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Why Learn Face Reading?


Between gawking at face changes to Lady Gaga…

and preparing for my annual Face Reading Workshop, a month from today…

I thought, now is the perfect time to answer the simple question, “Why.”

As in “Why bother to study the 5,000-year-old art of physiognomy? Aren’t there more useful things to do with your time?”

And, hey, let’s add a question about “What.”

As in “What is different about this Face Reading Workshop, compared to any of Rose Rosetree’s other face reading resources?”

  • There are, after all, the three how-to books on how to read a face. (The Power of Face Reading, Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras, and Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup: How You Can Find Meaning in Your Evolving Face)
  • There’s the Correspondence Course in Professional Face Reading.
  • You can book a 55-minute session to have me read your face, and it works just fine over the phone when you have sent photographs or links in advance. There are even several different types of face reading I can do for you.
  • There are quick-and-easy Face Reading Reports, where you send a photo and receive a personalized assessment — several pages about you or a friend — not too shabby for $25.
  • All of which face reading help-thingies you can access off the home page at The Official Rose Rosetree Website
  • So why bother to travel to Sterling, Virginia just to read faces as part of a group?

Maybe it’s preaching to the choir, but here are answers to the why? and what? And, okay, I can’t resist also providing an answer to “How come?” As in…

How come face reading is taught in the first place?

Don’t we all read faces naturally?

Sure. Only that kind of “face reading” is really expression reading. It won’t help you significantly with the eight points made below. In fact, expression reading might get in your way.

True face reading, or physiognomy, is about gifts of the soul and potential life lessons. It’s about very specific aspects of life, such as dealing with power, communication style, intellectual talents, and sex. Free will is a highlight of this inspiring study.

Also, face reading (at least when taught or written about by Rose Rosetree), involves a very specific system, so distinctive it has been trademarked.

Face Reading Secrets(R) was developed for two main reasons:

  • To help a person in practical ways, supplying accurate information.
  • To open up a person’s heart of compassion and, in general, help the development for all kinds of Deeper Perception (what, these days, I’m calling “energetic literacy.”)

Hey, what’s so useful about that? Consider:

1. The 10 Best Ways to Read a Face for WORK

Success in your career doesn’t depend on the economy. The better you can size people up, and get it right, the better you can up-size your career.

You can use the system of Face Reading Secrets to explore this practical chance to know the players where you work, even gain a competitive advantage.

2. How to Read a Face for Work FAST

Generally it’s preferable to do a depth reading. Any time I see books about how to do Face Reading or Aura Reading instantly, I cringe. Why would the whole point of Deeper Perception be to get it over with?

Reminds me of the parenting myth, once popular and now discredited, that it doesn’t matter how much time you spend with your kids. Supposedly “All that matters is quality time.” Except ask any kid, or remember for yourself. Didn’t it also matter having quantity time?

That said, on some occasions you could need to do your Face Reading fast. I’d love to show you how to do that really well.

3. The 10 Best Ways to Read a Face for ROMANCE

Love may be blind, but people don’t have to be. Face Reading clues us in to character. Whether you’re starting to fall in love or you want to handle an existing relationship better, Face Reading is the single simplest way to learn what you most need to know, from sex to manners.

In my upcoming Face Reading Workshop (February 26 and 27, 2011) participants will learn to ready those 10 Best Ways.

4. How to Read a Face for Romance FAST

Need to make a quick decision about that interesting new prospect? How about responding when your best friend pulls up a photo online and asks your opinion on some new crush?

So many men and women, so little time! Can Face Reading can be used for screening purposes? Absolutely.

5. How to Read a Face for HONESTY

Don’t wait to read dishonesty and deceit until after the lying is done, especially because that lying may be done to you.

Please note, Face Reading doesn’t tell you everything about finding liars. (Aura Reading can tell you the rest; my system of Aura Reading Through Your Senses(R) has three different, and highly accurate, lie detector tests.)

But it’s easiest to start with Face Reading, which can give you some clear warning signs that prompt you to do further investigation. You won’t want to miss these.

6. How to Read THE DEEPEST TRUTH in a Face

This deepest truth isn’t about lying at all. One of my very favorite Face Reading techniques isn’t in any of my three books about how to read a face.

No, this is a technique I must teach directly, as in this upcoming Face Reading Intensive. You open up any facial feature and read the person’s story with the corresponding aspect of life.

Does it give you chills, just thinking about this? The truth value is really high. It’s an amazing, accurate, soulful technique — to me, one of the high points of the Face Reading Workshop.

