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What is a spiritual teacher allowed to say?


Recently, Blog-Buddy Nancy presented a passionate, articulate critique of my work. Searing, really.

She did a great job of presenting questions/problems that many people may have of my work in general and this blog in particular.

Today’s post is devoted to responding to those  concerns. You’ll find Nancy’s original comment following my aura reading of Newt Gingrich. To organize a response, I’m cut and pasting comments into an order that seems logical to me.

But today’s post is also a place for YOU to express any questions, comments, doubts, even criticisms you have — whether about what I teach in any of my specialties, the type of blog-posts that I offer in this community, or my personal style as a spiritual teacher (which is mostly what Nancy objected to). Not that I plan to change any of these, but perhaps I can clarify.

By contrast, if you have questions or criticisms related to specific blog posts, that’s one purpose of the COMMENTS BOX at the end of each post.

I also invite you to comment with praise, of course. For instance, you might share your point of view about my work, benefits you have received from my sessions, how you have been using skills of energetic literacy, etc. You might comment about the model of spiritual expert promulgated by Abraham-Hicks, since this is a major part of Nancy’s critique of me.

Is a spiritual teacher allowed to comment on politicians?

Nancy wrote: Your Gingrich reading left me dumbfounded. The evaluation may be very accurate; I’’m not experienced enough to know but the intensity of the words chosen (in contrast to the Hanks reading) is a clear mirror of the person who expresses them.

Very Unspiritual.

In the culture of New Age, it’s unusual for a spiritual teacher to comment on politicians. Instead, in New Age culture a teacher will either ignore politics entirely or else generalize about politicians… which Nancy does later, incidentally.

This particular blog is devoted to Deeper Perception Made Practical. All the forms of energetic literacy that I teach are intended to answer questions like “Who is this person? How is this person changing?”

Sometimes media interviewers have asked me to answer such questions as a matter of opinion, more like gossip. “What do you think of XYZ?”  I’ll refuse. My answer is quite consistent. “Show me a photo. I will read that.”

For example, the three lie detector tests in Aura Reading Through All Your Senses are extremely accurate. Once I did an interview with a newspaper in Nevada, the Las Vegas Sun. I was given about seven photos of local newsmakers to read. I found many positive things to say about most of them. But three of them were outrageous liars, distinctively awful, each in his own way. So I mentioned this.

Reporter Sue Snyder began her article this way, Rose Rosetree can spot a potential fibber a mile away. Or, in this case, 2,400 miles away.

Then she quoted my comments about these three men. All were well known to locals. All three had been indicted recently for various crimes and misdemeanors. If voters had used energetic literacy, they could have avoided putting these men in positions of power.

What’s the point of an election if it isn’t to make the most informed choices you can? What’s the point of following politics if not to make choices? And surely one of the most practical  reasons for energetic literacy is to inform one’s choices as a voter.

Aura reading, empath merges, face reading in depth — why bother?

These aren’t just hobbies. Not to me. Energetic literacy techniques activate as much spiritual consciousness as each person has. The point isn’t to brag “I can read auras” but to improve quality of life. To help others. To make smart choices in every aspect of life. And, yes, to vote intelligently.

Ethics dictates not to share insights of Deeper Perception in public about regular people. But when someone is a newsmaker, a reality show star, politician, spiritual teacher, sure. Why wouldn’t we be allowed to use our best skills and clearest language to explore that person’s who-you-be.

Moving toward Enlightenment as the householders we are

Enlightenment, and all that leads up to it, isn’t just for monks with long beards who squester themselves in caves. Householders today are aiming to become Enlightened, too. What will that mean?

What DOES it mean, as consciousness grows day by day and, with it, people in regular society are developing full energetic literacy? Exploring that is the purpose of this blog, remember? Our community of Blog-Buddies here is exploring and learning about that, me included. I wonder:

  • Does Nancy consider that, as healers, people are allowed to find problems?
  • Are spiritual people allowed to find problems in family members, or themselves, in order to make better choices?
  • Are we allowed to look, really look, at people involved in national elections?
  • Are we only allowed to be positive about all people at all times?

Are intense words really unspiritual?

Nancy was shocked, shocked by the tone of my blog post, alarmed by “the intensity of the words chosen (in contrast to the Hanks reading)”

Hello! Politicians, heads of financial institutions, media magnates, etc. are getting away with outrageous actions these days. Recently I read an article about shoes that purportedly tone muscles in the legs and butt. As described in an article at, ” Skechers, Reebok, Avia and New Balance with claims that they promote healthy weight loss, improve posture, fight cellulite, reduce knee joint stress and improve the shape of wearers’ thighs and buttocks. The customer base for the shoes is 90 percent women, and they sell for $100 to $250, They also represent the fastest-growing segment of the athletic footwear industry.”

After the original manufacturer became successful advertising with this angle, other sneaker manufactures began developing similar product with similar advertising. There’s a nice chunk of market share now, selling these shoes to women who want to look as if they exercise without having to actually do the work.

