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Ouch! Otherwise talented healers can display really shoddy ethics.

Twice in one week, clients of mine had been treated very badly by previous healers. Far from feeling remorseful, those healers probably felt smug about themselves. (If they even thought twice about the rather horrifying ethical implications of what they had done.)

My purpose here is to alert you to a rather serious problem that — apparently — many healers don’t know about yet.

  • If you’re a healer and you have been doing the kind of behavior detailed in this post, please cut it out.
  • If you are a client whose healer does this sorry thing, please convey a verbal slap, some kind of “What were you thinking?” Follow it up with a discussion. Otherwise supply a link to this post.

Because, geesh! Enough is enough. A certain kind of behavior from healers crosses an ethical line. And for no good reason.

Diagnosing without any ability to fix — this is considered aura reading?

Gladys had begun her session of Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING. So I asked, “What is your intention for this healing?”

A story followed, about Glady’s session with a practitioner of Energy Medicine whom I’ll call “Zorro.” He told her, “You have a problem with mothballs-in-the-caboose.” Okay, Blog-Buddies, Zorro didn’t actually use the term “mothballs-in-the-caboose.” It was a much fancier name, one that sounded quite ominous and, possibly, Latin.

Continuing with Gladys’ request to me, “Zorro couldn’t tell me how my mothballs-in-the-caboose began, and he couldn’t heal it himself. But he did get me started by telling me that, reading my aura, he got that the problem began when I was in my twenties.

Gladys concluded, “Since you do aura reading, Rose, I want you to tell me what happened when I was in my twenties.”

Educating people is one of my roles during a session. (And this blog is for education, as well as community building.) So, yum, now lovely! I got to name the following points. See how many of them you already knew…

  1. Healers and aura readers are not interchangeable. Never ask one to finish the job started by another.

If Zorro is not able to follow up on his perception from Gladys’ aura, it is ridiculous for her to expect other people to “finish the job.” There is no Cosmic Computer Printout available to all those in the “special club” of Aura Reader.

Every person on earth can learn full energetic literacy. We then use our personal gifts of the soul, combined with our specialties as people, perhaps even adding professional skill sets like cutting cords of attachment.

Yes, I know that some practitioners believe in a Cosmic Computer Printout. Barbara Brennan comes to mind, since she has gone on record for believing that her students read auras correctly only to the extent that they duplicate her findings.

But most of them probably don’t. Personally, I have helped some healers in recovery from being told they were “wrong” or “untalented” because they didn’t duplicate their teacher.

No, Virginia, there is no big scientific objective “Cosmic Computer Printout, everybody knows this” version of aura reading. This is a naive assumption, at best. Frankly, believing in Santa Claus makes more sense.

As a client or a practitioner, expect no big download from the cosmic computer called “Universal Aura Reading.” There are only individual aura readers who bring their own magnificent insights.

2. When any aura reader says, “I get [blah, blah vague generalization],” this is an indication the person doesn’t yet have full energetic literacy.”

Many forms of language are tip-offs that a healer, or other person, is stuck at Stage 1 or Stage 2 energetic literacy. For instance:

  • I have a hunch…
  • I’m vibing out that…
  • My guidance is telling me that…
  • I get a hit that…

When you have Stage 3 energetic literacy, you can read information in auras at will. And if your first chunk of information in one chakra databank isn’t enough to help solve a problem, you just go on to read another chakra databank. You know. Literacy! It’s like being able to read one screen at a time at this article.

Full aura reading skill isn’t like being able to pick out the word “AND” from the previous paragraph, then making a triumphant announcement to your client. “I get that AND is the cause of your problem.”

3. A reading is not a healing

Gee, I bet Zorro was really proud of himself. He found “mothballs-in-the-caboose.” He was able to pinpoint when it happened to Gladys, all the way down to the decade.

Then he left her “knowing” she had a problem. With nothing more he could do to help her.

This is sooooooo unethical! Healers, please do not diagnose a problem for your client, give it a fancy name, then do nothing to help. Your client is left with what?

What would be preferable? As a practitioner, maybe Zorro could have said something like this: “Gladys, you came here today to have me help with the pain in your right elbow. I notice some other aspects about how your aura responds to this healing, so I have to tell you that the job isn’t complete. I’ve done all I can, which might be enough to take care of the problem. But if not, you might need to consult another practitioner.”

