Deeper Perception Made Practical

Coping when something is wrong energetically

There’s good news and bad news.

You Blog-Buddies are developing energetic literacy.

  • You’re becoming aware of the promise of Energy Spirituality, removing STUFF.
  • You’re learning about cords of attachment and frozen blocks of energy removed through Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® (an unusual form of Past-Life Regression that directly targets STUFF).
  • You’re now aware of various other forms of astral debris, including the skill set I call “Spiritual Cleansing and Protection” for removing psychic coercion, astral entities stuck onto an aura, etc.
  • All this is the practical side of interest in New Age and interest in the paranormal — finding ways to heal problems, not merely observe them or speculate or seek the greatest possible psychic-level flash.

Yes, this is very good news. The bad news is that you don’t necessarily own all this knowledge yet.

It’s as if a new type of college major became available and you are college bound. And you want to be a graduate, already. Frustrating!

What are you supposed to do in the meantime?

Recently a Blog-Buddy called “TRUTH SEEKER” voiced this sentiment in a heartfelt comment here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” In part, she wrote:

If I may be straightforward, my real problem is I need to find out what certain “energy experiences” I’’ve had is coming from. Basically there’’s been some green glowing fuzzy light (one time it was a holographic skull inside a ring of green glowing light) that comes out of me accompanied by some discomfort, like my head is being squeezed.

So I know that’’s definitely some astral thing, maybe an entity, but still don’t know exactly what it is. Is that something I could do Questioning on?

The thing that bugs me the most is it’s like it’s interfering with my spiritual progress. And because I’’ve known it pays to be picky when addressing this type of thing, as most “psychic healers” would be blocked up with their own “STUFF”, I would schedule a session with you, because just from reading your book and website, I trust you and your standards. So thanks for putting them out there.

In my response to TRUTH SEEKER are practical points for many of you, even if you don’t have that particular green, glowing, fuzzy light.

So keep reading as I go through that comment again, point by point. (If you’re curious about context, check out Comments 17-19 at the Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Quiz.)

Telling the truth, a requirement for energetic literacy

“If I may be straightforward”

Here’s a suggestion for all you Blog-Buddies who want to develop full energetic literacy, to accurately read auras in depth and detail, to check out any chakra databank you wish, to develop first-rate skills of Energy Spirituality, etc.

Always tell the truth.

Never do you need to preface a statement, or piece of writing, by using language like:

  • If I may be straightforward
  • Honestly
  • Frankly
  • To tell you the truth

What does that imply about the rest of the things you say? A name like TRUTH SEEKER suggests a concern for answering life’s deep questions. But integrity applies to small bits of conversation as well.

Blog-Buddies, why would you ever waste your words on anything less than the truth? Patterns of withholding important information, deception, etc. add up. Basically, it’s lying, folks. And the more of it you do, the worse you will muck up your aura with STUFF in chakra databanks like:

  • Verbal integrity chakra databank in the throat chakra
  • Power integrity chakra databank in the solar plexus chakra
  • Spiritual integrity chakra databank in the third eye chakra

Why put this optional garbage into your aura? Lying impacts auric modeling, physical health, the quality of people you attract into your life. Even minor habitual lying will detract from your clarity with aura reading. Even if only for the sake of energetic literacy, tell the truth.

Of course, “Truth” doesn’t have to mean “Obsessive full disclosure”  but simply being straightforward, based on the information available to you at the time. Omniscience isn’t required, merely plain ol’ human situational truth.

Being tactful is a separate consideration. People can be tactful without lying.

Of course, I’m not trying to insult TRUTH SEEKER here, and maybe her words were only used in her comment as a figure of speech. In her comments, TRUTH SEEKER is sure she needs help desperately, and for now that help needs to be free due to difficult financial circumstances. Well, here’s something free, just in case it applies:

What’s the “big, fancy technique” to get rid of a common kind of STUFF? Stop lying or meaning one thing while saying another. Then you’ll never have to use expressions like “To tell you the truth.”

Diagnosing does not mean healing, not at the level of astral-level STUFF

TRUTH SEEKER wrote that “my real problem is I need to find out what certain ‘energy experiences’ I’’ve had is coming from.”