Not one research study gave any evidence the claim was true. (Unless you count research studies paid for by the shoe manufacturers.) In the article I read, a spokesperson for the original company was asked about that. Didn’t it matter to him that the claim was false? As I recall his response, he said:

Who cares if the claims for his product are true? If women believe the shoes are good and keep buying them, that’s all that matters.

Independent fact checkers, covering this election season, are finding that millions of dollars are spent on attack ads. The majority of these, funded by undisclosed sources, are either outright lies or else they combine one nugget of truth with a poop-load of falsehood.

In a world like this, you bet I get angry. My tone is not going to be the same, commenting about person whose career is based on integrity versus a corrup shoe manufacturer or politician.

And what kind of spirituality is it when all that’s expected is a bland smile? I don’t believe in being that kind of teacher, anyway. Socrates is a hero to me, not Rhonda Byrne.

Nancy asks, “What’s up with the political agenda?

It isn’t a political agenda, it’s a truthiness agenda. Any of you Blog-Buddies who want to guest post, using techniques of energetic literacy, are invited to add your perspective on any public figure discussed here. And, actually, many of you have shared some spirited comments that contradicted me completely.

What about those of you who don’t like politics? Well, skip all the posts about politicians. You’ll find other posts galore at Deeper Perception Made Practical.

Generalizing about politicians in a “spiritual” way

Nancy went on to share her perspective on politics:

It doesn’’t take much to figure out that the major political players in general worldwide are in the “hate and anger” band of emotions. Not all politicians but the ones who hold the power and it doesn’’t matter which party. It is about power not about caring for people. Some of them are just smoother with the language but it is really about controlling the masses through regulations).

I wonder if Nancy has noticed that recently President Obama signed into law the first National Health Care Legislation in American history. Has she noticed that the main Republican “idea” with campaigning into this major election is… to repeal this advance in our collective life?

How can someone pay attention to real events in America in 2010 and then go on to generalize that all the politicians are in a “hate and anger band of emotions”? Personally, I think it’s pretty compassionate to stop insurance companies from denying coverage to paying customers because of pre-existing conditions. I think it’s a relief to millions of parents that their 21-year-old kids can keep health coverage for a few years longer. That’s the “love band” in my internal radio.

Isn’t the point of government to help people, to protect people, to keep the free market from getting out of balance, to strike a social balance as much as possible? Does anyone who actually follows the facts believe that all matters of legislative record are about what Nancy seems to notice, degrees of smoothness?

Since when is being wilfully blind to political reality a way to demonstrate the ideal way for a spiritual person engages with reality? Personally I don’t believe that spirituality is supposed to be about disengaging, or not following political events, or blithely outsourcing informed decisions to a channeled source like Abraham.

You might not want to read my blog posts about energetic literacy directed toward politicians. You might prefer to read your favorite political blogs. But is it spiritual to use Deeper Perception to explore these important real life happenings? I think so.

Can you tell, Blog-Buddies? My belief in this is passionate. Because I believe that now, in this third millennium, spirituality can finally become accountable. People who are sensitive, empaths and others, are poised to throw off the “victim” way of life and become powerful leaders. Enlightenment can be lived by householders from any walk of life. Anyway, back at my alleged spiritual deficits…

Quoting Abraham-Hicks to define what spirituality means

Nancy concluded: “I am new to this but somehow I expected more from those who claim to understand how life works. I thought one aspires to get above or climb out of the snakepit of political controversy to reach a higher plane of understanding. I think the Hicks books explain this contrast well particulary “The Vortex”. It’s about why one should not engage in the negative.”

One person’s “engaging in the negative” could be another person’s “engaging in reality.” Abraham-Hicks is a very astral-centered belief system. In my upcoming book Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy,you will find a detailed critique of Law of Attraction and The Secret, as well as other discoveries made possible because of energetic literacy.

You can learn the consequences of any spiritual path by reading chakra databanks. Or one can continue in the sweet, second millennium stereotype of spirituality, where people can present the most astounding lies and get away with it. Spiritual teacheres can sugarcoat reality, advocating practices that are aurically toxic. And, I suspect, aren’t necessarily being followed by those who do the advocating (this not a mere theory but a suspicion that is based on my having read auras of some spiritual teachers).

Supposedly, according to the model Nancy shares with many in New Age, or Christianity, or Buddhism, or yoga teachers, a “spiritual” person is supposed to give a bland smile and always ignore the negative.

Well I am not that kind of “spiritual” person. Although that kind of bland spirituality may be inoffensive and may help people sell books, how much does it help people in the long run?

New to New Age

To me, the most telling part of Nancy’s critique of me was where she wrote,I am new to this.”

Yes, she is. If she spends 40 years as a professional in mind-body-spirit, like me, she will encounter plenty of deception, broken hearts, and horrible personal tragedies. They happen when people faithfully follow leaders who sound great on the surface but wouldn’t sound so great if examined with Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.

