R.R. Tolkien, nominated by Blog-Buddy LARA for our “Empath Contest Where Everybody Can Win,” is an empath.

    LARA’s super nomination included a photo of the “Lord of the Rings” author while young, clearly (with Stage Three Energetic Literacy) an empath.

    Even more wonderful, a photo taken later in life reveals a ripening into Enlightenment, so Tolkien just went onto my Enlightenment Life List.

  17. 117

    Rinko Kikuchi, the fabulous Japanese actress, is definitely an empath,a nominee by Blog-Buddy ANITA for our our “Empath Contest Where Everybody Can Win.”

  18. 118

    Another empath for our list, courtesy of ANITA and our “Empath Contest Where Everybody Can Win.”

    Meet Andrew Solomon, author of The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression, which was a finalist for the 2002 Pulitzer Prize, and Far From the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity.

  19. 119

    Audiobook narrator George Guidall is also an empath. He was nominated by JULIE in our “Empath Contest Where Everybody Can Win.”

    Yes, you can check that out here:

    Including today, during America’s end-of-summer holiday, Labor Day Weekend 2013.

  20. 120

    CLARE DANES is another nominee for our “Empath Contest Where Everyone Wins” who is an empath.

    Read JULIE’s Comment 29 over at the contest, complete with a fine photo link, here:

  21. 121

    The latest addition to this list, courtesy of our “Empath Contest Where Everyone Wins”?

    Thank Blog-Buddy JULIE for three superb nominations in a row. (I’m beginning to think that JULIE did aura reading herself before nominating these folks!)

    Magnificent Amelia Kinkade is the author of The Language of Miracles: A Celebrated Psychic Teaches You to Talk to Animals.

  22. 122

    Added to this list, as we complete the “Empath Contest Where Everyone Wins,” JULIE nominated another empath:

    American figure skater Sasha Cohen, who won a silver medal in the 2006 Olympics.

  23. 123

    And the final nominee who is an empath? Caroline Kennedy, nominated by AURA READER BY NIGHT.

  24. 124

    This thread is officially closed for empath nominees from you Blog-Buddies.

    However, there can be future times when I will comment below to transfer names here because of a blog post. Or there might even be a comment where it turns out that the person whose aura is being reading, such as my researching nominees for our most popular post, The Enlightenment Life List.

    So I will add the occasional comment related to being an empath, understanding what it means to gain skills as an empath, and applaud public figures who are empaths. Plus there may be many future comments inviting you to read separate posts related to the system of Empath Empowerment(R).

  25. 125

    Here is an article for you empaths that can save you from wasting your time, being confused or distracted.

  26. 126

    Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t just an empath. He has that unusual gift of being a molecular empath.

    Noted in this Aura Reading Movie Review of his performance in “The Wolf of Wall Street”:

  27. 127
    David.. says:

    Hi Rose
    I know this list is closed to nominations but wanted to note you mentioned that all of your students on the ELL also happened to be Empaths. (likely why they were attracted to you)

    Perhaps that was not the point of this article but thought I’d mention it.

    Can certainly see why you’d want to keep the number of lists shorter. A few good examples is all some things need for teaching.

  28. 128

    DAVID, you’ve noticed. 🙂 Yes, so far, all the members of this online community about Deeper Perception HAVE been empaths.

    However, I can think of at least one long-term client who is very, very close. She is not an empath.

    And certainly this thread is open for comment. I’m just not researching who is an empath, who isn’t.

    Now is the time to make it easier than ever for empaths to become skilled, with The Empowered Empath.

    And then for empaths to explore Skilled Empath Merge, as never before, with The Master Empath. New articles by me, and new stories from you’all, will be opening up soon.

    The pursuit of Empath Empowerment(R) is just getting started!

  29. 129

    Blog-Buddy ZELDA proposed the industrial designer Yves Behar for the Enlightenment Life List.

    I don’t find him to be ready for that list yet. However, he sure is a molecular empath. Research away, you aura readers:

  30. 130
    Christine says:

    I have to say that seeing the Obama’s on this list kind of made me sick as they are both narcissists.. But I know from my own experience after being emotionally and psychologically abused by a narcissistic empath for two years, that some empaths are narcissists.