With all respect, I disagree. Why would knowing the source of an energy problem heal a thing? At best, this is part of developing an actual skill set for healing.

Yes, when you learn skill sets of Spiritual Cleansing and Protection, that includes being able to tell one sort of astral-level debris from another. But skill for healing involves much more than that, right? Let’s be very clear about this.

  • A reading is not a healing.
  • Naming a problem is not a healing.
  • A problem with “a form of astral debris in your aura” is a problem, for sure, but “knowing the source” won’t change a thing.

So, please, Blog-Buddies, unless you are going to learn a skill set for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection, or some other type of healing with Energy Spirituality, don’t waste your time on searching for information about cause of an astral-level problem.

What good will that do? That would be like examining stains on your wall. How is that going to clean or repaint your wall?

Energy hypochondria alert

When someone starts paying attention, or worrying, about astral-level debris, things can turn weird and scary. TRUTH SEEKER has clearly been suffering in this way. She wrote that, “Basically there’’s been some green glowing fuzzy light (one time it was a holographic skull inside a ring of green glowing light) that comes out of me accompanied by some discomfort, like my head is being squeezed.”

More waste of time! Get help from an expert healer to fix any problem with astral-level STUFF. Unless, like TRUTH SEEKER, your financial circumstances are desperate right now. Then don’t get the help and man up. Or woman up. Find a way to cope.

In my earlier days as a spiritual teacher, I went through many years of being really, really poor. I didn’t complain about it, because it was my chosen lifestyle. Sure, I could have made more money working at McDonalds. So what?

Once upon that time, for the better part of a year, I had a serious problem with one of my teeth. It needed a crown. Only I didn’t have the money to see a dentist even to get my teeth cleaned, let alone purchase that kind of help. So what did I do? I coped. I chewed carefully, using the other side of my mouth. Meanwhile I saved up. Soon as I could, I saw a dentist.

Before then, what good would it have done to dwell on every painful sensation in my mouth? “Today, that touchy part of my mouth felt like I had small termites pressing up against my gums. Last Thursday, it felt more like a landmine, about to explode.” Poor use of free will, right?

Worrying on the level of energy, astral debris, etc. is a similar choice to worrying about a dental lack of perfection. Cut it out, TRUTH SEEKER, or any of you Blog-Buddies with a similar problem. I’m not trying to dismiss your energy discomfort, especially if it’s made worse by a lack of financial comfort. But consider this:

Dwelling on astral-level experiences when you are not actively involved in healing is a very poor use of free will. It’s even called “spiritual hypochondria” or “energy hypochondria.”

Sometimes desperation is a state of mind

TRUTH SEEKER, I can’t tell for sure without being in session with you. But I am pretty sure that this problem you have been worrying over is not really desperate, life threatening, etc.

Could it be that you have been turning a spotlight on energy-level problems with your attention. Well, cut it out.

What we put attention on becomes stronger in our lives. You know that! And I hope you won’t mind my offering one more suggestion, attempting to help your situation:

Avoid putting together your own skill set to heal astral-level debris

Clearly TRUTH SEEKER has been struggling to put together a do-it-yourself method for healing astral-level STUFF. “I know that’s definitely some astral thing, maybe an entity, but still don’t know exactly what it is. Is that something I could do Questioning on?”

For heaven’s sake, if  you feel uncomfortable due to suspected astral-level debris, go to a skilled healer to help you. This is not the time to start educating yourself bit by bit, puttering around as a beginner. Would you do this with a medical problem? Do you really think it is smart to experiment in this way?

Like TRUTH SEEKER, you may know that “Questioning” is a technique in many of my books. But think about it. Questionins is not in any of my books as a technique to use for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection. Please do not take one part of my systems of knowledge and use it for purposes not intended. That’s insulting to both of us.

Cobbling together a technique is fine if you’re working on repairing old shoes. What’s the worst that can happen? The chewing gum will fall off your sneaker?

No, I do not offer free tutorials in how to heal things at the astral level. Ever wonder why?