There was no need at all for him to go into his scary technical term or random insights about “in your twenties.” Unless he was trying to earn points for showing off as an aura reader.

Should you have a mothballs-in-the-caboose situation, how can you help with ethics?

Let’s say you’re in session with Zorro. He starts describing an ominous problem “in your aura.” Hey, you can ask him to explain it in plain English. Is this a medical problem? What does he mean by “mothballs-in-the-caboose”? What kind of practitioner does he think might help?

On behalf of other professional mind-body-spirit healers, I urge you to then follow up by saying something like this:

“What is the point of telling me about problems when you are not able to fix them? You’re frightening me here, not helping me. In the future, please consider the ethics of making pronoucements like this to ANY client.”

One of the biggest fears for certain new clients who know I do aura reading…

It’s a fear instilled by well-meaning folks like Zorro, whether healers or talented people who do spiritual readings or psychic readings or life coaching or spiritual counselors — perfectly ethical practitioners in most respects, surely. Only nobody ever told these practitioners what I will now name “The Blah-Blah Rule of Ethics for Aura Readers.”

It is horribly, hideously unethical to name a whole list of problems that “I see in your aura.”

Then you maybe help with one or two of the problems, maybe help with nothing, except to give the big, scary list. And then what? Tell your client, “Now you know. Well, bye. Have a nice day”?

A reading is not a healing. Ethics are no different for aura reading than any other problems. Imagine an exterminator who tells Gladys, “Gee, you have stinkbugs and bedbugs and carpenter ants. They’re crawling all over your apartment. Then, of course, you’ve got those chipmunks in your walls. Bummer! Well, gotta go now.”

How about wanting to know all your aura problems so you can heal them yourself for cheap?

Sometimes a practitioner like Zorro, or a client, wants me to name a whole laundry list of problems. I have had clients like “Zelda” tell me:

“Give me a list of all my cords of attachment. Tell me in order which is the worst, going down to the least important.”

I’ll follow up by asking, “Why on earth would you want that, even if it were possible?”

Zelda answers, “Honestly? I want to save money. You’re the expert. So after you tell me about all my cords, then I can use the method in your book to cut them.”

Again, there is no big download from the cosmic computer called Universal Aura Reading. And if Zelda doesn’t have clear enough perception to use a technique for locating a cord of attachment,” she isn’t ready to cut that cord, either.

(If you have a copy of Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing, you know it is packed with the easiest possible techniques that will work for doing EVERY step in successfully cutting cords of attachment. That includes everything you need do to successfully identify a cord of attachment, check there is permission to cut it, and everything else.)

Having someone tell you about “all the problems in your aura” is not a way to save money. It is a complete waste of time and money for you. On the part of the healer, fulfilling such a request would be ethically irresponsible.

Here’s my perspective, anyway. During a session, I will tell a client about STUFF in his or her aura — or any other aura-level problem — only if I am reasonably certain that, during our 55-minute session, there will be real help to address that STUFF. Sometimes we will have some healing. Often we will have complete healing. And I will include a before-and-after picture to gauge the results.

To me, that’s ethical. Why would I add to a client’s worries by going into lavish detail about STUFF? A reading is not a healing. When a client starts worrying that does not cut cords of attachment, nor will it move out astral-level debris of ANY kind.

And then there’s the Reiki healer who told my client he needed an exorcism

Yes, this is my second teaching tale from a fascinating week. Joe came in person for a session of Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING.

Joe proceeded to say his intention for the session, “To feel more comfortable at work.”

I knew I could help.

Joe told me he expected for me to facilitate cutting a particular cord of attachment. I said, “Probably. We’ll see. Let’s go step-by-step into your healing.” And we did

When I did a Skilled Empath Merge — quite a standard thing to do during a session of Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING — it became obvious that an astral entity was living inside Joe’s aura. That entity was taking up quite a bit of real estate. Yet that entity was very actively uncomfortable.

You know, like an elephant in the room, only this “elephant” was an entity inside my client’s aura.

A spirit removal was indicated (something I used to term exorcism here at the blog) . So I explained a bit about this to Joe, just enough to get his permission to facilitate it.

