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I’m proud to be part of the New Age community. You may know that I do a rather time-consuming job as a columnist for a quarterly magazine, Pathways, in order to help the New Age community and bring attention to deserving authors, especially self-publishers, who need all the help they can get to spread messages that are worth reading.

But New Age also contains its share of problems. So it behooves you to develop New Age consumer smarts. Millions of Enlightenment seekers today follow a kind of litany, promulgated by the likes of Abraham-Hicks and others who preach New Age gospel over Hay House radio. It includes statements like these:

1. Everything happens for a reason.

“Therefore, it is important to constantly be interpreting your life, interpreting it subjectively” —  and, perhaps, detaching from full engagement with your human speech and actions.

2. Ask your angels to explain your life to you.

Outsourcing one’s life to angels is encouraged by many New Age authorities. Presumably, they are the ones to tell you what is important in your life, and your personal needs, wants, likes, dislikes, reactions, and desires become relegated to the background of your life.

3. Use spiritual guidance to make choices for you in life.

Many a New Ager is obsessed with making sure that choices are “What I am supposed to be doing/reading/wishing for in life.” It’s not unlike the “What would Jesus do” movement that has been popular in certain Christian belief circles.

4. Spirituality means being positive and constantly smiling.

The Secret has emphasized this, of course. But for years there has been a build-up within New Age culture that it is a test of who is “really spiritual.” Does the person always “act positive”? This is, supposedly, a person to revere. And to imitate.

5. Meaningful coincidences are the most reliable guide to getting a life.

“External validation” is the technical name for this emphasis. Paying attention to outward circumstances to validate inner experience is the idea. External validation is common to most religions and also to cults… and (for different reasons) as a motivator in life for people who follow any trend and seek to fit in.

“Internal validation” means deciding that your personal experiences are valuable. Internal validation is required for full energetic literacy. Or for Enlightenment.

6. Everyone must find a definite Purpose.

Many a client has told me about how this idea has been emphasized by a recently heard show on Hay House Radio. Many a client has been obsessed with the search for a spiritually official purpose.

In my experience, the longing to “know your purpose” is directly proportional to how much STUFF is stuck in a person’s aura. I don’t propose living an “Un-purpose driven life.”

But the emphasis on finding grand purpose keeps people from paying attention to everyday life. It also, conveniently, can hook people as perpetual consumers of readings, seminars, etc.

Why not try the noble experiment of taking a vacation for a year from the need to find your Purpose? Why not set human goals based on what seems interesting and valuable to you as a human being? Be sure to include “earning a living” in that list of personal goals, because authorities on human potential from Abraham Maslow on down through history have agreed that SURVIVAL is a primary purpose for humans and, until that can be achieved reasonably well, it doesn’t make much sense to be concerned with other matters.

New Age Litany, alas, has caused many a dedicated spiritual seeker to jettison common sense in the idealistic, but misguided, pursuit of grand Purpose.

7. Find your soul mate or you cannot be happy.

Here comes another myth that keeps the consumers coming back again and again. Because having a soul mate sounds so good. And it is actually so rare.

Of course, if you release this particular item of New Age Litany, you can have a far less desperate life. You can empower yourself. Because, with or without a soul mate, you can be happy. You can take responsibility for your life. You can grow spiritually. You can even become Enlightened.

And that’s a good thing, since soul mates are so rare. Doing aura reading research for clients, I have often been asked, “Is this person my soul mate?”

Usually this very exciting person has been a player, a manipulator of my client and someone with a pretty disgusting set of cord items in the cord of attachment — as my client and I discover during the session.

Of all the inquiries, only FOUR times in since 1986, out of thousands of clients, have I found someone who had such a strong soulful pull toward a particular person, with a mutual bond in return, that it passed my sniff test for “soul mate.” (Incidentally, only twice was it to a person of the appropriate gender and sexual persuasion to become a love relationship.)

8. The ultimate spiritual development means constantly being aware of energy and angels.

You’ll read about this from certain New Age celebrities. You’ll hear conversations in the changing room at your yoga studios. If you’re honest, you’ll admit that you know people who brag about all their so-special interactions with an angel.

