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Decluttering with Energy Spirituality

Oy, I’m such a tosser. I’ll admit it. Both my husband and son are savers. But me, I’m a tosser. So decluttering, physically, has never been a problem for me.

My husband won’t let me forget, when we negotiate seriously over clutter, that once I even tossed the title to my automobile. This resulted in many interesting hours spent with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles in Washington, D.C.

Of course, I have opinions about decluttering. And not just because I’m a tosser. (And an opinionated person.)  This post is meant to supplement yesterday’s conversation, based on the practical, tested, PROFESSIONAL skills of Bev Hitchins as a declutterer.

Spirited discussion followed Bev’s guest post, including the idea of inner decluttering. My perspective is grounded in healing work with clients using Energy Spirituality, which provides a different kind of inner decluttering than would come with psychological healing.

And, thus, we get to continue our group exploration about differences between psychological healing and spiritual healing. For very relevant background, if you haven’t yet taken our quiz on spiritual healing vs. psychological healing, you might want to click there before continuing.

The examples that Declutterer Bev gave us yesterday are very relatable, real-life clutter problems. Because of my background with spiritual healing, however, different incidents flagged the need for different kinds of healing at the level of auras. Many different forms of astral-level debris can contribute to a physical-level problem with clutter.


Ghosts can certainly haunt a house. I don’t recommend learning to be comfortable with them. Or learning their stories. Or, for that matter, improvising ways to help them.

There is a proven, effective, quick technique for moving astral entities out of a home. When you learn it, or have me facilitate the healing for you in a phone session, you can HELP the ghosts to move on.

They are much better off, getting unstuck from earth. And so are you, the person who has been living with that stuck spirit.

You can also be quite sure that for any ghost you might notice haunting your home, there are hundreds or even thousands of them stuck to your own personal aura.

If you have been smoking pot or had a serious drinking problem; if you have experimented with mediumship or channeling or automatic writing; or if you have suffered from a spiritual addiction, you are almost guaranteed to have a very large number of astral entities in yourself and your home.

I would love to help you heal all of that. That includes helping you to be protected in future — and not by insisting on elaborate and inconvenient forms of shielding yourself. No, I won’t insist that you start wearing a funky garlic necklace or enormous cross. Hint: Helping you, like the healing itself, involves using one’s Power of Command and the skill set of Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

Ghosts DO contribute to clutter, make it hard to change. Ghosts do have a draining effect… among other problems they may cause, depending on the individual and how many ghosts are around.

Most often I help clients heal this problem during one 55-minute phone session, but I can also teach you how to do this type of healing with a series of telephone mentoring sessions, one at a time, until you own the skills. There is also my annual workshop, Spiritual Cleansing and Protection. In 2011, this will be held September 10-11.

Anyway, back to other astral-level contributors to clutter…

Negative or confusing thought forms

Bev’s example of sleeping in the bed that a client used to share with an ex — that definitely does happen. Just last year, I had a client, Joe, who had been divorced for five years and was actively seeking a new wife. Joe still slept in that same old bed.

Sure, a person might want to toss that old bed, trash the old linens, smash old plates, fling the family silverware at a dartboard, etc. But a far cheaper workaround might be to move out the outdated thought forms stuck in all these material possessions.

Any antique or vintage clothing, anything bought in a yard sale, is rife with thought forms, too.

Again, the skill set for healing all this is quick, once you learn how. Or the healing can be done for you, e.g., in one 55-minute phone session.

Afterwards, whether or not you decide to toss the belongings, you’ll have gained energetic freedom. You won’t have necessarily worked through any psychological issues, but that just might come easier.

Incidentally, the more sensitive your nervous system (e.g., being a Highly Sensitive Person or empath), the more you will suffer from the presence of negative thought forms. Or any other types of astral-level debris.

This isn’t necessarily being an energy hypochondriac. Rather, you would be responding to a problem that others might not necessarily notice. A very healable problem, fortunately.

Prolonged grief and cords of attachment

Prolonged grief and clutter can be a vicious cycle. Thought forms can be a part of this. Even more likely, the biggest inner cause of clutter that keeps grief alive… is a person’s cord of attachment to the deceased. Or the ex.