After years of passionate involvement in New Age, maybe Nancy will become more like me, someone who doesn’t love the sleazy side of New Age any more than she likes the equivalent garbage in Christianity or politics or psychotherapy or anything else.

There is a kind of New Age Litany being expressed in Nancy’s comment. I think it’s important for any consumer, New Age or otherwise, to evaluate the parts of this 10-point Litany, so I’ll devote my next post to that. Otherwise, I’ll say here that when Nancy has been steeped longer in New Age culture, she probably would never write a critique like the one she recently delivered to me. Instead, she would turn up her nose, think “How unspiritual! I shouldn’t sully my eyes further” and move onto another blog, preferably one that is steeped in the words and vibe of that New Age Litany.

Thanks for giving honest feedback, Nancy. That isn’t “unspiritual.” At least, not to me. In fact, it is exactly what I aim to do at this blog and elsewhere.

I love the authenticity of your reaction and the willingness to engage. Three cheers for you! Nancy, you have spoken for many, I suspect, who have lurked at this blog, saw something political or read something in any way negative about anyone and stopped immediately.

Not really unlike my Catholic girlfriends, back in the day.

  • “Is this of The Devil?”
  • “Is this movie on the Church’s list of the forbidden movies?”
  • “Will I have to bring this up in Confession, or can I let it slide?”

Let’s celebrate freedom of thought, self-authority. Let’s learn to read truth for ourselves (the whole point of this Blog, remember). Let’s live in this new Aquarian Age with our full empowerment, love, and light.

That doesn’t make us interchangeable nor bland nor scared to think for ourselves. Not unless we choose to be.

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  1. 1
    Primrose says:

    I like the political stuff very much. One day I’m hoping you’ll have a competition to win a face reading of a politician, I know exactly who I’d nominate.

  2. 2
    Kate says:

    Ahhh….how to be brief in my comment? I’ve had about eight phone sessions with Rose and am a regular blog reader.

    So far there are at least seven areas where I don’t agree with Rose. She is passionate and I am firm and that is not a problem at all. We are reminded that we all have self-authority.

    There has never been anyone I’m in complete agreement with and I’ve noticed that everyone has opinions and possible agendas. I believe that Rose is committed to the truth and I admit I’d have a little challenge trusting her if my political beliefs were very different.

    (I trust the online health expert Dr. Mercola; his political beliefs, which he puts out there, are very different than mine.)

    My phone sessions with Rose have been some of the most beneficial, life-changing experiences I’ve ever had. They have made a difference in areas where other New Age and healing techniques have not.

    The empath empowerment techniques in Rose’s books are life-saving and the cord-cutting book, while a bit advanced for me now, is something I really want to learn.

    Desiring to be informed about the world, what I read about people on the blog here is way more informative and interesting than what I’d find elsewhere online or in a magazine.

    I am very familiar with the Abe-Hicks material and it has sometimes helped me out of very dark places more quickly. It is a very useful tool and cannot be the only approach I use with my life.

    I also find Laurel Mellin’s Emotional Brain Training very helpful and also cannot rely on it alone.

    Much of my time and money has been wasted on healers who will not and cannot help me address the very real and horrific energetic events of my past. There are huge segments of the population who are not being served by the refusal to address more than what is light and postive.

    “The Secret” and such has some very good points and is incomplete, leaving many people wondering what is wrong with themselves.
    Rose teaches techniques so that people can be empowered and be better informed about their own choices and coming to their own conclusions.

    I often go about my day looking for and focusing on the positive and just as I wouldn’t use my toothbrush to mop my kitchen floor, I am so appreciative that there are spiritual and energetic leaders who are willing and able to share information on working with the whole of my life.

  3. 3
    Lizzie says:

    What surprises me is not the analysis of people, but the fact that you present yourself as a ‘spiritual teacher’, maybe you could explain why you do this.

    For me a spiritual teacher is mainly somebody who represents a religious belief, not somebody who is spiritual or who uses spiritual methods.

  4. 4
    Amanda says:

    Hi Rose, a very interesting post 🙂

    I’m so glad to read this kind of questioning of the dictates of spirituality. IME the people most focused on keeping everything positive are surrounded by stuff they’d prefer not to look at clearly and which they read as negative: it seems to be a part of the path, when all sorts of things get demonised.

    My theory is that it’s the deep excavation work of the spiritual process, where the deeper levels of resistance come up in the system to be dealt with, often confusing the persons themselves – who haven’t yet realised this is just stuff passing through on its way out and not worth paying much attention to 🙂

    Our hearts are actually brave enough to face up squarely to unpleasantness and let it be OK that it isn’t OK – then do what you can to change it 🙂

    I’ve cleared this kind of stuff from other people and know I have it myself to some degree: the best term I can find for it is a kind of sentimentality that really squats in the energetic system. To use your terminology, STUFF!