Integrity matters to this spiritual teacher. So I give thorough, systematic instructions in books, in phone mentoring, in workshops. I sprinkle in humor because it can be great fun when learning these useful skills.

My humor is optional. You never are required to laugh at my silly jokes. Otherwise, the way that I teach is a matter of integrity. And I do my best to honor that integrity, including the sacred kind of collaboration included in every one of my skill sets.

I want to do honor to my spiritual Source. So, yes, for that reason as well as my own human need to stick up for myself as a person, I am very protective about preserving integrity for all the skill sets I have been given.

Know what happens when a teacher puts an article online, explaining a sacred skill set? Some people will steal it. Either they will steal the whole thing or they will steal bits of it. Authors like me have no control whatsoever about the weirdness that can get into a sacred healing art.

Yes, people have already taken bits of things, or large chunks that I teach in books and workshops; they have mixed my systems up with other things, or deleted parts that are important. Often they haven’t acknowledged me at all. Sometimes they have credited me with the distorted mess they produced. Which is worse? Oy veh!

Yes, this sort of thing has happened to me. It is the reason I stopped requesting Google Alerts about myself and my books. The links made me too upset and, really, there was nothing I could do about it. (Meaning, yes, I sent emails or called or even sent registered letters. No result. And I’m not going to enter into a lawsuit unless absolutely necessary.)

Any sacred teaching deserves to be reserved for those who make a commitment to learn it. So this blog includes only what is appropriate to teach online.

What really interferes with spiritual progress

A final worry of TRUTH SEEKER goes like this. “The thing that bugs me the most is it’s like it’s interfering with my spiritual progress.”

Not really. If it’s any consolation, TRUTH SEEKER, you’re not the only person out there with STUFF. Most of us aren’t Enlightened yet. (And that includes me at this time, unfortunately.)

Let’s sum up things you can do right now to speed your spiritual progress. For free:

  1. Always tell the truth.
  2. When expert help is needed, be willing to spend money on it (and if you don’t have that money yet, save up).
  3. Avoid spiritual hypochondria.
  4. Keep learning and asking questions here at the  blog.

I spend a huge amount of time helping people like you, in integrity, the best I can with an appropriate amount of time spent on this volunteer work.

Oh, yes. You could ask the most prestigious college in your area to bring me in to design a B.A. level major in Energy Spirituality.

Oh, right. I don’t have a Ph.D. So, while you’re at it, please ask them to give me an honorary Ph.D. for my body of work. That way I can have the qualifications to teach Energy Spirituality. Otherwise, what am I supposed to do, get a Ph.D. in something I don’t believe in much, like Clinical Psychology, to gain the credentials to teach something entirely different?

You’re not the only one who has to be patient, TRUTH SEEKER. I’d love to teach in your neighborhood. Meanwhile, at least there are books. And that wonderful resource where all of Rose Rosetree’s books can be ordered for free, your friendly public library.

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  1. 1
    Grace S says:

    Nothing like a timely chiding to snap you out of a rut.

    I’ve been struggling with physical pain lately and letting it consume me, then spinning out. This is a good reminder of what I can do to help myself, and I don’t mean the pain, but my whole life, “all boats rise with the tide.” It’s hard work, there’s no two ways about it.

    Something else that’s interesting to me from this post is about being in a financial rut.

    For years and years I was living just above poverty-level, but I got a huge raise last year so that’s behind me. It’s interesting though now, I don’t think Rose charges enough for her services. No way, considering what a huge impact it’s had, where other alt therapies have failed.

    I’ve been signing up for the 1 ½ hr phone sessions; it fits what I can afford now, plus there’s actually some time for chit chat or tangents.

    Another point about the money thing and feeling entitled to free services that Rose has brought up before which bares repeating: Priorities. Even when I felt I was dirt poor I always seemed to magically come up with money for weed and organic food.

  2. 2

    Aw, thanks, GRACE. Actually, fees for my phone sessions are going up by $15/hour, starting in January.

    I’ve been putting this off for years, out of sensitivity to the difficulties that many are having in the economy. But 2011 seems like the appropriate time.

    Those of you who have signed up for my free monthly newsletter will be receiving an update on this soon. (To sign up, and receive special content not on this blog, go to http://www.rose-rosetree and scroll down.)