Bev Hitchins referred to emotional ties. These exist, of course. But way more serious — and easy to heal — is the cord of attachment.

Cords of attachment don’t end with death or divorce. Once an astral-level cord is formed, it will continue imprinting your aura and subconscious mind 24/7 until the last day of your life. Unless that cord of attachment is cut in an effective manner.

For example, years ago I did a first session with Gladys. She was still grieving because her daughter, Josephine, had committed suicide five years before. Ashes from the cremated body were still in an urn. And that urn was still in the house, half-forgotten.

Gladys just couldn’t bring herself to bury those ashes, no more than she was able to resolve the emotional issues.

However, after our very first session, where I facilitated cutting the cord of attachment to Josephine, Gladys felt so much better. Immediately after she got off the phone, Gladys took the ashes and buried them in the back yard.

In days to come, she found that the loss of her daughter was real, the tragic history was unchangeable, but Gladys’ grieving was over. Her life had come back.

Granted, grief work is sometimes necessary for psychological wholeness. In my opinion, grief work (with a professional or support group, etc.) will be most effective after cutting the cord of attachment to the person involved in the whole sticky, icky mess.

About cutting cords when a person has committed suicide

Incidentally, cutting a cord of attachment to someone who has committed suicide is best done by a professional at Energy Spirituality.

I don’t recommend that you use the skill set from Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing.

I don’t even recommend you take the Cut Cords of Attachment Workshop, Level 1 or Level 2, and then go ahead to cut such a potentially complex cord of attachment.

In this unusual circumstance, it is better to leave the job to a professional in Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

This is one reason I am coaching motivated healers-in-training through my Mentoring Program. The healing process could be a bit more complex given a cordee who committed suicide.

Deep skills from the healer will help the client to get the most benefit from the one-time opportunity to cut such a cord of attachment. Developing expertise at the complete skill set of Energy Spirituality is important for professional work in this field.

Similarly, if there has been a serious deathbed promise, such as the one cited by Bev: “You must promise to keep around my 1,000 books,” this would also be more complex than a simple do-it-yourself healing with the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.

Hoarding, not just cluttering

Sometimes a person collects clutter due to a major psychological problem with obsessive hoarding. Wouldn’t be surprised if Bev and other professional organizers and declutterers encounter that on a routine basis.

It’s like watching women on TLC’s “What Not To Wear.” Most of those women are just badly dressed, but some of them clearly have serious psychological problems. (Much as I love that show, including the wardrobe decluttering part, never do I read auras of those women. Not my idea of relaxing entertainment!)

Psychological help, sometimes even psychiatric medication, may be important to fully solve a clutter problem. Not being a licensed mental health professional, or even a psychological healer, I wouldn’t consider Energy Spirituality to be a substitute.

But as a complement to that kind of professional psychological help, sure, I might be able to help. Typically I would begin with a 55-minute session of Energy Spirituality. Then, depending on what is going on with that particular individual, we might move into Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.

Doesn’t it make sense that the desire to hoard might have its origins in imprints from a completely different lifetime? When frozen blocks from the past are released, that removes very compelling subconscious motivations to clutter and never let go.

Keeping it simple

My favorite definition for the cluttering process is that every bit of clutter represents a decision deferred.

Not that this is always true. In fact most of this post has been about astral-level debris that prevent decision making. Despite one’s best efforts, ghosts, thought forms, cords of attachment, and/or frozen blocks of energy at the level of the subconscious mind, can make it impossible to declutter.

Problems like these, that psychological healing will not touch, can cause someone with the wisdom of Solomon to perpetually defer decisions and keep on cluttering.

However, I like the definition because it is motivating. Sometimes clutter does just require some habits about decision making.

Sometimes it can be enough to tell yourself, “Each piece of mail, each email, each voice message, each text message that comes to me — I will only open it up when I have time to deal with it. And when I take that five minutes or so, I WILL deal with it. I will do one of these things:

  • Toss it/delete it
  • Respond, if necessary (then toss or delete the original)
  • File or archive it, should it REALLY be important to save. (Like titles to one’s automobile which, I eventually learned, are not as silly and trivial as they look.)
  • Or put that communication in your appropriate, “Do this pile.” You know, like the piles we use to sort through bills to pay, or shopping lists & coupons, or errands to run on that delightful day off.