    I wonder if there’s a lot of noise made at this stage because there’s still a great predominance of fear and the desire to have ‘rules’ and ‘gang members’ to make people safe.

    As it clears the heart seems to become sharper, clearer and more pure, more insightful.. and genuinely more balanced, loving and peaceful. Everything in the system starts to run more smoothly and with an underlying sense of joy,

    To me fearless perception is the sign of a clear heart and sentimentality, rejection and hiding is just a question of ‘stuff’.

    Can’t wait to clear ALL of mine!

    I like how Nancy says what she thinks.



  5. 5
    "Gwyneth" says:

    Fascinating post, Rose. Having been an explorer in the New Age realm for around 15 years or so, I wholeheartedly support your response and explanation to Nancy.

    I have no personal opinion about Nancy, since I don’t know her, but I do feel passionately about the points that have been brought up.

    For me, it boils down to the shadow. I’ve found some of the most repressed and nasty folks I’ve ever encountered to be ‘New Agers’ of the variety that think spirituality is about being ‘nice’ and only ‘positive.’ This is dangerous territory to be in, in my humble opinion.

    And frankly, I think it’s a distortion of the Abraham work to interpret it in this way. Abraham speaks of ‘contrast’ and the importance of feeling one’s feelings and seeing them as important information in the process of co-creation.

    I highly doubt that Esther Hicks would say that the Abraham work is about always being positive. I also think that it’s a common interpretation of it for folks who have just discovered it. At last, a silver bullet!

    It’s a fairly typical American response – give me wisdom, solve my problems — fast!

    I don’t have lots of time to write everything I’d like to right now, but the point I’d like to make is this. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has a shadow side to them, whether it means repressing their darkness or their light (which they then often proceed to project onto revered spiritual gurus).

    Our culture has frankly been quite naive about this and the denial of the shadow is rampant in a whole subculture of the New Age community. I’ve experienced this directly myself.

    There are many New Age teachers of integrity who openly teach that one must be responsible for facing and integrating one’s shadow rather than repressing it (look up the work of Debbie Ford and Robert Ohotto, for instance), only for it to pop out when least expected.

    t’s not rocket science to understand why one politician and public figure after another has been ‘uncovered,’ whether for illicit affairs, homosexuality, whatever.

    What I find refreshing about Rose’s work is that the skills she teaches and that I’ve learned are immensely practical, down-to-earth, and enormously helpful. They help us to uncover the shadow in folks who are doing all they can to stuff it away, for whatever reason.

    I would certainly rather know this before launching into a business or romantic partnership, rather than getting stung down the road due to my own naivete. I’ve lived through this too many times.

    There’s an incongruity in Nancy’s remarks I’d like to comment on — on the one hand, there’s a critique of what she seems to see as a bias in Rose’s work and then on the other hand, she paints politicians with a rather broad brush stroke of bias. This makes no sense to me and, frankly, I get weary of illogical arguments and critiques of this sort.

    I think that loads of people have become disillusioned in recent years as the truth (i.e., repressed shadow side) of people and entire industries has been brought to light. This is certainly a painful, though healthy and healing, process and I’ve been dealing with my own version of it.

    But it makes no sense to ‘shoot the messenger’ rather than be willing to face the fact that some folks are desperately wounded and act out of that place or place no priority whatsoever on anyone else’s needs but their own.

    Maybe I’ve been fortunate to have had to face some truly difficult truths in my life, which is why I feel so passionately about this topic — truth — especially at this time in our culture.

    I’ve been blessed to work with Rose and another gifted spiritual teacher/psychic who helped me to see the reality in my family, which has been hugely painful.

    I have a brother who has psychopathic tendencies and basically drove my mother to her grave, then set about trying to bully and attack me during the process of her dying.

    I needed support in being blasted out of the denial my mother spent years constructing, that he ‘has a good heart.’ Actually, no, he doesn’t, sadly. He’s deeply disturbed. And truth be told, I’d probably be dead if I hadn’t been able to face the truth of his intentions and behavior and find healthy ways to protect myself.

    I mention my own story only to make the point, as one who’s lived through having to face painful truths, that it doesn’t serve us to live in denial.

    Life is not always ‘positive’ and ‘nice.’ It’s wise to develop the skills to see through facades and denial.

    I say this as a person who’s made many mistakes out of naivete and who has had successes in connecting with people of integrity through the skills of Deeper Perception.

  6. 6
    Grace S says:

    I can’t wait to read the follow up post – I applaud you for bothering to respond, I wouldn’t of, who needs it.

    It goes to your integrity as a teacher that you’re treating this discussion with respect and dignity.

    This whole propaganda about “negative” being equated with “unspiritual” just makes my ears bleed, it’s such unsophisticated thinking. Plus the typical cherry-picking and value statements inherent in the labeling of “negative” is just transparent.

    It will be a treat to hear you put words to this cultural mythology/program/subtext, it’s far larger than just New Age, as you alluded to.

