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Magnetize Money (And Other) Tips for December

As you prepare for that merry month of December, Blog-Buddies, here are a few practical tips to get the most from the Magnetize Money Program (in Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy) and the rest of this blog:

1. Take that quiz before the answers come out.

Some of you have already been experimenting, and commenting here, about the Cult Recognition Quiz. It’s much more fun to do the quiz before answers come out.

Cult Recognition Quiz


New Age practices are sometimes considered to mean “cult practices.” As if!

Cults have been educational experiences throughout human history. They’re among the most popular educational programs here at Earth School, along with:

Leaving a cult? How I help with deprogramming.



Could I call myself a deprogrammer? Gulp, yes. I suppose I could.

Except deprogrammers have a reputation for being quite fierce. Sometimes, I’ve heard, they are hired to kidnap cult members, hired by anxious parents to slap that kid into shape over the weekend.

My approach is way different. In case you have a friend who wonders, “Is that cherished group of mine a cult?” you might forward a link to this post. Only please, please do not send that link just because YOU are concerned about your friend being in a cult.

Chakra databanks, a new perspective


Wow, speaking of gratitude — which the entire Thanksgiving week is all about, right? — am I ever grateful to Tanika Palm. Her latest book, “Prisoners of Fame” provides a wonderful perspective on chakra databanks.

“Prisoners of Fame” reports on her conversations with deceased celebrities. Combined with this is a really fascinating description of what it is like to be an ethical, very human medium.

Here’s part related to chakra databanks.

Thanksgiving 2010

Got thanksgiving?

You have a lot to be grateful for today. If you’re in America, you’ll be taking that all the way to the level of a national holiday.

Family of blood (relatives) and/or family of choice (friends) will gather around a festive table. You’ll be feasting. Maybe you’ll go around that table, taking turns, with each person saying aloud what about your life these days makes you feel especially grateful.

Another view of Dark Souls, Sarah Strudwick’s Guest Post


Blog-Buddies, sometimes a comment sent to this blog is so superb and detailed, it really deserves to become a post of its own. Originally Sarah’s words (and the first comment) below were submitted  in response to my post from today about “Why I don’t believe in Dark Souls.”

Maybe you’ll agree with Sarah. Maybe you’ll want to buy her new book, to learn more about the thoughtful and detailed approach that she brings to this topic. Here is some of her perspective about narcissists, being an empath, and more, with a bit of formatting and headings added.

Why I do not believe in "Dark Souls"


Sure, I’ve heard the names just as you have: Dark souls. Darksiders. Psychic vampires. Energy vampires. Such a long list.

But do I believe in them? No. Here I’d like to offer my reasons, just in case they help you to shape your own views.

Recently at Deeper Perception Made Practical, my colleague Anna Conlan guest posted on ethics. She said explicitly that she does not believe in dark souls. That has implications for how she will treat her clients, her friends, herself. Every belief set has implications for a person’s quality of life. So it’s worthwhile to consider your own choice of beliefs on this topic, whether or not you wind up agreeing with Anna and me.

Cutting the cord of attachment to a pedophile


Pedophilia is in the news, thanks to Thanks in a way. Amazon won praise for removing its listing of a how-to book by a pedophile. (And no, I’m not going to add to this book’s weird cult following by citing the title.)

Of course, Amazon agreed to sell the book in the first place. It put up that initial listing.

Still, Amazon later did “the right thing” and stopped listing a book that taught sex offenders the “gentle” way to molest children.

Empath merge with The Sexiest Man Alive, Guest Post by Elaine

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Oh, darn, we can’t all be designated by People Magazine as “The Sexiest Man Alive” in 2010. Even if gender weren’t a disqualifier, there’s that small numerical problem. But here is where most of you Blog-Buddies do win a fancy title: You’re probably an empath.

Coping when something is wrong energetically

There’s good news and bad news.

You Blog-Buddies are developing energetic literacy.

  • You’re becoming aware of the promise of Energy Spirituality, removing STUFF.
  • You’re learning about cords of attachment and frozen blocks of energy removed through Energy Release Regression Therapy (an unusual form of Past-Life Regression that directly targets STUFF).
  • You’re now aware of various other forms of astral debris, including the skill set I call “Spiritual Cleansing and Protection” for removing psychic coercion, astral entities stuck onto an aura, etc.
  • All this is the practical side of interest in New Age and interest in the paranormal — finding ways to heal problems, not merely observe them or speculate or seek the greatest possible psychic-level flash.

Yes, this is very good news. The bad news is that you don’t necessarily own all this knowledge yet.

It’s as if a new type of college major became available and you are college bound. And you want to be a graduate, already. Frustrating!

What are you supposed to do in the meantime?