Maybe sometimes you have even felt jealous, comparing how often you had angels tell you what to read, where to go, how to live down to the most minute detail.

In Goddesses and Angels, for instance, Doreen Virtue inspires her readers by recounting how wonderfully she lost weight after Archangel Michael told her which kind of supplements to buy from the health food store. (Please note: I don’t mean to criticize Doreen herself. She is a talented woman who has worked heroically hard to serve humanity. And has. For decades. I just don’t agree with Doreen’s every idea.)

What ever happened to the brain that God gave you? To your emotions as a human being? To your common sense as a consumer? To your ability to stand in the supplements section of your favorite health food store and muscle test yourself to find a good brand of spirulina?

Why would outsourcing your life to anyone, even Almighty God, be considered a path to self-realization?

9. Avoid negative people at all costs.

Negativity isn’t contagious, like leprosy. But the New Age litany places great emphasis on spending as much time as possible with people as much like yourself as possible.

Every cult in the world emphasizes this.

If all your friends must believe just as you do, and you succeed in avoiding interactions with anyone else, is that really a measure of how fast you are growing?

As an ex-cult member, and someone who helps clients now to exit from a wide variety of cults, I would question that idea.

Actually, I wouldn’t just question this part of New Age Litany. I’d suggest, “Be afraid. Be very afraid. Because you’re at risk for turning New Age into ‘cult’ — which is entirely optional.”

10. If you imagine yourself becoming rich, that’s all you need do in order to become successful.

Believe in the version of reality being told to you about spirituality and have nothing to do with other points of view, because politics, hard work in the world, and other human aspects of life are unspiritual.

Personally, I don’t believe a single one of these is useful for moving forward toward Enlightenment. It’s just my opinion, and I invite you to use your own self-authority to decide for yourself.

Share your views on New Age Litany

Inspired by a comment by PRIMROSE, below, I’m adding a list of these 10 items to help you to comment as well. Just cut and paste this set of 10, then add your reactions.

  1. Everything happens for a reason.
  2. Ask your angels to explain your life to you.
  3. Use spiritual guidance to make choices for you in life.
  4. Spirituality means being positive and constantly smiling.
  5. Meaningful coincidences are the most reliable guide to getting a life.
  6. Everyone must find a definite Purpose.
  7. Find your soul mate or you cannot be happy.
  8. The ultimate spiritual development means constantly being aware of energy and angels.
  9. Avoid negative people at all costs.
  10. If you imagine yourself becoming rich, that’s all you need do in order to become successful.

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  1. 1
    Sula says:

    I have my reservations about New Age spirituality as well. Personally, I think publishers like Hay House dumb down their content and shows to where it is rarely useful. Sure, newbies to this information may have a field day…but I have noticed that the collection of books by famous New Age authors…basically repeat the same thing…over and over again.Rarely anything insightful or to the point. I also don’t like the resulting encouragement to be passive, “nice”, and let things work themselves out.

    I understand peoples desire to learn about their intentions for this lifetime…life can be one big confusion that sometimes you really need answers.I recommend the use of evolutionary astrology to learn certain themes about this life and your soul intentions in getting to a certain place. It can fulfill that curiosity yet you will not be a slave to figuring out what you are “supposed to be doing”.

    The soulmate thing is annoying as well. Soul connections is the name more appropriate-that allows for the explanation of both “good” and “bad” connections with other souls that you have strong spiritual ties to…as well as cord of attachments 🙂 I do believe this though: people often grow spiritually, change for the better, and after resolving some karma, he/she could turn into a “soulmate”. Sometimes, people stay where they are and refuse to grow. Either way, I wouldn’t hold my breathe.

    Just my rambling thoughts…..

  2. 2
    Primrose says:

    Thanks for this post Rose. It’s interesting for me to engage with these ideas, although my thoughs may not be very enlightening as I’m not a new ager.

