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Spiritual Healing vs. Psychological Healing, Quiz Answers


Yes, Freud definitely did Psychological Healing. Spiritual Healing is a completely different treatment model. Although either variety of healing contains many variations, underlying principles distinguish these two very different models.

Before we sail into the answers, let’s define both modes of healing.

Spiritual Healing, defined

Spiritual healing requires collaboration with a Divine Being, either God or an Ascended Master or Archangel. (Belief in that Being isn’t required, merely a willingness to collaborate.)

Spiritual healing removes STUFF at the astral level.

Psychological Healing, defined

Psychological healing is facilitated at the human level, probing into the client’s conscious or subconscious mind.

Sure, there is wide — even wild — variety among approaches used for psychological healing. It could be cognitive or behavioral, long-term or short-term.

The content of the conversation could be about spiritual matters, yet still follow the healing model of psychological healing. Actually this often happens.

Psychological healing requires conscious understanding. It does nothing, directly, to remove STUFF from the astral level. Although often a client learns how to re-package the STUFF, called “Dealing with my issues,” etc.

Spiritual Healing and Psychological Healing are Way, Way Different

Here come Rose Rosetree’s answers to the Spiritual Healing vs. Psychological Healing Quiz. And many thanks to you who already took the Quiz. If you haven’t taken it yet, you might want to go back to Spiritual Healing vs. Psychological Healing, a Quiz, then read what’s below.

Comment afterwards if your opinions differ. You have as much a right to an opinion as I do. 🙂

Both types of healing may have this interactive perspective in common, depending on the leanings of the healing practitioner. Some practitioners in either modality invite comment, self-authority, and collaboration between healer and client or patient. Other practitioners don’t. That’s a matter of style, not necessarily the model used for healing.

1. Spiritual healing and psychological healing are always labeled appropriately. FALSE.

Many a “spiritual” approach uses the model for psychological healing, only the terminology comes from religion, New Age spirituality, spiritualism, etc. Examples: Participating in a Bible Study group, doing The Work of Byron Katie.

2. Both spiritual healing and psychological healing, done expertly, bring cumulative benefits. TRUE

Clients who do psychological healing are more likely to understand this at the outset. Spiritual healing, being less well known, sometimes is done with an “all or nothing” expectation. Either the healer will fix “everything” or the healer is a complete doofus and there is no result whatsoever.

As an extreme example, I have had first-time clients for Energy Spirituality who talked about “cutting all my cords of attachment.”

This is, at best, a lovely fantasy. Permanently moving out ONE cord of attachment takes this practitioner a full 55-minute session of Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING. Quality healing of cords is not done like a snap of the fingers or a snip of the so-popular (fantasy) golden shears.

3. Both spiritual healing and psychological healing, done responsibly, involve taking the healing journey one day at a time. FALSE.

Spiritual healing permanently removes STUFF from a person’s aura and subconscious mind. Results are effective immediately, every time.

Psychological healing, however, does require daily work.

So this was a trick question if you didn’t see the first word, “Both.” 😉

Who wants a quiz to be predictible, right?

4. If you really want to see results, both spiritual healing and psychological healing require courage and honesty. FALSE

Psychological healing definitely requires courage, because you must access your subconscious patterns and be willing to change them. Honesty is necessary as well. No psychotherapist or psychiatrist can help a client who really doesn’t wish to heal.

Spiritual healing does NOT require much courage or honesty. If you have them, great. Don’t get me wrong.

But with spiritual healing, such as my system of Energy Spirituality, the client simply brings the intention to heal and goes to a practitioner with the skill set to pull the truth out of your aura.

Auras always tell the truth. So a practitioner with energetic literacy can find out what is going on, whether a client happens to be perceptive and courageous or, sigh!, thick-as-a-brick. (Not that I would ever call any of my clients that! )

5. For spiritual healing to work, you have to believe. FALSE.

The client, even the practitioner, need not believe in or worship the Divine Being or Celestial Being who teams up to help make the healing session to be effective.

As a client, you don’t have to believe in results, either… just be willing to accept them if they develop over time.

