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Aura reading of Lady Gaga

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


So far, we have done two face readings of the amazing, talented star. Although none of her previous photos showed Lady Gaga wearing one of her famous costumes made of raw meat.

Could a Non-Saint Become Spiritually Enlightened?


Blog-Buddies, as part of this highly educational thread, I have just dipped into the photo of Alan Watts. It’s the same picture used when I initially researched Watts for our Enlightenment Life List.

What I find is a huge wakeup throughout his auric field, with a very Buddhist void-like flavor of bliss permeating his chakra databanks.

Why Learn Face Reading?


Between gawking at face changes to Lady Gaga…

and preparing for my annual Face Reading Workshop, a month from today…

I thought, now is the perfect time to answer the simple question, “Why.”

Face Reading Lady Gaga’s Cosmetic Surgery

Best Celebrity Aura Readings



Continuing to explore face reading on Lady Gaga, we have a great opportunity to include discussion of her cosmetic surgery. Three pictures will be used for this comparison reading about how the superstar’s face has changed.

  1. One reason to learn face reading skills is to get inside information about people without having to switch on an unskilled empath merge.
  2. Face reading is also a problem solver for all those who are recovering from spiritual addiction — millions of New Agers today, I believe, with the syndrome described in depth (along with solutions) in Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.
  3. If you are decreasing your woo-woo time down to 30 or 60 minutes, total, per day, how can you safely satisfy your curiosity about reading people deeper? Face reading is a great solution. Any time spending face reading — with my system at least — will plant you firmly in objective reality.
  4. And if you wonder about the inner implications of cosmetic surgery, you’ll find special meaning in one particular system of physiognomy, Face Reading Secrets (R).


Face Reading of Lady Gaga

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Blog-Buddies, we ended last year with a Contest for Face Reading, Aura Reading, Empath Merge — You Choose. One request has stuck in my mind, Jody’s asking that we do an aura reading of Lady Gaga. I’m going to do that one soon.

Only first I would like to demonstrate my usual way of going about things, useful for energetic literacy development.

Usually I do face reading first, maybe aura reading second and, only if that proves interesting and inspiring, only then will I do a Skilled Empath Merge.

For a better new year, stop doing this



Everything happens for a reason.

You hear this saying it all the time, right? It’s one of the first things people say after they become interested in God or angels or taking a positive attitude. “Everything happens for a reason” is the anthem of New Age Litany.

A sweet sentiment, undoubtedly. But could New Age’s most popular sutra actually hold a person back?

Radio interview to help you gain more wealth

First radio interview on the Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy Program

Note: The very first media interview about my latest book has been archived. Listen at your convenience by clicking onto this Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy Link.

Blog-Buddies, you are invited to tune in and ask your questions on a historic occasion in the world of Deeper Perception Made Practical. Announcing my first radio interview on the topic of using energetic literacy to gain more wealth!

Brave questions from you, Compassionate answers from Mr. Enlightenment

Mr. Enlightenment returns, never better

Mr. Enlightenment is back. His work is not yet complete, at least if you define it as helping all of us to join him in All-Time-Samadhi-Land.

In fact, by Mr. Enlightenment’s standard, his work isn’t complete even if he defines it merely as answering questions we Blog-Buddies posed to him during our Bloggy Enlightenment Contest, back in the last decade. (Okay, just a couple of months ago.)

Decluttering with Energy Spirituality

Oy, I’m such a tosser. I’ll admit it. Both my husband and son are savers. But me, I’m a tosser. So decluttering, physically, has never been a problem for me.

My husband won’t let me forget, when we negotiate seriously over clutter, that once I even tossed the title to my automobile. This resulted in many interesting hours spent with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles in Washington, D.C.

Held Hostage to the Past? A Guest Post by Bev Hitchins

Bev Hitchins, Aiming to ALIGN

Bev Hitchins is a first-rate declutterer. A professional in every sense of the word, she offers classes as well as on-site consultations to clients in the metro D.C. area. ALIGN, her company name, reflects Bev’s depth of field as a personal organizer. Sure, she can help you to take out the trash. If you’re willing, Bev Hitchins will also help you to Align.