    What you said about priorities, GRACE, is so true. Thank you for pointing that out, as well.

  3. 3
    Grace S says:

    Hey Rose – I have a question. So what exactly is the procedure for sharing your articles? I have no clue as to what is kosher in this Internet environment.

    I’ve thought it would be useful to share some of your articles on another forum to peers. The norm seems to be to provide a link with the text. How does this work, and do I need permission for each article?

    Outside of that, what do you really want us to say in way of an introduction?

    I’m afraid of mis-speaking, and you’ve spoken above about the damage control that ensues. It’s been an incredible challenge for me to even share with friends – to speak concisely about your specialties, to someone who’s allergic to New Age, yet convey the impact.

    And you can’t expect someone to click on your blog without way of an introduction. I’ve never shared your work, outside of forwarding articles to friends, and I’ve been considering doing so.

  4. 4
    Lara says:

    Slightly off topic but the bit about truth really got me thinking.

    I often struggle with truth. I never lie specifically, but I dont neccessarily say what I am thinking if I feel the other person won’t be open to it.

    This really bothers me because I feel strongly obliged to say my truth and I hate to settle for “Hmm, perhaps, well I’m not sure I agree” vagueness. It’s like I haven’t done my bit properly.

    I grew up with a super-defensive mother and know that some people you can’t really do a full (or even partial) disclosure with. Kind of like that ethics point about not always telling the client everything.

    And being really tactless, I am always even more careful of what I say. (Yes, I do have very high eyebrows). Nonetheless it really bugs me not to give out my highest truth always.

    Even though I understand your point in the ethics discussion about only telling what you can heal or point to someone who can, I guess I struggle with it, too. But now I feel better for having typed that! Full disclosure!

    As for money… just imagine. I bought Rose’s book “Cut Cords of Attachment for er..? actually I got it as a gift last Christmas. And for the teeny price of a book I have been able to cut two hideous major cords successfully recently.

    And not only did I have the most fantastic results but also the empowerment I felt doing it myself (after a lot of practice on minor ones) was a big bonus.

    I have been hand to mouth at times, so I know the price of a book is always possible. But sometimes the best thing you can do to heal yourself is concentrate on your life and not astral debris.

  5. 5
    Primrose says:

    Rose, perhaps you could ask a person’s permission before writing a blog post about something they’ve written?

    I don’t like the way you took apart this person’s comments and have given advice. I think the same points could have been made without personalising any of this.

    Ok, it’s your blog and it’s up to you how you run it, I’m not impressed with how you’ve handled this though.

  6. 6

    Well, PRIMROSE, I certainly won’t use any of your posts as the basis for a blog post! It’s good to know how you feel about this.

    Here is how I do the ethics around such things here. When someone comments at the blog, I do consider this public speech. So I do have the right to respond.

    Moreover, if you do look at the original comment (cited above), TRUTH SEEKER was originally asking for advice right here at this blog.

    Sometimes I will cite an anecdote from a session, even give out items from a cord of attachment belonging to Gladys or Joe. In case you’re wondering, whenever possible I check in with that person, requesting permission.

  7. 7
    Kate says:

    hmmmm…..not telling the truth has sometimes been a big survival strategy and workaround for me in the past.

    Maybe it’s time I move into the present and update the way I operate. I certainly want to have integrity in those databanks you mentioned.

  8. 8
    Renee says:

    Rose, I really enjoyed this Post. I learned a lot!

    Hope this isnt too far off topic, but I have a question. When an entity or entities effect your behavior or thoughts etc. how does that factor in with your free will???

  9. 9

    RENEE, don’t worry about this. Just as when a person has ANY kind of STUFF in her or his aura, you use your free will the best you can.

    Don’t become a spiritual hypochondriac, fretting about how awful the STUFF is. Make it your business to get expert help from a skilled, ethical practitioner.

  10. 10
    Primrose says:

    I’m okay with you using my posts. If I minded I would have let you know re the furniture post.

  11. 11

    Here’s one more practical suggestion for RENEE and any of you who have been worrying about one kind of astral-level debris or another.