Fortunately Joe was flexible about allowing me to use the techniques I felt would help him most to support his intention. (This is always a smart thing to do when consulting a skilled healer, right? But the practitioner still needs to ask permission before doing any technique of healing, right?)

It was a delight, facilitating this spirit removal. Even Joe’s eyes looked different, afterwards. To my perception, his whole face changed.

 Because when an entity actively shares a person’s aura, he-she-it is looking out through that person’s eyes. It’s a bit like what happens when a woman is pregnant, because the baby-in-waiting shares Mom’s aura throughout the pregnancy. (Personally, I think one of the main reasons for morning sickness is that the woman is getting used to the sudden, and often deeply unsettling experience, of sharing her aura with that baby-in-waiting.)

Afterwards, I explained more fully what had happened, including the logical consequences for Joe’s life. Only then, for the first time, did I use the technical term “exorcism.”

Anyway, here’s the thing then Joe told me that riled me up so much that I decided I needed to write this post:

Once Joe know what kind of healing he had received, he told me, “Oh, yeah. I knew I had an entity inside my aura. Last time I did a Reiki healing, “Zinnia,” my healer, pointed it out. She showed me right where it was and said it was laughing. Then I saw it, too.”

Trust me, Blog-Buddies, it’s no trivial thing having an astral entity sharing your aura.

In the case of Joe, that entity had been within him since age 11. That entity had grown through the years and, at the time of our session, was taking up 52% of Joe’s auric space. Joe could expect a whole lot of improvements to his life because that entity was now gone for good — improvements I described only AFTER completing the spirit removal, of course. Here I’ll only state that the entity was doing plenty more to Joe than “laughing.”

I have encountered this unethical situation before, where a healer or psychic has tell a client, “You have an entity inside your aura. Well, isn’t that interesting? Maybe some chipmunks, too? Well, have a nice day.”

What is the point of giving this information? A client who knows much about such things might, rightly, feel nauseated or downright terrified. Joe, who is brilliant in most respects, happened to be clueless about this energy sharing. Joe simply thought it was interesting trivia, perhaps like a baseball statistic. Plus Joe felt proud of himself that he was clairvoyant enough to notice the entity when the Reiki healer pointed it out.

As for the Reiki healer, was there any thought whatsoever about ethics? In what healing model is it ethical to tell someone, “You have an entity inside your aura, now on to the next interesting thing I can tell you. Have you ever seen the pimple on your left jaw?”

Sanity interlude about Spirit Removals

Sure, Spirit Removals are a very useful kind of healing. But not a common kind, not in my healing practice. Last year I kept a few statistics about my work with clients. In case you’re curious, here are few relevant facts about Rose Rosetree in 2009:

  • I facilitated 2008 session hours with clients.
  • I facilitated 31 spirit removal sessions.
  • In a typical week, one week, I did more than 31 sessions.

So these numbers can give you some perspective. Having an astral entity INSIDE your aura is pretty uncommon. It brings great relief to do this kind of session. To the human client. The entity is also helped out a lot, too.

In the session with Joe, once the healing got underway, the entity went from being belligerent and defensive to crying like a baby. And by the end, the entity was taken away by Joe’s choice of Divine Being, reassigned to the appropriate heaven for that discarnate being.

One more technical point: This somewhat unusual situation is completely different from moving out astral entities that become STUCK to somebody’s aura, which is taught in my Spiritually Sparkling® Skills workshop and/or personal mentoring to learn this skill set.

Oh, here’s one more technical point: Sometimes clients have come to me because they were sure they needed an exorcism, or were “possessed,” etc. And that wasn’t the problem at all. It’s good when a healer has enough skill sets and energetic literacy skills to tell the difference.

I was able to help those clients, of course. (BTW, one reason to take my Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality is so that YOU can diagnose different astral-level problems and have the skill set to heal them.)

Back at the ethical, practical point

What do I recommend you do, as a practitioner or friend, if you suspect someone like Joe could benefit from an exorcism?

Refer Joe to someone with the skill set for doing this kind of healing. But do a gentle referral, such as, “You might want to consider a healing with XYZ. I have a feeling there is some kind of goop going on in your aura that could be moved out. If I were you, I’d invest in a session.”

