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Aura Reading Oscar nominees in 2011


Join in this year’s ritual of Movie Reviews with Energetic Literacy? Sure, you may want to join us even if you don’t like movies much. Same if, ordinarily, you don’t care much for aura reading.

Blog-Buddies, have you been wanting to invite some friends to join us here, even sending out tweets or adding to your wall on Facebook?  This thread could be just the thing. Because the annual Academy Awards in America are an international conversation; film stars, like Olympic athletes, are humanity’s collective family and, therefore, great topics for reaching out in conversation. Just add this idea to any invitation you send:

In this third millennium, regular movie reviews are so passe. The leading edge of film criticism is to compare the aura of a star being “the star” versus the nominated film performance. Really great actors manage to change all the way down to their chakra databanks, something most human beings seldom do.

It’s one thing to put on an act to impress someone (distorting the usual dynamics in a chakra databank). Or to send out a personality projection (as “players” and sexual predators do).

A truly great actor purposely changes, and changes so deeply that it shows on the level of chakra databanks.

Investigating this can be easy, once you have learned to read auras from regular photographs. And provided you have a bit of background on full energetic literacy. So here goes.

Aura Reading, with full energetic literacy

Some of you newbies to this blog may be scratching your heads. Maybe it’s time to update your definition of “aura reading.” Because this is really a survival skill in this third millennium, and an updated definition describes THREE stages in developing full energetic literacy.

From my perspective, aura reading always starts with Stage 1 Energetic Literacy, where a person starts to “read energy.” Exciting and sweet though this exploration can be, it isn’t the full extent of aura reading that a person is capable of enjoying in everyday life.

With more techniques and experience, a person can begin to enjoy a more detailed kind aura reading. I call it Stage 2 Energetic Literacy.

The energy field around a person consists of layer upon layer of information. This information is especially concentrated in places that correspond to parts of the physical body and are known as “major chakras.”

With this moderate degree of energetic literacy, a person generalizes about chakras and starts to find specific interpretations to perceptions at the level of the auric field. You’ll hear things like, “The color of Joe’s aura is blue.” Or “Gladys’ throat chakra is open.”

Because the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® emphasizes spiritual and emotional information, I’ve been able to bring some refinements into the field, including techniques that help a person to enjoy Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.

  • Including my discovery of “chakra databanks,” first defined in my how-to from 2007, Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing.
  • Chakra databanks are described in detail, even illustrated, in Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy, published in 2010.
  • Reading chakra databanks, you could find that one of Gladys’ throat chakra databanks is doing GREAT while another is currently a little old mess. From a healing perspective, wouldn’t that be far more informative than, simply, “open” or “closed”?
  • My best book for learning to read them is Read People Deeper, which contains dedicated techniques for reading auras in detail — both in person and from ordinary photographs. Hundreds of chakra databanks are mentioned throughout this practical aura reading book, including an index listing hundreds of ones to research.
  •  Incidentally, I just googled the term “Energetic Literacy.” As of today it has 809,000 hits.

How do you know when you have full energetic literacy? You can read anyone’s aura in depth and detail, whether in person or from a regular photo. Read any chakra databank you like, at will. Doing this is the basis for comparing an actor’s way of being, way deep down, versus the role an actor has played for an Oscar-nominated performance.

How did I get started doing movie reviews with energetic literacy?

Between 2005 and 2007, I did a lot of interviews for the Sunday feature section in the Chicago Sun-Times, with the wonderful writing of Paige Wiser keeping me sounding polite.

Altogether we did about 34 articles, between 1-3 pages each. One of my favorites was an article where I started comparing photos of a Best Actor nominee as “The actor” versus a photo of the same actor in the nominated role.

Would the chakra databanks change? Even to change one, altering inner experience that deeply, is a very big deal. Certain actors do this to a full set being researched while others get a “Nice try.”

As usual, this year, I’ll be giving up to six points for changing chakra databanks.

How you can participate

If you’re an experienced aura reader or skilled empath, join me one post at a time. Research the chakra databanks I have selected, or research different ones and add your findings here as comments. Very detailed readings may be made into guest posts.

Quickie research technique

Until you can do aura readings through a dedicated technique of aura reading or skilled empath merge, try this short-cut. Start with the photo of the actor as “The Actor.”  Look into the actor’s eyes, then read one name of a chakra databank.

Alternating this sequence, you can taste the flavor pretty strongly. After you complete the full set with the nominee, then go do the same with the second photo, the “In Role” version from the nominated performance.

This is a kind of intuitive reading, a super-scaled-down version of one of my techniques for reading the soul through the eyes. I’d estimate that you’ll receive about 10% of the clarity from doing a more dedicated technique for aura reading or skilled empath merge, but it’s fun. And it’s a start.

So feel free to share your comments and reactions.

Moviegoers, you’re invited to simply comment as well

Movie Reviews with Energetic Literacy are an art form in themselves, perfect set pieces for developing energetic literacy — or even finding out some of the thrilling nuances of experience that can be yours.

Will my comments have anything to do with who wins the coveted Academy Awards? No. Maybe that won’t happen until the Academy members also are aura readers. Or maybe it would happen on a day where considerations in voting are really pure, not influenced by other factors, within the politics of show biz, which female actors are considered especially hot looking that year, etc.

Sometimes a movie performance is compelling just because. You have a certain reaction, and you know what you like. Well, feel invited to add that kind of comment as we get rolling with these. Anything you want to say or ask counts.

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  1. 1

    I’m curious, Blog-Buddies. Please help me take a quick unofficial poll:

    A. You have never heard of such a form of movie review before, and the idea of using energetic literacy to delve into chakra databanks is new to you.

    B. You have shared this research experience with me other years. If so, how many years?

  2. 2
    Ashley S. says:

    My poll answer: A

    Do you have a list of the chakra databanks anywhere, Rose?

  3. 3
    Peter says:

    B. 1 year. 🙂

  4. 4
    Elaine says:

    B. I began reading your research on Oscar nominees last year.

  5. 5

    Fun, reading your answers! Thanks for taking this poll.

    ASHLEY S. there is no one list of chakra databanks. The closest you will come to finding many of them is in READ PEOPLE DEEPER: BODY LANGUAGE + FACE READING + AURAS.

    This is the best book I know for reading auras from photos and reading practical chakra databanks. This book shows you how to read hundreds of useful chakra databanks.

  6. 6
    Grace W says:


    For me, B, and I can’t remember how long I’ve been reading them. A few years now. I absolutely love these readings! I think that they may have been one of my earliest connections to your work.

  7. 7
    Carol says:

    A. This will be my first year of following this form of movie review with energetic literacy and I am really excited to see this. What a fun way to see energetic literacy at work!

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