    1. Everything happens for a reason.

    I don’t think it does, although I find that after an event it can be helpful for me to think over what has happened. My mind finds patterns in everything and so it can potentially make patterns out of random occurrences.

    2. Ask your angels to explain your life to you.

    I have no experience of angels. I make sense of my life by engaging with my unconscious, and accepting that I don’t know everything but I have to take care of myself as best I can.

    3. Ask for spiritual guidance to make choices for you in your life.

    Well, I pray every day for guidance which is odd for an atheist, but I find prayer helps me so I do it. I hand over my will every day. Doing that frees up my mind in some way. I find choices come in a more balanced way through prayer, I think it may be because I am calmer when I decide what to do.

    4. Spirituality means being positive and constantly smiling.

    I’m not spiritual, but being real seems to be about being just how I am. Often I wake up very happy, for many years I didn’t. I still get anxious and scared but I have a deep sense of self love and self respect these days that I didn’t in the past. My journey has been, and still is, a journey about embracing joy. But having joy in my life hasn’t taken away pain. I still have old pain and I’d be dishonest if on the days I feel pain I slapped a smile on top of it.

    5. Meaningful coincidences are the most reliable guide to getting a life.

    That just seems so odd to me I’ve got virtually nothing to say about it.

    6. Everyone must find a definite purpose.

    My purpose has shifted and changed as I’ve got older. I think that the idea of a definite purpose is often to do with playing out a family script. My experience is that giving up my family script meant I felt lost and without purpose. I looked at my life and realised I’d been unconsciously living out my father’s dreams, struggling to make a life in his image. Now I’m less attached to that and much less sure where I’m going in life. And that’s okay.

    7. Find your soul mate or you cannot be happy.

    I had my life changing experience with a man who was a narcissist and it was all about re-feeling my childhood wounds. It set me on a path to greater self awareness, so am grateful for that, but being with someone like that only lead to happiness when I left and changed my life.

    8. The ultimate spiritual development means being constantly aware of energy and angels.

    I don’t think I have anything invested in being spiritually developed, but I guess being developed is different for everyone.

    9. If you imagine yourself becoming rich, that’s all you need to do in order to become successful.

    🙂 Funny! When people enter money recovery they often have an addiction to status fantasies, it’s something money addicts and compulsive underearners use to numb the pain of the reality of their chaotic finances. In recovery it’s suggested that they stop the fantasy addiction and pay attention to reality. It can be very hard for people to come out of denial and start taking real care of themselves. It’s amazing how addictive wealth fantasies can be. What’s the point of living in fantasy and hope while not dealing with reality?

  3. 3
    Amanda Flood says:

    Primrose, I benefit so much from your comments, thank you 🙂

    Your assessment of status fantasies being used to numb the pain of reality really hits the spot.

    Ditto soulmate fantasies..? WOW there’s a thought.

    Thank you, so much.


  4. 4
    Lara says:

    “Internal validation is required for full energetic literacy”

    And the other way round too; learning energetic literacy (aura reading, empath merges, and during cutting cords of attachment) as taught by Rose really enabled me to tune into and trust my internal prompts.

  5. 5
    Primrose says:

    Dear Amanda, absolutely ditto for soul mate fantasies!! For recovering love addicts it’s usually considered the hardest addiction to give up. if you’re letting go of an addictive relationship, giving up the person is very hard, giving up the fantasies of that person is much more difficult. It’s one reason I started to explore cord removal.

    And that awful search for “the one”, luckily I never had that, but I know plenty who have and it keeps people in very unhealthy patterns.

  6. 6

    SULA, so delightful to have you sharing your wisdom here.

    That “rambling” is what James Joyce called “stream of consciousness,” right?

    And this blog is ALL about consciousness.

    (Hey, Joyce’s stream of consciousness was enough to get “Ulysses” banned, back in the day. 😉 )

    Anyway, welcome to our Online Community. Please comment often.

  7. 7

    Thanks, of course, to LARA, AMANDA, and PRIMROSE, too. I’m just loving your comments.