Although belief isn’t required, both the client and practitioner do need to be willing to call on this help. But that’s a very different thing from worshipping. In my typical 55-minute session of RES Energy HEALING, we spend no more than 10 seconds asking God to participate.

Furthermore, I have plenty of clients who hate terms like “God.” So we will work out what the client is willing to call “It,” including “The Intelligence that Rules the Universe” and “Highest Power.” (You can read a whole chapter about useful things to consider in this context. See Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy, Chapter 13.)

6. God can tell if you really believe, and will refuse to help you if you don’t truly believe. FALSE.

Spiritual healing is not based on belief. The client must be willing to make the appointment, stay awake, not be drunk or stoned on pot. But surely that is called “being, basically, present” rather than “believing.”

Religious healing, such as you might find at a revival meeting, is different. Besides the healer’s ability to facilitate a spiritual healing, religious healing or faith healing includes an overlay of dogma, requirements, rules, feelings, etc.

A faith healer may perform miracles in order to convert or bring up a “Born Again” experience. However, this isn’t the spiritual healing part but the overlay of a particular belief system (and motivation).

7. If the practitioner really believes in God, spiritual healing can happen, even if the client doesn’t believe. FALSE.

Sorry, but belief isn’t enough to be an effective healer. Or teacher. Or channeler. Or medium. Or angel worker.

Some people of faith do stumble onto technical SKILL. These rare people are taught by God or angelic guides, etc. Through this grace-of-God mechanism, a practitioner can develop a dependable level of skill.

However, this isn’t necessarily what happens at all.  More often it doesn’t happen, although the healer thinks that it has occurred.

It is extremely important to get skills if you want to work as a spiritual or psychic-level healer. Otherwise, you may be taking on loads of astral-level debris which hurts the healer long-term.

For example, as a book reviewer for Pathways Magazine, I am often invited to review channeled books. Again and again, the writer has this background:

“I learned everything I need to know about channeling from the spirit(s) who work with me. The spirit has an urgent message and has chosen me to deliver it. I have sacrificed a great deal in order to dedicate my life to this important work.

“It is totally safe for me to be available to the spirit 24/7 because the spirit has told me it’s safe.

“The book I am channeling will change my life. It will make me rich and famous. I have been promised this by the spirit.”

8. Spiritual healing is usually done by means of a spirit guide. FALSE.

Technically, the work done with angels and spirit guides is psychic-level spiritual healing, not spiritual-level spiritual healing.

With the former, there could be collaboration with a spirit guide or ancestor, with any form of advice or help from the Other Side. With the latter, you co-create directly with God or another etheric-level being.

  • If you have a copy of Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing, check out “Energy Sandwich” in the Index to learn more about the difference between spiritual-level spiritual healing and psychic-level spiritual healing.
  • Also, if you have a copy of Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy, you can educate yourself pretty thoroughly about the differences between collaborating with psychic-level beings, which often causes spiritual addiction, versus collaborating with the Divine.
  • Some of the practitioners on our Enlightenment Life List do shamanic healing or other psychic-level spiritual healing. Others do spiritual-level spiritual healing.

9. Both psychological healing and spiritual healing require that you work through your issues. FALSE.

Work is the signature of psychological healing. You bet the client needs to work. Because whatever the STUFF is at the level of the client’s aura, so long as this particular form of STUFF is stuck, the client will have to deal with it.

For instance, the last cord of attachment I facilitated cutting in 2010 included SHAME. Gladys had been dealing with shame flooding through her system 24/7, courtesy of this particular cord of attachment.

Left unhealed, the pattern would have continued until the last minutes of her life.

With psychological healing, Gladys would learn to deal with her shame, maybe analyze where it came from, and learn to work with her shame issue. Daily.

To me, this is like having sewage flow through Gladys on a regular basis. The psychological healing helps her learn skills of gift wrap.

Sure this helps. And some people prefer this approach. But the difference with spiritual healing is that the sewage flow permanently stops.