    And I think you’re right, a base of this perspective is self-authority, and people looking for excuses to give it away, not just that, but a culture that encourages this, especially in the context of healing.

  7. 7
    Anna says:

    Rose, I have been exploring the world of woo-woo and new-age stuff since my teens (about ten years).

    We’ve done sessions together so you know my story. Like many spiritual seekers, I was so into the spiritual stuff that I was addicted to it and did not want to face or address any kind of world reality. I thought I was above that and mostly spent my days trying to transcend the physical and stuff down my emotions.

    I believe that some of the people who are into Abraham Hicks and the law of attraction HAVE lost touch with reality and may even have a touch of the spiritual addiction. Not all of them but some do. (I work with them as clients)

    And spiritual addiction leads to the kind of thinking that I see in that comment – that it’s not fitting for spiritual people to pay attention to, or comment on such ‘worldly’ matters as politicians and their auras.

    Being addicted to spirituality also leads to the line of thought that there’s no point addressing the world outside of you or paying much attention to it beyond your visualizations and affirmations about it – just lump them (like politicians) into one category of losers. I know the commenter didn’t say this explicitly, but that’s the impression you’re left with.

    Since I have had several healing sessions with you and overcame the spiritual addiction, I noticed that there are good people out there doing good work, a few of them even in politics.

    We cannot judge a book by its cover. That’s why reading someone is so important before we make a decision on them and I think it’s great that you teach these skills.

    I was surprised by your aura readings of actors, like Helen Mirren and Tom Hanks. I confess to being a bit snobbish about what they would be like, because of the industry they are in, but I was surprised.

    Likewise, some who declare themselves as extremely spiritually evolved doesn’t seem to have so many good qualities, when you read them.

    Over the last ten years I have invested a lot of money in spiritual teachings and I am a professional psychic – I invested a lot in my training too. I have worked with lots of spiritual teachers and healers. I don’t think there are any healers EXCEPT YOU who had the skill set and experience to help me overcome in a very REAL, tangible way the two problems that I was plagued with – too much empathy and spiritual addiction.

    So Rose, I don’t care if we disagree on politics or on anything else. I love that you are firmly connected to planet earth and as a result, you are able to help people with their human life too, not just their spiritual life.

  8. 8
    "Gwyneth" says:

    I dashed off my previous comment before heading off to work and since then,more thoughts have surfaced. I’m actually grateful to Nancy and to you, Rose, for this topic, much as it does, in the words of Grace S, “make my ears bleed.” 🙂

    Laughed out loud at that and heartily agree! It is quite unsophisticated thinking. I’m fed up with the level of unsophisticated thinking I’ve experienced in the New Age world.

    But what I’m grateful for is the opportunity to see the gifts of some incredibly trying times in my life. They’ve given me a more balanced view of life and of human nature.

    I have felt so frustrated by the snarky comments often made in the mainstream about New Age subjects, psychics, and metaphysical topics. And yet when I read these ‘spiritual is only positive’ comments I just want to scream because this nonsense is exactly what gives folks who have had no positive, direct experience with these topics fodder for their snark.

    The shadow side of the New Age world needs to be brought to the light. The world needs the gifts the New Age can bring, but not the unsophisticated, simplistic stuff that’s the prevailing view of it.

    Having lived through the death of my mother 2 years ago, which included firsthand experience of our culture’s general dismissal of grief — too negative, you know! — I’d love for the only positive New Agers to spend some time in that territory and see how it feels to be in such pain and anguish over a profound loss and to see people turn their nose up at the ‘negativity’ of the emotion involved.

    This is an aspect of the ‘only positive’ viewpoint that I doubt many New Agers have seriously considered. There’s a shaming aspect to the shallow interpretation of the Law of Attraction.

    Regarding what spiritual teachers can or are supposed to say, I’d like to point out that Jesus, back in the day, before the egos of religious leaders got in the way, and the huge religious structures gradually changed his message, was a revolutionary!

    Sure he healed folks and spread a message of love, but he wasn’t always ‘nice’ or ‘positive.’ Any spiritual teacher with a sense of unconditional love, compassion, and integrity will figuratively thwap a student upside the head if necessary. The point is to wake up! Not always be ‘nice.’

    I’ve quite gratefully experienced this myself. Back when my thinking was so skewed by a combination of fear, muck from various cords of attachment, insecurity and cultural conditioning, I had a reading with Sonia Choquette that helped me wake up in a big way. I needed that back then.

    Rose’s work is balanced in this way. I’ve learned about gifts of the soul and I’ve learned truths that were sometimes painful to hear in the many sessions I’ve done. But what’s most important is that I’ve been able to hear them because they come from a place of love and they’ve helped me to grow immensely.

    Another thought that bubbled up is related to a favorite book of mine, “Women Who Run With the Wolves.”