Promising that you will unflinchingly make a decision, as it comes up, can be relatively easy… if you have first moved out the sorts of astral debris discussed in this post.

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  1. 1
    Amy says:

    ‘Tosser’ is quite a rude word to call somebody in England so I had quite a chuckle.

    I also had a question regarding the astral clutter. If you spend a lot of time with someone who smokes pot although you haven’t smoked it yourself, do you still get astral hangers on?

    Thanks Rose.

  2. 2
    Mike Collins says:

    Clutter is certainly an indication of a problem at a deeper level, but so is any bad habit or addiction. Instead of making the solution complex, test the result of clearing one small area.

    Clutter creates stagnation, so I agree with your energy debris theory. But what happens when you clear the debris? You release the stagnation. Try it.

    Decluttering is not a one-time event. It’s a continuous process. Thank God, we have the choir to preach to.

  3. 3

    AMY, good to hear from you. Golly, can you say in a roundabout but clear way what “tosser” means in England.

    In America, it simply means someone who likes to declutter and tosses things away.

    In England, I did a live radio interview once for a huge station where my lack of British slang really caused some embarrassment. I was doing face reading when I started to talk about the male co-host’s “Macho Knob.”

    In America, “knob” simply means doorknob, nothing about male anatomy.

    Both the co-hosts reddened. As I remember, they called for a station break. They explained. Then the three of us laughed ourselves silly until we went back on the air.

  4. 4
    Grace W says:

    Since the topic is along the lines of one’s relationship to a space, I’ll chime in with the facet of the prism that classical Chinese feng shui can contribute.

    There’s a similar phenomenon in the interpretation and relationship to feng shui as it has unfolded in the U.S. that we’ve discussed in relation to cutting cords of attachment. As in, there are many people doing it in a way that isn’t skillful and doesn’t represent the true power of the modality.

    Real feng shui, in which the energetic chart of a space is calculated using a compass reading and other data, is a powerful tool for learning about one’s space as well as one’s personal relationship to that space. A powerful way to use it is to actually diagnose particular imbalances manifesting in a person’s life and to make changes in the use of the space (not hanging wind chimes or mirrors everywhere)to change the flow of energy and ultimately adjust the imbalance.

    Feng shui can also be used to find the best possible space for a person to live in at a particular point in their life. A house that’s great for me, or even a bedroom that’s great for me and that would support a good night’s sleep, might be just the opposite for another family member. This can easily explain how one family member might love a house, while another doesn’t.

    Space clearing and decluttering are important and can be very powerful, along with the uses of Energy Spirituality that Rose has highlighted. They are different from feng shui, however. I’ve found that among Americans I’ve talked to about feng shui, there is often confusion in this area.

    The proper, skillful use of feng shui can be a powerful help in finding a great house in the first place, meaning that suits you well energetically, or in avoiding living in a space that has a lot of problems.

  5. 5
    Lara says:

    Tosser, ha ha I too chuckled. In a roundabout way then.. Ahem; tosser is derived as an insult from ‘someone who masturbates’ and is used to describe (with a kind of dismissive tone) an unpleasant character.

    And never say ‘fanny’ in England either Rose! It dosent mean the same thing at all.

  6. 6
    Primrose says:

    Macho knob! Hilarious. Tosser is the kind of thing you’d say about someone who is being a bit of a twat, any wiser 😉 It basically means you don’t think much of the person, and it has something to do with the male anatomy and what men do with it solo. Tried to keep that clean. Hope I managed it.

  7. 7
    Amy says:

    I’ll have a go at a clear yet roundabout explanation!

    A tosser is a contemptible person, as in ‘What a tosser!’ and as a verb phrase it refers to a particular activity most attributed in modern culture to male teenagers alone in their bedrooms.

    Although not many people call people ‘a tosser’ nowadays, it was more popular in the 80’s I think!

  8. 8
    Amy says:

    I’m had a giggle about the ‘macho knob’, feels a bit weird even typing it!

  9. 9
    Carol says:

    Rose, I wish I had known you when I was living with the ghosts in that house back east. In my naive way I was dealing with them in a more human way — talking, “reasoning” and bargaining with them.