Would I go into more detail? Absolutely not. That would only scare Joe.

What if I didn’t know anyone who did exorcisms? Then it’s better to say nothing. Plenty of people could use this kind of healing. When they get it, the quality of life will improve. Otherwise, those people are functioning just as they are.

And what is the smart, ethical thing to do if somebody who works on you ever pulls a Zinnia, whether another Reiki healer or a psychic or any kind of healer whatsoever. If a person ever, ever says to you something like, “By the way, you have an entity sharing your aura,” speak up.

You might say something like this. “And you are going to drop everything else and heal this problem, right? Otherwise, what on earth are you doing? It is gravely irresponsible to say something like this without healing it on the spot or giving a referral to somebody who is competent to do this healing.”

In the emerging, third millenium fields of Energy Spirituality, Energy Medicine, and Energy Psychology, it’s terribly important to raise consciousness about basic ethics for aura readers. If you had never thought about these considerations before, no need to feel bad. Many people haven’t.

Ethically, there’s a huge difference between not knowing about something versus not caring once you do know. Please pass along to others your wisdom to know the differnce.

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  1. 1
    Primrose says:

    I’m not really getting this. I don’t see why it’s unethical to say “I think you have this, I’m sorry I can’t help you with it”.

    Okay, this is about furniture, not healing, but if I see a client and they have a piece of furniture that needs mercury gilding I say to them “This needs mercury gilding, sorry I don’t do that kind of work because it’s too dangerous, and I don’t know anyone who does it either”.

    And that’s the truth. I know what needs doing to the furniture, but I can’t do it. If I didn’t tell them what kind of gilding they needed or that it’s dangerous, or that it’s virtually impossible to get mercury gilding done these days, I wouldn’t be telling them the truth as I know it.

    So.. I’m wondering why exactly it’s so bad for healers who aren’t able to heal to point out what’s wrong. If I know what’s wrong, I don’t need a healer to hold my hand and get me a referral, I can seek out help myself.

  2. 2
    Kate says:

    This is an excellent post and now I feel more sure that I have a right to speak up about the ethics of healing when it arises.

    Often when I compared how I was doing to how a healer was functioning in life, I was sure that I was wrong in my discomfort and apprehension with a healer’s techniques.

    And here is a caution from my own life: It’s fun and good-feeling to support one’s local economy. When there was a weekend, outdoor metaphysical festival here this summer, I went. I drank lemonade, bought some home-made cards and then, regretfully, stopped at an open tent of a chakra/aura healer. This was while there were people milling around us.

    She focused in on some very personal, horrible situations in my life. She picked up on some nasty people I had known and began guessing who they were….mother?….a name that begins with an J?

    By this time, I had already (not paying attention) signed my e-mail account on her list.

    She gave me medical advice about my thyroid. She sounded alarmed as in I’m not able to protect myself and need to take classes from her.

    What finally got me to say NO was when she seemed to send me back to a younger time in my life when I DID feel like a victim and then berated and scolded me for that.

    In an e-mail later, she wrote that I took that so well; that most people resented hearing that and walked away.

    Well, of course they do. I e-mailed her back how unhelpful it is to blast someone for having “victim mentality.”

    Then, she e-mailed me that I had sent her ugly, nasty energy with that remark and that I would never heal as long as I felt like a victim of life, blah, blah, blah.

    As someone who takes responsibility with courage for my healing and evolution, that is not helpful and not true of me.

    Then the e-mails pressuring me to give referrals and even worse, testamonials began. (This was to her mailing list, not just me.) She wanted to record a phone session to put on YouTube. Horrors!I am not making this up.

    Giving someone access to my aura at a fair is not like getting a henna tattoo or having an occasional tarot card reading. I was so ashamed of my involvement in this, that this is the first I’ve mentioned it, ever. This sort of thing is really not O.K. with me.

  3. 3

    KATE, courageous sharing there. Sounds as though all that you did was impeccable. No need for shame, surely! (Though I can appreciate the slimy feelings involved, through no fault of your own.)

  4. 4

    PRIMROSE, furniture IS different from having problems in your aura.

    Apart from that brilliant observation ;-), all I can say, in response to this question of yours, is to invite you to read the post again sometime.