  31. 131
    Morgan says:

    Diana Gabaldon?
    She writes in her stories her main character (Clair Frazier) as if she is an empathy with physical oneness

  32. 132

    MORGAN, it is lovely to have you commenting.

    I do need to remind you though that this thread has been closed to research for a very long time.

    In your sweet enthusiasm, you missed the part in the main post that is in red. You know, to stand out. It reads:

    5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 29, 2010, when this post CLOSES for nominees.

  33. 133
    Sam says:

    I realize this is an old thread, though a response would be much appreciated. I want to express my doubt about Bill Clinton being an empath. I would consider him a sociopath, and his wife as well (though I would love to be proven wrong). This makes me ask the question, do you believe that sociopaths are empaths who have chosen “the dark side”? I spent 4 years of my life in a “relationship” with a sociopath who feels no remorse for the pain he causes others, but when I first met him, I actually thought he was an empath because he seemed to understand me. I remember him saying to me, “I know what your problem is. You feel too much.” Sociopaths are certainly chameleons and masters at reading people, but that doesn’t make them empaths. I’d love to hear your thoughts, or perhaps you can guide me to a more appropriate discussion about this elsewhere. Thank you.
    Best wishes.

  34. 134

    SAM, thank you for commenting at the blog. It’s sad that you suffered at the hand of a sociopath, but this blog isn’t the place for an RES expert to help you. For that, you would choose a personal session.

    Both President Clinton and Hilary Clinton are on my Enlightenment Life List. No, I don’t consider them to be sociopaths.

    And I wouldn’t try to persuade you in any case. That isn’t what this blog is for, persuading people. Or for discussing sociopaths. To find a blog more compatible with your interests, perhaps you might google the word “sociopath.”

    Good luck.

  35. 135

    This morning SAM contacted me privately. He told me that his Comment 134 embarrassed him now and admitted that, at the time, he might have been a little too into reading about sociopaths, and being a bit hasty with judgements.

    I think this was so brave of him to admit. It is never, ever too late to revise your opinion of someone.

  36. 136

    Although this list isn’t being added to any longer, a contest is currently underway where you can ask about whether any public figure of your choice… is an empath.

    Check it out!

  37. 137
    Irene says:

    Rose, I know you’re not updating this list anymore, but I really like organizing information and I love knowing when somebody is an empath or not. 😀

    I’ve taken the liberty of collecting some names from elsewhere on the blog and I’ll post them here as comments.

  38. 138
    Irene says:

    From this contest:

    Autism Researcher Fred Volkmar, MD, a molecular empath

  39. 139
    Irene says:

    Indicated in their movie aura readings here at the blog and then confirmed over at the FB empath group:

    Actress Rachel McAdams

    Actor Mark Ruffalo

  40. 140
    Irene says:

    And then from this great recent contest:

    Steph Curry, basketball star

    Theodore Seuss Geisel, best known as children’s author Dr. Seuss

    Elon Musk, co-founder of Tesla Motors

  41. 141
    Irene says:

    Dani Johnson, debt and wealth management expert

    US Senator Al Franken (also on the Enlightenment Life List)

    Til Schweiger, German actor

    Ann Curry, media broadcaster

  42. 142
    Irene says:

    Maria Callas, opera singer

    Julio Olalla, the founder of Newfield Network and molecular empath

    Sean Penn, actor and molecular empath

    Pharrell Williams, singer

    Shalonda Holt, the Washington Post’s Teacher of the Year discussed here:

  43. 143
    Irene says:

    Tim Urban, writer of blog “Wait But Why”

    Joshua Ovenshire, aka Jovenshire, Youtube entertainer

    Ian Hislop, British journalist and satirist

  44. 144

    IRENE, thank you so much.

    My Grand Prize aura reading for that latest contest is all ready to go as a blog post, but for today I’m aiming to share something lovely that just came in from someone who hasn’t commented before at the blog but was inspired to write because he just finished “THE NEW STRONG” — well, you’ll see.

  45. 145

    A beautiful set of comments from SARAH MERCHANT, a new Blog-Buddy, reminds me that empaths may find today’s blog post of special interest.

    Fellow empaths, check out “Objective-Subjective Clarity.”

    Then look for SARAH’s comments. 🙂

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