  8. 8
    Amanda says:

    Hi Primrose 🙂

    I did at one point think that there was a soulmate out there for me, however it was because I was getting used to being on my own and finding it hard to deal with! That’s why I thought ‘oh, wow, it’s the same’.

    I don’t have that now but what I am aware of is distorting thoughts pulling me towards one person or another, and I’ve noticed that some men kind of inject you with ‘have interest in me even though I show none to you’ commands at a subconscious level. Because it’s noticeable it can be confused with ‘love’ or ‘attraction’ but it’s always horrid 🙁

    It feels all wrong and it interferes with my freedom of movement so that’s why I want all my cords cut!



  9. 9

    AMANDA, there is a name for men (and women)who inject others with variations on “Have interest in me even though I show none to you.”

    They are players. Type that into the SEARCH box up at the top of the left column and enjoy reading about some described in lavish detail.

  10. 10
    Elaine Warfield says:

    Ooh, yucky, yucky — “playa’s”

    Amanda, you are very perceptive. How glad I am that Rose and I did some valuable cord cutting sessions on those fellas/gals.

  11. 11

    Blog-Buddies, it’s just occurring to me today that another interesting behavior of some New Agers could be related to this New Age Litany.

    Today, helping out with comments, I had a not totally lovely — but interesting — exchange of ideas over at a blog post about Enlightenment and karma:

    I did, clearly, rile up WHO in Comments 6 and 8. I find it fascinating that when she was, pretty clearly, very angry at me, WHO finished her Comment #8 with “Blessings.”

  12. 12

    Continuing, and back in a rather empassioned exchange about cutting cords of attachment:

    Christina Barea expressed her point of view in one of the angriest posts I’ve ever seen at this blog, Comment 4. She even sent me an email telling me not to change a word of her comment.

    (Otherwise I would have cleaned up the spacing a bit but not censored her. You know, to help her not appear as furious as she was. I do light copy editing all over this blog except for the Juicy Comments from Blog-Buddies, my little attempt to help everyone look good.)

    Anyway, here is the conclusion from Ms. Barea:

    “So, once again thanks for your post. I send you blessings for peace and continual guidance from the Divine.”

    What is the deal with this, do you’all think?

    * Are New Agers never allowed to get angry?
    * Not allowed to admit when we get angry?
    * Must we show contempt for others by insisting on blessing them, even if they don’t necessarily agree that we need the blesser’s help?

    How do YOU respond when a New Ager uses one-upmanship on you, steam coming out of ears? Perhaps concluding, “Of course, I send you the Divine blessings that flow incessantly from my perpetually smiling lips”

  13. 13

    Researching on this “blessings” theme just a bit more, I discovered that a small number of Blog-Buddies routinely end their sweet comments with this, just as I typically say by telephone “Bye, for now.”

    As in, “No big deal. I happen to leave social occasions by bestowing a blessing.”

    Hey, works for presidents and popes, right?

    However, it does happen that people who have send the angriest comments into this blog have found it important to bless me, and us, as part of the comment. I’m going to add one last example below, just in case you find this fascinating as well.

  14. 14

    Back on the “Blessings” theme, “llllll” sent a comment where he characterized President Obama’s aura, via a really talented aura reader as:

    “He saw black over Obama, and a black vortex over michelle, with two black triangles pointing downward.

    “At first glance he also saw only obama’s suit. ‘An invisible man’…physically just a suit.”

    This commenter concluded:

    “However, how can one sense the color of auras without seeing them? Everyone has an emotional intuition about someone/something, some times its good sometimes its bad. However, colors are absolute they are not a feeling.
    People wish for the best so they wish to assume Obama is “light worker/healer etc.” However, the color of the tape is “black” according to the only two readings I have known, up to date. If you would share some of the experiences of your students who can actually see colors.. Please do…I would like to hear other opinions…. however, they must actually see radiant colors!!!!..not inferences of colors, the fringe of a color, or inferences about behavior in a photograph.

    “Blessings to you….OM… amen”

  15. 15
    Jeffrey says:

    Dear Rose:??