    When you DO have a session with a healer, come with an intention for improving your life, such as “Better ability to live in the present” or “More intimacy in my close relationships.”

    If you have a worry of a specific kind, add one sentence, such as, “I’m worried about having astral entities stuck to my aura.”

    Leave it at that. Allow the professional to figure out how to help you.

    Sometimes clients come to me prepared to go into lavish detail about problems that they are (IMHO) misdiagnosing completely. Fears plus imagination are running riot. Then a client may compound this problem by trying to take lots of session time by going into all these details.

    If you’re going to a healer, respect that healer enough to allow her or him to use the skills you’re paying for. Relax!

  12. 12
    Primrose says:

    What are the things to look for when searching for a practitioner?

    I know who to trust myself, but I don’t know how to explain how I know. I don’t have the vocabulary to describe why I am sure such and such a person is full of envy or unprocessed rage etc, I just trust my instinct and that works for me.

    But I am sure that other people can describe more eloquently how to spot someone trustworthy.

  13. 13
    Renee says:

    Thanks Rose, I actually wasnt worried about it, I had someone I was talking to about it (general discussion) get angry and say “I don’t believe that entities can affect you, what about your free will.”

    I thought it was a good question, that I didnt have an answer for.

    I have complete trust in you as a healer, I know how it has changed my life, and for me that’s all I need to know but how do I answer this for someone else?

  14. 14
    Renee says:

    Rose, What about this, you can think of astral debris, or entities, as human waste. It can affect you in all kinds of ways, constipation, diarrhea etc that you can’t use your free will to change.

    Getting rid of the “Waste” is obviously the best route, you don’t need to look at it (orbs) or study it (gross) or wonder where it came from (who cares) you just need to get rid of it to feel so much better!!!

  15. 15
    Truthseeker says:

    I need to elaborate

    I am a young(20’s) male living with my retired parents and two adult siblings, one of whom is working. We live frugally and they are still generous. But asking them for a session with Rose, let’s just say it would cause waves no one in my sphere of influence is ready for (thus anonymity).

    As I said in my earlier post, I do not want to leech off of anybody, nor do I feel entitled, or that others are obligated to give me freebies. I have been perceived as lazy or with variations on the above traits, but that would be a misunderstanding which I’m tired of. I’m absolutely willing and motivated and want to work and provide for myself, and when my financial circumstances change I’ll willingly pay in full for books, sessions, and everything else I may need in life.

    The intention of my question was simply to see if Rose had any extra pointers she would be wiling to share for someone in my situation, and she did. I appreciate her responsiveness, and don’t mind it being made a blog post. Rose, I’m sorry if I made you feel like I was trying to take advantage of your goodness.

    I said “If I may be straightforward” because at first I wasn’t sure how those details would be received, I thought it might be TMI. I’ve only told 2 other people about those particular experiences. There are more clarifying details I could share but I’m not gonna put my whole life story here, and yes I do feel desperate at times but I really, truly don’t think I’m a case of “spiritual hypochondria”.

    I know I’m not the only person on earth with blockages to personal growth, weither astral, mental, or others, but I was/am coming from a place of readyness, willingness, and strong desire to progress past all that and move forward and evolve.

  16. 16

    RENEE, re your Comment #12, first, you sweetie!

    Second, the answer I supplied was my answer to tell your friend, not just an answer if the question had come from you.

    Check out Comment 9 again through that friend’s eyes. It might do the trick.

    Keep in mind, unlike you, your friend might have issues like these:

    *Love of complaining
    *No desire to really improve how things are
    *Preference for blaming, rather than taking responsibility
    *Enjoyment of asking questions for the sake of asking questions, keeping the flame burning (i.e., Happy to waste your time for as long as you wish to play)

  17. 17

    LARA and KATE, you have brought up such an important thread. And this is the type of conversaton that is SOOOOOOOO perfect for our “Juicy” section of the blog. I’m taking the liberty of copying both your comments here so that all you Blog-Buddies can share your wisdom and experience about this topic.

    (LARA, I excerpted the part for general discussion on telling the truth. Thanks so much for the rest of what you wrote here.)