    Perhaps someone else may be able to respond to your question better than I can.

  5. 5
    Carol says:


    I was a critical care RN for 20 years and I had the ability to “know” if my clients was going to live through my shift or not.

    I had very few surprises in this regard. But, would telling them that have helped them? Absolutely not.

    I simply went about my duties as their nurse and did the best I could to make them comfortable. You may say that they might want the opportunity to prepare for death. Well, I consider their entire life before that moment as their opportunity to prepare for this moment and this moment and this…………

    And fear NEVER is helpful in any situation. That adrenaline rush that gave you the umph you needed to get out of danger is a reflexive response that did not need fear to prompt your body to pump it out.

    I was not afraid of looking loony, either. I practiced Therapeutic Touch before it had even been written about in journals and took plenty of flack from the medical staff for that – but the clients loved it, and that brought most of the medical staff around, eventually. It was my ethical sense that kept my mouth shut about those matters of knowing.

    I agree with everything Rose has posted here. I am horrified at the stories you shared, Rose. I was squirming in my chair while reading them.

    I almost wish there were an ethical board for Spiritual Healers and Teachers where such cases could be reviewed. Until then, Client beware – and learn Spiritual Literacy!

  6. 6
    Jody says:

    I had many astral entities attached to my aura, and it does affect a person in a very peculiar way. I understand that one effect is for difficult emotions such as fear and anxiety to be amplified, which can put a person in a rather more delicate emotional state.

    So if an aura reader or healer were to pronounce something along the lines of “I sense you have loads of astral entities creeping around your aura” (a shock in itself for many people to discover), and then to not offer any definite means of remedy for that situation by either conducting the healing right then and there, or referring the entity-loaded person to the healer who can remove the astral entities… well, that is so unethical. It would likely cause a whole new level of emotional distress for the client.

    If Rose had done that in our session and just sent me on my merry way with all my astral ‘friends’ still attached, I’m pretty sure I could have become obsessive / despondent / terrified.

    Many people have little understanding and/or misunderstanding about the astral field of life, and I am sure some people could grow quite paranoid, feeling that they can’t get away from those anonymous astral entities that are accompanying them everywhere, even in to the shower.

    It could be a very helpless and frightening situation to be in. A chair in need of mercury gilding doesn’t impact on a person’s emotional state / energy body in the same way (well for me it wouldn’t, I could just pick it up and put it in the spare room, or sell it). And we aren’t all as nonchalant as exorcism-Joe.

    From my experience, vague-ish woo-woo declarations and lack of observable positive permanent results wears down a person’s sense of trust and hope of healing. I think it is not very nice that I would pay for an appointment with a healer, only to spend the session as a reluctant participant as they dibble and dabble around in the occult. Boo to that.

    I can say thank goodness I found Rose. And I am so happy she is promoting ethics in the field of spiritual healing; it is a win-win situation for client and practitioner.

  7. 7
    Grace says:


    I think I understand where you’re coming from.

    I think that the issue Rose so wisely brings up relates to the fact that there is still a lot of murkiness in the realm of spiritual teachers and healers, both among the practitioners and the expectations of the clients. It’s the Wild West out there!

    I haven’t done any research, but I think that it’s safe to say that many people who go to a “healer” of some sort are expecting relief from their troubles. And I think that most people would throw psychics, astrologers, or other folks who do readings in with the healers,in terms of their expectations of a session. I think it’s pretty common to have the same expectations of both types of sessions. My problems will be solved!

    I understand now very well what Rose is saying about a reading not being a healing. I’ve had both and they both serve particular and different purposes — but here’s what’s important. I think that most people have no idea that there’s a difference between them. And I also think that most people who consider themselves healers aren’t aware of the difference either. But it’s true.

    If I have a reading of some sort now, it’s to provide me with context or perspective on what’s going on in my life now. But cutting a cord or having a healing session is completely different.

    So to use your furniture analogy, it would be unethical of you to not provide the mercury gilding if the client came to you and paid you money expecting that you’d be providing that if necessary.

