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Chakra databanks, a new perspective


Wow, speaking of gratitude — which the entire Thanksgiving week is all about, right? — am I ever grateful to Tanika Palm. Her latest book, “Prisoners of Fame” provides a wonderful perspective on chakra databanks.

“Prisoners of Fame” reports on her conversations with deceased celebrities. Combined with this is a really fascinating description of what it is like to be an ethical, very human medium.

Here’s part related to chakra databanks.

On Pages 89-90, Al is speaking. This astral entity gives the first description of chakra databanks I have ever seen in a book. (Besides two of mine: Lots of details in “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy” and the first use of the term in “Cut Cords of Attachment.”)

Al is discussing “clutter” in auras. It fills up the “channels” in people, he says.

In Rose Rosetree lingo, instead of saying that clutter fills up the channels in people, I say that “STUFF becomes caught in chakra databanks, causing them to under-function or over-function.” But clearly Al is talking about the same thing.

He goes on to say, “When a person’s channels are full, the person dies because there is no way to receive energy from the universe.

“In other words, the life force can no longer supply the pereson’s aura with energy needed for staying alive.

“Any kind of pain is a signal that something is wrong with you, but a person usually does nothing to stop the pain and improve his or her condition. The pain doesn’t go away on its own, either. Depression over that chronic pain starts to attract negativity that clutters even more channels in your aura field.”

How cool is that, Tanika Palm! (Also Al.) And here comes my favorite part, which definitely expands my understanding of chakra databanks:

“Now, think about the energy exchange as a system of blood vessels. The only difference is that blood is circulating in a closed system inside the body and energy exchange circulates in an open system connecting the body to the universe.

“Both systems operate through a sophisticated net of channels. If you like, call them pipes, tubes, whatever.

“If the energy pipes are full of your stale stuff [Yes, Al used the term STUFF, hooray!] you don’t receive (vital energy from higher dimensions) and if you don’t receive it you are going to die.”

“If there are only a couple of tiny, thin vessels left open, you will receive only enough to live on earth like a degraded vegetable who is torturing his or her loved ones. So, our main function [spirits who aim to help humans] is to help a person control the health of the ‘pipes’ that supply him or her with ‘cosmic oxygen’ — the vital force!”

Way to go, Tanika. 🙂

Incidentally, Blog-Buddies, you can learn more about Tanika Palm at her website, Spirit Communicator.

Personal disclaimer: I do count Tanika among my friends. I am a fan. And I have not yet finished “Prisoners of Fame,” which I am savoring like a fine cup o’ borscht. (Tanika channels in Russian as well as English.)

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    David says:

    Hi Rose
    Fascinating reference. Another great find on your blog.
    From your work, I’ve realized there are 2 kinds of tubes, called Nadis in Sanskrit. There is the relatively closed internal network that branches off from the major and minor chakras. These are sensitive to the environment but are primarily internally referencing and underlie the later nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems. Kundalini systems primarily focus on the major channels of this network.

    The other type is the open ended tubes that are externally referencing that you call the chakra databanks. These seem to have more to do with the uniqueness of our expression and vary much more than the others. Both kinds of tubes can get plugged up in various ways, much as our blood vessels can get plugged with “plaque” or constriction, for example.

    I’m working on an article to go over why they show up this way.

    Thanks again for pointing the way…

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