    Click here and scroll down for new Comments at the bottom at:

  18. 18

    Aw, TRUTH SEEKER, you seemed way sincere to me. That’s why I spent about three hours writing this post, with you as the primary beneficiary.

    Sorry for getting your gender wrong.

    Too much information? No way.

    I never thought about that as one motivation for saying “If I may be straightforward,” but the whole truth theme is an interesting one, for sure. You have helped to generate at least two fascinating threads for the whole community. 🙂

    And I don’t mean to put too fine a point on it, but — in case you feel like responding — why DID you use that term rather than “I hope this isn’t TMI, but….”? Not to criticize, you know. Just curious.

  19. 19
    Truthseeker says:

    I’m not really sure myself. I probably wasn’t thinking about the grammar or phraseology at the time, just trying to be polite.

  20. 20

    Aw, TRUTH SEEKER, you ARE polite. I can tell that about you. And do I ever appreciate that!

  21. 21
    Samantha says:

    Wow wow wow.

    Hello, Rose. 🙂 I found your website via googling for information on auras and how to read them from regular photos. …not that I can see auras in person, just yet, but last night was the first time I attempted to see one for myself or do any research on them what-so-ever.

    And I’m gobsmacked; it would probably take me ten pages of typing to explain how synchronicitous I consider finding your site.

    I think I had at least three profound, gut-punching realizations last night that I’m now super-excited to explore, and I purchased an aura reading session from you in hopes of doing so.

    I figured out that I was an HSP over this past summer (by randomly stumbling across Dr. Aron’s book in my favorite independent bookstore…hehe), but after taking your quiz, I suspect I may be an empath, too (in fact…I’m pretty darn sure!).

    I did want to make reference to one thing in this article, so this comment may be actually relevant!

    My self-awakening process began approximately three years ago, after I had the great fortune of meeting and dating a guy who told me that he just could not tolerate dishonesty in a relationship.

    For the first time ever, I started paying attention to what, exactly, was coming out of my mouth (or not)…and I realized just how much I was lying despite having no conscious intention to deceive.

    And I didn’t like that at all! That new awareness really started everything for me, so I was pretty tickled to see “always tell the truth” at the top of the list of requirements for energy literacy.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing how this discovery will shake things up in my life! Couldn’t have come at a better time, either… 😉

  22. 22

    Welcome, welcome, welcome, SAMANTHA. And what a great share. Thanks!

  23. 23

    PRIMROSE, checking out a practitioner, it’s useful to find out what that person says, how the help is described.

    Do you believe the model the practitioner uses? Or are you, at least, willing to suspend disbelief and find out what a session with that person does for you?

    Energetic literacy is another great consumer tool. For example, you can research the person’s integrity chakra databanks. You can find out if someone who claims to be “Enlightened” really is, by your standards.

    One type of research that I do is called “Thrill Your Soul” Research, a form of aura reading that takes a full session and helps to evaluate the implications of any choice in a very nuanced way.

    This can be useful for selecting a healer or teacher, as well as any lifestyle choices. (Just type “Thrill Your Soul” into the search box for plenty of details.)

    My goal here at Deeper Perception Made Practical is to help everyone who wishes to develop full, Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. It makes life better in many ways and, for everyday consumer choices, is really invaluable.

  24. 24
    Primrose says:

    Rose, with seeing a healer, it will always be about suspending disbelief for me, but that’s ok. I do that seeing a good play and I like the theatre 😉

    I’d like to develop Level Three Energetic Literacy even if I feel uncomfortable with the whole idea of it and even if I cringe whenever I read about astral entities.

    I reckon I’m an empath for some good reason and certainly reading your “30 Days to Empath Empowerment” book was the first time I read something new that made sense to me about how I’ve felt about that part of my life.

    So I’m sticking around. Actually, just being here and concentrating on this part of me means it’s developing.

    Will most likely take my time reading your books etc, but that’s ok. I’m in no rush.

  25. 25

    PRIMMIE (as I’ve started to think of you fondly; let me know if you detest the nickname), thanks for all your recent comments and this one especially.

