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Energetic Literacy-Based Review of "Time for Truth"


Here is the book review that DIDN’T make it into my latest column for the Winter Issue of Pathways Magazine. Related to our recent thread about New Age Litany, and my long-term project of reclaiming New Age away from what I call “The Romance of the Astral,” here comes my review of Nick Bunick’s book Time for Truth.

First, the good parts. I really like Nick. I admire him, based on the story he told about what he’s been through. There’s enough insistence on “never saying a negative word about anyone” to make me feel a bit inhibited about giving my frank opinion of this book. I wouldn’t want to be gratuitously rude to anyone in general or to this sweet guy in particular.

Empath attends the Rally to Restore Sanity


Attending the Rally today was an extraordinary experience, even though I didn’t get in. True, I held a hope in the back of my mind that, as someone  previously “interviewed” on “The Colbert Report,” I might inspire Stephen Colbert to swoop over on his Magic Carpet of Truthiness and give me a ride.* Maybe then I’d have been able to sit up really close. At least on the grass near one of the Jumbotrons.

No such transport! The trip downtown from my Washington D.C. suburb was amazingly huge, just for starters. Never have I

Empath Merge Guest Post, Elaine reads Taylor Swift

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


For this wonderful Guest Post, Elaine used the same photos of the world’s most famous 20-something I used yesterday. While I had done an aura reading, using techniques of energetic literacy to read someone at a distance, brave Elaine dared to jump right in. As she commented…

Rose, here is my Magic Picture technique,  “Become the Most Important Person in the Room” on Taylor Swift.

As usual, I do my own magic picture before reading any of what you have posted.  In reading through your info, Rose, I know this doesn’t agree with some of what you posted.

Juicy Peer Posts for Empaths, Aura Readers, Face Readers, and More

Rose Rosetree with a much loved Blog-Buddy

Aura Reading of Taylor Swift

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


How would it feel to be the most famous 20-year-old in the world?

That’s Taylor Swift, you know. The star has just released her third new album, “Speak Now.” Reading a review in The Washington Post (Allison Stewart’s profile on page C10 on October 26) I stopped my comfortable breakfast rhythm of eat-and-drinking my vitamins-and-water. Might have choked, if I hadn’t been such a practiced vitamin taker.

Imagine! Third para down, as if it were no news at all!  “A teenager when she released her first album and now the world’s most famous  20-year-old.”

Quiz Answers, Spiritual Cleansing and Protection


What’s more fun for Halloween than two snowmen or six pumpkins? Ah, wisdom!

Educate yourself about psychic coercion, astral entities, negative thought forms, and healing extra-terrestrial entities. You’ll improve your quality of life. Truth is, whether you know about these astral-level problems or not, they are affecting you right now…

Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Quiz


Today’s quiz is meant to test your awareness about different types of astral-level STUFF that are effectively removed through the skill set I call “Spritual Cleansing and Protection.”

Although my annual workshop for Spritual Cleansing and Protection for 2010 is complete, this important skill set can still be:

  • Learned through phone sessions of Personal Mentoring (the usual 55-minute personal sessions, by appointment)
  • Facilitated for you, one phone session at a time.

What does New Age mean to you?


This thread we’ve been following about New Age… our next reality stitch-up with that thread should be obvious. What DO New Agers have in common, if not the New Age Litany previously discussed?

Here are 10 points I would like to propose as a commonality among New Ager, unofficial but useful to discuss. For the sake of discussion, I’ll go so far as to call them “New Age Requirements.”

Pay attention, Primrose and other Blog-Buddies who don’t usually consider yourselves “New Age.” Maybe you have been a New Ager for quite some time, given what the term really means. Because meeting any one of these requirements would make you a New Ager.

The New Age Litany


I’m proud to be part of the New Age community. You may know that I do a rather time-consuming job  as a columnist for a quarterly magazine, Pathways, in order to help the New Age community and bring attention to deserving authors, especially self-publishers, who need all the help they can get to spread messages that are worth reading.

But New Age also contains its share of problems. So it behooves you to develop New Age consumer smarts. Millions of Enlightenment seekers today follow a kind of litany, promulgated by the likes of Abraham-Hicks and others who preach New Age gospel over Hay House radio. It includes statements like these:

What is a spiritual teacher allowed to say?


Recently, Blog-Buddy Nancy presented a passionate, articulate critique of my work. Searing, really.

She did a great job of presenting questions/problems that many people may have of my work in general and this blog in particular.

Today’s post is devoted to responding to those  concerns. You’ll find Nancy’s original comment following my aura reading of Newt Gingrich. To organize a response, I’m cut and pasting comments into an order that seems logical to me.