    I was glad to find this particular post. I like your list, and I have the feeling that there are at least 10 more things that could be added to it! (Don’t ask me to come up with those now, but maybe I’ll send some along the next time I run across them.)

    The New Age movement, with all of its positive value, also has, for some people, evolved over time into a belief system with its own vocabulary and set of comfort zones. Belief is nice, but knowledge is better, and some people just learn the New Age story version of life without really discovering their own lives.

    I have also made an avoidance of borrowing that vocabulary or reinforcing those comfort zones in my own work. For example, I think I got through writing all of Answers From Silence without once using the word “empower”.

  16. 16
    Phoenix says:

    Hello Everyone!

    I’m a new member from Hungary (a 30-years-old male), and I’m so glad to have found this site, probably along a host of kindred souls!
    The reason for my occasional awkward use of grammar is that I’m not a native English speaker. It’s my first post ever on this site, and as a means of introduction I’d like to share my views with you on the above 10 points.

    1. Everything happens for a reason.
    This stands so true for me. Interpreting my life has become second nature to me, however it has not caused detachment from speech and actions for me. It happens kind of automatically, in the same way as learned lessons of wisdom and self-knowledge just pop in my mind without interrupting my attention, speech or actions, when I notice them being repeated in others’ speech and actions (and occasionally thoughts when I’m feeling very telepathic:) ). However, interpreting my life has nothing to do with the psychological kind of self-knowledge, but rather with having strong intuition, attunement to energies and the astral world, powerful analogous thinking, extremely high intelligence to decipher the meaning of happenings in the physical world that is a reflecton of the astral, not in a direct, but in a highly metaphoric way, with illogical, seemingly random connections between the two dimensions.

    These interpretations can only be done subjectively, since the astral world is merely reacting to my energetic patterns, and everything I experience is the mirror image of my own inner state, as well as the outcome, the consequence of my past actions. This means, being able to interpret the happenings in my life in this way naturally brings about the strong need to take responsibility for all of my thoughts, emotions, words and actions, and engage myself in speech and actions in a creative and intelligent way, that can serve my own good. This way I can’t see, how constantly interpreting and understanding my life can detach me from taking action or opening my mouth. I can only reason that what you’ve complained about carry a special significance for you Rose, even subconsciously, since this is the seemingly random thing you concluded on. When I pick on someone for any reason, it is always a matter of projections in my case. That’s why reading my comments back later can prove to contain so much teachings about myself. I love looking into my own mirror sometimes, when I feel a strong urge for self-improvement 🙂

    2. Ask your angels to explain your life to you.
    In my understanding angels are a part of our psyche, that is not the ego. They represent our higher ideals, our part that is more free of fears, that contains our intuition, our life purpose and such. In my view when contacting angels we simply step out of the boundaries of our fears for a brief period of time, and are able to gain insight into our current life situation, we can draw strength from that part of ours, and with the wisdom we learned from our guiding light, our part which is very close to the source but can still communicate with us through words, we can have a chance to break out from a destructive pattern or something similar that needs to be viewed from a higher perspective in order to break out from. “You can’t solve a problem on the same level of consciousness as where it was born” (or something similar said by Einstein), therefore I believe it’s not a bad idea at all to calm down, move deeper into our source, reaching same of the purer layers of our manifested self (the angelic realm) to which we have no constant access to in our usual state of consciousness. Thus, basically drawing strength from ourselves, I find it perfectly acceptable to ask for help – not even from the outside, but from inside, even though we at the time of angelic contact tend to think the angelic entity is a separate being from us.
    I don’t necessarily see it as outsourcing my needs, likes, dislikes to someone else, unless someone only follows the ideals of her own higher self, denying her own personality in the process. This happens to lightworkers more often than not, leading to repressions that need to be masked with “spiritual” words and actions. They even keep fighting against their own thoughts replacing them with positive ones, which causes such an enormous imbalance, disharmony in the astral, and therefore in the physical realm, that most lightworkers can rather be called darkworkers instead. A steady, non “spiritual”, realistic approach to self development is what I stand for instead, even though I used to follow this pattern, which I like calling “The Lightworker Syndrome”. It had served its purpose well; It helped me remove lots of negative karma, while I was living in that pink coloured illusion.