    Growing up in a family in which the denial was thick, my instincts became quite messed up. I’ll never forget the image the author uses to explain the point of the book, which is to help women get our wild, instinctual natures back. She writes of the she-wolf and how when danger is lurking outside the cave, she’ll bark and become fierce, doing anything it takes to teach her young of the danger and to stay away.

    How have we gotten to such a point of denial and delusion that we’ve forgotten that in life there are predators? That there are those who behave in less than honest ways? Who have no qualms about ripping others off? Why are there not *more* people speaking out about how frightening these people are, especially the growing numbers of them in politics?

    I’m grateful for the teachers who’ve encouraged my self-authority while simultaneously helping me rebuild my instincts, to trust them, and to be able to discern what’s really going on with people rather than follow the crowd and buy into the prevailing cultural attitudes.

    And I’m grateful for the opportunity this discussion has given me to fully appreciate the value of some very trying chapters of my life. Like being married years ago to a minister who wound up putting up a sickening sweet facade to the congregation while he was abusing his wife at home. It was incredibly empowering to hear Rose read the cord items in that cord.

    Just thinking about these challenges in the context of this discussion has helped me to feel grateful for them and for the sense of discernment I’ve been able to acquire from living through them. It’s a hard-won sense of self-authority.

  9. 9
    Primrose says:

    Although I’m new to this work I’m not new to self exploration. Focusing on the positive while ignoring the shadow doesn’t work in my experience. Not does focusing exclusively on the shadow. Working through the shadow has helped me embrace the positive. Trying to wilfully “be nice, happy, positive, lala” while the shadow is ignored is a waste of mental energy for me, and I assume anyone else.

    I have to say I don’t especially care about criticism of Rose’s beliefs and ideas. Am sure Rose you are very capable of looking after them 🙂 As an atheist in recovery I’ve become accustomed to working and studying with people who are religious and or spiritual and do not share my way of thinking at all. And I’ve learnt to tolerate all sorts of beliefs that I will never agree with. I like what’s here on this blog and I’m very happy to learn what I can. Other than that, people saying what they think is what people will do. Mostly what others think isn’t my business anyway.

  10. 10
    Bonnie says:

    Fantastic comments everyone! Thanks so much for your insights, particularly Gwyneth. I agree with most of the points above.

    My dad is struggling in much the same manner as Newt Gingrich, and Rose’s analysis was extremely accurate in naming the behavior and thought patterns I am seeing him act out.

    One specific observation that was an “eureka” moment for me was “The man has constructed a huge myth about himself, a fantasy of heroic proportions. It has no basis in objective reality, but gains intensity because he NEEDS to believe in himself so much.”

    THANK YOU SO MUCH ROSE! Those two sentences have given me the key to understanding why dad sends me quite ridiculous emails and why his conversations nearly always work around to “how we won WWII”.

    P.S. Please continue to turn your keen gaze on our politicians; those are the blogs I often find the most interesting. “We the People” indeed!

  11. 11
    Jim says:

    Truth, Simplicity, Love, and Service—these things are actually spiritual, whether you notice them in a great cathedral or in the woods or (less likely) in the men’s room of a New York bar.

    Face reading a la Rosetree is about uncovering truth that is hidden in plain sight.

    I am a very poor (very slow) face reading student, but a student nonetheless. Now, I cannot haul out my miniscule face reading expertise, but remember “by their fruits shall you know them.”

    Gingrich, as speaker, discouraged Republicans from any association with Democrats and began the very strict discipline that sees few Republican dissident votes ever cast. He did this, even shutting down the government repeatedly.

    His followers vote always and forever in favor of all corporate interests and totally to the detriment of the middle class in every case without exception.

    This is pure class warfare, using the government purely as leverage for the “haves” to protect against “have nots,” and doing so in a very short sighted way.

    So, why is intense language not appropriate???? Are you still concerned somehow that it could be untrue??????

    Surely, anyone over the age of 8 has to know better—well, look at the polls—perhaps we should say everyone over the age of 8 is SUPPOSED to know better—although clearly they don’t. Sad.

  12. 12
    Alexey says:

    I love your passion to find truth and thelack of political-correctness in you blog.
    I think that political-correctness makes people blind, stupid, and increases the ability of people with bad intentions to impose their will on others.

  13. 13
    Renee Hines says:

    Dear Rose, I usually don’t comment here but I think this is such an awesome opportunity for all of us to realize something and that is that none of it matters except how we are responding.

    It’s all about you, and by you I mean all of us individually. How we FEEL, esp. when the emotions are strong it is simply a mirror to ourselves, an opportunity to heal a part of ourselves that we don’t love that we see reflected in someone else.

    Taking ourselves out of our “thinking brain” where we think we need to defend Rose or New Age spirituality or our political beliefs is just our ego and I think the gift we are being given here is an opportunity to examine the feelings this brought up and go deeper into ourselves realizing it’s all here for us, all here to show us something about ourselves, a mirror to our souls. Another wonderful opportunity for healing!!!