10. The key to healing involves resolving your traumas and conflicts from the past. TRUE. Also FALSE.

Regarding the TRUE part, both psychological healing and spiritual healing can both remove issues from the past, but taking very different approaches.

Psychological healing causes a person to think about the past a great deal. “Resolving” a problem includes uncovering bits of information from the subconscious mind or reframing or analyzing or making tough decisions, etc. Doing this can take decades of hard, hard work.

Spiritual healing permanently removes the physical STUFF, such as a cord of attachment or frozen blocks of energy, as is done with Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®. It takes no hard work, because healing is effortless, joy-based, and permanent.

Another advantage of spiritual healing is that it can move out STUFF that doesn’t originate in the client’s energy field. Examples are removing psychic coercion and E.T. entities.

The complete skill set is called Spiritually Sparkling® Skills; I consider it a part of Energy Spirituality, and so it’s a requirement for my Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality. Last I heard, gaining credentials as a psychotherapist, there is no requirement that the practitioner be able to tell when a client is receiving psychic coercion, let alone have the skills to heal it. Although psychological problems can result from any of these forms of astral-debris.

11. Any self-help book or article involves psychological healing. TRUE, usually.

You must do the assessment for yourself. Set aside the CONTENT of the magazine article or book. Ask yourself, what is the process about?

  • If the main excitement of the exercise is that you learn something new about yourself
  • If you must break a sweat to get results
  • If you suffer a lot
  • Or you must emotionally re-experience pain from the past before you notice improvement in your life
  • If you have to “work through” old problems or “be willing to let them go” in order to get results

If any one of these is involved, then you’re doing psychological healing.

12. Both psychological and spiritual healing can be used to make a person spiritually Enlightened. Mostly FALSE.

Becoming Enlightened, to me, means having a STUFF-free aura. The hundreds of chakra databanks in your aura are all working well, and are in a reasonably good proportion with each other.

Enlightenment shows with skills of energetic literacy — such as anyone might develop, no harder to learn that the Gutenberg literacy you are using right now to read this screen. You may know I maintain an Enlightenment Life List to encourage all you Blog-Buddies to develop that literacy and check out for yourself the photo links supplied with the nominees.

It’s not that I consider myself a king-maker or weird kind of spiritual authority who proclaims who is Enlightened or who isn’t. I simply have the curiosity/humilty/boldness to apply energetic literacy to this very important human potential for all of us. Isn’t it time that people started to pay attention?

Personally, I’ve had it with so-called “spiritual” teachers and healers who offer psychological approaches, only using spiritual language. Similarly, I’ve had it with people who claim to be Enlightened and, obviously, aren’t.

Most of the nominees for that Enlightenment Life List don’t necessarily call themselves Enlightened, but their fans do. Which is why I invite you to submit for consideration any public personality (not people in private life who don’t do anything more publicly self-promoting than fill up some space at Facebook). We always have the right to read people deeper.

For me, the whole purpose of ANY healing, spiritual or psychological, is to move the person toward optimal functioning. And, for me, that does include striving for spiritual Enlightenment.

If you care about pursuing Enlightenment, you might find it interesting that, so far, only one person on the Spiritual Enlightenment Life List practices psychological healing. That would be anonymous psychiatrist #23 on that list.

By contrast, most of the people who are on that list are involved in spiritual healing, whether as healing practitioners or as teachers of deep meditation that produces spiritual healing.

Based on what I have encountered, therefore, my opinion is that spiritual healing can move someone forward relatively rapidly toward Enlightenment. Psychological healing does not.

Instead, psychological healing is great for many other reasons. It helps people cope with their current level of consciousness. And it helps people to grow a bit, even if there is a reluctance to pursue really huge spiritual evolution.

Outside this quiz, all of us win

Anyone who lives on earth is growing to some degree. For some of us, doing our best to survive psychologically, is plenty. No desire for spiritual healing, thank you!

Others of us say, “Go for it!”

No choice could be more personal. People tend to know what they need. And, thanks to free will, nobody can force anyone else to heal.

Instead, it is up to each individual to invite healing at the appropriate level, then find the help needed to turn a sweet wish into true human reality.