    Trust me, you can find plenty of uses for full energetic literacy and never pay attention whatsoever to astral entities. You’ll stay busier and happier just fine notwitstanding.

  26. 26
    Grace says:


    About selecting a practitioner…I heartily endorse the use of the “Thrill Your Soul” research Rose does with regard to vetting practitioners (or people you might want to hire for any reason).

    I think I’ve mentioned elsewhere here that I used this process in the selection of the homeopath/physician’s assistant who has been my doctor for a few months now.

    I find each session with Rose to be illuminating in many ways, one of which is the sharpening of my skills of discernment. I’ve used sessions to hire a lawyer, an accountant and a doctor after I’d gathered several referrals of each and did some preliminary phone research with or on each person. I’m not skilled enough to be able to read particular databanks during a conversation, but I do tend to get what I call broad brushstrokes of reads.

    I was able to see in the sessions how my hunches were in some cases accurate and how in other cases I’d been tricked by facades. Even being tricked was helpful (especially since I hadn’t hired the person) because the memories of my phone conversations and intuitive hits were fresh enough that I could sort through them and actually get what Rose had pointed out.

    In the end, in each case, I was very happy with my choice, which was made based on what we discovered in each session. And it was truly fascinating to see how the various things Rose mentioned in each session did appear as I then interacted with each of the people I hired.

    It’s incredibly helpful to be able to learn not only about the person, in terms of integrity, their relationship to money, etc., but how working with them will impact my chakra databanks.

    When I think of various choices I made in my past, before I had any awareness of deeper perception and before I even trusted my own intuition in any way, I cringe at the price I paid. There was a particularly dastardly dentist I encountered many years ago which resulted in loads of angst, pain and money.

    The price of a session is a small price to pay, an investment, really, when one is considering engaging with a practitioner. And it felt incredibly cool to be able to vet my lawyer from across the country without having pay the travel expenses to interview all of prospects in person.

  27. 27
    Primrose says:

    Primmie’s fine 🙂

    Look forward to being more energy literate. I see it happening just from reading the blog and engaging with the empath literature.

    Think I found you when I was meant to because even though you talk about astral entities, I haven’t hit the delete button. And I’m not going to now.

  28. 28
    Renee says:

    Grace I whole heartedly agree with you about doing the “Thrill your soul” sessions with Rose. I wonder what I would do without them now. (Rose stay healthy!!)

    The information is priceless, we have to pick a high school for my son, Rose gave me invaluable advice. When we went to Europe last summer, I learned which places were the best for me.

    Any decision we have to make and I am unclear about which direction to go I get a “Thrill your soul” session.

    On top of the elimination of a lot of wasted time and energy, and/or making a decision that isnt right for you, it’s really fun! Not quite as fun as a Research session can be, but right up there..

    Thanks Rose!!!

  29. 29

    Aw, GRACE and RENEE, thanks backacha. Of course, I do like teaching people how to do this for themselves, too.

    This learning how to do “Thrill Your Soul Research” can be done as phone mentoring. Or you might want to wend your way to the suburbs of Washington, D.C., right near our biggest airport (Dulles) to take the annual one-day workshop on doing Thrill Your Soul Research in January. It’s called “Goal Setting with the Aura Reading Advantage.”

    This January, at the suggestion of one of our Blog-Buddies, we’re trying something new for a second day. You can do Saturday or Sunday or both, so take a look at this new experiment….

  30. 30
    Rachel says:

    Hi Rose,

    I’m interested in what you say about the need to always be truthful.

    How do you think that carries over to different cultures? I have the impression that there are many cultures where lying – or, at the very least, not being truthful or straightforward – is normal.

    I’ve always felt that it’s important not to judge different cultures and insist that “our way” is the best way of doing things, and that, for example, people in foreign cultures simply have different habits that we don’t fully understand because our backgrounds are so different.

    Do you agree? Or do you think that in countries where it is common to lie and cheat (say, in business situations) are clogging up their auras with STUFF?

  31. 31

    RACHEL, such a fascinating question deserves a two-part answer.

    And, once written, this seemed long enough and interesting enough to turn into a blog post. So I’ll move your question and my answers here:

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