  14. 14
    Amanda says:

    Hi Renee,

    That was interesting. I personally don’t perceive any desire to defend Rose in any of the comments above – I saw a bunch of individual and intelligent personal observations.

    In any case I think it’s dodgy to impute motivations on internet blogs, you can really exit reality that way – and whether an observation is passionate or dispassionate it’s still an individual expression of thought and best observed merely as that.

    As a recovering empath I feel uncomfortable at the idea that I should take other people as a mirror of me. This kind of instruction has always made me uncomfortable.

    My personal opinions are not the same as other people’s, because we are separate, and actually I am not them. I like being separate much better than I like becoming them in order to learn something that perhaps I never needed to learn in the first place. Other people’s shoes give me blisters – I’d much prefer to walk a mile in my own 🙂

    To me this is the whole point of empath empowerment – to stop making yourself a mirror of all humanity and start being who you actually are.

    I don’t see a lot of ‘healing’ involved in turning myself into someone else and thinking that’s made me a better person. I don’t see much gift in it either, merely another invitation to not be myself.

    Not doing that is actually creating the healing for me.




  15. 15
    Amanda says:

    Sorry, just to add something else – I’m aware that for many people exercising this kind of approach is indeed healing and evolutionary for them.

    It just doesn’t apply to empaths! So if you’re not an empath and you’re on your path in this respect then good luck to you, Renee 🙂

    I expect the empath recovery approach would be confusing to most people, just as ‘see everyone else as a mirror’ is a confusing instruction to me.

    My chi gong teacher put it well when he said ‘most people are looking to expand upwards, but some need to be coming down.’ I was very clear that I needed to come down but other people are equally clear on the need to extend upwards.


  16. 16
    Grace S says:

    I just wanted to say that I’ve really appreciated the depth and scope of these comments. Thank you all.

  17. 17

    GRACE S. and all of you, me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sometimes it gets so busy around here, I don’t keep up with responding to individual comments, but please know I read and enable and APPRECIATE them all.

    It is an honor to be part of this online community.

  18. 18
    Renee Hines says:

    Wow, Amanda, I think you misunderstood completely what I was saying!! I just meant its always about us, our personal growth. How can it be anything else.

    For example your pretty strong reaction to what I said says something about YOU, in that sense the mirror. How it makes YOU feel. It’s ALL about YOU.

    I wasnt meaning to criticise anyone or judge them or say that we shouldnt have opinions etc. I was merely pointing out that that when we do have those opinions and strong feelings that it is telling us something about ourselves and giving us an opportunity to become more sell aware, to heal etc. It shows us about ourselves, really everything does if we look.

    And, by the way, I am an empath, on the way to becoming a skilled empath, although I must say I felt the anger from your email.

  19. 19
    Renee says:

    I can see when rereading what I wrote how it could have been misconstrued.

    I apologize, I was caught up in reading some really beautiful channeled transcripts of Ascended guides and masters who spoke of “earth school” and how it’s all here for us, that nothing really “matters” except our evolution and “Stuff” is here to help us see places in ourselves that need healing, no matter how small or large.

    Thank you for helping me see that I have some places in me that need work i.e. my temper, which is all about my ego.

  20. 20

    RENEE, you are such a dear.

    The idea that “nothing really matters except our evolution,” while true in one way is ridiculous in another.

    The very notion can really fit in totally with that New Age Litany discussed in a following post.

    I’m glad you and the other Blog-Buddies are now, evidently, back to harmony. I’m also glad that you, AMANDA, and all you Blog-Buddies are sharing your ideas and opinions.

    We are all, as ALEXEY wisely said, seekers of truth.

    And ALEXEY, welcome to this blog. You are the first commenter here from your country (the name of which you may or may not want to tell other members of our Online Community).

    What really pleases me about your commenting isn’t that geographical fact but that you are YOU. 🙂

  21. 21
    Amanda Flood says:

    Hi Renee 🙂 sorry if you felt my anger, but I fully own it, I do get angry about instructions that have not helped me in the past and it’s a healthy way to exit their hold.

    I do know it’s uncomfortable to pick up people’s emotions but just think when you’re always switched off you won’t get to feel that, huzzah 🙂

    Interestingly, wasn’t that the whole point of the original post, that it’s ok to be angry and let others be angry?

    Anyway it certainly wasn’t directed at you, I was angry with the idea. I hope you picked that up too!



  22. 22
    Renee says:

    My dearest Rose I should have chosen my words more carefully, OUR personal growth, getting rid of stuff and coming closer to tapping into our divine creative potential is what I meant by evolving, if something matters more than that or it is in some way ridiculous I will look forward to learning about it in our next session, also I would like to explore the idea that making something “wrong” or “right” is a construct of the ego. I value you as a teacher and have learned so much from you I’ll look forward to more insight.

    Amanda I want to give you an example of what I meant, I don’t want to leave this blog with you misunderstanding what i was attempting to say.