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  1. 1
    Heather Crawford says:

    Wow. I got many of those answers wrong but it’s a great opportunity to learn! 🙂 Great quiz, Rose!

    I literally laughed out loud when I read what you wrote under number 2, “or the healer is a complete doofus and there is no result whatsoever.” I haven’t heard the word doofus used in a long time but it was appropriate here and made me laugh 😀

    Question #3 taught me I need to pay a little more attention as I missed the ‘both’ part and got the answer wrong! 😉 Yay, for unpredictable quizzes!

  2. 2
    Gwyneth says:

    One of the fascinating aspects of spiritual healing via cutting cords of attachment is that by reading the cord items, there is actually a lot of “psychological” information. Certainly much more, often, than can be found via loads of therapy.

    Perhaps part of this evolution in consciousness we’re all going through will be a bigger or faster shift away from strictly psychological work. It does still serve a great purpose, but I’m wondering if gradually the consciousness shifts will move people right to spiritual healing. How cool would that be?

    Something about this conversation got me to thinking about one profound cord cutting Rose did for me a few years ago.

    I never knew my father. He left shortly after I was born and my mother chose to deal with it by keeping the entire matter a big secret. All of that had a big impact, for sure. Which I spent my time in therapy trying to sort out.

    Fast forward 40-some years to the moment when I learned the true story of why he left, how he felt about me and leaving us all, and the effects it had on me. And along with that, having those effects basically lifted out of my aura in one fell swoop.

    I mean, that is really something!

    And it sure did help when last year a truly bizarre thing happened. Turned out this unhappy person I never knew, met, or saw, died poor and alone, with no one to claim his body or bury him.

    So the government agency charged with helping this man, who, I should mention, may have been my father, though I’m not entirely sure, connected me to him and wanted me to pay for his burial, as “next of kin.”

    I have no idea how I would have dealt with that situation and the bizarre communications of those people had I not had that cord cut. It’s the complete removal of the STUFF that changes everything.

  3. 3
    Carol says:

    Rose, One of the reasons I have loved your books and this blog is your passion for defining and articulating the differences between different forms of healing.

    I always felt confused about all the different modes of healing that have come into being in the last decades but couldn’t articulate what it was that made me uncomfortable and confused about it all. I instinctively felt everything you say here but with the clarity you have given, it all falls gently into place and I feel a deep Aha.

    Thank you, again, for the clarity on this issue.

  4. 4
    Primrose says:

    A fast and permanent way to change, yippee! I can’t wait! Looking forward to doing it more and more.

    Reading what you’ve written about psychological healing I think you’re analysis is flawed though Rose. You may be describing things like CBT, but my experience of therapy (I have done a few different kinds and my favourite in Primal Therapy)is that the best kind of therapy always removes issues. For sure, it’s a long process, but it removes pain very effectively. There are lots of things in my life that I used to suffer with and now never think about, and that is purely thanks to psychological healing. The goal for me doing therapy was always to release trauma permanantly and that is what I sought and found in my journey, otherwise why would I have bothered? I wouldn’t! I’m not at all interested in coping with a problem, only resolving it. But yes, therapy is time consuming and expensive and if there’s a faster way to release blocks, I’d be daft not to explore it!

    Also, the day at a time idea comes from the recovery movement, not psychotherapy. In recovery the mantra “a day at a time” is necessary because recovery is to do with behavioural change often without psychological change. Most recovering addicts believe they have a daily reprieve from their addiction.

    I’ll always be a fan of psychological change because my life has been transformed by that process, and I really don’t have to get up every day and put into practice a whole lot of emotional effort to keep all my “issues” in check, phew, I’d rather do the washing up, and I’m no fan of that ;)Now that I’m exploring spiritual healing I hope I can find new ways to add to the progress I’ve already made. It seems a shame that two modalities, if they’re effective, shouldn’t work in harmony together.

  5. 5
    Andrea says:



    That is such an interesting point you bring up! Thanks for sharing.

    I am fairly new to the blog here but have been an avid student of Rose’s for a long time. Rose, if you must rap my knuckles for not following the etiquette of the blog I ask that you please be gentle on my first comment.