    3. Use spiritual guidance to make choices for you in life.

    It’s pretty much about the same as what I’ve written above. Spiritual guidance can come not from angels alone, however I see the source of them all in a wiser and more intuitive layer of ourselves, at least usually. It can also come from a not-so-wise, well developed spiritual ego (the ego is a form of false self-identification in my vocabulary; anything other than pure consciousness) which in Freudic terms is effectively a superego telling the ego what it should do, what the ideal way of functioning should be, instead of accepting fully its present state.

    4. Spirituality means being positive and constantly smiling.

    I’ve already elaborated this above. These kind of people can’t accept their negative emotions and thoughts due to their spiritual ego (a spiritual superego in Freudic terms) and they keep smiling even when they feel the most infuriating hatred inside them subconsciously. And subconscious it must remain, as this kind of smiling brings about a warm tingly feeling, a forced, unnatural opening of the heart chakra accompanied by an outburst of polarized (positive) energy which masks the unaccepted feelings inside. Furthermore, most people smile back at someone who gives them a smile, thus increasing this illusory, polarized energy – “The Love of the Fallen” as I put it – which these people, acting as unnatural mirrors keep multiplying and keeping up constantly, so the illusion can be maintained. Smiling is contagious, and this is the very reason to it. It needs to be, unless responsibility is taken for those supressed emotions. After that a peaceful, slow outflow of pure, neutral source energy is possble from the heart chakra, probably removing every need to smile at each other ever again, feeling our oneness constantly instead.

    5. Meaningful coincidences are the most reliable guide to getting a life.

    Now, that’s an interesting subject. It carries lots of simuilarities to the first point.

    Coincidences will appear more often, when I calm down, start looking inside, and maintain the awareness of my inner world as well as that of the outer. This is, when I’ll slowly start to notice that the two are actually interdependant, none is actually the cause or effect of another; they change simultaneously. This is what is called a coincidence.
    After years of practice the meanings of these “coincidences” can be interpreted in more depth, especially when awareness of subtle energies and the astral realm starts to manifest. This is when the real adventure begins! Unfortunately I become aware of the astral realm unprepeare and without guidance, and It took me over a year to escape the astral hell I got lost in, eventually without any awareness of my physical body, losing even the memories of being emotionally and energetically pure, existing in constant bliss and inner peace, which used to be my normal state before I got severely traumatized again, and lost everything. I’m still on the way out, and am in no way in the position to help others with this matter until I’ve fully recovered.
    However that time period having been lost there had enriched me tremendously, having learnt the language of the beings there gradually as I tried to make sense of the changes in my experiences. Those are things I’ve seen mentioned nowhere on the internet yet, and those and the techniques I used to recover from being lost in the astral realm can be of tremendous help to others finding themselves in the same situation. Which is prophecised by Diana Cooper to happen an masse in November 2011 and December 2012. Until then I have a lot of work to do on myself.

    6. Everyone must find a definite purpose.

    “In my experience, the longing to “know your purpose” is directly proportional to how much STUFF is stuck in a person’s aura.”
    In my experience longing for a Grand purpose in one’s life is (directly linked to feelings of inferiority and having a low self-esteem, that needs to be compensated by the thought and feeling of “I’m meant for greater things!”. The more important role one can play on the stage of Life, the less she’s going to feel the painful feeling of having been neglected, cheated, betrayed, looked upon etc. in her life, actually most often by herself by repeating thought patterns of these events in her mind constantly whenever the current situation evoked them.
    I do think a meaning or purpose is a must for all ego-driven people (every human being except a handful of “no-returners”), even in a psychological sense, as it gives a direction to a person’s thoughts and actions preventing her to have her personality disorganized, losing it in an unhelathily “enlightened” way, similarly to what I had got into after having been traumatized, disillusioned and removing myself from the world licking my wounds when I eventually got lost in the astral realm abused by all the entities there that were compatible with my vibrations at that time.