    Let’s say an incredibly beautiful women comes into your space, Perfect face a body to die for just gorgeous. You immediately feel insecure, less than, unattractive etc. Her presence is allowing you to see a place in you that needs to be healed.

    I am NOT saying that you should compare yourself to her I am saying it is a gift in the sense that you found a place in yourself where you don’t love yourself and opportunity for healing and growth. If you disagree if that makes you angry at least hopefully you disagree with what I was actually saying and not a misunderstanding.

    Of course it’s ok to be angry I was just surprised by it because I didnt think I was saying anything particularly controversial. You chose to hear what I was saying in a way that made you angry and that has nothing to do with me or what I was at least trying to say.

    Maybe I just need to hone my blogging skills or maybe you still disagree, I still maintain that stuff shows up in our lives as a gift to show us where we need to heal, grow etc.

  23. 23
    Carol says:

    I am new to this blog (actually, have never participated in any blog before) and I want to add my perspective here.

    I feel that Rose has the right and obligation to be out front with her emotions and judgments of the people she reads.

    Her intention in this blog, her books, and her work, is (correct me if I am wrong, Rose) to teach others the skills of reading Intention and Gifts.

    Intention makes all the difference in how you see and interpret everything in your life and how you respond to everything in your life. Intention is your motivation and your motivation impacts other people and the environment.

    I don’t care what names you put on that, Rose, I want to know what people’s intentions/motivations are so I can judge for myself if I want that persons auric stuff in my field of influence personally and in positions of influence politically/corporately, etc.

    I choose to stay aware and be responsible as a citizen so I can vote with my Whole Intelligence. I choose to stay aware and learn to read peoples intentions so I can make informed decisions in all areas of my life.

    Thank you, Rose, for your willingness to be forthcoming and honest in your assessments/readings. I look forward to learning all the skill sets that you teach because I want to align myself with the intentions of your heart that are so evident in your work.

  24. 24
    Lizzie says:

    Back to the question of why you present yourself as spiritual teacher. I was surprised when I first noted that I had met one more spiritual teacher when I thought you are mainly a healer.

  25. 25

    LIZZIE, does it disappoint you because I am just one more spiritual teacher? 😉

    Of course, that’s what I am. I develop and teach systems for making direct contact with Divine Beings, for moving out STUFF that gets in the way of Enlightenment.

    I do everything possible to teach people these systems, including writing books.

    Sure, I do healing sessions. In my case, that’s a way to help people as a spiritual teacher!

  26. 26

    CAROL, welcome to the blog. And thanks so much for your Comment 23.

    Self-authority is really, really important. I couldn’t agree more.

  27. 27
    Carol says:

    Rose, that is why I love your teachings and your healing sessions. Because you are more than a Healer; you emphasize and encourage learning of the person you are facilitating healing in to learn and grow from the experience.

    In that sense you are a Healer and a Spiritual Teacher.

    I was an RN in Critical Care and even there I tried to take every opportunity to teach self-care and responsibility to my clients, so I have that inclination and appreciate it in others.

    A real Healer, to me, is someone who sees themselves as only assisting another to tap into their own ability to heal. As an RN I was only supporting the client’s body to allow the client time to make up their mind about whether they wanted to stay on this earth longer or move on to the next dimension. Therefore, nothing that happened was a failure in any sense.

  28. 28
    Lizzie says:

    I found this on the net (at

    A spiritual teacher/mentor’s role is unique in that the goal is not to transmit knowledge or understanding as much as it is to somehow bring about a recognition in the student of the student’s own pre-existing nature. This is a much more subtle thing than simply teaching someone a skill or understanding.

  29. 29

    Well, that is a very “Endless Satsang” definition of spiritual teaching, isn’t it, Lizzie?

    Terms like “darshan” and “auric modeling” speak of this too, from different angles.

    I don’t believe that mere skills and understandings are trivial, however, as a spiritual teacher does have the ability to provide that as well as do auric modeling.

    Perhaps spiritual teaching is like art. People say, “I know when I like it.”

    Certainly, LIZZIE, you do not need to hold me as a spiritual teacher in order to benefit from skill sets I teach, or enjoy healing from all the sessions you have had of RES Energy HEALING. By all means, make use of what I offer as what you need.

    Some people will not accept a spiritual teacher unless in the guise of a Tibetan Lama or silk-clad yogi, or a priest with the special black-and-white collar. We know what we like. Not a bad thing!

  30. 30
    Carol says:

    I usually disdain the dualing bible approach to any discussion but, perhaps here it is appropriate. I found this quote in the blog of the same site that Lizzie used:

    “Maybe we can hold the question of what role inquiry, devotion, effort, surrender, transmission, meditation, gratitude, intention, silencing the mind, study of spiritual books, involvement with a teacher or master, ripeness of the student, karma, grace, and luck play in our enlightenment with an openness and curiosity, instead of a need to define their roles once and for all.”

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