    To use the analogy of pretty much any other health practitioner, we go to them because they have some expertise that we need. We can’t always know what it is we need to know, which is why we go to them. Rose is pointing out that because of this inherent vulnerability of the client, ethically it’s the healer’s responsibility to both understand the parameters and limits of their work and responsibilities as well as to communicate about them clearly and compassionately.Which sometimes involves NOT bringing up something which would leave the client worse off (like Carol’s knowing about impending death) or referring them to someone who can provide/facilitate healing.

    I think of the example of going to a dentist, having her find that you need a complicated root canal that she doesn’t have the skills or equipment to do, but instead of directing you immediately to a qualified endodontist,she just tells you about the root canal and sends you on your way. Unethical!

  8. 8
    Primrose says:

    Ok, will re-read the post. I can only speak for myself as I usually want to know everything, so even if someone couldn’t help me with what they diagnosed, I’d still absolutely want to know it. If I wasn’t going to make it through the night? I’d 100% want to know. I don’t say that with no experience of mortality. I say that because I know myself around death.

    Being told something about yourself and being abused by a boundaryless healer seem like two different things to me.

    Perhaps this is a question about whether someone is frightened by what is said. Really, I’d always rather know and feel afraid. Fear is not always unhelpful.

    I can completely understand the need for ethics, and healers who blurt out things in a nasty way sound vile. I’m not suggesting that there shouldn’t be ethics or that people can say any old thing they think. But for sure, if I am with someone who can tell me what’s wrong but can’t help, I’d be grateful for their knowledge. Then I could set about seeking help elsewhere armed with more knowledge.

    If I wasn’t told and I reckoned the healer knew what was up and wasn’t letting on? I’d probably feel patronised.

  9. 9
    Primrose says:

    Ok, this is shifting the focus of this post a bit, but Carol, what you wrote was very interesting to me.

    I saw my grandfather the night before he died. I hadn’t seen him for 7 years (long story). I was travelling and I changed my plans at the last minute because I felt I should go and see him. I spent an evening with him and we spoke about many things and it was a wonderful experience for me because there had been such a terrible gulf between us for those 7 years. We healed a lot between up that night and I felt very happy seeing him. I took a very lovely photograph of him that my grandmother cherishes. It is the nicest picture I have of him. He died the next morning.

    I was lucky and sensed I should go and see him. Not everyone is lucky like that. I’m not suggesting thet you were wrong not to tell your patients that they were dying, I am sure you were right to not tell them. It sounds to me like you are a woman of great sensitivity and intelligence from what you wrote.

    I know from my own experience though that I had a very precious evening with my grandfather because I had some instinct that I must see him.

    Perhaps this is one of the reasons that I feel it is so important for me to know things. I felt that my husband might get cancer, and he did. I knew when I developed cancer and I felt compelled to go to the doctor and get tests done. Of course, I couldn’t heal my husband’s cancer, and I also needed medical treatment to help with my own. But sensing that something was wrong was very helpful to me as it was the first step in a process of healing.

  10. 10

    CAROL, thanks so much for sharing your perspective. Wow!

  11. 11
    Carol Mories says:


    I can totally understand your particular style of wanting to know and feeling it is better to know than not to know.

    Because I worked in ICU most of the deaths occurred during a code situation and not in the quiet manner that we would all like most to happen. For that reason, the families could not be present at the exact time of death, anyway. Also, because the client was in the ICU most families understood the gravity of their loved ones situation and, if possible, were present as much as possible.

    I feel that the intent of the healer is what should be “judged” in these ethical situations we are discussing.

    It seems the intent of the healers Rose has shared the stories of here is pretty obviously to build up their own sense of importance with no real regard for the impact the information will have on the client.

    If I were a spiritual healer and you, Primrose, came to me and I saw something that I could not deal with but could tell that you would want to know, anyway, I probably would go ahead and tell you in the most gentle, calm way I could and then encourage you to seek out a healer who could help you.

    But, that is what Rose said she would encourage a healer to do, also.

  12. 12
    Carol Mories says:


    One more thing. I feel very strongly that everyone gets those urges you spoke of with your grandfather.

    I was present at hundreds of deaths over the years and many many times people shared with me their experience of feeling “urges” to come, or go or do something before whatever happened that landed the client in the ICU.

    Some choose to respond and some don’t. I would never, ever, want to lay any sense of guilt on those who chose not to respond to that urge.