    So yes, a purpose can’t hurt much, as long as it won’t make you someone important. As that is bound to wreak havoc in the astral, as an important person draws so much attention towards him, that creats a tremendous energetic imbalance, ledaing to havoc in the physical world as well. Watch out for the coming of Christ! (and the Antichrist! They’re both going to be huge gamers should they ever appear).
    A spiritual purpose is totally unnecessary even for someone who has meditated in his entire life, attained enlightenment (or not), as a purpose should come from our heart’s desire, and not from the shoulds of our ideals that don’t let us accept our basic human needs that are present. Those need to be addressed first, and even after that a completely enlightened man can be a toilet cleaner or a worker at McDonald’s.
    “What did you use to do before attaining enlighthenment?” – The seekers asked the zen master.
    “I used to wash up the dishes.” – he replied.
    “And what are you doing now?” – asked the seekers curiously.
    “I’m washing up the dishes.” – replied the master.

    7. Find your soul mate or you cannot be happy.

    “Of course, if you release this particular item of New Age Litany, you can have a far less desperate life. You can empower yourself. Because, with or without a soul mate, you can be happy. You can take responsibility for your life. You can grow spiritually. You can even become Enlightened.”

    I couldn’t agree more. I used to believe that my first love I met at age 27 was my twin flame. I was utterly obsessed with the idea, and despite my attachment towards her kept causing tremendous damage in my aura, I kept holding on to her for years.
    Only now I can realize what love is; it’s the matching of two people according to theit current energetic pattern – personality structure, belief systems etc. – that makes them accept each other completely, which in turn removes their defenses, ego boundaries, thus merging the two beings for as long as they can maintain that merge. After separation they start evolving in separate ways, gradually losing compatibility with each other, eventually becoming unable to maintain this union. Giving complete acceptance to oneself is a much more sustainable way to feel love not just towards oneself, but every- and anything.

    8. The ultimate spiritual development means constantly being aware of energy and angels.

    “Maybe sometimes you have even felt jealous, comparing how often you had angels tell you what to read, where to go, how to live down to the most minute detail.”

    Well, I haven’t felt jealous because of this, in fact I rarely contact angels believing what I’m in contact with is an angel. Sometimes I contact the Archangels, but in that case It’s understood I treat them as entities separate from me, as I experience them as beings beyond the level of personalities. Therefore I have difficulties considering them part of myself during the time of contact.

    Otherwise what I can say about this matter I’ve already said at point 2.

    9. Avoid negative people at all costs.

    It’s interesting. Just until yesterday I believed that negative people are there to teach me about my own negativity that they are merely mirroring back at me, so that I can embrace it in myself. After that I can move on to a higher vibrational level that is going to manifest itself in more positive people appearing around me.

    However, I’ve just read the book of Pierre Frankch in Hungarian, the title of which could be translated as “The law of resonance” in which he states that when we’re ready inside for a change, and have set our higher goals, we should seek the company of those people representing those goals and different ideas, so that the change in our vibrational field can be permanent. They can help us consolidate those new vibrations (beliefs etc.) in our energy field, while the people around us, who have been resonating with the “old me” (that’s why they are around) won’t let us go easily. That would threaten their vibrational state if they allowed us to change or keep that change, therefore we need to take action on the outside as well, and actively seek the outer environment that can facilitate and support our inner changes. Seems like development has just become even more difficult.

    10. If you imagine yourself becoming rich, that’s all you need do in order to become successful.

    As in point 9, in order to become rich is not all about believing in it strongly or changing my thoughts, but actively surroundng myself with people and knowledge that can support my change.