    I tried very hard to read enough to get a feeling for the decorum here and would never, ever knowingly violate it in a million years. But, I never claim to be perfect either and I’m always open to instruction.

    Right now I’m hip deep in most of Rose’s books. I resemble those little statues or pictures you see of the little guy with glasses perched on the very tip of his nose, books balanced on his knees, in has lap, under his arm, on the floor next his chair, etc, etc. LOL! The caption usually reads, “So many books, so little time!”

    I wish there were some way to direct download all of that knowledge into my brain. But I realize that’s all part of why we chose to come here to Earth School. (Geez, don’t you love the uniforms, BTW?:-))

    Anyhow, I am mostly working on Become The Most Important Person in the Room because that seems a priority for me right now. Although I keep getting pulled into Aura Reading Through All Your Senses and Cut Cords of Attachment and Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy… Oops! Focus, Andrea, FOCUS.:-)

    At any rate, my birth father situation echoes yours almost exactly, including years of separation, the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in my family, and just this sense of… space, like a gap.

    I didn’t really miss him because I never realized there was anything to miss. Sometimes I used to play fantasy father, wondering where he might be, what he was doing, how he dressed, whether or not he was even still on this plane. But it was never a subject that occupied much of my mind. I just went on with things.

    Well, lo and behold, last year someone contacted me on Facebook claiming to be my father. He started sending me emails with pictures of me as a little kid attached. Pictures that I had never seen before. He started calling my cell phone and emailing me or sending PMs on FaceBook two and three times a day. In short, he was stalking me.

    Looking back I can’t really get angry with myself or be disappointed because I handled the situation as best I could at the time. I freaked out! When one of his emails included a veiled threat, I called 911 in almost hysterical tears, had to change my cell phone number, get a new Gmail account, block him on FB, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    It would seem this will be a very interesting cord to cut at some point in the future, a cord I wasn’t even consciously aware of until it was “activated.” Will be most curious to see how it will feel to get rid of STUFF that I didn’t even know I had! 🙂

    To try as best I can to tie in to your opening paragraph, Gwyneth, the point you mention there is, in large part, the reason why I stopped short of completing my graduate work in psychology.

    There was this “gap” there that none of my professors or any of the text books I read seemed willing to address. That gap was the spiritual component of healing.

    It seemed to me of vital importance, yet it was missing in all of my academic studies. I had to go out on my own “Independent Studies” program, so to speak, on my own path.

    I’ve made my way through Energy Medicine, becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher, and studying Donna Eden’s books. I’ve studied Energy Psychology. I’ve used crystal healing, sound therapy and studied Shamanism in the Celtic and Native American traditions. All this while I’ve studied just about every spiritual discipline or wisdom tradition under the sun.

    Oh, I left out the equivalent of a B.S. in astrology (Libra Sun, Capricorn Rising, Moon in Virgo).

    And now I find myself evolving to the point of being able to embrace and implement Rose’s system of Energy Spirituality. It’s a nice place to be. I hope to stay here a while and let others know about it.

    Fascinating! 🙂

  6. 6
    Gwyneth says:

    Wow, Andrea, that is a similar situation! Thanks for writing about it. Even with the healing I’ve done about it, I find it so helpful to meet people who’ve gone through a similar situation, especially with all the secrecy that there was around it.

    I like your choice of the label “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” 🙂 That was it in our family. I never had a desire to look up my father. I think that on some level, I knew it wouldn’t be a positive thing to contact him, so I didn’t. But there was this cloud of something taboo, ominous, dreadful, you name it, regarding the whole thing.

    And then there were the unavailable men I tried to connect with over the years. Hellooo!

    What is stunningly cool about getting cords cut is that it feels like an end run around all the endless talking, speculating, etc., that can go on in therapy.

    After my mother died (and the letter about the dead body arrived on the same day as a letter regarding the completion of her estate proceedings; how’s that for synchronicity?), I connected with her first cousin, whom I’d known of from childhood, but had never spoken to.