    Instead, I would encourage anyone who did choose to not respond to just communicate with that loved one now. I did that many times and that was always accepted with gratitude.

  13. 13

    Thanks so much to all of you who are commenting. JODY, I want to thank you particularly. And I’d like to make a technical distinction of some importance.

    Yes, I have had sessions with folks like you who were loaded with astral entities or other forms of psychic debris. (I think you described brilliantly the drawbacks of simply “diagnosing” and send people off to fend for themselves.)

    I do want to clarify that having an astral entity INSIDE one’s aura, sharing one’s auric field, is a far more serious matter.

    Yes, these sessions always work properly, in my experience. Yes, it is a big deal for any client to receive a spirit removal.

    But, to give you an idea of how likely Joe and Gladys are to find practitioners right in their neighborhood, here’s a bit of information.

    In my Mentoring Program I teach skills for releasing those entities that are attached on the outside, as well as loads of other skills that make a powerful version of Energy Spirituality. However, I don’t include teaching these Mentoring Students how to facilitate an exorcism, because this is the very most difficult skill to master.

    And I want to avoid potentially very difficult situations where someone, even one of my very, very advanced and awesome mentoring students, doesn’t quite have competence.

    This is a skill set I reserve for people who have completed my Mentoring Program and wish to learn it. I will then teach them when I feel they are ready.

    So, for psychics and Reiki healers and others to casually mention to Joe or Gladys, “How cute, I find an astral entity stuck inside your auric field” is unbelievably inappropriate and confusing for any client sophisticated enough to understand what has just been said.

  14. 14
    Rene says:


    I don’t understand the difference between having an entity share your aura and having an entity live inside your aura. Will you please clarify?

    Also, why is one more serious?


  15. 15
    Jody says:

    Yes, definitely I understand there is a big difference between those two situations. Thank you Rose for unjumbling my post.

    I read a few days ago that the Catholic Church is recruiting members of its clergy to train as exorcists, article link here:

    [Link No Longer Available]

    I wasn’t sure what to think about that, having about zero personal experience with Catholicism and exorcism.

  16. 16
    Gene says:

    Dear Rose,

    This wonderful post and discussion points strongly to a question I’ve been wanting to ask you for the longest time:

    When is your new book coming out detailing these things:

    1) Your map of the inner worlds, particulary distinguishing between astral and etheric levels/beings;

    2) Your particular definition/method of “energy healing” using attunetment to Divine Beings, contrasting it with stones, gems, astral entitie etc.;

    3) Your many fine discriminations contained in this post/thread concerning ethics and professional practice in the New Age healing area(?)

    You truly are a standard-setter, Rose, and I for one feel it’s high time you boldly lay out the entire thesis for those whose insight/vision is not so clear.

    If any field needs to be cleared of the cloudiness and obscuring weight of excess mumbo-jumbo, it is the swampy morass of misconceptions and less-than-skill-based foggy imaginations about the “hidden side of life,” particularly when the number of “practicing amateurs” is outdistancing the professionals.

    What Dante did for heaven, hell, and purgatory in his era, Rose Rosetree could do for ours!

    You have slipped your methods of access to Divine Beings into Let Today Be A Holiday and Cut Cords of Attachment, and you have made much reference in this blog to your teaching of the Teaching of the Inner Christ methods of aura clearing in your workshop devoted to that skill set, but I believe the world could well stand a dose of Rose Rosetree’s groundbreaking and standard-setting insights on these subjects expressed in a single volume devoted to these topics alpne!

    You have said in this blog that you would be more than happy to set up a college-level curriculum laying out all the matters discussed here.

    Why not pave the way for yourself by writing the defining text?

    When is it coming out?

    Your fans are waiting!

    All the best,


  17. 17

    GENE, wow, what a first thing to read in the morning. Thank you. I will consider this.

    Right now I have two books on the print queue. (In other words, written, being edited, tentatively set for publication in 2011 and 2012.)

    I’ll let you and all the Blog-Buddies know if I ever do something that approximates your request. In any event, I am honored.

  18. 18

    RENEE, regarding your Comment 15, with all respect, it would be a waste of time to go into more technical details.

    When and if you learn Spiritually Sparkling® Skills this will become appropriate.

    For more detail about WHY, do check out this blog post:

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