    I don’t know why you conected it to Enlightenment Rose, but I guess it must be really important to you, as much as you might see every aspect of life through the filter of it, even the matter of getting rich, which seems to be a rather irrelevant subject to enlightenment. You even write the word with a capital E!
    Enlightenment is my number one priority (even obsession I dare to say) too, right after I’ve provided financial security and other needs for myself that might appear to pale in comparison to it. However my starving and the real threat of having no roof over my head in a couple of weeks makes me reprioritize what I consider important in my present situation. Enough of my spiritual ego already.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts here. I might keep my next post more brief 🙂

  17. 17
    Phoenix says:

    I’ve just realized that that post did not leave me with pleasant feelings, and I must have only showed off with my experiences and deep understanding instead of using it to connect with people in a loving way which I have a really strong need of. Especially since I’ve been left completely alone since I became lost in the astral. Now I’m working hard on raising my vibrations in order to minimize my suspectability to astral entities as well as to create a joyful life for myself. And this would include making loving connections with people wherever I go.

    Including you, forum-buddies!

    This apology is mainly for myself.

    I’d love you to share your thoughts with me, and see me as what I’m; a human being with normal needs of security, to belong somewhere, to be loved and accepted and so on, albeit having extreme life experiences, which have brought me more of a challenge and nuisance than joy as of yet.

    I hope to find good company here. I’ll do my best to be one for sure, and I don’t think I’ll need to sacrifice anything important for this!

  18. 18

    PHOENIX, what a wonderful generous comment as your introduction. Welcome to the blog.

    Ooh, I sure wish I could speak and write in Hungarian as well as you are doing in English. Awesome!

  19. 19
    Brandi says:

    Hi Rose,
    I am new to your work/site and I am enjoying lurking and reading all over. I put into the SEARCH box Inner Child just to see how that idea fits into Energy Spirituality. How do you see it from this point of view of healing?
    Thank you.

  20. 20

    BRANDI, good to hear from you. So glad you are making use of this blog and the main website for Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

    To answer your question, I can do a better job if you will comment here what you mean by “Inner Child.”

    What does that term mean to you? And what does healing have to do with Inner Child, in your view?

  21. 21
    Brandi says:

    What it means to me (and keep in mind i learned this while seeking so the beliefs are externally referenced from others-did not get these ideas on my own)The inner child is a part of me, as aspect of my consciousness. Until she is loved and seen I will not be loved/seen. She is one edge of being abandon, once again, by my neglect, lack of discernment and lack of integrity. Efforts towards my own self improvement will be sabatoged. I am to love her and parent here in the way I was not. Until I make peace with her…things won’t be “easy”.

  22. 22
    Brandi says:

    The healing component, as I have been guided by the healers I sought advice from, are to love that inner child and once she is safe the floodgates of abundance will open. Another viewpoint of other work I have studied based more in quantum physics is that the inner child is just me and there is nothing to fix. I also noticed on your blog you don’t use the words “3D” or 5th dimensional living..more new age lingo I should be aware of?

  23. 23

    BRANDI, thank you for responding.

    My policy is not to comment on work that professionals (or amateurs) in other systems do to help their clients.

    It’s better for you to stick with what one practitioner offers you and do that exclusively, find the results, and enjoy them.

    If you are not receiving results, then consult a different practitioner and do what that professional advocates.

    Otherwise, there is a tendency toward confusion.

  24. 24

    Should you be interested in finding out what Rosetree Energy Spirituality can do for you, the most direct route is to book a session with one of the folks noted in the SESSIONS tab at the very top of this screen.

    Or you might learn a self-healing technique of Rosetree Energy Spirituality from one of my books, “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection” and “Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing” are my top choices for you.

    Approach those books on their own terms to help you as a person, not to assist you in carrying out instructions or advice from a different modality.

    Browse the blog as another way to gain knowledge in a more random way. Even so, your approach can be centered on YOU, THE HUMAN. Rather than “How well can I carry out recommendations from someone I once trusted to help me heal? (And now I am seeking help elsewhere, still using the concepts and beliefs and goals that were relevant to my former healer.)

  25. 25

    You are not a kangaroo. You are not literally carrying an Inner Child in your pouch.

    So you might choose something about your human life for moving forward, like “More self-acceptance.”

  26. 26
    Brandi says:

    You are right Rose, I am not a kangaroo…and I have been confused. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I do have two sessions coming up and I am really looking forward to seeing how my perception of myself changes. My intention is more self acceptance.

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