    Turns out she’s really interested in metaphysics! No one else in my family has an interest in anything remotely even spiritual.

    When I visited my cousin on a trip to go through my mom’s house, she told me the real story of what transpired with my father. I hadn’t mentioned a thing about the cord-cutting; the story my cousin told me corroborated the cord items with amazing clarity. This was another reason I was so glad I’d had the STUFF removed.

    My father basically didn’t want to have kids; I think I would have completely freaked out to have been told that with all the painful STUFF intact.

    I can relate to being up to the elbows in books! Fortunately, I’ve been able to pace myself over the years with Rose’s books. I’m about to cut my 90th cord. I’ve been checking out former bosses, honor of the 2nd pass through Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy, which I’m about to start.

    If you’re at all on the fence about getting the cord to your father cut, I’ll share a hearty word of pressure-free encouragement to go for it.

    What has come to mind since I shared yesterday (something I love about this blog is that insights bubble up pretty regularly from all these exchanges) is another great reason for having cut those cords.

    When it came time to deal with the difficult situation that unfolded after my mother’s accident and resulting death 6 weeks later, as well as the bizarre deal with the alleged father’s dead body, I thank God that I’d had all that STUFF removed so that I could be present to deal with everything.

    Some miraculous solutions to challenges came to me in the midst of these events and I doubt I’d have been as able to manifest them with all that STUFF in the way. The STUFF is like chasing your tail, spinning wheels.

    Fascinating, yes!

  7. 7
    primrose says:

    Grim, and from where I’m standing, inaccurate. She says going home tonight after an interesting days work to a lovely husband, full fridge, clean home, feeling content. Simple things, no doubt, but vitally important to me as I’ve had to learn the long expensive therapeutic way how to have a happy life. But a happy life I do have.

  8. 8
    Adina says:

    To me, the definition of psychological healing is pretty grim:

    To face my fears and wounds every day

    To accept my fears and wounds every day

    And maybe, even, change them.

    Note the “maybe.”

  9. 9

    PRIMMIE, thank you for representing another point of view. ADINA, thank you for your perspective as well.

    It’s a highly personal topic, how one feels about each type of healing. This, in turn, will color how one makes the distinction between psychological healing and spiritual healing.

    PRIMMIE, you’re right that psychological healing can be an answer and not grim at all. Psychological healing could be THE ANSWER. Even, for some people, THE ONLY ANSWER.

    I think ADINA also has the right to her experience, where spiritual healing has helped her far more than psychological healing.

    My motivation in doing this quiz with all you Blog-Buddies is educational, not to show disrespect toward psychological healing.

    Many people are very confused about the differences between both types. Knowing those differences makes it easier to choose one or the other or both, in any sequence.

    Certainly, I’m happy when my new clients know about this difference. I have had many clients who are so used to a psychological model that, in a first session (and sometimes later sessions as well), the client assumes I need to know loads of details about problems. Because, otherwise, how could I facilitate healing?

    Whichever practitioner one approaches for healing, whether spiritual healing or psychological healing, progress will be faster when the client’s expectations are realistic.

  10. 10

    ANDREA, and I’m so very glad you have found your way here.

    Comment freely, no worries! Your words are gems.

  11. 11

    HEATHER, GWYNETH, CAROL, thank you so much for what each of you shared.

    I am lovin’ this blog!

  12. 12
    Andrea says:


    Thanks so much for the introduction and welcome, as for the words of encouragement. It is my deepest pleasure and honor to meet you. I’m sure we will have many fulfilling conversations here.

  13. 13
    primrose says:

    Rose I’m not sure I think the distinction between psychological healing and spiritual healing is personal. Whether a person respects a system or not may be personal, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to let personal feelings colour a description of a system. I could probably give you a clear description of astral entities if you asked me to.

    Personally, as you know, I think angels and et entities and astral stuff doesn’t exist. But if I was asked to describe the way healers connect with guides and deal with entities, I hope I’d be clear and fair in my description. I may go on to say what my personal opinion was, but then that would be MY personal opinion and I’d make that clear.