You know, I got started in this field in 1975, turned pro as a physiognomist in 1986. But I didn’t discover this esoteric Face Reading technique until some 30 years later. I would love to teach this technique to you. Use it to open up any part of the face like a door to the soul.

7. Find Meaning in Your Evolving Face

You know how kids go through stages? Parenting experts like the great Marguerite Kelly (who wrote a sweet back-cover endorsement for Empowered by Empathy) can publish entire books on development for ages 1-8 or 9-12, etc. Watching kids under 18, it’s so clear that they are growing really fast here at Earth School.

A better kept secret is that people actually grow even faster after 18. At least we can. Only it doesn’t show so obviously on the outside.

An even better kept secret is this: Through certain Face Reading techniques, you can learn HOW a person has been evolving. To me, this is one of the most sacred aspects of physiognomy. So, of course, I will be teaching it during the Face Reading Workshop. (If you ask nicely, I can also do it for you, personally, during a phone session. This is one of those different types of personal face reading session I offer.)

Once you experience this amazing perspective from Face Reading, you may find a qualitative shift in how you see people for the rest of your life. Your respect for spiritual evolution here at Earth School is probably going to grow significantly, even from that one chunk of weekend workshop time.

8. Release Earth Illusions that Block Spiritual Truth

Whatever your religion or spiritual path, it must include the release of illusions. You could call those limitations “sin” or “maya” or “distractions” or “Twittering” — just kidding about that last one. Sort of.

All the illusions, or stereotypes, waste our time. Or worse.

Many illusions are live and well in collective consciousness, illusions about faces. It isn’t just the pressure today to get cosmetic surgery, though that is certainly a powerful set of illusions I would love to help you to overcome. Stereotypes about age, weight, race, and attractiveness are part of daily life today, more insidious than you might think.

Attending our Face Reading Workshop, you will gain more than concepts to release these entrenched illusions. You will gain personal experiences that help you to heal and release those illusions… including times when, together, we really do laugh ourselves silly.

In Conclusion

Face Reading is one of the most practical skill sets you could ever learn. It’s also really easy.

Whether you’re local to the metro D.C. area or you come here to Sterling from out of town, the annual Face Reading Workshop is a unique experience. It’s unlike other types of workshop that I give. It’s also different from other teachers’ Face Reading workshops.

And the power of the group will help you move forward whether you’re new to physiognomy or already a very experienced face reader.

I invite you to discoveries that will change forever… how you look at faces.

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  1. 1
    Jody G. says:


    Just found out that my request for purchase of Rose Rosetree’s book ‘The Power of Face Reading’ has been accepted at my city library. Yay!

    Rose, your name is now officially on the catalogue system at our biggest city’s public library (and I believe for the first time at any of my country’s public libraries). Congratulations!

    Now, for my next request for purchase… guess who? 🙂

  2. 2
    Elaine says:

    Rose, I took your Face Reading Workshop last March, the art of physiogomy.

    I found it fascinating, and since we read everything, including ears, I thought it a bit troubling when I came across a story today about a mother who had her little girl’s ears “fixed” so she wasn’t bullied.

    The little girl is 7. It makes me wonder the ramifications down the road for this now 7-year-old. The mother did comment that her daughter had not been bullied “yet.”

  3. 3
  4. 4

    ELAINE, that really is awful, isn’t it? One motivation for teaching face reading these days is to help people hyave an alternative to vanity surgery as “The new makeup.”

    And, now, “The new way to solve anticipated social problems.”

    Back when writers like George Orwell and Aldous Huxley wrote about their fears for future society, 1984 and Brave New World, one part they left out of the “Big brother is watching you” and all-around group think was the great and growing social pressure to have one’s face and body “fixed” lest they contain anything controversial.

    Of course, one way of understanding the popularity of Twitter and Facebook is that these are do-it-yourself methods to be controlled by others. Group think at its most pathetic, to me.

    Certainly, contents and conformity pressures aside, these electronic media are so highly addictive that many people aren’t paying much attention to relationships, politics, etc. At least the factual information available.

    Yes, I urge all you Blog-Buddies to read life deeper and, just plain, pay attention to objective reality.

  5. 5

    I would like to be informed of the dates of your annual face reading in Sterling for 2016. I studied in the early 90’s with Narayan Singh Khalsa and had him come many times to my healing school to do his workshops. His reading brought me to tears as I heard not judgement but truth.

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