    But, I did find them more entertaining than annoying. I think the fact that my (now) ex-husband was a heavy duty pothead probably brought in a lot more “entertainment” than would otherwise have been there.

    Do you think that my innocence and lack of fear was a protection in some way? I always considered disincarnate spirits the same way I consider spirits in bodies. I figure we are only vulnerable to those spirits that vibrate at the same frequencies that we vibrate.

    If I have a predominant frequency of fear then I will be vulnerable to and attract fearful humans and spirits to surround me. What is your experience/thoughts on this?

  10. 10
    Amanda says:

    Wow, Rose! As ever, a refreshing perspective and one that resonates!

    I’m naturally good at clutter clearing and I like my space to be nice (it doesn’t have to be tidy all the time but it does have to be clean and generally tidy). I’m also quite good at throwing things away that I don’t need.

    I have, however, gone through an ‘impossible’ patch where I really, truly, just couldn’t clear up, do laundry, etc., and I’m sure entities were involved, I really recognised that description.

    I still struggle with the idea that “effective householder” can be compatible with Enlightenment. To me it presents itself as an ‘either/or’ not a ‘both’, which makes for real resistance and conflict. I try not to pay attention to it 🙂

    Macho knob! I wish I’d heard that, it’s so funny when things like that happen live on air!


  11. 11

    Thanks, AMANDA. About that very common conflict about being a self-actualizing householder… sure, not paying attention to doubts could be a good workaround.

    Beyond that, it’s pretty common to have householder-disdain-type STUFF in one’s aura, related either to cords of attachment or frozen blocks of energy.

    Many of my clients, for instance, have benefitted from having me facilitate cutting their cord of attachment to God, Jesus, the family pastor, etc.

    Any of you Blog-Buddies who have developed skills for cutting cords of attachment might try that, one cord at a time. (Be prepared with your skills, however; these tend to be major cords of attachment. And you may know that I do recommend that you facilitate cutting just about ALL your minor cords of attachment before going on to the majors.)

    After that, if frozen blocks of stuck energy remain a problem, you might want to consider a couple of sessions of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®. I know this must be done in person, but it can be just the thing for this sort of problem. This kind of past-life regression can help with other intractable problems that remain, in mind and emotions, or even physically.

    “Can be.” I can’t promise. But at a minimum there is education to be had with Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®. And, often, there are miracles (especially with the cumulative benefit of more than one such healing session).

    AMANDA, I know you live in the E.U., as do many Blog-Buddies. Early this March I will be doing a couple of workshops, plus a week’s worth of personal session, under the sponsorship of the College of Psychic Studies in London.

    If you are interested in doing some Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® with me, it might be most cost effective to book a set of three hours in a row — which is the time needed for a first session of this type. Compared to what? Coming out to Sterling, Virginia. Because this type of healing must be done in person.

    I have had clients fly in from Europe or Asia just to do regressions, but that’s a bigger deal, you know?

    A link to sign up for sessions and/or the two workshops — Empath Empowerment and How to Read Auras from Regular Photos — is this:

    Hello! Just now, finding this link for you, AMANDA, I’m discovering a nice discount for booking more than a week in advance. If I say “Jolly good,” I do hope that doesn’t turn out to be as weird as saying “Macho knob” or calling myself a “tosser.” 😉

  12. 12

    Thanks to all of you who have been sharing your wisdom, and knowledge of “tosser,” related to this thread.

    After I enabled Comments 5-10 last night, I was giggling on and off for hours.

  13. 13
    Amanda says:

    Hi Rose, thank you.

    I’ve booked for the course and am working out if school runs etc. can allow me to get down to London during that week.

    Meanwhile I’m introducing the idea that ‘I can’ to the bits that say ‘I can’t’ and I’ll see how they all get on together.

    ‘Jolly good’ will definitely raise some smiles, old-fashioned but still viewed affectionately, rather like Winston Churchill. Spiffing!



  14. 14

    Interested, anyone, in a little public decluttering? Volunteers are invited to go to and respond to someone who seems to be making a vague allegation about “charlatans.”

    [Link No Longer Available]

  15. 15
    Primrose says:

    Let them scoff. I like my heroes to have been thoroughly scoffed at.

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