    I write the above with the caveat this is your blog and I follow it because I’m very interested in what you write. You can write whatever you want here! If you thought psychological healing is the worst thing that ever happened to humanity I would still read your blog because your blog is fascinating and interesting to me and I want to learn about spiritual healing.

  14. 14

    PRIMROSE, good point about my ambiguous writing in Comment 9. I’ve gone back and rewritten it a bit for more clarity and italicized those sentences. Thanks for keeping me communicating more clearly.

    I hope this part of our conversation hasn’t pained you, or exasperated you too much, and thank you for those appreciative words at the end of your latest comment.

    Would YOU — or other Blog-Buddies — like to create a guest post about your understanding of what psychological healing is compared with spiritual healing?

    This is a topic where, as I meant to say earlier, feelings are personal. There can be a big emotional charge. There can also be so many different points of view, so bring them on!

  15. 15
    primrose says:

    You don’t exasperate me, far from it. I’m learning while I’m here and I’m sure I’m a difficult student at times. As you don’t expect perfection from me, I don’t expect it of you.

    I would be interested in writing about different kinds of healing when I have more experience of spiritual healing. I think at some point I’d like to write about how becoming a skilled empath is a great addition to the therapy I’ve done. I wish people in 12 step could open to this knowledge, it could help so many people.

    But I think that post might be a while off. I’m taking my time with becoming a skilled empath. Am slightly less unskilled, I’d say at the moment 😉

  16. 16
    Grace W. says:

    One thing that comes to mind regarding the personal slant is that given the nature of both types of healing, or any kind of healing, for that matter, I think it’s easy to take a personal view.

    It’s intimate work, and if one has the unfortunate experience of working with an unethical, unskilled, unprofessional or disrespectful practitioner, it can easily affect one’s view of the modality. Isn’t this a big reason behind our recent chats on the New Age world?

    So many people have had unfortunate experiences with flaky healers that they write off the entire approach. Whether that’s fair or not, I think it’s very common. I think of your objective/subjective distinctions, Rose.

    In my own case, on an entirely different note, I’ve had dreadful teachers of Shakespeare. And guess what? I can’t stand Shakespeare! I don’t get what all the fuss is about.

    I do know that my opinion comes directly from my personal experience and I’m able to separate that from the view and impact of Shakespeare on the world. It hasn’t been a priority to me to try to overcome or change this opinion.

    I think that many people do the same type of thing with psychological vs. spiritual healing, if they’ve had experience with them or if they’ve heard something about them.

  17. 17
    Amanda Flood says:

    I’ve learned so much from reading these comments, thank you to all of you. Aside from anything else, it’s so great to see different points of view represented without fuss!


  18. 18
    primrose says:

    Grace, I think that’s a very good point. I work a 12-step programme which is described as a spiritual programme. I do that to the best of my ability even though I’m an atheist.

    I wrote 12-step off for many years because of “the god thing” but there are wonderful things about 12 step. I’ve learnt do much by participating in it. I did spend a long time muttering with fury and wincing every time anyone said the word “god”, but I am so grateful I engaged with something that challenged my prejudices. And I feel the same way about spiritual healing. If I write things off, I lose so much.

    It’s easy to embrace something that feels right and makes sense to me, but I’ve found that engaging with things that at times seem counter-intuitive has been wonderful. I guess it’s the difference between listening to my intuition and listening to my prejudices. Sometimes it’s difficult to work out which is prominent, so then I usually try and wait and see if the feeling passes.

    For me, reading posts about astral stuff is just bizarre, but who knows? In a year I might be writing those kinds of posts. Unlikely 😉 but life is unpredictable!

  19. 19
    Primrose says:

    Rose, I just added this post and re-reading it I realised it might be too much because of the stuff about the client’s uncle. Will understand if you don’t want to post it.

    I really like the way Vereshack writes about the levels of psychotherapy, I find it really illuminating, but some of his writing is very shocking.

  20. 20

    PRIMMIE, no worries. Of course this was post worthy.

    Related to this system, do you have any questions to ask our Groovy Psychiatriast?

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